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What 72 celebrities look like without a lick of makeup

alicia keys
Carlo Allegri/Reuters and Alicia Keys/Instagram
  • Many celebrities have shown off their natural beauty by embracing the no-makeup trend.
  • Stars like Alicia Keys and Kesha, for example, have gone viral for their stripped-back looks. 
  • Other celebrities including Zendaya and Kylie Jenner have shared makeup-free selfies on Instagram.
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Kim Kardashian West seemingly went makeup-free for a photo in

kim kardashian west
Gus Ruelas/Reuters and Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

While posing alongside a copy of Love magazine featuring Kendall Jenner on the cover, Kardashian West appears to have been wearing no lipstick, eyeliner, or mascara. She posted the photo on July 31,

The following year, Whitney Port clapped back at critics of her no-makeup Instagram selfies.

whitney port
Matt Winkelmeyer/Stringer/Getty Images and Whitney Port/Instagram

According to the "The Hills" star's post, which she shared on September 15, , people often told her that she looked "dead or anemic" whenever she wasn't wearing makeup. She continued to say that she "struggled" with her skin while growing up, and had "terrible acne" in high school.

"I've learned that keeping it healthy and clear is mostly due to keeping it clean," Port said about her skin. "I TRULY think the key to inner and outer beauty isn't about all the things we can buy to cover up our skin, but how we can embrace our skin and keep it healthy. Clean skin is in."

"The more I keep it clean, the better condition it's in," she said. "And when you do decide to put a little makeup on ( I mean, we all do 😊 ) our skin is a pure foundation for it to live on! So goodbye haters! I'm gonna embrace my bare, colorless, pale, and ghostly skin because I don't need to hide behind anything. I urge all you out there to not be afraid of showing that beautiful, bare face of yours to the world."

Bella Thorne left her glam makeup behind in this natural selfie from the start of

bella thorne
Danny Moloshok/Reuters and Bella Thorne/Instagram

The musician and actress called her January photo a "real skin alert," and added that it's "no secret" she has acne.

"Sometimes it's clear and sometimes it's just not," Thorne said about her skin. "I'm very self conscious and constantly feeling bad about myself. BUT I shouldn't feel bad. It is normal to have acne."

"EVERY1 does!" she continued. "It's only our society and social-media outlets like this one that tells us we have to have 'perfect skin' to be considered socially acceptable. I'm here to tell you rn F THAT. I'm going to show my skin for what is it and own it. No matter what any1 says."

Thorne also detailed her experience with cystic acne in a Vogue documentary.

While off-duty in February of that year, model Ashley Graham looked confident without makeup.

ashley graham
Danny Moloshok/Reuters and Ashley Graham/Instagram

On February 5, , Graham said on Instagram that there was "No 💄Required" for her "WEEKEND VIBES" photo.

Also in , Demi Lovato removed her makeup and hair extensions in front of the camera for Vogue.


30 Celebrities Without Makeup - See The Real Face

As we have come a long way in our journey of self-love and acceptance, there is no better time than right now for saying bye to insecurities and letting our true self shine. What started as an online trend a few years back has spread across the world and women can be seen being comfortable in their skin. A huge amount of no makeup selfies has flooded the web and many women can be seen rocking their makeup free look in real life as well. Celebrities have jumped on this bandwagon too and have revealed their makeup free looks for the world to see.

When we see celebrities without makeup, it helps us see that they are people like us. They too have to face the pesky pimples, under-eye bags or even blemishes. So, this year get inspired by your favorite celeb and go makeup-free. Give your skin some time to breathe. From the Cardi B no makeup look to Angelina Jolie no makeup look, we have covered most of your favorite celebrities. Also, check out our guide on celebrities without makeup as we capture + most stunning photos which puts the focus on the natural beauty of all these superstars!

Let’s begin with the reveal!



1. Cardi B No Makeup

Out of all the celebs without makeup looks, the one that made us look twice was Cardi B without makeup. Why? Because we are so used to seeing the rap queen in her glammed up avatar that it was a surprise to see her sans makeup. Her clear complexion and dewy skin are #goals. We love her makeup-free look. Aren’t you?



2. Kylie Jenner No Makeup

She became a self-made billionaire at the age of 21 through her line of lip kits. And now, her makeup products have taken the beauty world by a storm. But, when it comes to posting makeup-free selfies, no one does it better than the youngest Jenner. Kylie Jenner without makeup is a revelation.  She looks just as gorgeous as she does with her makeup on.



3. Ariana Grande Without Makeup

Ari looks her cute self in this bare face selfie. It is a reminder for all of us that even our favorite celebrities are not immune to pesky and annoying skin problems like eye bags and zits. Ariana even joked about her bags in this picture.



4. Gwen Stefani No Makeup

Gwen Stefani is rarely seen without her signature red lips and lined eyes. And yet here she is in the list of celebrities without makeup. The Gwen Stefani without makeup look is to die for. Look at her clear complexion and glowing skin! This fresh-faced beauty can say without a doubt that she woke up like this.



5. Lady Gaga No Makeup

Lady Gaga has been known for pulling off dramatic looks since forever. Though, she has toned it down from her meat dress days to now. She famously went makeup-free for her movie with Bradley Cooper, A Star is Born. She has since then shown her fans many glimpses of her makeup-free face.



6. Jeffree Star No Makeup

Jeffree Star is a well-known makeup artist, has his makeup line, and is very much Internet famous. His bright and beautiful makeup looks are nothing less than art. And yes, Jeffree takes off from makeup too. If you see Jeffree Star without makeup, you would notice his glowing skin and face tattoos.



7. Marilyn Manson Without Makeup

Marilyn Manson is another one of those celebrities without makeup who look drastically different. You surely won’t be able to recognize the lead singer of his namesake industrial metal band without all his dramatic makeup looks.



8. Human Barbie Without Makeup

This has to be the most shocking before and after picture of all. Human Barbie aka Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova stunned everyone for the first time when she came out with her dramatic transformation as the world-famous doll. She stunned the world again when her no makeup pictures started surfacing online.



9. Nicki Minaj No Makeup

Nicki Minaj is another addition to the list of celebrities without makeup. Her look popularly comprises of wigs, bold liner and candy lips. But the Anaconda hitmaker took a break from all this and shared an after shower selfie with her fans. 



Jennifer Aniston No Makeup

How many girls have been inspired Rachel over the years? The beautiful Jennifer Aniston never fails to impress be it her red carpet looks or carefree pictures where she is not wearing any makeup.



Taylor Swift No Makeup

Taylor Swift is a big part of the celebrities without makeup movement. She is clicked with a full face of makeup outside her gym but she also does not shy away from posting makeup-free selfies on Instagram for millions of fans to see. She has always taught us to love every version of us and own it too. Tay Tay forever!



Katy Perry No Makeup

The I Kissed a Girl hitmaker is another one of the popular celebrities without makeup. There is no shame in letting your hair down once in a while. Give your skin time to breathe just like Katy Perry does. A little puffiness here or a bit of a blemish there should not stop you from going bare face.



Dolly Parton Without Makeup

After the Cardi B no makeup look, we present before you Dolly Parton without makeup. But wait.  We cannot. Why? Because according to Parton, she would not be caught dead without makeup. She even sleeps with a full face of makeup in case she has to go somewhere in the middle of the night. It is a nightmare for dermatologists all over the world and extremely unhealthy for the skin but to each their own. So, here is a picture of her before she became the pop star we know her as.



Loren Gray No Makeup

Loren Gray is a girl of many talents. She is a singer, vlogger, You Tuber, model as well as an actress. She rose to fame through her account and has often been seen sans makeup. She is still in her teens which can be interpreted from her youthful skin.



Jennifer Lopez No Makeup

Whether it is your workday or day off, learn it from Jenny from the block. Jennifer Lopez knows how to rock both a glam look as well as a makeup-free face. For her, age is just a number and you can see it from her flawless skin as featured here above.



Mila Kunis No Makeup

She played the wicked witch of the West who turned green with envy in Oz the Great and Powerful. But trust us when we say that the Mila Kunis without makeup look can make you envious of her glowing complexion. Her no-makeup look has also appeared on the cover page of Glamour magazine.



Beyoncé No Makeup

Is there any time of day when Queen Bey doesn’t look gorgeous or any look that she cannot pull off? The Single Ladies hitmaker can rock any look she wants. Here she is rocking the bare face look with grace.



Rihanna No Makeup

She has singlehandedly revolutionized the beauty industry with her line of makeup. Rihanna is an inspiration to women all over the world. She has never shied away from getting photographed even without any makeup on her face. Her confidence makes her even more beautiful than she already is.



Kendall Jenner No Makeup

Like her sisters, Kendall Jenner has become world famous too. She is a huge sensation in the fashion industry and has a grand career in the modeling world.  She has chosen to go bare-faced on quite a few occasions. She has fought a long battle with acne. So it is often a bold and courageous move on her part when she steps out without covering her “flaws”.



Selena Gomez No Makeup

This is yet another one of the popular celebrities without makeup. Selena Gomez can look anything from cute and innocent to hot and sexy in an instant.  She likes having days off from wearing makeup as can be seen from all the selfies she posts of herself and with best friend Taylor Swift. Here is Gomez, looking her beautiful bare self.



Zendaya No Makeup

Can we just say that Zendaya is our favorite? We are madly in love with this girl with so much talent and spirit. Here she is confidently posing in her before and after images as she got ready for graduation. If you cannot see it, then let us put it in words for you: Zendaya slays.



Margot Robbie No Makeup

Margot Robbie has impressed us with her acting skills every time she came on the silver screen. We fell in love with all of her characters as well as with her. From Harley Quinn to Tonya Harding, she has stunned audiences with her range and also with her good looks. With or without makeup is not an issue for her because she looks gorgeous irrespective of makeup. 



Scarlett Johansson No Makeup

We have seen Scarlett Johansson grow up in the beautiful woman she is today. Makeup or no makeup, she looks stunning in every mode.



Sofia Vergara No Makeup

Here is yet another one of the celebrities without makeup looks. This is an early morning picture of the Modern Family star. Sofia Vergara looks different from her glam self but she looks stunning as ever. She can still be recognized without her makeup but it did shock a few fans as they never could have imagined how Sofia would look as a bare-faced beauty.



Megan Fox No Makeup

The looks and appearance of Megan Fox have changed a lot over the years. And if you don’t know then let us tell you that she looks gorgeous not just in her films and on the red carpet but also on a regular day when she goes grocery shopping. Her makeup-free look only tells us that she doesn’t need it.



Christina Aguilera No Makeup

There was a time when celebrities did not step out in public without makeup. Doing a photoshoot or going on stage while being makeup-free was not a choice that they normally made. But times have changed. The no-makeup trend is catching on and Alicia Keys happens to be leading the charge. Christina Aguilera, here, seems to be following her lead. After 20 years of her career in the music industry, Christina decided to do a photoshoot without any makeup. Bold move, right?  And if you look at her pictures you will see that it is a beautiful one at that.



Marilyn Monroe No Makeup

Here is another one of the popular celebrities without makeup. Marilyn Monroe gained the sex symbol status in the s. She was known for playing the blonde bombshell characters. Her beauty knew no bounds. She had a style that was different from anyone else. Once, a photographer said that she looked pretty because of her expensive clothes. So she did a photo shoot wearing a potato sack. And guess what she looked as beautiful as ever. Here is one of those rare carefree moments where she was just living her life.



Angelina Jolie No Makeup

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is not just a pretty face but a great actress, and also a UN Goodwill Ambassador. She does not shy away from going makeup-free. And her bare face looks only to prove that she doesn’t need layers of makeup to look beautiful. She radiates from within.



Carrie Underwood No Makeup

Carrie Underwood posted this makeup-free selfie after a great workout session at the gym. The singer-songwriter is sweating it off at the gym to get back her body after giving birth to a second child. She just wants to feel like herself again and is working towards it. Her sweaty, fresh and, makeup-free face matches her T-shirt post-gymming which she also joked about.



Gigi Hadid No Makeup

Let’s just end our list of celebrities without makeup with another beautiful addition. Gigi Hadid often goes makeup-free and here is one of such pictures. She looks her pretty self with her healthy and glowing skin.

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The 40 Best Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup

Some days you just need to ditch your usual beauty routine and let your skin breathe. While skipping makeup can feel freeing, it can also be intimidating AF to let your natural complexion shine in all its imperfect glory. To give you a confidence boost—and to convince you that you shouldn't hide behind a filter or oversized sunglasses—here are a bunch of celebs proudly embracing their bare faces.

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There's nothing shallow about accessorizing white bath towels with massive bling. Lady Gaga rocked the iconic Tiffany diamond and a bare face during her pre-Oscars prep.

Leave it to Jenny from the Block to make a makeup detox look this glamorous.

Next time you're hungover, let Jessica Biel be your spirit animal. Follow her lead by ditching foundation and digging in to leftover cake for breakfast.

With a gorgeous complexion like this, it's no surprise that one of Kesha's resolutions was to "let her freckles live."

When A-list esthetician Shani Darden gives you one of her radiance-boosting treatments, you show off your post-facial glow like Jessica Alba does here.

Salma Hayek's dewy complexion is the definition of summer skin. Who wants to deal with waterproof makeup at the pool anyway?

The queen of the no-makeup movement knows that true beauty comes from good energy. Oh, and a great skincare routine doesn't hurt either.

A spotless complexion plus eyelashes for days makes Sarah Hyland's #nomakeupmonday pic serious goals.

No contouring here. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star poses with her sister, Kim, for a silly face mask selfie.

Not only does the Grown-ish star look like a literal ray of sunshine, but she's also giving off serious festival vibes by accenting her fresh face with yellow blooms.

Boat brows, don't care! Emmy Rossum makes a case for leaving your makeup bag—and your eyebrow comb—at home while vacationing in the Philippines.

Gabrielle Union shows some skin and reminds everyone that she looks just as good now as she did as cheer captain of the East Compton Clovers.

Age ain't nothing but a number for the OG supermodel.

Taking a break from her signature dark eyeliner, Lana Del Ray lets her lids breathe while hanging with fellow singer Marina.

44 and foundation-free! That's how Drew Barrymore celebrated her birthday this past February.

You don't need makeup to smize. The America's Next Top Model host knows how to work the camera.

Ashley Graham's gold-rimmed glasses focus in on her natural beauty.

Less is more for the Goop founder during a Valentine's Day celebration with husband Brad Fulchuk.

While her character on Riverdale would never be caught dead without an ounce of makeup, Camilla Mendes strikes a pose for the camera.

Lily Collins is simply radiant after a facial—talk about a glow up!

Makeup-free is the way to be during an intense Tabata workout. Just like Sarah Michelle Gellar, you're going to sweat it all off anyway.

Julianne Hough proves she really does wake up like that thanks to her cute post with hockey player hubs, Brooks Laich.

With this kind of light, Lea Michele knows that there's no filter needed.

Kelly Clarkson isn't hiding her hazel eyes behind any makeup while cuddling up with her husband on the Fourth of July.

Say hello to an au natural Adele and Elmo.

Jennifer posted this gorgeous photo to celebrate her 47th birthday. That's right: 47th.

Heidi said she was "not camera-ready" in this shot. Umall evidence to the contrary.

The actress raved about her shirt being the "perfect light bounce" in this shot—but all fans could talk about was how gorgeous she looks.

Kim took off all her makeup to promote her KKW Beauty concealer kitsand she still looked amazing.

"This is gonna mess up my [aesthetically] pleasing feed and I don't really care," Kaitlyn wrote. "This is how I normally look."

John Legend shared this gorgeous photo of his wife with this sweet caption: "No filter necessary."

Britney pointed out that she technically had a little mascara from the night before smeared under her right eye in this #NoMakeupMonday shot, but we'll let it slide.

"Hm..I just realised that fever gives u the perfect shades of pink," Sofia wrote next to this pretty pic.

Eva—and her skin—totally glowed on a flight to Dubai.

And this is what Bella looks like straight out of the shower

Ashley managed to capture some seriously gorgeous light while posing for this pic.

Doutzen shared this selfie on set, showing just how amazing her skin really is.

38Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips

"No makeup no filters! That's how we roll," Busy captioned a series of photos of herself and her BFF Michelle spending a makeup-free day together.

"Didn't wear makeup today… felt so good," Hilary captioned this shot.

"No makeup no nothing," Simone simply wrote while sharing this pic with fans.

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