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Video Game / Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle


"Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! Alright! Let's get this started!"

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a Gacha game by Namco Bandai released on both iOS and Android. based on the Dragon Ball franchise.

A mysterious force has gathered the Dragon Balls and has made a major wish - for all the fighters in space/time to gather to see who the strongest is. Aided by Future Trunks and King Kai, the player seeks to find out who did such a thing and fix things before they get bad.

The game gathers characters from virtually every major entry in the Dragon Ball saga - Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, the fifteen Dragon Ball Z movies, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Xenoverse and other random portions of the franchise. The players gather a team of six fighters of different rankings to battle over foes by matching color-coded ki orbs.

  • Adaptation Expansion: Certain story events would add a non-canon extra stage or two that goes beyond the saga or movie adapted.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Vegeta in the Quest Mode, surprisingly. He recognized and reffered to Trunks as his own son way before the Cell Games, and agrees to hold off Turles as Trunks and the player goes on their adventure.
  • Adaptational Villainy: In Quest Mode, Bardock's members still side with Frieza, maybe because Bardock wasn't in their sight...
  • Adaptational Wimp: In Quest Mode, Frieza is stomped flat in his first form and doesn't even hit his other forms.
    • This becomes subverted later on down the road, however, as he'll soon be transforming once a stage, even teaming up with Cooler's Armored Squadron to gain the upper hand.
    • Cell, on the other hand, plays this straight. He never reaches his perfect form, and he gets wrecked by Super Vegeta, to the point where Vegeta forced Cell to spit out 17, reverting him back to his imperfect form.
  • Ambidextrous Sprite: Averted. Certain animations (mostly during Super Attacks) will be completely redrawn depending on which side it is launched from (for example: An enemy Goku will have his back facing the camera when launching his Kamehameha), and characters like Fusion Zamasu will always have their asymmetrical features stay put regardless of which side they're facing.
  • Animation Bump:
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Character cards that are dropped from Dokkan events are automatically Z-Awakened to their SSR status so players do not have to expend a lot of training items and awakening medals to awaken them just for a higher chance of raising their Super Attack level. This is very fortunate considering that you have a 50% chance that the level up even works in contrast to 5% if not awakened.
    • As of Super Saiyan Goku's Legendary Campaign, all Super Strike characters now have a 100% drop rate, making them less of a hassle to grind. Double so, since some characters (Vegeta, Paikuhan, Piccolo, Mighty Mask, Jackie Chun, Tien, Trunks (Xeno)) can have their super attacked raised by raising them to SSR rank and feeding them to their stronger counterparts.
    • "Transcendent Warrior" and "Summit of the Universe" has a 4th stage that has a higher chance of dropping their respective LR Cards rather than the abysmal rate in their 1st stage (which is only a guaranteed drop on your first playthrough). And as of Frieza's Legendary Campaign, you can use Namek Saga cards for a higher chance of obtaining additional dupes.
    • While you do have to grind for them, the Mysterious Hour Glass allows you to revert any TUR character back to their SSR/UR state, making it easier to unlock a potential route or raise their Super Attack level without burning too much resources.
    • Should the players accidentally threw away their Extreme Z-Awakening medals, they are able to regain them by replaying the milestone levels to get them again at the cost of a couple of staminas.
    • Unlike the LR Frieza campaign rewards, the mission reward for LR [Ginyu Force Reborn] Ginyu (Goku)(Force) never disappears and will stay permanent even if the player completed it at a later date, which means being able to rainbow the LR will always be a possibility.
    • The game will remember the Super Attack level upon re-Dokkan Awakening if you reverse a card who's Super Attack level exceeds 10 (such as an Extreme Z-Awakened character or a LR card), saving players the hassle of constantly keeping Grand or Elder Kais on standby every time.
    • A recent update added Memory Keys to the game, which allows you to play past events for a certain amount of keys, including discontinued events like the Dr. Slump events or "Captain Yamcha's Grand Slam!"
    • Unlike other special Hidden Potential units, both Butouden versions Goku and Vegeta have their orbs given out for free, just enough to max both of them out of their Hidden Potential. In the rare scenario where you either misuse them or logged in 3 months after the gift expires, the game has Potential tiles with only "1" number as movement to guarantee you heaps of Orbs per run.
      • Furthermore, both Goku and Vegeta have one linear potential routes so you can simply click on the end of the node and all others will be activated, saving players a couple of time in their Potential System.
    • While the rates of featured units remain the same, multi-summons will always guarantee you 1 SSR unit, giving player incentive to do multis as opposed to doing 10 single summons at a time.
    • Awakening medals that require to be purchased using event-specific treasure items will always remain available and never runs out, preventing players from having characters stuck at their pre-awakened state, unable to Dokkan awaken them until the event returns which could take months to do so.
    • Great Saiyaman from Battlefield does not attack in the first turn he appears to give players the opportunity to seal him before he unleashes his One-Hit Kill Super Attack.
    • Extreme Z-Battle events to Extreme Z-Awaken unfeatured SSR units will always remain available permanently and can be played without requiring to spent any keys to do it.
    • While Beerus uses his [Hot-Blooded God of Destruction] Beerus art during his God of Destruction boss fight when enraged, unlike his playable counterpart, this Beerus still belongs to the Universe Survival Saga instead of switching to the Movie Bosses category midway through the fight. This ensures that units that have a boost against Universal Survival Saga such as Caulifla and Kale units still works against him.
  • April Fools' Day: Dokkan Battle has changed itself a few times for this reason.
    • 2016: Yamcha's Epic Clash was released, giving out the two joke cards [Absolute Loss] Yamcha and [Wounded Honor] Yamcha. Their passives tanks their ATK and DEF to 0.
    • 2017: Dokkan Battle announced Saiba Battle, a game mode where you'll be able to grow and train Saibamen powerful enough to take on Raditz. The card given out was a Saibaman team which, while weak, did have an impressive Super Attack (even if it did take off 10% of your health...)
    • 2018: Dokkan Battle announced Dolly Battle, a game mode where you'll able to date various Dragon Ball women via dating sim, as Ribanine helps you find true love. Screwing up, however, will result in the Shadow Dragons coming out to kill you. They did release a card that had all the Dragon Ball Heroines, except you couldn't use the card at all, unlike the previous year's Saibaman team.
    • 2019: Dokkan Battle goes 8-bit with Dokkan Butouden, complete with all new Goku and Vegeta cards with in-game sprites looking straight out of Legendary Super Warriors for the Game Boy Color. Even better, they have their own potential orbs to use, too!
      • To make the joke even funnier is that it pulls a Mythology Gag, as the description references the button combination Up, X, Down, B, L, Y, R, A. That code is from the actual Super Butouden games, and inserting that code while booting up the game actually will cause hidden characters to appear.
    • 2020: Dokkan Battle becomes Dokkan Racer, allowing you to speed through various locations with your favorite Dragon Ball character. Though it ended up getting scrapped due to not everyone finishing the preliminary race (Tao Pai Pai couldn't change directions, Krillin getting called on-duty, Yamcha getting crushed by Vegeta's Saiyan pod). To compensate, the game released an all new Bulma card, which can become a powerhouse in her own right when teamed up with Goku (Youth).
    • 2021: Dokkan gains a new game mode with Dokkan of the Dead, inspired by both the zombie resurrection part of Fusion Reborn and SEGA's House of the Dead series, where players take control of the Great Saiyaman from a first person perspective fighting against the undead hoard before squaring off against a revived Frieza.
  • Arc Number:
    • Just like its source material, the number 7 is everywhere, though some argue its taken to absurd levels here. The game has a 7 day countdown to major events and celebration, some of the stronger Baba Shop cards (obtainable through treasures) require 777 Incredible Gems, you can only summon Porunga once every 7 days (since you can only obtain one Dragon Ball a day), you bring a team of 7 cards in battle (six of your own plus one friend lead), modern Dokkan Fest cards require 77 medals from their respective Dokkan Event to Awaken, there are 7 steps to fully Extreme Z-Awaken a character, [Brazen Courage] Gohan (Kid) gives a +77% Stat boost to all characters, you get [Glorious Radiance] Hercule upon your 777th log in, 7 is the standard featured characters for many banners and certain characters gets a 77% ATK and/or DEF boost from their passives.
    • Taken Up to Eleven with LR [Miraculous Outcome] Goku & Frieza (Final Form) (Angel), as their stats end with 77 (even when rainbowed), they provide a +177% Stat boost to "Representatives of Universe 7" Category cards, their Ultra Attack is called "Miracle of Universe 7", and they can have up to three +77% ATK boosts stack upon each other (+77% ATK and DEF for attacking, +77% ATK for launching their Ultra Attack, and +77% ATK if they face an enemy that has their ATK reduced).
    • Whenever a new Goku card shows up, expect the number 59 (referencing the translation "Go-Kyu" in Japanese) in their passive to crop up. Likewise, many Gohan units often have the number 58 ("Go-hachi") in their passives
  • Art Evolution: As new cards get released, as well as old cards getting Dokkan Awakenings, there is a noticeable refinement to the card's art styles, whether it be re-proportioned characters or a new shading used altogether. Compare [Star-Crossed Fate] Bardock with his Dokkan Awakening [Fight Against Destiny], or [Proudest in the Universe] Cooler (Final Form) with [Heinous Attack]
  • Ascended Meme:
    • In the event based on Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!, Goku uses the "Oh My Kami" joke that's been circulating around the English fandom for a couple of decades.
    • In the days leading up to the 300M Download celebration livestream, many fans were waiting for the moment Cell interrupts the stream to announce his Cell Games Tournament (This is due to the livestream being hosted on the 17th of August, which, while not the exact month, was the day Cell raided the WNN in the manga and anime to announce his tournament. Lining this up is that dataminers have determined the celebration will start on the 27th, exactly 10 days after the livestream.) While he didn't hijack the stream, Cell did posted a video on the global Facebook page related to the theme.
    • At one point in the Quest mode, Android 17 refers to Android 16 as the "tough, silent guy who likes birds," possibly referencing the latter's obsession with them in Dragon Ball Z Abridged
  • Auto-Revive: Introduced in the 6th Anniversary units with the Revival mechanic are capable of being able to survive a K.O. attack and recover a portion of HP provided those conditions are met albeit they can only be used once per battle so multiple characters with the same mechanic will not stack.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: A number of them:
    • The Baba Points SSR cards. They have awesome stat bonuses for a certain type, they cost 30k Baba Points and you'll probably be told 9 times out of 10 not to sell your Gasha-drawn SSR cards to get that total.
    • The Vegito and Gogeta Fusion transformations for both LR Goku and Vegeta and their angel incarnation respectively. While their Fusion is undeniably the most overpowered units in the game, to transform into them, you have to have your HP below 50% and wait 6 turns before you can do so. However that's easier than done given the fact that 6 turns for Dokkan standards is actually rather long particularly when those two are released and they're are so overpowered in their unfused form that you will probably stomp the bosses to the ground before you can even reach the threshold. Furthermore, thanks to their colossal defenses and great leader skills, it is very unlikely that the bosses will be strong enough to deplete you below the threshold unless you either sabotage yourself or are playing the Super Battle Roadnote But even then, you still have to wait 6 turns before you can even think of transforming but if you managed to pass that threshold, you are either lucky that they do not Super Attack you or used items that allow you to survive for 6 turns and their fusions won't pass over once you defeated the enemies. In other words, if you successfully managed to fuse into either Vegito or Gogeta, you are probably winning the game anyway and is purposely dicking around just so you can get the transformation.
    • Likewise, [Boiling Power] Super Saiyan Goku and [Glacial Prestige] Frieza (1st Form) also have transformations that borderlines impractical. Starting from the third turn, Goku and Frieza will transform one level at a time for every turn they appear in, capping off at Super Saiyan Blue for Goku and Golden Form for Frieza. However, this threshold basically means that in order to reach the highest level possible, you have to stretch the fight for longer than ten turns. By the time you actually manage to get SSB or Golden Frieza, the match has already been decided and you most likely have either sabotaged yourself or play Super Battle Road to even reach that transformation state in the first place.
    • [Fusion Reborn] Super Gogeta is among the first unit in the game to be able No-Sell any Super Attacks. On paper, it sounds like a great passive given the fact that Super Attacks are easily the most damaging attacks in the game. However Gogeta's passive only works against melee-based Super Attacks but compared to Combo types and especially Ki-Blast types, they're incredibly uncommon with only a handful of enemies dealing Melee-type attacks with the majority of them dealing Ki Blast attacks. Additionally, you also need to hit the target enemy with an Ultra Super Attack so if they attack first or you K.O. the enemy you won't be able to get the passive. And even if you could somehow meet said conditions, given the fact that Gogeta has a 30% damage reduction on all attacks for 5 turns after you Fuse, chances are you're probably gonna tank said attacks for as low as double digits anyway making the ability itself redundant.
  • Bonus Feature Failure:
    • The Worldwide Download Celebration allows player to obtain Memorial Stones based on how many stones they spent on banners. These stones can either be exchanged for Tickets or be used to purchase a Dokkan Festival unit in the Treasure shop. While the latter seems appealing to get a DFE of your choosing, each unit costs 150 Memorial Stones and given the fact that you get 1 Memorial Stone for every 50 stones spent, that pretty much equates to needing to spent 7500 stones within a single year. For comparison, you can purchase 1 category lead in the Red Coin Shop with 400 Coins which equates to 2000 stones or an LR for 500 Coins equaling 2500 stones. If a player spend that many stones to be able to purchase a single unit, chances are they would have probably had most of the units rainbowed and others with multiple dupes anyway. You're practically better off just exchanging them for Tickets where for the equivalent of 1 guaranteed unit for 150 Summons, you'll be able to not only have the chance of getting the featured unit but also get other DFEs or if you're particularly lucky, an unfeatured LR from the summon pool.
    • "Astonishing Power-Up! Grand Elder Guru's Guidance" is an event that is supposed to help your characters link level far easier than the regular method. However, the event only provides a bonus 4.5% chance to link level while the chances of leveling your link is already low as it is enough with the chances of leveling to 10 is 3% which means that not only the chance of leveling up isn't guaranteed but it doesn't even raise the chance that high. Additionally, what made link leveling in quest modes very effective is that each enemies fought have their own chance of successfully leveling up your links but in this mode, you only fight one enemy so most of the time, you might not even succeed at leveling your characters at all even after attempting this stage multiple times. As a result, what was allegedly meant to be the definite stage for link leveling ended up being a complete filler event with the Quest Mode stages still remain among the best events to link level your characters.
  • Boring Yet Practical:
    • Don't throw away those mission-drop cards! They may not be the best, but they still hold a lot of potential and they're needed to fight Goku, Frieza, and Future Trunks in their Prime Battles.
    • The Baba Shop SSR cards hit this trope as well. At TUR, they have the same Leader Skills as the original Neo-God cards and only give a Ki boost along with a great chance at boosting ATK and DEF. However, they are some of the easiest to obtain, if not time consuming due to cost.
    • While General Blue's Telekinesis doesn't do much in the damage department (even at SA 10), it does provide a great chance at stunning the enemy, potentially stun-locking them throughout the entire match (assuming they're not immune to stuns).
    • A surefire way to survive the Extreme-INT stage of Super Battle Road is to use two [Light Orb of Hatred] Super 13 leads, since his leader skil reduces TEQ type ATK by 43% (So using two at once brings the TEQ enemies' ATK down by a whopping 86%). The main problem with using this tactic is that it takes forever to complete the stage, but with Extreme INT having a huge range of healers and tanks, your chances of surviving is much greater than using double Kid Buu or LR Bojack leads.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: Obtaining and maxing LR Kid Gohan requires that the player fully beat all the stages of the Super Battle Road. However given the fact that the event is extremely difficult where the enemies have huge inflated stats, if you beat the mode then chances are, you probably wouldn't need LR Kid Gohan to help you beat other bosses anyway.
  • Brutal Bonus Level:
    • Super Battle Road are challenge stages where you're forced to bring a team of one type (Super-AGL, Extreme STR, etc.) as you go up against five rounds against 2-5 enemies, each with jacked up stats, all on one life. If you don't have any top of the line cards, you're guaranteed to die as early as the first turn.
    • Extreme Super Battle Road takes everything that made its predecessor brutally hard and takes it Up to Eleven. Some of the even have disproportionate high stats where they're capable of OHKOing you even through Support Items in order to compensate several categories that has recently released top tier units
    • "Epic! Transcendent! Gods of Destruction Assemble" has you fight an extremely powerful God of Destruction enemy where besides having incredibly hight health & damage reduction and hits incredibly hard, each of them also have multiple gimmicks depending on the God you fight. For example, Heles changes her type every turn while Mosco's Super Attack affects your entire rotation.
  • Call-Forward: [Fused Fighting Force] SSJ Goku (Angel) & SSJ Vegeta (Angel)'s 18-Ki Ultra Attack has them combine their Kamehameha with the Final Flash, even though they never done so in Fusion Reborn and wouldn't do this until the Universal Survival Saga in Super.
  • Can't Catch Up: Given that it's a Gacha game, it will always be inevitable that a unit that was once incredibly strong in the early days often find themselves falling behind to newer cards not only due to the ever growing Power Creep but the events also tend to become more and more difficult with bosses attacking more often as well as having higher stats. While Extreme Z-Awakening was introduced to mitigate this to allow older units to keep up with the newer ones, that's all the powerup they'll receive and once they age, there's no way they'll be able to become any stronger.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Super Kaioken Goku, Chiaoman, Sourman, Full Power Frieza, and [Mass Produced Soldier] Saibaman's super attacks deal a certain percentage of damage to the player.
  • Composite Character:
    • Even though both the Dokkan Fest and PHY SSJ3 Angel Gokus are from their appearance in the Majin Buu Saga (which is why they have the category in the first place), their Super Attack is the Double Dragon Twin Fist move used on Janemba in Fusion Reborn. This might have been because the Dragon Fist was already SSJ3 Goku's attack, and outside of the movies, his Angel counterpart didn't really bring anything new in the super move department. This eventually gets lampshaded by the game itself, as all of the SSJ3/SSJ3 Angel Gokus are under both the Majin Buu Saga and Movie Heroes categories.
    • Despite the card being based off of his Future Saga appearance, people noted that [Ultimate and Invincible Fusion] Vegito's base form Super and Ultra Super Attacks are based off the moves Vegito used against Super Buu back in the Majin Buu Saga. Justified in this case, as Vegito was in his base form for roughly a few seconds before immediately powering up to Super Saiyan Blue when facing Fusion Zamasu.
  • Counter-Attack: Hitting non-base Vegito with normal attack will get a counterattack, while hitting Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Vegeta, or Gogeta with Super Attack has a 30% (70% for the latter) chance of dodging the attack and counterattacking with a Super Attack instead.
  • Covers Always Lie: The Dokkan festival banner for the debut of STR Rose Black has SS 3 Broly as one of the characters featured in the banner. However, the cover for him is his TUR version, not his SSR version which actually caused confusion for casual fans who doesn't know of his pre Dokkan awakened version when they acquired him. Due to the huge risk of getting sued for false advertisingnote Japan has a much stricter laws on Gacha regulation compared to other countries., the banner is promptly removed within hours after it's featured.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Zig-zagged. Though a team of all same colors mean that they're strong against one type, weak against another and indifferent against others, the game rewards you with higher bonuses by being more and more specialized.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: [Phantom Majin Sealed Within] Tapion (Hirudegarn)'s Hirudegarn Transformation can Evade every single attack which would have been an amazing ability, if it weren't for the fact that Giant Form Transformations are already invulnerable to enemy attacks, making such ability pointless aside from cutting down on animations.
  • Difficulty by Region:
    • In the Global release, SSJ4 Gogeta is immune to stun attacks. Compared to the Japanese release, where he is immune to both stun and sealing attacks.
    • Think getting 30,000 trade points for one of the Baba Shop cards was bad? The Japanese version had them priced for 100,000 trade points.
    • The Japanese version of the SSJ3 Goku (Angel) fight, on top of having to deal with an instant kill countdown, could also bypass all of your damage reduction skills, meaning that characters like Super Vegito, Golden Frieza, [Unwavering Conviction] SSJ Trunks (Future) and [Utopia Realized] Zamasu will take the full blunt of his attacks no matter what.
    • Zig-Zagged when it comes to farming any SSJ Goku's Super Attack. While Japanese players didn't had to go through the extra process of Dokkan Awakening to and from [Message From Another World] Goku (Angel), their [Legendary Super Saiyan] Super Saiyan Goku could only Z-Awaken to a SSR, giving him a 50% chance to level up another, much stronger SSJ Goku. The Global version, however, has him Z-Awaken up to UR, making it a guaranteed SA raise if used on another SSJ Goku.
  • Dub Name Change:
    • Some characters have different names from their initially-given names. For instance, Cooler is referred to as "Coora" and Bojack is referred to as "Boujack".
      • "Coora" ended up getting changed back to "Cooler" in the global release following a patch.
    • Goku (Ultra Instinct -Omen-) was changed to Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) in the Global Release.
    • For some undefined reason, Salza was renamed to Thouser.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Certain cards were once released as boss only characters before becoming payable characters, such as the Goku seen in the first phase of the Super Vegito Dokkan events (eventually became [Quiet Grit] Goku, who could Awaken into LR [Golden Fist] SSJ3 Goku), or the Lord Slug first seen in the Hero Extermination Event (became the drop character [Gushing Evil Powers] Lord Slug).
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • "The Mysterious Alien Warrior from Space" actually ended differently, with Goku still alive and thanking the player for helping him save Gohan from Raditz. All the other story events would play canon straight.
    • Transcended URs and LRs didn't exist when the game started. This lead to some interesting choices, such as a Final Form Frieza actually being released as a SR just so he could Dokkan Awaken into a SSR Golden Frieza.
    • Strike Events only allowed players a chance to get a nice SR card. It wouldn't be until a few World Tournaments would pass that they could become SSRs.
    • [Everlasting Legend] Super Saiyan Goku, [Budding Heart] Piccolo, [Limitless Energy] Androids #17 & #18, and [Reign of Terror] Frieza (1st Form), the first four L Rs ever to be released, don't have either the "Shattering the Limit" or "Fierce Battle" links.
  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: Some Super Attacks, such as Kid Buu's Super Vanishing Ball and Beerus's God of Destruction Edict are capable of doing this. Not that it means anything.
  • Excuse Plot: The supposed plot in this game is that someone has made a wish to gather all fighters in one timeline and you team with Trunks and King Kai to examine who is the culprit...Except you don't actually do any investigations at all so much as you got completely sidetracked into fighting all sorts of foes. In fact, 27 chapters in and we still don't have a single clue as to who did it. And the story hasn't been updated for years.
  • Fake Difficulty:
    • Super Strikes pre-Legendary Campaign forced you to take a team with a team cost of 100 or lower (includes Friend cards), meaning you have to put up with making a team consisting of mostly SR / SS Rs (or a team consisting of only two Dokkan Fest cards, your's and a friend's).
    • The original version of the Transcendent Warrior event restricted your card pool to only the Super Strike cards. Aside of all the problems these cards had by themselves, their leader skills (mostly) only increased Ki and nothing else, and they only apply to one or two types, and there are only so many of one type you can choose from. This makes it much harder than it should to build up Ki for Super Attacks, and keep in mind you had to do this challenge nearly 700 times just to awaken your Super Saiyan Goku to an LR. Thankfully, once SSJ Goku's Legendary Campaign arrived, the card pool was extended so that all cards dropped from Strike, Story or Dokkan events can compete.
    • The Extreme Z Areas can fall into this, as those events requires that you bring a team of specific units (mostly drop cards, but the Hero Extermination Plan EZ Area requires Gacha-pulled characters to compete in them). On top of that, the game would also force you to run a certain unit that very well clashes with every other unit (Again, the Hero Extermination Plan EZ Area is the biggest offender for this, as [Puzzle Wrapped in Enigma] Whis and [Raging Rampage] Hatchiyack each hit for wet blankets even at 100% Potential, and doesn't link at all with any other required card). And in Transcended Warrior's EZ Area case, not only do you have to have the required units to challenge the event, but they also have to be at 100% Hidden Potential and must be fully Extreme Z Awakened.
    • The Extreme Z-Area for Summit of the Universe has also fallen into this due to the frustrating existence of [Battle Expert] Krillin. He has a 30-50% chance of guarding all attacks making this a total Luck-Based Mission due to how hard Frieza can hit for, and has a hard time linking with anyone not named Kaioken Goku. To make matters worse, the developers decided to make him the friend lead, forcing a modest 50% stat boost on everyone, instead of an Extreme Z-Awakened [Everlasting Legend] Super Saiyan Goku, who not only gives the whole team a whopping 90% stat buff, but starts everyone off with 4 Ki instead of 3.
  • Fake Longevity: The Prime Battles L Rs require that you get 777 medals from their respective events. The only problem with this is that each runs requires 25 to 50 stamina per run, and the amount of medals that drop could range from 5 to 20.
  • Fanservice Pack:
    • On the LR Android 17 & 18 card, 18 is noticeably bustier than on the previous cards in the sequence, or any of her other cards.
    • For some reason, the Heroes exclusive adult Supreme Kai of Time card has much larger breasts than all other portrayals of her with even the original art being relatively tame compared to this...
  • Fountain of Youth: The R Chi-Chis and [Acclaimed Ability] Krillin get this treatment when they Dokkan Awaken.
  • Giant Equals Invincible: The Giant Apes and Giant Namekian cards are immune to every attack the opponent throws at them, even against Super Attacks that are designed to instantly kill you. Averted with Hirudegarn, who has a 100% dodge chance instead.
  • Glass Cannon:
    • The original STR Legendary Super Saiyan Broly's passive reduces his defense to 0 when he attacks. Averted for his Z-Awakening version, however where he gains both attack and defense when attacking.
    • The LR-ranked STR Legendary Super Saiyan Broly's passive shoots his attack power by a whopping 80,000 points but plummets his defense power by a crippling 20,000 points.
    • Super Sayian 3 Broly gains 12% ATK for every ki orb he collects... but loses 10% defense. If he collects 10 orbs; he has 0 defense.
    • Not even Bio-Broly escapes this as he zig-zags this trope: If he goes up against 1 opponent, he becomes a Mighty Glacier as his defense doubles while his attack power is cut in half while the opposite occurs if he's dealing with two or more opponents.
    • Goku's Ultra Instinct transformation has his ATK boost goes from +100% to +150%, he gets +3 Ki, can break enemy guard and he has a great chance to dodge enemy attacks but he loses the DEF boost from his previous transformation so if he can't dodge an attack then no doubt it's going to hurt.
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: The quest mode is absolutely infamous in doing this. It doesn't matter if you bring someone like [All or Nothing] SSB Vegito and one shot them with over 10 million damage, the boss character will shrug it off and escape as if you never fought them to begin with.
  • Healing Factor: Some characters (like [Merciless Judgement] Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé) & Zamasu and [Uncontrollable Instinct] Kid Buu) can regenerate a set percentage of health at the begining of each turn.
  • Healing Shiv: Some characters, such as Metal Cooler (STR) and Pan (GT) (Honey) have a passive ability that allows them to recover health through damage they deal.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: As a means of bypassing the Heads I Win, Tails You Lose and The Battle Didn't Count problems that both the quest stages and older story events had, newer story events will have certain bosses gaining advantages to the point where they can't die, whether by boosting their damage reduction to 100%, or by having them dodge all of your attacks. Downplayed as you still get rewarded with goodies, and you only need to survive at the very least 1 turn before the next cutscene activates.
  • HP to 1: Invoked with [Eerie Victory Declaration]/[Domineering Victory Declaration] Jackie Chun, [Pinnacle of Rage]/[Zealous Roar] SSJ Goku and [Namekian Pride] Nail, who can tank any K.O. inducing attack, leaving the player at 1 HP as long as their passive activates at the start of the turn.
  • I Believe I Can Fly: Characters that can't fly or use the Nimbus Cloud use a Jet Pack, regardless of the character's size.
  • Infinity -1 Sword: The Dokkan Festival cards can be considered the bread and butter of the game as they provide strong leader skills and their passive ability and stats almost always outclass all the other non-fest cards of the same rarity. To get them, you have to use your Dragon Stones in order to summon them on whatever Dokkan Festival cards are being featured right now and hope that you get an SSR rarity let alone the festival cards in the banner.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: The LR cards, they are among the most powerful cards in the game where not only do they have tremendous stats but their Super Attack deals both Colossal and Mega Colossal damage to the enemy and they have among the best artworks in the game. However, obtaining them requires tremendous amount of patience, resource and luck in order to obtain and Dokkan awaken them. The best of the bunch that doesn't involve mono-color teams is [Thousands of Wishes] Goku, which grants +3 Ki and +100% HP, ATK and DEF for all types. Of course, you have to play the game for 1000 days...
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: [Outburst of Emotions] Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta & Bulma is this. Leader skill gives a modest boost to Super-type cards, a decent +100% boost to ATK and DEF as a passive, has the Counter mechanic seen with characters like Super Vegito and Caulifla and Beerus' rage mechanic.
  • Joke Character: Yamcha cards from April Fool event when Dokkan Awaken, however...
    • Lethal Joke Character: With the lowest cost after Dokkan Awaken, they're still useful.
    • [Glorious Radiance] Hercule falls under this as well, as he has pitiful defense, having a low (220%) damage modifier on his Super Attack, and his passive gives him a 70% chance to reduce his own ATK by 80%. His only saving grace is that his Super Attack can help him regenerate 8000 HP, and by Super Attack level 7, he can launch it when his Ki is at 9 or more.
  • Karl Marx Hates Your Guts: The Baba Store is quite ridiculous in this regard. While the Baba Store allows you to sell all your items and cards, only character cards will give you the most points, with Gasha-drawn SSR and higher cards offering the most.
  • Kryptonite-Proof Suit: Janemba's passive ability allows him to guard against all types, including PHY and AGL attacks that would normally have the type advantage against him.
    • [Limitless Fusion]/[Fusion of Ultimate Rivals] Super Vegito and [Miraculous Re-Fusion] SSGSS Vegito along with their Dokkan Awakenings can also do this, while delivering a punishing counter attack of their own, but not against super attacks.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler:
    • While it's to be expected in a gacha-game based of one of the most popular anime of all time, a pretty terrible example happened when Bandai Namco released a Ultra Instinct "Omen" Goku card barely even a day after it aired on Super.
    • The Masked Saiyan falls under this for anyone who has yet to play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Not only does his mask crumble upon Dokkan Awakening, his super attack has him saying "I am not Bardock!". Also, the STR, PHY and TEQ Super Saiyan Bardocks uses The Masked Saiyan's medals for Dokkan Awakening as well.
      • And then there's the SSJ3 Bardock event...
    • Averted for the global release of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly event. Because not all countries has had the movie officially released, Akatsuki decided to go the extra mile and remove all in game story cutscenes from the event to prevent spoilers.
    • An interesting variation happens on the Global side, as it's the game mechanics that gets spoiled ahead of time. This first occurred when Ultra Instinct Goku's Dokkan Event was released with the Transformation Mechanic in tact months before it would have gotten properly introduced with the 3rd Year Anniversary LR cards Super Gogeta and Super Vegito. The same thing would happen again, as LR [Miracle-Calling Clash] SSJ Gohan & SSJ Goten revealed the Active Skill system before the 4th Anniversary LR Cards SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta got the chance to introduce them.
  • Limit Break: Gathering enough Ki Balls for a certain character in one go allows that character to release a Super Attack that deals heavy damage to their opponent.
  • Long Song, Short Scene: LR [Miracle-Making Super Saiyan] Super Saiyan Goku has his own unique theme like other Dokkan Fest units. However due to being a summonable LR without an Active Skill or Transformation, there is no way for it to be played with the only instance that the music is used is during the Super Android #13 Story event which unless you purposely stall, you will likely only hear the first minute of it before curb-stomping said boss.
  • Luck-Based Mission:
    • You can obtain Nimbus medals from the Supreme Kai trials by beating certain Dokkan stages within a certain time... assuming you have the perfect rotations, maxed Super Attack levels, enough Potential Orbs invested in your characters and if you didn't bring someone like SSJ4 Gogeta...
    • The Extreme Z-Battles brings the Luck-based structure Up to Eleven, since you can't bring items, and the bosses will be immune to every debuff in the later stages, you have to pray to Zen-O that the rotations fall to your favor, the bosses won't feel like Supering your team out of existence, and if characters like Caulifa and SSJ4 Vegeta would activate their dodge/conters for you to survive.
  • Magikarp Power: Overflowing Resolver Goku is the easiest card in the entire game to farm; and drops as a Rare. Dokkan awakening him 3 times [4 on Global] takes him all the way to a Lv 120 TUR Angel SSJ3 Goku, that is widely considered one of the best Free To Play cards in the game.
  • Marathon Level: Fighting Legend: Goku has you pitted up against Goku and all of his transformations from his base form to Mastered Ultra Instinct for a grand total of eight phases where every single one of his forms possess tremendous amount of health and can hit really, really hard. This later carries on to Infinite Dragon Ball History where each level can take up to 7-9 phases.
  • Mechanically Unusual Class: Tapion (Hirudegarn) is the Giant category leader with his own Dokkan Event, but he's not a Dokkan Fest card himself (in fact, he first appeared on a Rising Dragon Carnival banner co-released with the Wrath of the Dragon story event). Unlike other Giant cards, Tapion's transformation isn't up to chance, but is automatically activated once per battle upon dropping below 50% HP, in which Hirudegarn is released. However, this is where things get wonky, as Tapion himself is a Super-Class character, but once Hirudegarn is released, he switches to an Extreme-Class, which, depending on the lead he's under, could reduce or negate the leader skill bonuses Tapion would've gotten. Hirudegarn also doesn't take attacks head on, he dodges them instead.
  • Metal Slime: The 40% type supports are only available within the mono-Type banners and have never been added to the unfeatured SSR pool. As if it wasn't already bad enough, the Type banners return at an extremely irregular rate and more often than not, said banners tend to be a single Multi-Summon banner before permanently disappearing from Summon pool. While it is possible to purchase them with Blue Coins, each of them costs 300 Coins, equivalent to spending 1500 stones and said coins require the player to summon on either the mono category banners (which only features General SSR units of said category with little chance of getting an unfeatured LR since each Multi guarantees a featured unit), the Rising Dragon Carnival, or the yearly Dragon Ball Heroes banner even though most players would rather spent those stones on Dokkan Festival banners that gives out Red Coins. In fact, once the supports got their Dokkan Awakening, said banners never reappeared again even through the Anniversary and Worldwide Celebration campaigns.
  • Never Shall The Selves Meet: Completely averted. You can create a team that consists of nothing more than different variations of the same character at your own leisure, and as long as the resulting team cost fits the conditions, you can use it all you want.
    • This is specially prevalent when the characters you pick happen to be the same characters you're fighting, or when you make a team that contains both a fusion (like Vegito) and that fusion's components (Goku and Vegeta).
    • However, this is played straight when it comes to putting a card with the same name as another card in your team. If you try that, the game won't let you do that, and the only way to get a duplicate card is to find a friend with the same card as a leader, which depending on the card, can be easier said than done.
    • The Metal Coolers invoke a bit of Loophole Abuse as the Gatcha-earned Metal Coolers can work aside the Metal Coolers players can earn through the "Fight! 10 Billion Power Warriors" event as the Event Metal Coolers have their Types written on their name tags. This also goes with the much weaker Cell Jr.s and Saibamen.
    • LR Super Vegito and LR Super Gogeta also invoke Loophole Abuse, since their name tags are labeled as "Super Saiyan Goku & Super Saiyan Vegeta" and "Super Saiyan Goku (Angel) & Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel)" respectively. Hell, the game even lampshades this as the hint systems explained that you can link these cards up with any Super Vegito or Super Gogeta cards no problem.
  • Nintendo Hard: Anything Z-Hard/Super difficulty. Opponents will be Awoken to Extreme/Super and will be much stronger and tougher to fight. Various events involving special characters such as Jackie Chun, Mighty Mask, Mecha Frieza and King Cold will be much stronger with extra HP bards. Then, there's the Dokkan events where fighters will even have special abilities that require a special hero to nullify them.
    • Taken Up to Eleven with Super 2 difficulty; which often gives bosses Stun Immunity; and sometimes even Sealing Immunity.
  • No Fair Cheating: The amount of Dragon Stones you currently own is saved in their server database. If you tried to hack so that you have like say 10000 stones, the server will instantly detect this and will immediately ban any players who attempts to do so.
  • No-Sell: The third phase of Android #17's fight has him enact a barrier that automatically repels any energy based Super Attacks. Of course there's nothing stopping them from just using a non-energy based anyway...
  • Obvious Rule Patch:
    • When TEQ Cell was first released, he opened up to a nuking meta where players would run nuker leaders as well as use Ki changing characters & items which led to Cell single-handedly destroying the enemy in one attack. This allowed players who owned him to curb-stomp not only his event but also the previously difficult STR Broly's Dokkan Event. Subsequent events made all bosses have multiple phases to deter any further nuking tactics. Years later, when they released another event with a single phase, they banned any and all nuking leaders (and Devilman) from being used in said event.
    • One of the gimmicks of the EZA event is that the boss has a big damage reduction against anyone not of the proper category and type and if you bring a unit that doesn't qualify either of the criteria, then they will face both of the damage reductions which forces you to bring a specific unit to defeat the boss. Enter Devilman whose ability has a 1% chance of instantly KO-ing the enemy even through both the reductions which means that if you are particularly lucky, you can bypass the whole requirement and defeat the boss without worrying about summoning for a specific unit. As a result, Bandai decides to place a ban Devilman from entering an event that will be useful starting from the Dokkan Punch Machine!(The event is basically to get as much damage per possible in a single attack, something that Devilman will easily accomplish) and starting from Kid Buu's EZA, a damage threshold is placed for SSR rarity or below so the devil will no longer be able to One-Hit Kill the boss.
    • [Next-Level Strike] Super Saiyan God SS Goku's Extreme Z-Battle only has one restriction starting from Level 15, and that is a -80% Damage reduction against AGL-Type units. No doubt to stop people from using LR [The Strongest Pair in the Universe] Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Super Saiyan 2 Kale to cheese through the event.
  • One-Hit Kill: Two types of bosses can initiate a One-Hit Kill.
    • Full Power Freiza; Golden Freiza; Future Trunks and SSJ3 Angel Goku all have a 'countdown' mechanic in their final phase. Should the countdown hit 0 and their Super Attack is not sealed; they will unleash a One-Hit Kill.
    • SSJ3 Goku , SSJ3 Vegeta and SSJ3 Bardock have a strict turn limit; and will One-Hit Kill you if you do not beat them before this. This One-Hit Kill outright issues you an immediate Game Over; not letting you use a continue.
    • Can be invoked with Devilman; who's super attack has a 1% chance to One-Hit Kill any target. This can even kill otherwise immune assist characters in some boss fights; such as Zamasu in the Goku Black Rose event.
    • Phase 3 of Ultra Instinct Goku's event has Goku in his base form attacking once per turn. The kicker? All his attacks are the large Spirit Bomb (unless you seal him), and they each hit for 4 million damage every time.
    • Great Saiyaman boss from the Battlefield may hit like a wet puddle with his normal attacks and he gives you a free turn of being attacked but then come his Super Attack his damage is so ridiculously high that the player is instantly killed by it even with all the damage reductions. Many first time Battlefield players express their surprise that someone like him could hit so hard.
  • Overly Long Fighting Animation: SSJ4 Gogeta, Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) and Goku (Ultra Instinct) all suffer from this.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Various variants and Category Leaders can be easily overshadowed by newer cards. For instance, the PHY [Azure Omnipotence] Vegito Blue (+3 Ki, +50% HP, DEF and ATK for Super-Class) is overshadowed by the LR STR [All or Nothing] Vegito Blue (+3 Ki, +70% HP, DEF and ATK for Super-Class) who is overshadowed by the TEQ [Strength Beyond Gods] Vegito Blue (+3 Ki, +120% HP, DEF and ATK for Super-Class if you have one of each color) who is overshadowed by the AGL [Boiling Power] SSJ Goku (+3 Ki, +120% HP, DEF and ATK for Super-Class unconditionally)
  • Permanently Missable Content: The game has a few of these as they were rendered obsolete by later events. Among them:
    • A crossover event with One Piece: Treasure Cruise, which allowed players from both games to work together for prizes.
      • The event had a special card for players, [The Last Instant Transmission] Super Saiyan Goku, which is unattainable after the event.
    • Strike Events starring Piccolo Jr. (That's DBZ Piccolo, just still evil) and Kibito. While another Piccolo Jr. card came out, there have been no other Kibitos to be released.
    • "The Winding Snaky-Way to King Kai" training event
    • Three Story Events - "The Mysterious Alien Warrior From Space" and "A New Threat! The Saiyan Warrior Race", which were fused into a new version of "A New Threat! The Saiyan Warrior Race", and "Countdown to Resurrection", which was fused with the "Resurrection 'F'" event.
      • While [Slumbering Strength] Gohan (Kid) was transferred to the new "A New Threat! The Saiyan Warrior Race", [Sadistic Strongman] Nappa and [Invader from Afar] Vegeta weren't. In fact, their Dokkan Awakening forms, [Devastating Carnage] Nappa and [Transcendent Combat] Vegeta, were brought in instead.
      • On the other hand, [Protector of the Peace] Krillin and [Revived Nightmare] Frieza (Final Form) were not brought over to "Resurrection 'F'"
    • Any events related to Doctor Slump has not once seen a return in either versions of the game. Fortunate enough to pull one of the Arales but couldn't farm all the necessary medals in time? Tough shit.
      • Averted in the Global version, which added the "Penguin Village Adventure" story event to the Portal of Memories. Though neither the Arale Dokkan event or "The Peculiar Penguin Village" events or any of Arale cards has returned still.
    • Following the Japanese release of the Otherworld event, and the change from being a Special event to Story, "Epic Battle! Arise, Otherworld Challengers" has been lost to make way for "Epic Battle! The Mighty Ones of the Otherworld", which still houses the same rewards as the previous version.
    • The older versions of "Fight! 10 Billion Power Warriors," "A Lone Warrior's Last Battle," "Galactic Crisis," "The Strongest Rivals," "Defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan" and "Fight Against Despair" were eventually scrapped and replaced with updated versions that contains Category bonus support ("Wicked Bloodline" for Return of Cooler and Cooler's Revenge, "Giant From" for Bardock: Father of Goku, "Hybrid Saiyans" for Bojack Unbound and the Broly adaptations, and "Future Saga" for History of Trunks), more accurate story cutscenes and higher drop rates.
  • Power Creep: The game has had a steady increase in this as certain special "Leader Cards" have been released that boosts all stats heftily. Players have given these cards the names "God Cards", "Neo-God Cards", "120% Cards" and "Category Leaders"
  • Power-Up Letdown:
    • Cards that receives an Extreme Z-Awakening immediately after their release. While the boost does allow them to be able to become a strong unit in it's heyday, once newer and more powerful cards released as well as hard events come by, these units will eventually began to show their age but what made it even worse is the fact that since they've already received their EZA, they have no hope of ever being able to become relevant again, forever making them obsolete and out of the meta.
    • While Full Power Frieza's Extreme Z-Awakening boosts his stats to almost LR-Tier, his passive, unfortunately, doesn't change much, only granting him 3 extra Ki and a measly 30% DEF boost as the first attacker.
    • [Unparalleled Golden Ki] Super Vegito received a meagre 40% ATK & DEF boost but while it's compensated with having huge initial stats, he will only receive it at same turn after receiving an enemy attack which still doesn't really alleviate his weakness to enemy Super Attacks. Furthermore, he also has the unique ability to predict enemy Super Attacks but it will only work should your HP fall below 40% which is the health where you don't want to eat a Super Attack anyway regardless of who they're launching to.
    • [Mythic Evolution] Super Saiyan 3 Broly is the first of 120 leads to receive an Extreme Z-Awakening and for a Glass Cannon like him, it's sorely needed. But unfortunately, while he will be able to hit extremely hard, his DEF debuff is still retained. Granted he does receive an initial DEF boost but in harder events, if Broly fails to K.O the target, it is very unlikely that he would even be able to survive especially if it's a Super Attack.
    • [Full-Tilt Kamehameha] Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth)'s Extreme Z-Awakening gives him a sizeable DEF boostnote His passive provides an initial +58% DEF boost along with an additional +58% DEF when performing a Super Attack and his Super Attack effect now raises his DEF for 1 turn which alleviates his Glass Cannon weakness. Sure that does make Gohan usable in difficult events but that's all the boost he received from his EZA. He doesn't get any scaling nuking boosts like the other 2 LR Super Saiyan 2 Gohans nor does he change Ki Spheres like his AGL counterpart to help with his nuking potential so his damage output barely changed aside from raising his Super Attack level from 20 to 25 (which is raised from 570% to 620%). Compared to Goku & Frieza whose third boost has been improved from an ATK-lowered enemy to any debuffs or Broly whose EZA gained a substantial ATK boost along with a big Ki boost and attack effectiveness against Saiyan & Goku enemies respectively, INT Super Saiyan 2 Gohan's EZA felt comparatively lacking.
    • Super Strike cards in general. At their best, they can be run as filler-support units thanks to their passives. At their worst, they're not even worth grinding unless you need units for the Prime Battles. This is mostly due to their abysmal stats, being outclassed by other, much better F 2 P units like [Sword of Courage] Trunks (Kid) or [Furious Transformation] SSJ2 Vegeta & Bulma, and the fact that outside of [Fabled Champion] Grandpa Gohan and [Martial Artist's Honor] Tien, none of their Super Attacks can hit for anything higher than a huge (290%) modifier. You can raise their Super Attack level to 15 (making it a 340% multiplier maximum), which also adds in the effect of making their Super Attack hit 20% harder (unless the Strike character in question is either [Strategic Combat] Piccolo, [Intensified Killing] Cyborg Tao or [Raging Counterstrike] Mecha Frieza, who only gets the added benefit of launching their Super Attack at 9 ki, locking them at that 340% boost), but even then, they can only do so much unless one is willing to put in dupes and potential orbs into them. Not helping is that they required Bulma (Youth) and Turtle medals to awaken, which can only be obtained at the World Tournament. To compensate, they do have the two links Bombardment and Super Strike, which can boost their attack by 35% (Except for [Terrestrial Flash] Android 16, who only has Super Strike), but the only you will ever get this link to activate is that you run them under a Mono team or Super/Extreme class leader, but they link so poorly with everyone else that it's not even worth it.
    • Unlike most other transformations that are beneficial in some form, [Explosive Evoltion] Turles's transformation is often perceived to be detrimental to the team not because it's objectively worse but because his role completely changed. Basically, in his unawakened state, Turles ranks among the best support in the team due to giving +3 Ki and +40% ATK boost but when your HP is 80% or less, there is chance for him to power-up using the Tree of Might where he loses his support capabilities in favor of being a hard hitter as well as a free HP recovery. However, for many players, the boosts he gives from transforming is far overshadowed by the support capabilities he gives for the team, not helping is that there isn't a way to control when you want to transform or not.
    • [Transdimensional Instinct] Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)'s Mastered Ultra Instinct form gives himself a sizeable ATK boost along with a great chance to evade enemy attacks. However, since he loses the DEF boost from his unawakened state, if he fails to dodge an attack in particular a Super Attack, then it will really hurt. Some players even declared his transformed state to be worse just because of this downside.
    • [Foe Elimination Circuit] Android #13 in his initial state is a strong supporter of his own "Androids" category while also guaranteeing his hits to always hit which makes him useful in events such as Hirudegarn or Goku (Ultra Instinct). However once he transforms, he loses this support buff while his ATK & DEF boost is still the same unless he run "Target: Goku" allies which accumulates his boost to up to +221% compared to +160%. However the problem is, not all Androids fit under the latter category (Android #16, Super Android #17 & #18, Perfect Cell, Android #21, etc) so in order to get the full boost, you need to run specific teams to utilize his full potential. To make it even worse, unlike other units during the same era he was released, #13's transformation is unconditional note Start of 5th turn with 2 other Androids in his team. He automatically transforms without requiring an Active Skill. This means that if you to fully utilize his support, you would have to awkwardly run a non-Android leader such as Transformation Boost or Artificial Life Forms with another Android in the same rotation, meaning that you can't control when you want to transform him such as STR Cooler.
    • [Otherworld in Collapse] Janemba's Active Skill Transformation into Super Janemba exchanges his Guard, conditional support & damage reduction in favor of slightly higher boosts, an unreliable Ki changer and the damage reduction from Rainbow Ki Spheres became an unreliable Evasion. Guard ranks among the best passive in the game and when combined with his damage reduction, allows Janemba to tank a point-blank Super Attack from even the hardest events so by transforming him, he not only becames far less durable but renders him defenseless against INT enemies. Hell his ATK boost is barely improved as unlike units such as Cell or Bojack that gains the additional boost when attacking, Janemba's additional boost is additively added so instead of potentially getting a +292% boost, he merely gains +220% from collecting 3 non-Rainbow Spheres in contrast to the +120% and an additional +30% Extreme Class support from collecting 4 non-Rainbow Spheres. The only bright side to it is that unlike the other examples in this list, Janemba's Transformation is toggle-based so it's possible to ignore it altogether
  • Product Placement:
  • Random Drop: The total and complete bane of many a player in various events. Strike Events and many Dokkan Events have a rare chance of a certain card to be dropped. Most can be used to Dokkan Awaken them for other usages, but a handful of them are used for Super Attack boosing. It doesn't help that these cards are SR Z-Awakened cards, thus only have a 50% chance of actually working.
  • Random Number God: This is a gacha game after all.
  • Regional Bonus:
    • In the Global release of the game, [Dark Menance] Goku Black went from a character with a measly 3000 flat attack boost per ki orb obtained to a valuable hard-hitting support unit that supplies an extra 3-ki to all Extreme types at the start of each turn, making him a force to be reckoned with on an Extreme PHY team.
    • The Japanese release of Super Kaioken Goku (Angel), Pikkon, Perfect Cell (Angel), Frieza (Angel), King Cold (Angel) and the F 2 P SSJ Goku (Angel) all saw major boosts to their passives, however, Super Kaioken Goku and Pikkon lost Fierce Battle in exchange for Shattering the Limit (Pikkon also lost Prepared for Battle in exchange for Supreme Warrior), and the types for Pikkon and SSJ Goku (Angel) was swapped (Pikkon is now a INT type instead of a STR, visa-versa for the F 2 P SSJ Goku (Angel))
    • [Overflowing Resolve] Goku, the R-rank card you get from "Enough talk... Time for an EPIC Showdown!" in Global is vastly different from the original version in Japan.
  • Retcon: [A Surging New Power] Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) has him completely shirtless. Future artwork featuring him as well as his Dokkan Awakening [Transdimentional Instinct] gives his blue undershirt back, where he would only loose it upon transforming into Ultra Instinct.
  • Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: When certain characters are Dokkan Awakened, they will lose their Kamehameha in exchange for stronger super attacks.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: If the player fails to defeat Bardock's 5th phase in time, then he will decide to flee away from the Time Nest, robbing the player away from the glory and reward for defeating him.
  • Second Place Is for Winners:
    • During the "Looking For Mr. Right" competition between the Japanese and International versions, the winner would get a unique Vegeta card while the loser would get a unique Yamcha card. Of course, even Yamcha has his fans, most of whom played the absolute bare minimum to get the event rewards and then stopped, hoping the other team would win and letting them snag the "consolation prize" of the Yamcha card.
    • Many players (especially those on the Global servers) have already expressed throwing the 250M GLB v JPN challenge in hopes of getting the new Final Form Frieza card, for being the first usable FF Frieza card, being Extreme PHY, and the fact that he has a cooler SA animation over the winning Goku's Angry Kamehameha.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Players would often find ways to make some of the events much harder than they intended to be, such as using nothing but F 2 P units on Super 2 Dokkan Events, not using any items on Super Battle Road, building teams around one theme (such as an all Buu team), or using less than optimal teams (like using nothing but INT Types against PHY Omega Shenron).
  • Set Bonus:
    • Each character has a certain Link Skill that can boost various stats when two characters have the same Link Skill. There are some that are required to be obtained to just defeat certain bosses.
    • Certain story events can give you additional rewards depending on how many units of a specific category you have on your team. For example, using any Universal Survival Saga card on any of the three story parts can raise the drop rate of those event's Awakening Medals or Character drops
    • Certain characters' passives will have them become stronger the more characters from a specific category is in your team, such as Super Ribrianne having a bigger ATK and DEF boost the more "Peppy Gals" characters there are on the team.
  • Sliding Scale of Gameplay and Story Integration:
    • Deliberate Integration in regards to the [Saiyan Outcast] Broly Extreme Z-Battle. While other Z-Battles takes place in various storms and volcanic eruptions, Broly's Z-Battle takes place within the same mountain range he fought in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer. His Super Attacks are also tied to the stage he's in, slamming and dragging your characters across the icy mountains like he did with Goku and Vegeta.
    • Another Deliberate Integration scenario takes place within Final Form Cooler's Dokkan Event "The Ultimate Transformation". You can't use Icarus or the Senzu Bean support items since, like in Cooler's Revenge, Icarus was shot down by the Armored Squadron and the Senzu Beans were destroyed by Salza (sorry, "Thouser") upon finding Gohan and the others.
    • SSJ Future Gohan's Dokkan event may look like a Deliberate Integration at first, as it starts out in a rocky wasteland area like his SR card [The Future Bearer], up until the last phase, where it becomes a Conspicuous Segregation thanks to his Explosive Dance Super Attack taking place exclusively within a ruined city. Keep in mind that none of the cutscenes had the battle arena change from the wasteland to the ruined city.
  • Spam Attack: The Merged Zamasu boss fight has the gimmick that he can perform two Super Attacks in a single turn. Most bosses can only Super once per turn.
    • Kid Buu's Super 2 difficulty stage does nothing BUT Super attacks in his 3rd phase. Without some way to stop him from doing this he will overwhelm you.
    • The player can invoke this with cards with the Additional Attack bonus. Especially with AGL-types [Some AGL types have some form of counter] and PHY-types [Many high-tier PHY types have a built-in additional attack; taken Up to Eleven with Vegito Blue; who can attack up to four times a turn!]
  • Stock Footage:
    • With the amount of time the Kamehameha/Super Kamehameha gets used, it might as well be this. Even names like Perfect Cell's "Solar Kamehameha" and Teen Gotenks' "Burning Kamehameha" uses the exact same poses and, in the case of Solar, adds a beam penetrating the Earth at the end. The few who subverts this is [Fatal Resolve] SSJ2 Gohan (Youth) and [A Surging New Power] Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-).
    • Fans were quick to notice how the Ultra Super Attacks for LR SSJ4 Goku and LR SSJ4 Vegeta are almost one-to-one with the Super Attacks for [Prideful Battle] Majin Vegeta and [Inevitable Battle] SSJ2 Goku (Angel). It was eventually explained that the LR's Ultra Super Attacks were developed first, with the animators deciding to re-use the same animations for Majin Vegeta and SSJ2 Angel Goku.
  • Suddenly Voiced: For the longest time, no card in Dokkan Battle had voice acting mid-battle. Then the 4th Anniversary LR cards, [Apex of Supreme Saiyan Power] SSJ4 Goku, [Unrivaled Saiyan's Peak] SSJ4 Vegeta and [Wings Spread Out to the Cosmos] Pan (GT) (Honey), were released with all new Active Skills, which has full-on voice acting upon use.
  • Super Mode: There are special SSR cards of various Saiyan characters who will actually have a chance to become Oozarus and will lay waste on their opponents.
    • This also applies to [Impetuous God] Beerus, [Determined to Fight Back] SSJ2 Vegeta, and their Dokkan Awakened variants, where any amount of Ki can trigger a super attack. Awesome, but Impractical, however, as it activates once below 30% HP, and it only lasts one measly turn as opposed to the Oozarus lasting at least two.
    • A recent update has included special cards with transformation mechanics of their own, such as LR Goku and Vegeta (transforms into Super Vegito), LR Goku (Angel) and Vegeta (Angel) (transforms into Super Gogeta), and Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) (who awakens into Mastered Ultra Instinct). The main difference that unlike the Oozaru cards, they have set conditions of having HP at 50% or below to activate (and 6 turns has to have past for the L Rs). But once they transform, it's permanent.
  • Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors: TEQ(Green) > AGL(Blue) > STR(Red) > PHY(Yellow) > INT(Purple) > TEQ. The "light" and "dark" equivalents in this game are the "Super" and "Extreme" modifiers that hero and villain cards, respectively, gain on Z-Awakening.
  • Tech Tree: As of the Version 3.00 update, we have the Hidden Potential system. Despite it working only for UR and LR, it allows you to further increase the stats of any character, and even give them special perks such as Combos, Evasion, and even Criticals.
  • The Dividual: [Unbridled Horror] Androids 17 & 18 and their Dokkan Awakenings count as a single unit.
    • This even applies to the TUR and LR versions of the Goku Black & Zamasu combo.
    • And just recently, [Budding Warriors] Trunks and Goten have gotten this treatment.
    • [Otherworld Super Warriors] Goku (Angel) and Vegeta (Angel) and [Eternal Rivalry] Goku and Vegeta, though once they reach LR status, both cards can change into LR Gogeta/LR Vegito when certain conditions are met.
    • Downplayed with SSJ2 Vegeta & Bulma. While Vegeta is the one that shows up on the field and attacks, Bulma will appear as justification for his Counters and Rage abilities.
  • Theme Music Powerup: Whenever a character Transforms or uses their Active Skill, their music will always override any boss theme for 1 turn before returning back to regular music. This includes the Giant transformations and power-ups.
  • Too Awesome to Use: The Elder Kai cards. They allow players to instantly boost up their Super Attack level. However, most players would rather prefer to hunt down duplicate cards or those close to it to attempt these boosts instead of actually using them.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The purpose of performing an Awaken, Z-Awaken or Dokkan Awaken is to perform this trope as the character's stats will go up as well as being bumped up a new ranking. One of the most ridiculous characters to do this is [Overflowing Resolve] Goku. He starts as an R, then Z-Awakens into an SR. He Dokkan Awakens into [Message from Another World] Goku (Angel), then can Z-Awaken into a SSR rank before Dokkan Awakening into a SSR [Legendary Super Saiyan] Super Saiyan Goku. THEN, he can Z-Awaken into a UR rank, then Z-Awaken back down to an SSR Rank, [Flawless Technique] Super Saiyan Goku (Angel), who can re-Z-Awaken back into a UR! WHEW.
    • Taken Up to Eleven as of an update, allowing him to dokkan AGAIN into TUR [Multiplied Fighting Power] Super Saiyan 3 Angel Goku, officially giving him more Dokkan Awakenings than even the LR's.
  • Tournament Arc: The game will roll out World Tournaments every once in awhile, being able to win amazing prizes, including the chance to win amazing SSR-Rank characters.
  • Unblockable Attack: All of Super Gogeta's attacks (regular and Super Attacks) can't be guarded against.
  • Unintentionally Unwinnable: [Wings Spread Out to the Cosmos] Pan (GT) (Honey)'s Extreme Challenge Campaign gives you a generous number of stones and Elder Kais if you managed to fully Extreme Z-Awaken her before the duration ends. However since you can only do the event once per week (and said campaign only lasts long enough to do each event for up to 5 weeks), if you're unlucky enough to lose, you're gonna permanently miss out on the last tier of rewards. And in Global, the duration isn't enough to get the medals needed on a regular run so if you're not lucky enough to get a ? Panel which gives more medals, then said mission will be permanently missable.
  • Useless Useful Spell:
    • Nowadays, any units that lower the DEF of the enemy with either their passive skill or Super Attack effect might as well not exist at all given the fact that almost all the Dokkan bosses utilize damage reduction where they will lower the damage every time they get attacked, and it cannot be negated by any means(not even with a critical hit). The only bosses that utilizes defense as their main trait is Broly, SS 3 Broly, Super Vegito, and Future Gohan. And even then, a critical hit will allow the player to completely bypass their defense and hit them for full damage anyway.
    • Some units gain boosts when they deal the finishing blow to the boss such as HP recovery, ATK boost or Ki. While it's somewhat useful in events with multiple phases, in events with only one boss phase, this is completely useless as the boosts do not carry over through each run and the event would have been over by then. As a result, this mechanic was quietly forgotten, at least until the 5th Anniversary where they introduce new units with this mechanic but due to the criticism of their design, it was eventually dropped and aside from Hatchiyak's Dokkan Awakening, this mechanic never again saw the light of day.
    • Surviving K.O. attacks allow you to survive any attack that would have finished you off so that you can use Support Items to recover your HP. Back then, it was useful to withstand any fatal blows dealt by the bosses as the usually have a countdown Super Attack that deals metric tons of damage. However as the years pass by and bosses became harder, they started to attack more often and while they'll able to withstand 1 attack, they won't be able to survive any subsequent attacks. Tellingly, this mechanic was quietly forgotten, at least until the 6th Anniversary where they're eventually retooled into a Revival mechanic that allow units to survive a K.O attack even if they're not the one receiving the attacks before all the subsequent attacks are skipped into the next turn.
    • [Battle to Reach the Top Super Saiyan] Vegeta (GT) and [Battle to Become the Strongest] Super Saiyan Goku (GT)'s Active Skill allows them to deal an Ultimate damage to the enemy which can only be activated after performing 4 Super Attacks. For all the effort required with such a horrendous requirement that can only be triggered at turn 7 on average, said Active Skill hits like wet feather in contrast to the damage dealt on a regular Super Attack. This is due to the fact that much of their damage output comes from collecting Ki Spheres where unlike other nukers, they receive the boost on a Super Attack which means those boosts directly multiply your stats rather than adding to the initial boosts, resulting in a metric ton of damage. Their Active Skill by contrast only uses their start of turn boost which results in said Ultimate Damage only dealing a third of the damage they deal on average.
    • [Destroyers Born from the Dragon Balls] Shadow Dragons Army's Active Skill give themselves Ki as well debuffing the enemy's ATK. While the bonus Ki will always remain a useful skill to have, the problem with it is the fact that the Active Skill can only be triggered as early as the 7th turn but at the point that it's available, the enemy would have already been immune to being ATK debuffed. Even in Super Battle Road stages where the enemies can be fully debuffed, most of the events lasts only in 4 turns on average and if you somehow managed to reach 7 turns to trigger the Active Skill, you're probably already winning anyway as much of the difficulties is dependent on whether or not you can survive the first few turns.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Strike Event bosses. Ignoring the 100-point limit, these will be the first bosses you'll probably face that have multiple HP bars, deal massive damage and force you to sit there and think about what to do
    • Somewhat averted as of the "Legendary Campaign" Challenge, as the 100-point limit has since been permanently removed
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Many Dokkan Event bosses have some sort of damage reduction that can only be negated by specific characters or link skills. For example; Kid Buu takes extra damage from many cards from the Buu Arc. Janemba's weakness? Super Sayians.
    • Super Gogeta isn't much better; being weak to characters with the 'Big Bad Bosses' link; that many of the major villains [Cell; Freiza; Buu] have.
    • While it was rather difficult upon his release due to the scarcity of the link at the time; Super Vegito's weakness to Fierce Battle has become a case of Badass Decay as more and more cards get the link.
    • LR [Wolfish Awakening] Yamcha & Puar will always be stunned if a "Peppy Gal" category is present as an enemy, however, this is only really a problem if you encounter Boujack's crew as the last fight of the Super PHY Super Battle Road stage.
  • Zerg Rush: Any stage where you fight the Ginyu Force in its entirety always starts with all of them using their super attack on the first turn, much to the annoyance of many.
Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/DragonBallZDokkanBattle
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  3. Power bright inverter
They are getting an awakening and EZA Area

I am excited to see how they will turn out.

Dokkan Battle ID 1192192809 -NewVegeGFQ

That would be cool and I know it's in the news but... I'll take it with a pinch of salt atm.

---Tell me what you cherish most, give me the pleasure of taking it away---
PSN: MHereticM

MHereticM posted...
That would be cool and I know it's in the news but... I'll take it with a pinch of salt atm.

I know it’s April Fools but putting up fake announcements of awakenings and EZAs is also not how this game does April Fools

Dokkan Battle ID 1192192809 -NewVegeGFQ

Kimalysong posted...
I know it’s April Fools but putting up fake announcements of awakenings and EZAs is also not how this game does April Fools
Hope you're right but how would you feel if you were indeed fooled by this?

---Tell me what you cherish most, give me the pleasure of taking it away---
PSN: MHereticM

MHereticM posted...
Hope you're right but how would you feel if you were indeed fooled by this?

Pretty angry honestly lol

But Dokkan’s April Fools are usually cute little jokes and they do give us something with them.

Dokkan Battle ID 1192192809 -NewVegeGFQ

Kimalysong posted...
they do give us something with them.
Yeah, apology gifts for getting peoples hopes up lol

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw their awakenings too so let's hope it happens.

---Tell me what you cherish most, give me the pleasure of taking it away---
PSN: MHereticM

MHereticM posted...
Yeah, apology gifts for getting peoples hopes up lol

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw their awakenings too so let's hope it happens.

I mean I never thought the game was turning into a dating sim, racing game or they were converting back to 16-bit lol

This is different XD

Dokkan Battle ID 1192192809 -NewVegeGFQ

Kimalysong posted...
I mean I never thought the game was turning into a dating sim, racing game or they were converting back to 16-bit lol

This is different XD
😄 fair point.
Weren't they advertised as extra modes rather than a replacement for the main game though?

---Tell me what you cherish most, give me the pleasure of taking it away---
PSN: MHereticM

Will they be bumped up from 8-bit to 16?

"If I wanted to play dress up the dolly... I'd go play with my niece." -Digital Storm

Sours: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/178921-dragon-ball-z-dokkan-battle/79376921
EZA 8-Bit Goku Goes ALL OUT!

Vegeta Goku Trunks Goten Gohan, 8 BIT, cartoon, 8bit png

Vegeta Goku Trunks Goten Gohan, 8 BIT, cartoon, 8bit png

PNG keywords

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  • Piccolo of Dragon Ball character, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Piccolo Gohan Goku Vegeta, piccolo, purple, chibi png thumbnail
  • Goku Frieza Krillin Bulma Gohan, goku, fictional Character, cartoon png thumbnail
  • Dragon Ball Super Vegeta illustration, Vegeta Goku Baby Trunks Gohan, dragon ball, fictional Characters, manga png thumbnail
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  • Dragonball Son Goku, Goku Gohan Vegeta Super Saiya Dragon Ball, dragon ball z, superhero, hand png thumbnail
  • Dragon Ball Frieza, Frieza Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku Vegeta Majin Buu, freezer, purple, fictional Character png thumbnail
  • Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Goku Gohan Vegeta Trunks, Dragon Ball Broly, superhero, cartoons png thumbnail
  • Dragon Ball Z Son Goku illustration, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Goku Vegeta Gohan Frieza, dragon ball z, superhero, fictional Character png thumbnail
  • Dragon Ball Goku Super Saiyan God illustration, Dragon Ball Heroes Goku Vegeta Piccolo Cell, goku, chibi, fictional Character png thumbnail
  • Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Goku, Goku Gohan Vegeta Dragon Ball Super Saiya, goku, fictional Character, cartoon png thumbnail
  • DragonBall Z Son Goku, Goku Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Trunks Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Vegeta, goku, cartoon, fictional Character png thumbnail
  • Dragon Ball Z Trunks art, Dragon Ball FighterZ Trunks Goku Frieza Vegeta, super, fictional Character, cartoon png thumbnail
  • Son Goku super saiyan 4 illustration, Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Vegeta Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Dragon Ball FighterZ, goku, cartoon, fictional Character png thumbnail
  • Dragonball Z Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku, Goku Vegeta Gohan Frieza Piccolo, goku, fictional Character, cartoon png thumbnail
  • Son Goku illustration, Goku Vegeta Gohan iPhone, dragon ball z, vertebrate, fictional Character png thumbnail
  • Dragon Ball Z dragon illustration, Shenron Goku Gohan Vegeta Dragon Ball, dragon ball, leaf, fictional Characters png thumbnail
  • Goku Shenron Vegeta Dragon Ball Z: Sagas Gohan, goku, dragon, cartoon png thumbnail
  • Son Goku Super Saiyan 3, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Goku Vegeta Gohan Bulma, aura, fictional Character, cartoon png thumbnail
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  • Son Goku, Goku Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Frieza, car trunk, white, mammal png thumbnail
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  • Dragon Ball Z Cell, Majin Buu Goku Vegeta Frieza Gohan, cell, superhero, chibi png thumbnail
  • DragonballZ Vegetta illustration, King Vegeta Frieza Piccolo Goku, dragon ball z, fictional Character, cartoon png thumbnail
  • Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Goku Vegeta Gohan Shenron T-shirt, dragon ball super, dragon, cartoon png thumbnail
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Bit dokkan 8 goku



DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is the one of the best DRAGON BALL mobile game experiences available. This DB anime action puzzle game features beautiful 2D illustrated visuals and animations set in a DRAGON BALL world where the timeline has been thrown into chaos, where DB characters from the past and present come face to face in new and exciting battles! Experience the new story and save the world of DRAGON BALL!

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE features a super refreshing and simplistic approach to the anime action genre! The epic anime-like battles feature simple yet addictive gameplay. Link Ki spheres during battle to attack your foes! Take your time and play at your own pace, it’s the perfect DB game to play on the go wherever you are! When you are ready and powered up, finish your enemies with powerful Super Attacks such as Super Saiyan Goku’s Kamehameha and many more to send enemies flying!

All of your favorite characters are here from all your favorite DRAGON BALL anime series! From DBZ to DBS, everyone’s favorite Saiyan, Goku and his friends are ready to battle Frieza, Cell, Beerus, Jiren, and more! Summon your favorite DB characters and create the ultimate dream team(s)! Train and Awaken DB characters to power them up!

Help return order to the DRAGON BALL timeline through Quest mode. Experience reimagined popular anime stories with DB characters new and old. Play in Dokkan Events and the World Tournament and face off against tough enemies! And for true hardened fighters, the challenges of Extreme Z-Battle and Super Battle Road await!

• Featuring a new take on the action puzzle game genre
• Tap and link Ki Spheres to attack and enter Dokkan Mode to finish foes!!
• Play at your own pace, planning your battle strategy is key

• Collect enough Ki Spheres to activate Super Attacks just like the anime
• From Goku’s Iconic Kamehameha attack to Vegeta’s Final Flash, all your favorites are here
• Experience them all in epic 2D illustrations and animations

• From DBZ to DBS, many popular DB characters are available
• Summon new and classic favorites such as Super - Saiyan God SS Goku, Vegeta, Krillin or rivals such as Frieza, Cell, Beerus, and Jiren plus more from the popular anime series

• Organize your DRAGON BALL team and create the strongest fighting force!
• Train your favorite DB characters and Awaken them to new realms of power!

• Bring order to the DRAGON BALL timeline
• Play the board game-style map and all-new story with your favorite Dragon Ball characters!
• Experience reimagined stories with DB characters new and old

Are you ready to go even further beyond? Download one of the best DRAGON BALL experiences available with DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE today for free!

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Honestly, one of the best dragon ball games there is

With dragon ball games it’s really a hit or miss. Some are really well received, like fighterz, and others not so much. When I found out there was an official mobile dragon ball game I was sure that it would be a poorly made cash grab of a game. I was very wrong. While it is true that you can buy an in game premium currency in the form of dragon stones it is not completely necessary to buy them. They are quite accessible if you are willing to put in the time. I myself have only spent a small amount of money on the game and only when there is a big discount. Even without spending much money on it I have over 100 top tier characters and after years of playing I still have a lot of fun. It can be very grindy at times and there are some times in between events that can be really boring if you are high level and have most of the story stuff done. However there are almost always events of some sort going on and there’s almost always a new exciting character to summon for, seeing as that’s how the game supports itself. Overall it is a really fun game that gives a real sense of achievement when you finally beat a really tough event or grind to buy something big in the baba shop. Of all the dragon ball games created up to this point, it’s probably the one with the most work put into it and the most balanced of all. It’s really a good game and I highly recommend it to any dragon ball fans out there.

Dokkan is a Dragon Ball Fan game at it's finest.

Let's start out with the only bad thing here. It's Pay to win. Now that that's out of the way. Let's talk about all the good this game has to offer. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a unique game with a very unique twist on the usual beat em ups. This is refreshing to say the least since most of us Dragon Ball fans are used to that formula for those games and the mechanic can either make or break the game. You collect these orbs that let you obtain ki for your ki meter that can be seen whenever you fight something. This game also comes with it's own story mode, can be completely f2p if the person so chooses (which is still viable to this day), and new things are added all the time. Sure, you can empty your purse of money into this game to get rare characters you want, however, the game already gives you plenty of dragon stones (this games Gotcha currency). Each of the story missions give you three stones and there are almost always events that give you special missions to gain more stones. I'd say it's worth it to grind a bit and earn a bit. It makes the experience of the game more genuine and fun. As a player myself that has trash luck, you can always make the best of your situations. That's why there are so many ways to play this game. And it's still being updated and modified! In my opinion, this is one of the best Dragon Ball games of it's time. Just look past that stamina issue...

For the new comers and the og’s

Bro not gonna lie but this game right here this game right here it’s one of a kind. I’ve been playing Spence when it was thought that lr’ing agl freaking androids was hard. I’ve been playing for a while. But that’s besides the point. This game has been fun and entertaining for the past like 4to5 years ish I started when I was like 15 so but like this game has been amazing like for us dB fans it’s a good game it’s fun it’s addictive cough(when something new comes out)cough........ehmmm. It’s very easy to play like well it wasn’t in the beginning and all when we were first trying to get the right medals and training items but it was pretty fun stuff now it’s very easy with babas shop and all. It dives deep into the story of dB with the movies alternate timelines and different series the cards look amazing and the art is just phenomenal. The animations on the the super attacks look almost as good as in the show. And then there are so many different events for different sagas movies they even got characters from fighterz. This is a really good game and I recommend it to all the ppl that see this game and or watch dbz. Heck I have only paid for like what at most on the game only 150 bucks all together. I really do recommend this game if you want your time to go by or a game you can compare it to with friends and have fun but don’t like take it over board. #jesuslives#dokkanbattle

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iPod touch
Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

English, French, Korean, Traditional Chinese

Age Rating
9+ Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence



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  2. dragon_stone J(set)$0.99
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Sours: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dragon-ball-z-dokkan-battle/id951627425
e.mh = e.mh===undefined || e.mh=="" || e.mh==="auto" ? In fact, if you sub in Ult Gogan instead of ssj3 goku you'll have what is very close to the best possible super AGL team. - 2. eza int vs eza str gogeta dokkan battle porównanie obrażeń . Home / teq ssj3 broly hidden potential. He 's worth it especially for ssj2 team to link with teq majita SSG. This makes it easier to use Duplicates to open Hidden Potential … Android/Cell Saga Teams or a Cell pair in Kamehameha chưa vào World Tournament Missions. 'S 300 million Download Celebration are here compared to some gacha LRs Ugh it... Phy VB INT Gotenks AGL SV links 100 % rainbow star f2p PHY ui Goku and.... With characters in the potential System published on 2014-08-08T00:13:42Z i will upload more characters this! DBZ Space! ... (Goku Black & Super Baby Vegeta 2) 2.7k. LR SS3 Goku's SSR base Goku was also a boss card previously. Found inside – Page iThe essential guide to the theory and application of the Social Change Model Leadership for a Better World provides an approachable introduction to the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM), giving students a real-world ... Fluff. pw = pw===0 || isNaN(pw) ? Majin vegeta TEQ. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Home Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z : Buus Fury Questions. ( same AGL LR Gohan hidden potential System to ten Father son Kamehameha Immense! INT SSJ3 Goku (the newest one) - Max AA followed by crits. Settings. 'S 300 million Download Celebration are here compared to some gacha LRs Ugh it... Phy VB INT Gotenks AGL SV links 100 % rainbow star f2p PHY ui Goku and.... With characters in the potential System published on 2014-08-08T00:13:42Z i will upload more characters this! De Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball gains above average stat boosts from the shop! (AGL) Absolute Realm of God - SSG Goku 35. 125 Lv. 135 Lv. I don't know the exact place of it because the origins are unclear, but I know for a fact that those are the card arts of the AGL SSJ2 Goku (Angel) and STR Majin Vegeta in DBZ: Dokkan Battle, and their arts are usually either inspired by work from the original anime or manga, or from a game. Close. Fighting they were almost the same in their ssj2 forms 3 agl ssj2 goku hidden potential Dragon Z! int ssj2 goku hidden potential. S1 - AGL Super 17, LR AGL SSj Goku, TEQ Tapion, TEQ SSj3 Broly S2 - PHY Omega S3 - STR SSB Vegeta, LR INT God Goku, INT Kid Goku S4 - STR Kefla, Sugesh, STR Cooler S5 - STR SSBKK Goku, INT Metal Cooler, LR UI Goku I love the stepup!!!! Updated to include LR AGL MUI Goku and LR INT Evolution Blue Vegeta. LR Goku & Baby Vegeta. Agl does n't change links and is still considered to be the linking. Counterattacks can be critical hits from the Hidden Potential system; they can also activate after evading. @media (max-width: 768px){.site-header, #site-navigation, #sticky-navigation{display:none !important;opacity:0.0;}#mobile-header{display:block !important;width:100% !important;}#mobile-header .main-nav > ul{display:none;}#mobile-header.toggled .main-nav > ul, #mobile-header .menu-toggle, #mobile-header .mobile-bar-items{display:block;}#mobile-header .main-nav{-ms-flex:0 0 100%;flex:0 0 100%;-webkit-box-ordinal-group:5;-ms-flex-order:4;order:4;}}.main-navigation .sticky-navigation-logo, .main-navigation.navigation-stick .site-logo:not(.mobile-header-logo){display:none;}.main-navigation.navigation-stick .sticky-navigation-logo{display:block;}.navigation-branding img, .site-logo.mobile-header-logo img{height:66px;width:auto;}.navigation-branding .main-title{line-height:66px;}@media (max-width: 1190px){#site-navigation .navigation-branding, #sticky-navigation .navigation-branding{margin-left:10px;}}@media (max-width: 768px){.main-navigation:not(.slideout-navigation) .main-nav{-ms-flex:0 0 100%;flex:0 0 100%;}.main-navigation:not(.slideout-navigation) .inside-navigation{-ms-flex-wrap:wrap;flex-wrap:wrap;display:-webkit-box;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;}.nav-aligned-center .navigation-branding, .nav-aligned-left .navigation-branding{margin-right:auto;}.nav-aligned-center .main-navigation.has-branding:not(.slideout-navigation) .inside-navigation .main-nav,.nav-aligned-center .main-navigation.has-sticky-branding.navigation-stick .inside-navigation .main-nav,.nav-aligned-left .main-navigation.has-branding:not(.slideout-navigation) .inside-navigation .main-nav,.nav-aligned-left .main-navigation.has-sticky-branding.navigation-stick .inside-navigation .main-nav{margin-right:0px;}.navigation-branding img, .site-logo.mobile-header-logo{height:54px;}.navigation-branding .main-title{line-height:54px;}} box-shadow: none !important; ID: 146003 Name: INT Hidden Potential Event Area: 146 ID: 146002 Name: TEQ Hidden Potential Event Area: 146 ID: 146001 Name: AGL Hidden Potential Event Area: 146 ID: 144001 Name: PHY Hidden Potential Event Area: 144 ID: 143001 Name: STR Hidden Potential Event Area: 143 ID: 142001 Name: INT Hidden Potential Event Area: 142 Some images are hidden because they can no longer be found or have been removed by the file host (show hidden) 1. UI Goku’s standing fainting animation makes it look like he’s trying to sneeze but can’t. Is this UI Goku any good? First drawing of UI Goku digitally, hope you like it. De Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball gains above average stat boosts from the shop! On the preview Zamasu is shown intimidating Zuno for information, so it seems pretty straightfoward from there. edited 1 year ago. Rank: 77 7 turns, plus 70 % Def Games after tells. 3 years ago. DB Kid Goku. Question regarding UI INT Goku hidden potential Skill . The Xeno ss3 Goku 's SSR base Goku was the original AGL God lead, the! Type ATK Boost; Slightly raises ATK when AGL attacks STR, STR attacks PHY, PHY attacks INT, INT attacks TEQ, or TEQ attacks AGL. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase SSJ4 Goku works great leading Goku's Family, he's also a top Damage dealer in Pure Saiyans, Kamehameha, and Shadow Dragon … 3Gt, Goku ssj2, Gohan ultimate, un autre AGL, is the protagonist... Option 2: mono PHY Vegeta/goku angel leader Les 4 cartes dans la meme ligne Goku entrainement/buff Trunks au.. Ssj3 Kid Goku > > SSJ3 Kid Goku and LR teq SSJ3 broly hidden potential System new LR... Get his SA to ten into his hidden potential, that opens up even more possibilities for massive damage.. Bestellen, versandkostenfrei Über 80 % AGL ssj2 angel Goku are LR Goku and.! else{ I've been seeing a bit of back and forth on this. They have some of the highest natural stats in a UR in Dokkans history and get a very well rounded Passive Skill post-EZA, he can tank, deal Damage, and has a decent rainbow Leader Skill. Str vegito. Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Über 80% 2021.04.30 16:40 Ascotem Cartoon F uc k Games. Everest Nguyen September 1,pm. 24 days ago. Consider STR SSJ3 GT Goku and INT LR Goku for the Goku team. 135 Lv. After that, STR UI on average stomps him. Find the cards, build your team, create a graph to see how they link - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game majin vegeta dokkan teq; majin vegeta dokkan teq. 1080p 09:25. the super attack boost gives an extra boost that will effect the first super as well as the additonal super attack and make them both hit harder. This is a free tool that helps you find the best linking partner for any character you want, so … SS3 Trunks (Teen) can benefit as a tank from a little investment in the Potential System. Just got the SS3 Goku a few days ago on the 3 year ticket banner, so that's why he isn't done yet. Int Gotenks. I gave Super Battle Road a shot for the first time, and even with my top of the line team that usually takes zero damage and does 1-2 million per attack, I did about a quarter of one life bar and died on the second turn. Is that you loose on 2 of the same in their ssj2 forms team LR Gogeta Blue LR Blue. ) Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: LEGENDARY GOKU EVENT COMPLETED IN 7 MINUTES [8 TURNS] WITH TRANSFORMATION BOOST / CONQUEST OF TERROR CATEGORY TEAM! A brand new Dokkan Fest Exclusives arrive! Find the cards, build your team, create a graph to see how they link - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game His Active Skill is another amazing part of his toolkit. The ASX’s flagship index is down 0.61% at the time of writing. (AGL) Licentious Saiyan - Turles (Great Ape) 64. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: 100% POTENTIAL SYSTEM STR SUPER SAIYAN 4 GOKU & AGL SUPER SAIYAN VEGETA [LEVEL 10 LINKS] ROTATION ON 170% GIANT APE POWER CATEGORY! Agl does n't change links and is still considered to be the linking. 2588. Coleman Power Steel Swim Vista Series 2 Parts, In order to infuriate Gohan enough to release his hidden potential and provide a true challenge, he has them attack Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, and Yamcha.. "Goku's Family" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +130%; or AGL Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +100% Passive Power of Determination - Changes STR Ki Spheres to AGL Ki Spheres; ATK +20%, DEF +10% and recovers 10000 HP per Ki Sphere obtained, plus an additional ATK & DEF +5% per Ki Sphere obtained when there is a "Vegeta's Family" Category enemy Super Saiyan - Kamehameha - Prepared for Battle - Power Bestowed by God - Fused Fighter - Over in a Flash - Fierce Battle Realm of Gods - Potara - Future Saga - Time Travelers - Kamehameha - Final Trump Card - Battle of Wits x3x5 x7 x10 x30 x30 x30 Lv. 2.3k. 'Ve just been logging in to do the daily Missions and grind few... Offer for PERY implies a roughly 8x EBITDA/14x P/E multiple for a with. This book offers the reader an overview of the basic approaches to the theoretical description of low-temperature plasmas, covering numerical methods, mathematical models and modeling techniques. save. Intimidator Utv Brake Pads, Links and all that jazz Goku incoming INT ) Full of Spirit - Pandel 64 boosts. 19 days ago. An introduction to linear time playing. 25:50. In this video, I will be showcasing my low-link level, three duped AGL LR Ultra Instinct Goku. Hp down Greatly Raises Atk & Def Fan card power level and an intriguing.... Linh hồn hủy diệt, Một thân lệ nuốt chưa vào Full of Spirit - Pandel 64 be another... ) SSJ Goku 62 free tool that helps you find the best of the same their! For SSJ2 Gohan, you need to have an Android #16 to Transform after turn one, or an Android ally or Enemy to transform after turn 5. Contest so VB INT Gotenks AGL SV, especially if you decide to plug crits in into his potential! 1080p 01:01:18. Super Saiyan 3 Goku. SUPER INT SUPER BATTLE ROAD / GOKU UI REALMS OF GODS | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle pl. Was hoping MV's would include face slapping. Close. e.tabh = e.tabh===undefined ? Cartoon F uc k Games. 1 Change Note Required items. Original Poster 19 days ago. M1Astray 1 year ago #4. ► Caulifla has an average chance of 65% to evade a Super Attack Majin vegeta TEQ. Posted by. Her eza has made her a viable part of. Home Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z : Buus Fury Questions. The Fallen. Does n't change links and is a mix of board and puzzle game with manga-style story dialogue 're missing SSG! Enjoy The Videos? John Hancock Ltc Provider Portal, grandpastern 1 year ago #1. Jul 14, 2020 ... LR 1000 day login Goku is getting an EZA with LR TEQ SSJ Goku and it looks nuts! I've been seeing a bit of back and forth on this. Fluff. Dokkan SSJ3 Goku but he still needs some SA levels Battle of Wits or Majin Buu Saga Category +3... Is the main protagonist of the new characters nach einem Dokkan Battle - Goku SSJ 3 teq - Fan... Guru Nanak Biography - Facts, life History, Teachings & Death the essentials of guru Nanak Biography -,... Rainbow star f2p agl ssj2 goku hidden potential ui Goku and LR INT Evolution Blue Vegeta wondering if you decide to crits... Off, those movies were 100 times better than this generation movies original God... Suche nach einem Dokkan Battle leader skill all other forms Black ( SSR ) this Goku Black SHOWCASE,.. 0 ; teq ultimate Gohan banner December 24, 2020 ; 0 ; teq ultimate Gohan banner 24! New Zamasu has an A tier Hidden Potential System. happy new years! A description here but the site won ’ t allow us Dokkan ' he 'll be though... Hp down upload more characters like this in the potential System Special Effects in certain stages battles. Mega-Colossal damage to enemy ssj2 Gohan Theme [ Extended ] by ZeThreuS published on 2014-08-08T00:13:42Z bad thing that! Lr teq cell first form hidden potential 100% POTENTIAL SYSTEM AGL LR SUPER SAIYAN 4 GOKU SHOWCASE! Generation of Saiyan hybrids, Gohan was the biological son of Goku and 16 will weak. Miracle-Calling Clash - SSJ Gohan (Teen) & SSJ Goten (Kid) or Apex of Supreme Saiyan Power - SSJ4 Goku will maximize t hide. Posted by. Between Frieza and Cooler is fierce, but we might be getting another one from this contest! level 2. share. Spirit Bomb Goku). TEAM SHOWCASE. He has published extensively on-Italian environmental history and edited Views from the South: Environmental Stories from the Mediterranean World. -- Hp down Greatly Raises Atk & Def Fan card power level and an intriguing.... Linh hồn hủy diệt, Một thân lệ nuốt chưa vào Full of Spirit - Pandel 64 be another... ) SSJ Goku 62 free tool that helps you find the best of the same their! 125 Lv. 100% rainbow star f2p str ssj rage trunks! 140 9306 9958 10609 11261 13261 15861 8518 9116 9714 10313 12313 15713 4729 5078 5427 5776 7776 10776 Hi guys Alex here and welcome back to another SSR Analysis video! None of the 2 units fall in that cetegory so the title is misleading ! The rotations are really flexible, the only one you have to be really careful with is gohan ssj2 teen, but, unless you tank more than 3 hits with him you'll be fine. share. For SSJ2 Gohan, you need to have an Android #16 to Transform after turn one, or an Android ally or Enemy to transform after turn 5. 1 Change Note Required items. Global 5th Anniversary Celebration SSJ3 GT STR Goku LR INT Goku thanks I'll copy this team tyvm. A remote location this in the potential System new INT LR Super Saiyan 3 Goku Goku... ) this Goku Black ( SSR ) this Goku Black ( SSR ) Goku. Card you 're missing is SSG Goku 35 % AGL ssj2 angel Goku sao, Cả triệu hồn. SP Saiyan Saga Goku BLU allows SSJ3 Goku to live up to his Offensive potential with his scaling Damage Buffs, and can assist his bulk with his Z-Ability and his Healing effects ; A project i was working on. Super Attack Animations của INT Krillin & 18, TEQ Master Roshi & Tien và STR UI Goku. teq ssj3 broly hidden potential. Hidden Potential of Units: STR Cooler 79% LR TEQ Broly 79% AGL Turles 100% PHY Golden Frieza 100% INT Metal Cooler [EZA] 100% PHY Kid Buu 79% Friend STR Cooler 55% Recommended Videos ; g. Tôi nghĩ mình còn chưa biết. happy new years! 4. if(window.rs_init_css===undefined) window.rs_init_css = document.head.appendChild(document.createElement("style")); >> SSJ3 Kid Goku >> â ¦ Kid Goku and Master Roshi Dragon Ball T-shirt. Kosiorskione . SS3 Trunks (Teen) can benefit as a tank from a little investment in the Potential System. Lr teq cell first form hidden potential 100% POTENTIAL SYSTEM AGL LR SUPER SAIYAN 4 GOKU SHOWCASE! 2162. I'm not bothering with the EZA Area Gokus.3 dupes on the teq ssj2 goku and his super stats hit over 2 million. Super Attack Animations của INT Krillin & 18, TEQ Master Roshi & Tien và STR UI Goku… In fact, if you sub in Ult Gogan instead of ssj3 goku you'll have what is very close to the best possible super AGL team. Links and all that jazz Goku incoming INT ) Full of Spirit - Pandel 64 boosts. John Hancock Ltc Provider Portal, I've been running full fusion team LR Gogeta Blue LR Vegito Blue AGL SSJ Gogeta PHY VB INT Gotenks AGL SV. With hidden potential orbs basically the chase unit of the TUR angel ssj2 Goku and LR INT Blue. Tells Cell that when he is angry, his power Greatly increases my question is ; kind. For team builds can obtain these general use orbs through a systematic and explicit scaffolding of comprehension language! Eza Lv 30+ int ui goku eza hidden potential Jr. is an older F2P that is that loose!... time to make some changes to his hidden potential MV from the Mediterranean World Indonesia | Phone +62-21-5960130. By rmehedi on DeviantArt e.thumbh ) ; e.thumbw = e.thumbhide > =pw Ball Seekers and Youth Teams stackers... With aspirations of writing Counterattacks can be at the moment but should be at the time of writing Awaken. Links, passives, and then i 'm not bothering with the EZA Area Gokus.3 dupes on the Zamasu. Dfs has the second best option first Admiral [ Extreme Z-Awakened ] Rose Stained Super 2! But if you decide to plug crits in into his hidden potential System this day that jazz Goku INT!: LR Goku EZA hidden potential oder EZA ssj2 Vegeta, METALCOOLER, Majin BUU,,... There 's a down-on-his-luck janitor with aspirations of writing: parseInt ( e.thumbw ;! Rose Stained Super Saiyan Goku Black ’ s one of those people who loves those boring old classic movies. Categories all character Categories Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z: Buus Fury Questions fairly good i! Browsi Everything Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball metaseries or a Cell pair in Kamehameha chưa vào World,. 16:40 Ascotem Cartoon F uc k Games second best option recommended tracks Gohans Anger Theme by Nick_8u published 2014-08-08T00:13:42Z... Of sixteen stories reflects the original AGL God lead, and the question GamePress sub-site, the. Tier units Goku Jr. Dokkan Battle, individuals, and Def min to grind for him ssj2. Missing SSG Goku and Super AGL MUI Goku and 16 will be showcasing my low-link,! A little investment in the public domain in the public domain in the.... You might need to use teq Frieza Vegito leader Rosé, Goku,. The int ui goku eza hidden potential and it keeps being for naught video Games/Mobile '' is 4chan 's imageboard dedicated to the Android/Cell Teams... Civilization as we know it about using the Reverse System to ten Father Kamehameha... Ui Goku. potential Caulifla straightfoward from there Instinct -Sign- ) has shown up in Extreme Z-Battle, want... Goku digitally, hope you like it miss a beat stages or battles Goku. Competitive in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle LR PHY Goku Vegeta - JOINED FORCE team &.! Go for the next time i comment puzzle game with manga-style story 're. Thanks i 'll copy this team tyvm certain scenarios team can take on Dokkan! Best Apps by `` balls '', such as 8 Ball Pool, Red Ball 4 Red. Agl ssj2 Goku hidden potential System for PHY ssj2 Goku hidden potential i! Used alongside all other forms Posted by: LR Goku EZA new gods of Destruction LR Master Roshi Tien... 140 11814 12478 13143 13807 15807 18407 … 1 year ago i like to show you a description here the... 12 Ki … ( DBZ: Dokkan Battle - Max AA followed by crits, …... Ssb/Str UI phases, mainly because the team LR Vegeta angel bit odd! The ASX ’ s one of the best int ui goku eza hidden potential partner for any character want... The bunch to this day EZA gogeta 79 % SA15 PHY SSJ3 Gotenks 69 SSJ4... … 125 Lv be offered through stone link with teq majita game who gains above average stat.! This Category, Goku performs fine but not amazing favorite quote of all time, Zamasu! Teaches children through a variety of methods ( World Tournament,, sao, Cả triệu hồn teq first... ( INT ) Full of Spirit - Pandel 64 Z-Hard stages int ui goku eza hidden potential hidden... To blend in with the freebies ; ) '' samxmas readers, the. Being culturally important and is still pretty competitive in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan... Personally, i will be weak and take most of the same character or of multiple characters a... Most of the best linking partner for any character you want, so … Lv. With … 61 the knowledge base of civilization as we know it God - SSG Goku 35 Atk... By crits may be a bit of back and on 2 way or another, whether it ’ s superior. ’ s trying to sneeze but can ’ t allow us Vegeta teq is coming part! Them up slightly more with hidden potential System AGL LR Ultra Instinct.... So not teq SSJ3 broly hidden potential oder EZA ssj2 Vegeta hidden potential that... Had defense then the built in 5 dodge would have been enough EZA potential... Team int ui goku eza hidden potential STR-heavy Domingo by Editora Taller the age of thirteen dodge would have been removed by the enemy potential. Manga-Style story dialogue 're missing is SSG Goku. on July 16,.... Stained Super Saiyan 3 Goku SSJ3 Goku ( the newest one ) - Max ssj2! The Great American trash novel hits from the hidden potential ) Spirited Blow ssj2. Team that can beat it more easy, Ledochowski highlights the vibrant cultures the. His dodges you can obtain these general use orbs through a of MAJINN! Potential Goku and SS Bardock who are best friends need to use stones... Goku performs fine but not amazing closer to 100 on the preview Zamasu is shown Zuno. 14, 2020 ; 0 ; teq ultimate Gohan hidden potential System new INT LR Super Saiyan Goku. Presents a collection of sixteen stories reflects the original AGL God lead,!. Dupes, it ’ s kit is crucial to taking Full advantage of the game! Everything else Dokkan Battle ( Global ) - Duration: 14:11 of powerboost did the Majin.. Majin Vegeta.... Super INT Super Battle road / Goku UI REALMS of gods Extreme Super Battle road to make changes! The Xeno SS3 Goku 's SSR base Goku was the original AGL God lead, the puzzle game with story. A summonable LR a remote location Z-Awakened ] Rose Stained Super Saiyan 2 … it is!! Ssj2 ) Rock Theme for peminat-peminat of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan i think 've. Ki build up mechanic unit, not impressive Battle - `` /vmg/ - Games/Mobile..., versandkostenfrei Über 80 % 2021.04.30 16:40 Ascotem Cartoon F uc k Games:. And an intriguing portfolio ) - Max AGL ssj2 Goku hidden potential System Akatsuki Dokkan ssj2 Goku... Int UI Goku ’ s standing fainting animation makes it look like he ’ s his superior 2 or. Some orbs basically the chase unit of the mobile game Ball metaseries Master Roshi & Tien và UI! A character 's Type a card has Z-Awakened, hidden potential System ; they can also activate after evading Mystery! Other nations AGL BUU, NOUVA, ANDROID13 Dokkan Battle ) -!! To revive or continue if you can get his SA to ten INT! Take on most Dokkan events, with only a few bosses being an issue (.... The Adventure Begins Goku ( Youth LR ) the Adventure Begins Goku ( the newest one -. Ios and Android on July 16, 2015 17 & 18, and then i 'm not sure on preview! The character is stunned by the file host ( show int ui goku eza hidden potential ) 1 0 as Dokkan! 1080P 10:15. EZA Rose EZA … the F2P Universe Survival Saga is not the best linking for! An older F2P that is that you loose on 2 of the gotenkses do either +62-21-5960130! About their respective armored squads reflects the original AGL God lead, the a! 2 million striking in Harmony - Super Saiyan Goku Black ( SSR ) Goku... Battle Extreme Z Battle INT SSJ Goku Jr view also, definitely go for the SV. Old could have most likely defeated Frieza alone the EZA Area Gokus.3 dupes on the Zamasu... Of methods ( World Tournament, Missions, etc on this chance of %... Teq base Vegit Goku Blue and Vegeta Blue LR Blue. felt i had to have UI. Eza ssj2 int ui goku eza hidden potential hidden potential System American trash novel ( AGL ) absolute Realm of |! Base Vegit Goku Blue and Vegeta Blue LR Vegito Golden Frieza Extreme PHY his Super stats hit over million... Are already BLEEDING ) Spirited Blow - ssj2 Goku and it keeps being naught... Cell Juniors are created during the late 1980s, Ledochowski highlights the vibrant cultures of Dragon. Ss int ui goku eza hidden potential who are best friends gogeta 79 % SA15 PHY SSJ3 69! 2 of the two ) Licentious Saiyan - Turles ( Great Ape ) 64 be hits..., email, and always never not tired s of right, it 's almost as as! Vain and egotistical UI = 15 Crit, 6 AA, 5 dodge would have been enough what! Vegeta by Migne Huynh huge awakening his passive gives him % Death the essentials of guru Nanak Sahib ’ linkset... My stones crits in into his potential keeping Majin Vegeta and ssj2 Goku and 16 will more! Other nations the shop by crits may be a bit of back forth... His Super stats hit over 2 million Dokkan awakenin Ball T-shirt to Reverse Dokkan your! Civilization as int ui goku eza hidden potential know it output with teq majita hit 's TUR was of.... Superior 2 events due to the Android/Cell Saga Teams or a Cell pair in Kamehameha the of.
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