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Key dynamics to take up IEEE projects for final year BE/Btech( ECE,CSE,EEE,ISE),Mtech,MCA and Phd Students.

The technological changes is unbelievable and research and development is in fast pace than anytime.Emerging technologies like Internet
of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous systems have become very common and these are become sought after tools for most of the industries and domain like consumer electronics,Telecomunication,electrification, digitalization,Automotive,spacetechnologies, homeautomation, Smart cities,Agriculture,Web applications, government application and the list goes on.

For undergraduate and post graduate engineering programs should be in tune with current industry standards, course curricula must be updated with new laboratory projects designed. We found there are scarcity of resources to address these issues as teachers will have less opportunity to up skill and keep on top of new technology, it is open secret adopting new hardware in educational labs, exploring new technology and designing new laboratory projects and experiments is not an easy task for the teaching faculties who likely would need several months of time to upgrade themselves who are also busy in between other duties. An alternative approach is to outsource the job to external professionals who are proficient and relevant to current industry standards.

At CITL-Tech varsity,provides learning opportunities within the engineering sciences, research, and technology. We have over 20+ years of experience in support and promote technology education, innovation and excellence.

We have a very unique approach which help the students to develop a great perspective in engineering education.

  • The projects are relevant across several engineering disciplines , we discuss the advantages and challenges in solving a particular problem and possible future work.
  • We motivate and encourage the students to take up real-world problems as Engineering is a practical discipline concerned with applyingscientific theory and methods for solving real-world problems.
  • Early adoption of technology to stay relevant to current industry standards and advancement, which will overcome the challenges of modern engineering education to stay relevant and adopting new technology.

CITL Tech Varsity, Bangalore offers 2021 / 2020 IEEE projects for academic students. IEEE Project Training for Engineering students (BE/B.Tech) from ECE, EEE, Medical Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Mini Projects for ECE, IEEE Projects for CSE. They can opt for IEEE Embedded Projects, Linux device Driver based, Embedded Android, Robotics Projects, Biomedical, Biometric, VLSI, Verilog, VHDl (Xilinx, FPGA kit) & can gain exposure on technologies like GSM/GPS/RFID/Zigbee/Bluetooth CAN/LIN, SPI, I2C. 2021 -2020 IEEE Project Training for Engineering Students,(Computer Science & Information Science) and MCA software Projects like Java/J2EE (JSP, Servlet, Swings, SOA, PHP, Struts, hibernate, XML) Dotnet, Android, Matlab& can gain Domain exposure on Cloud Computing, Big Data, Cyber Security, Mobile Computing, Distributed & Parallel, Networking, Network & Security, Wireless Sensor Networks, Web Mining, Data mining and IEEE papers on image processing.

CITL Tech Varsity provides IEEE Projects for M.Tech in VLSI and Embedded systems, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Computer Science, Computer Networking can implement 2021, IEEE papers based on Embedded, 2021-2020 IEEE Project papers based on Java/J2EE, 2021-2020 IEEE papers based on Android, 2021-2020 IEEE Project papers based on Matlab, 2021-2020 IEEE Project papers based on VLSI, 2021 IEEE projects based on NS2, 2021 IEEE Project papers based on Embedded, Java/J2EE, Android, Matlab, VLSI, NS2. 2021 IEEE Mini Project Projects based on Embedded, Java/J2EE, Android, Matlab, VLSI, and NS2 also available for pre-final year students.

CITL also help Computer Science and Engineering Students to complete their Internship in Bangalore, with summer and winter internship programs. Internship for Final Year & Pre-final year Engineering &M.Tech Students as well as we offers quad-copter projects, drones, flying copter, quad-copter workshop, rc quad-copter in India, quad-copter controller board, flying robots, four router air crafts, unmanned air vehicles, diy drones in Bangalore.

Latest IEEE Projects 2021

Software for weight conversion from KG to grams and other units using GUI and MySQL

python mini project

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Unit Converter is a simple and effective apparatus for changing over different estimation units. Unit converter can change over various units of measure viz. Quickening, Angle, Area, Current/Electric Current, Data or Bits and Bytes, Density, Energy, Force, Fuel utilization, Frequency, Length, Light-Illumination, Light-Luminance, Power, Pressure, Sound, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Volume, Weight/Mass and so forthThe sole purpose of this project is to convert kilograms into grams miligrams,micrograms,tones,pound,ounce

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Water billing system is the mini project developed using python. One of the basic needs each citizen of the country requires. The person need to pay the bill for the water that the people have used and pay for it. It is also help to get the billing and invoicing in a better way.

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• Any shopping website that is concerned will be able to attract more customers only if the items purchased will be delivered on time. • The user interface should be simple and easy to understand even by the common people.

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Built a web based application to maintain attendance of Teachers. Reduce the paper work related to attendance. Reduced Operational time. Increased accuracy and reliability. Data Security.

Related Courses:

The bank management system is an application for maintaining a person’s account in a bank .The system provides the access to the customer to deposit withdraw the cash and check balance from his /her account. It aims in solving financial applications of a customer in banking environment in order to nurture the needs of an end banking user by providing various ways to perform banking tasks. Also to enable the user’s workspace to have additional functionalities which are not provided under a conventional banking software.

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Employee Management is to Manage the details of information, salaries, login, employee. It manages all the information about employee. The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the informations , salary ,etc. It tracks all the details about the salary, login, employee.

Designing a Hospital Management Billing of drugs and medicines using GUI and MySQL

python mini project

Related Courses:

A Hospital Management Billing System is a software designed to manage financial aspects of Hospital and It reduces hospital operating costs. Taking into account all the mentioned details, we can make the conclusion that the hospital billing management system is the inevitable part of the lifecycle of the modern medical institution.It automates daily billing operations and enables smooth interactions of the users.

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The main objective of the school management system is to manage the details of School, Student, Classes, Teachers, Registrations. The purpose of the project is to built an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the Schools, Students, Coures, Classes. We can conclude that the project “The School Management for registering students and class using GUI & MySQL ” which capable of storing school resources. This project helps us to track details of students and class.

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This vehicle management system is fully customized web application where company staff can view each customer order and give a solution to those vehicleproblems. The locating system allows you to search Mechanics from different locations. Admin handles and can access the user details as well as the Mechanic details. Admin has the access to allow/block and view the mechanics. This online mechanic locator reduces your work and can easily find the mechanics from various areas. Reduces your time and cost.

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The road accidents have increased significantly. One of the major reasons for these accidents, as reported is driver fatigue. Due to continuous and longtime driving, the driver gets exhausted and drowsy which may lead to an accident. Therefore, there is a need for a system to measure the fatigue level of driver and alert him when he/she feels drowsy to avoid accidents. Thus, we propose a system which comprises of a camera installed on the car dashboard. The camera detects the driver’s face and tracks its activity. From the driver’s face, the system observes the alteration in its facial features and uses these features to observe the fatigue level. Facial features include eyes (fast blinking or heavy eyes) and mouth (yawn detection). Principle Component Analysis (PCA) is thus implemented to reduce the features while minimizing the amount of information lost. The parameters thus obtained are rocessed through Support Vector Classifier (SVC) for classifying the fatigue level. After that classifier output is sent to the alert unit.

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The unified service provides information regarding the metro card issues and paths for users. The online application allows details regarding time schedule and directions. The admin can add on station stop, coach, directions and modernize cost. The metro system helps to plays an important role in meeting the demand for transportation in large cities. The public cannot understand the passenger choice. The existing methods work in some complicated situations. The information about the metro present a solution that needs no additional appliances for human involvement in the systems. The growth of model that can estimate from analysis how the passenger is dispatched to different routes and trains. The results contain ticket recharge where the visitor make their recharge of cards via online.

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Facial recognition is a category of biometric software which works by matching the facial features. We will be studying the implementation of various algorithms in the field of secure voting methodology. There are three levels of verification which were used for the voters in our proposed system. The first is UID verification, second is for the voter card number, and the third level of verification includes the use of various algorithms for facial recognition.

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It is a web-based open discussion portal providing information and solutions about crops, vegetables, Seeds and Fruits to small farmers and agricultural. Additionally Agriculture helps farmers in making decisions on the current market and best prices of crops and herbs. Information regarding major crop markets and the prevalent best price for the crops are published on a regular basis. Agriculture   also provides features training and online query handling for all users. Queries can be forwarded to a particular officer, and information pages of the system are dynamic so that agricultural officers can change it when needed. Agriculture project also provides full information about training and also the farmer can by the products based on his requirements. Farmer can by vegetables, seeds, fruits, based on his requirement.

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Photopedia is a website which is related to photography, Nowadays photography has reached such a level that people needs it for every occasion and wants those memories to be captured ,It is platform where customer can take the rent of camera’s and its accessories ,customer can book the photographer for any events or functions, we sells the new and used camera’s to customer and also there will be offline workshop conducted by the professional photographers to user or learner whoever is interested can register in this website , Main aim of this website is where customer will get all kind of requirements related to photography.

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This project “Gym Management System” is solution fitness centers to manage the customers in an easier and more convenient way. The administrator is able to view all the members of fitness centre as well as their details. The basic structure of the system as Follows. This project is a computer-based program and it manages the gym members, the personal and the inventory. This system also maintains the client details, to provide the valuable reports regarding the progress of the gym member.

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 It is a web-based open discussion portal providing information and solutions about crops, vegetables, Seeds and Fruits to small farmers and agricultural. Additionally Agriculture helps farmers in making decisions on the current market and best prices of crops and herbs. Information regarding major crop markets and the prevalent best price for the crops are published on a regular basis. Agriculture   also provides features training and online query handling for all users. Queries can be forwarded to a particular officer, and information pages of the system are dynamic so that agricultural officers can change it when needed. Agriculture project also provides full information about training and also the farmer can by the products based on his requirements. Farmer can by vegetables, seeds, fruits, based on his requirement.

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Human activities recognition has become a groundwork area of great interest because it has many significant and futuristic applications; including automated surveillance, Automated Vehicles, language interpretation and human computer interfaces (HCI). In recent time an exhaustive and in depth research has been done and progress has been made in this area. The idea of the proposed system is a system which can be used for surveillance and monitoring applications. This paper presents a part of newer Human activity/interaction recognition onto human skeletal poses for video surveillance using one stationary camera for the recorded video data set. The traditional surveillance cameras system requires humans to monitor the surveillance cameras for 24*7 which is oddly inefficient and expensive. Therefore, this research paper will provide the mandatory motivation for recognizing human action effectively in real-time (future work). This paper focuses on recognition of simple activity like walk, run, sit, stand by using image processing techniques.

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In the Online PG Rental System, the user can register to get a login id and password. With login id and password, users can get logged in. After logging in, the user can post the paying guest post by adding details and pictures of the place. He/she can also view the interested users in his/her uploaded post. The uploaded post can be removed or deleted. Users can also see for the paying accommodation and after getting the desirable place he/she can select the place he/she is interested in. After selecting the desired place, the user will get the personal details of the owner, he/she can get in contact with the owner and go for further processing.


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This project helps in delivering the importance of the use of highly economical pollution free electric vehicles. This project is the space where the electric vehicles are specifically rented to the public above the age of 16. This project provides all the electric motor-based vehicles for renting for both long term and short term, and people can also buy and sell their old electric vehicle here. Users will be having separate portal for renting, selling, buying, and also to subscribe/adopt to a particular electric vehicle for long term use. Flexible packages will be available for subscribing/adopting an electric vehicle. This project has options to pick up the rented vehicles from particular E-Spots and also to get delivered at door step which is only for electric vehicles subscription/adoption. The user can locate the E-Spots through the website’s specified portal, the user should drop off the electric vehicle at the same E-Spots where it was picked up before or near by E-Spots mentioned in the website. This project is completely based on electric motor-based vehicles. For buying and selling the electric vehicles both dealers and owners’ details will be available in the specified portal of the website. Our website will also provide doorstep maintenance for the subscribed vehicle by our expertized mechanics just with simple process, the details of mechanic will be shared as soon as the maintenance booking is completed. The vehicles will be charged accordingly after every ride, a manual will be provided in the boot of the vehicle for the subscribed E-Vehicle about the process of subscription, maintenance and also charging. For every extra kilometer the rider rides additional charges will be applied. The major objective of this project is to overcome pollution cause by the fuel engine-based vehicles and to bring attention in people about the emerging electric vehicle evolution.

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Edu  course portal is software developed for student in schools, colleges and institutes to access edu  course material. This project aims at creating a Courses portal for a campus/organization. This allows registered users of the system to join a course available in the site and access the mate- rials published for the course. People can register themselves as students of a course or Faculty for a course. It facilitates to access the information of a particular course. The information is provided by the teacher for a particular course. The purpose of developing software is to computerized the tradition way of taking class.

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The objective of project on Antique-And-Coins is to develop a GUI based automated system, which will cover all the information Related to the all products which is used in our daily life. For example – antique and coins  and many old items. So by this GUI based automated system a user want to purchase something then it only a mouse click away to purchase these products.

Related Courses:

Rare Disease System is custom built to meet the specific requirement of the mid and large size hospitals across the globe. All the required modules and features have been particularly built to just fit in to your requirement. This package has been widely accepted by the clients in India and overseas. Not stopping only to this but they are highly satisfied and appreciating. Entire application is web based and built on 3 tier architecture using the latest technologies. The sound database of the application makes it more users friendly and expandable. The package is highly customizable and can be modified as per the needs and requirements of our clients. Prolonged study of the functionalities of the hospital and its specific requirement has given it a wonderful shape both technically and usability wise.

It is a web-based powerful hospital management containing user and admin panel. it is having an integrated management software. It is effective software specifically designed to fulfill various requirements in managing hospitals.

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FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, the ideal solution for Fleet Management, is specially designed for Cab operators who operate a fleet of vehicles for hire. The vehicles maybe Cars, pickup vans,buses, etc. FLEET-CAB enables you to manage demand-supply position of vehicles, keep a tab on the mileage and reduce maintenance expenditure and operating automates your entire front-office operations like accepting customer bookings, allocation of vehicles drivers prepare customer invoices. The system also takes care of all Back office operations like capturing maintenance costs incurred, fuel purchase, accident records, service log etc. Admin Module handles the entire Master forms such as Company information, Employee information, user allocation, change password, vehicle type, vehicle tariff.

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Assisting to the people with visual, hearing, vocal impairment through the modern system is a challenging job. Nowadays researchers are focusing to address the issues of one of the impairment but not all at once. This work is mainly performed to find the unique solution/ technique to assist communication for the people with visual, hearing, vocal impairment. This system helps the impaired people to have the communication with each other and also with the normal person. The main part of the work is Raspberrypi on which all the activities are carried out. The work provide the assistance to visually impaired person by letting them to hear what is present in the text format. The stored text format is spoke out by the speaker. For the people with hearing impairment the audio signals are converted into text format by using speech to text conversion technique. This is done with the help of AMR voice app which makes them to understand what the person says can be displayed as the text message . And for people with vocal impairment, their words are conveyed by the help of speaker

Internship Programs

  • Work on real time project to get hands on experience before graduation this will help the students to get the competitive edge for various jobs in industry.
  • Interns can interact with industry experts for guidance and mentorship.
  • Gain excellent communication, interpersonal and team building skills.

Internship in Bangalore

Online Training

  • Projects will be explained online face to face via Gtalk or Skype.
  • Project will be executed in your laptop or PC using remote support software’s (Teamviwer Access).
  • Supporting materials & Documentations would be forwarded to your mail id’s.


MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Shoaib Ahmed

MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology


We are satisfied with our guide prashant sir. He has given full description of the project All the members in the company supported for our project.

S.J.C Institute of Technology

Sandhya Ravi NS

I am Snadhya Rani.NS. Perceiving my M.Tech in Signal processing from S.J.C.I.T. That i was satisfied with the response from the H.R of the CITL & its my pleasure that i had did projects of my both the B.E & M.Tech project here only.

SCT Institute of technology

Lediya Eleza.G, Anand Kumar.D, Mallesh G.V, Abhilash

We are satisfied with our guide prashant sir. He has given full description of the project All the members in the company supported for our project.

Gangothri PG center Hassan

Senitha H.S, Ashwini C.S

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IEEE Projects

IEEE PROJECTS our major support for our students. More than 90% educational industry follow the IEEE journals for their project & thesis work. In past 9 years we support IEEE PROJECTS for our academic students. We assist outsourcing software projects and student projects in Tamilnadu offering various services to clients since 2005. Our offshore IEEE projects and outsourcing projects and solution are aimed with scalable, reliable business system. With a low cost, we offer a high quality IEEE projects. IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is referred as a world largest organization contains all technologies associated with all domains related to electronics and electrical engineers. IEEE publishes more than thousand of paper in various domains under various publications. These papers are highly standard and act as a benchmark and blueprint for students.

Why IEEE projects?

IEEE is a highly professional standard among other journals. Various members are associated with IEEE under various domains. They are motivated a community through conferences, publication and standards, technologies. By IEEE papers, it upgrades a technology to next level in every paper. Various papers are published every year with new innovation techniques.

Why do IEEE Projects with us?

Among other center, IEEE Project Tech is a unique center which contain the more number of experienced team members. Our team members published more than 200 papers in IEEE conferences and other international journals. They quickly analyze projects and provide the efficient proposed system. IEEE paper publication is not a simple process they contain a highly qualified plagiarism check and various process. After several processes only the paper got published. Our project team continuously analyzes IEEE papers. We handled more than 400+ IEEE papers under various domains in an effective way. We support engineering students to do IEEE projects. We provide you various recent IEEE papers for students. For more details about IEEE projects contact 8888888888 and clear all doubts in IEEE projects. We offer IEEE projects with a less cost and time.

Our Process in IEEE papers:

  • Understand abstract.
  • Evaluate project scope.
  • Analyze existing system drawback.
  • Proposing new system based on drawback.
  • Compute result.

Our offerings:

IEEE Projects ensure efficient projects to final year students. We offer IEEE projects under various domains such as cloud computing, mobile computing, network, image processing, network security, data mining, grid computing, parallel computing, , knowledge and data engineering, neural network, security systems, pervasive computing, artificial intelligence and various networks for computer science and information technology students. We provide various base papers under various domains with recent published papers. Students can collect IEEE titles by our site or collect IEEE tiles in our center. We guide and provide support till the project completion. We train you to publish your papers in various conferences.

Projects supported for students:

  • IEEE projects for B.E students,
  • IEEE projects for B.Tech students.
  • IEEE projects for M.E students.
  • IEEE projects for M.Tech students.

We support various research scholars to publish their papers in IEEE conference. More than 30 PhD researchers are supported and successfully published their papers by our skillful team members. Our center contain various group of team members in various domain such as data mining, image processing, network, image processing. Every team members have more than 5 years experience in their domain.

We provide you various number of reference paper for IEEE projects. We describe about IEEE papers and their standards. Final year students are very new to final year projects and IEEE papers. We explain every concept, methods in a detailed way to students. We update every year with recent IEEE project titles on our website We support IEEE papers with various technologies and we also implement IEEE papers in matlab, java, Dot net, embedded, VLSI, J2EE and J2ME based on students interest and papers concepts.

IEEE Projects

  • IEEE projects creation based on software and hardware which is to be used by engineering students (CSE, IT, ECE & EEE)
  • Software oriented projects highly motivated to the students for easiest preparation and gather somewhat newer in technologies, algorithms, techniques and methods
  • Hardware based projects should be created for embedded and electrical students

IEEE Domains:


  • Data Mining
  • Cloud Computing
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Medical Imaging
  • Secure Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Pattern Analysis and machine Intelligence
  • Computer graphics
  • Networking
  • Internet Computing
  • Software Engineering


  • VLSI
  • RFID
  • Automation Control
  • Labview
  • Wireless Communication
  • Zigbee
  • Robotics


  • Power Electronics
  • Power Systems
  • Drivers

Software Used in IEEE Projects:

  • Java
  • Android
  • Dotnet
  • NS2
  • NS3
  • Omnet++
  • Opnet
  • Matlab Simulink
  • Weka
  • Imagej
  • Cloudsim
  • Scilab

Project Concepts:

  • Mobile computing based Applications
  • Online Applications
  • Speech Analysis and identification
  • Tissues Identification and Segmentation
  • Disease Classification
  • Resource Sharing
  • Information retrieval
  • Hand Gesture Monitoring
  • Web navigation
  • Network security management
  • Object detection
  • Lineament feature extraction
  • Workflow scheduling
  • Human computer interaction
  • Service computing and maintenance
  • Automatic detection of botnets
  • Augmented Reality based applications
  1. Autodesk viewer
  2. Plinth block
  3. Rail worker salary
  4. Daisy n64


RAS-SIGHT has been soliciting proposals that when implemented would improve the quality of life for the beneficiaries. Some important points worth noting:

  • The proposed problem should be solved using robotics and automation technologies;
  • It is strongly encouraged that the solution be developed and deployed with active involvement from the community or the end-users that it is intended to benefit;
  • Sustainability beyond the completion of the project is a key consideration.

For more information, see the 2020 Call for Proposals.

  • Autonomous Robots for Coastal Restoration
  • Download Digest: Underwater Robot for Water Quality Monitoring in Pipelines (Georgia State University | Ashwin Ashok)
  • Elephant – Train Collision Prevention System
  • Where is the Missing Person? Unmanned Aerial System Contest
  • Download Digest: Humanitarian Innovation: Portable Lab, Training, Workshop and Hackathon (American University of Beirut | Imad Elhajj et al.)
  • Download Digest: A Robot in My World: A Robotic Solution for Elderly Homes (Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco | Paulo Goncalves)
  • Download Digest: Autonomous Multimodal Robotic Perception System for Intelligent Wildfire Detection and Monitoring (Univ. of Lisboa & IDMEC | Maria Sousa et al.)
  • Download Digest: Automated Assistive Breathing Device with Sustainable Energy Source for Disaster Response and the Developing World (Ohio State University | Jeffrey Skidmore, Daniel Vazquez, and Amanda Haney)
  • Minesweepers Competition
  • Download Digest: Gear for Automation: Using Robotics to BRING BACK jobs for Workers in Garments Industry (North South University, Bangladesh | Lamia Iftekhar)
  • Prototyping a Motorized Commode Chair (UMBC | Kavita Krishnaswamy & Tim Oates)
  • Download Digest: Out of the Shadows: Leveraging Robotics Education to Improve Prosperity in the Developing Nation of Myanmar (Univ. of Toronto | Jonathan Kelly)  
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Bridging Robotics Education between High School and University: An Outreach Development in Southeast Asia (Nankai University | Jeffrey Tan)
  • Underwater Robot for Water Quality Monitoring in Pipelines
  • Poultry Egg Incubator (Al-Balqa Applied University | Sulieman Meqdadi) 
  • Download Full Report: RAS Humanitarian Technology Day 2017
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: The PSYONIC-ROMP Collaboration: Providing Affordable, Advanced Prosthetic Hands in Quito, Ecuador (PSYONIC & ROMP | Aadeel Akhtar & David Krupa)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Low-cost Handheld Plant Health Monitoring Device for Resource Limited Regions (IIT Kharagpur & TU Munich | Tania Bera & Subhamoy Mandal)
  • Download Full Report |Download Digest: Establishing Robotics Labs in Underprivileged Schools to promote STEM based Education for Enhancing Skill Sets Prior to Entering Higher Education Settings (NED | Muhammad Nabeel, Hiba Latifee and Muhammad Khurram)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Variable stiffness prosthetic grasper with myolelectric control (UPB | Cecilia Tapia, Oscar Urquidi and Markus Pakleppa)
  • Download Digest: The Honey Bee Initiative- Smart Hive (George Mason University | Daniel M. Lofaro and Christopher Taylor)
  • Minesweepers: Towards a Landmine-free World
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest:Use of Drones for Air Quality Monitoring (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru | Monica Abarca, Carlos Saito, Francisco Cuellar)
  • Conservation Drones for Wetlands
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Active Information Seeking for Autonomous Aerial Robotic Search and Rescue (UNevada, Reno, USA | Kostas Alexis)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Humanoid robots for therapeutic treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children (Jaume-I University, Spain | Enric Cervera)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Enhancing the Speak Up! Suite of Voice Powered Games (Carnegie Mellon University | Amal Nanavati, M. Bernardine Dias, & Aaron Steinfeld)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: EDUBOTS: Interactive Cooperators to Develop Educational Robotics (University of Nariño, Colombia | David Cisneros Insuasti)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Home-based Rehabilitation for Children with Cerebral Palsy using Wearable Technologies (UMass Lowell, USA | Momotaz Begum)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Epidemiological Surveillance through Automated Tracking of Blood Samples (NortheasternU, USA | Taskin Padir)
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Teaching English in Rural Africa through Conversational Robotic Agents (Univ. of Washington, USA | Maya Cakmak and Leah Perlmutter) 
  • Download Full Report | Download Digest: Prevention, Combat and Aftermath of Forest Fires: A Robotic Solution (Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal | Paulo Goncalves)
Latest IEEE ECE (Electronics \u0026 Communication) projects

What is Project Connect?
Project Connect, will engage an exceptional group of undergraduate and first-year graduate students to participate in the IEEE conference on a travel grant provided by NSF and IEEE. Students from underrepresented groups will be carefully selected based on their academic credentials and career goals, through a competitive application process.

The long-term goal of this program is to attract a diverse pool of highly motivated students to the field of microwave engineering. The technical planning committee for IMS recognizes that the future of this field depends on attracting the best and brightest from the next generation of increasingly diverse students possessing great aptitude for highly technical and innovative development.

The program is designed to create an opportunity for students to interact with practicing engineers, to learn about the exciting new technologies being developed today, and to introduce students to the variety of careers in the area of microwave engineering.

Project Connect Conference Agenda:
The program agenda will include: (1) Panel sessions where speakers from industry, government and academia will share their experiences in microwave engineering with an emphasis on leveraging collaboration and current state of the art technology to pursue innovative solutions to challenging problems; (2) A session for IMS Project Connect participants to learn about applying to graduate school and writing effective resumes; (3) Exploring the conference using the Connect Monopoly™ workbook to obtain exciting networking, educational, and industrial experiences of IMS2021; (4) IMS Connect participants will share their experience with a “Through My Eyes” multimedia presentation at the program wrap-up meeting.

Participant Selection Criteria:
This program is for undergraduate students and first-year graduate students in engineering or a closely related discipline (e.g. math, physics, etc.). Candidates should be members of under-represented groups in engineering. For example, in the United States these groups include women, American Indian/Native, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian, African American/Black and Hispanic American/Latino.

  • Participants should be over the age of 18 by the start of the symposium
  • Candidates will be selected based on their academic credentials, a recommendation letter, and their career ambitions as expressed in an application video. The selection committee is comprised of both academic and industry professionals.

Home Universities of Past IMS Project Connect Participants (listed by number of participants):
Morgan State University, Florida International University, University of South Florida, University of Texas at Dallas, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Texas Tech University, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Central Florida, University of Puerto Rico, Baylor University, University of Colorado, Drexel University, Florida A&M University, Florida State University, University of Oklahoma, University of Massachusetts, University of California Davis, University of Florida, University of Minnesota Duluth, University of Illinois Chicago, Texas A&M University, Auburn University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, Ohio State University, Purdue University, Tyler Junior College, University of Hawaii, University College Dublin, University of District of Columbia, University of California Berkeley, University of Texas Arlington, Valparaiso University

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Project ieee


IEEE PROJECTS actually meaning IEEE PAPER based projects. if a student is looking for ieee projects, means he is looking for a base paper published in IEEE and work on the paper to improve further.

updated every month last updated MARCH 11 2021


















How to do IEEE projects

selection first decide what are you going to do, search with our search engine search, like if you want medical robotics.
Then go through details of the papers , the more is good, but should be more than 5 five
You can do calculation, basic programming, simulation to understand the topic
Now you will have a clear picture in your mind that what is happening in the world on the topic.
You can add new features like improvement in existing system , or solve the existing problem . For example if some change in the system will increase battery life , You did a good job.
Even you can prepare a paper on your review of papers named " review of papers on ..."
best wishes from our team
Some of the good ieee projects for year mentioned below.






















wireless health monitoring

automatic irrigation system

gps tracking system

speed breaker energy

wall climbing robot

underwater robotic vehicle

wireless electronic notice board

humanoid robotics

gps receiver

gps tracking

solar energy

medical robotics

drone design


robotic vehicle

mobile jammer

solar tracker

vehicle tracking

IEEE Maker Project Video 1


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