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Objective and Background

My objectives for this assignment were to get at least 500 views on my meme on Imgur, and to push out 4+ social media posts in order to promote the meme. In the meme I chose to remix, a user will compare two things, listing a few qualities about that thing. The obviously right choice will have some characteristics that make it seem unappealing, while the obviously implausible choice will have some characteristics that make it seem appealing, even though it’s ridiculous. Some of my favorite examples are:

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My meme played off of this structure by making a joke about how people eat live goldfish mostly as a hazing or initiation ritual and compared it with the goldfish cracker that everyone clearly enjoys.

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The final engagement number for my meme is 877 views.

Campaign Analysis

The part that I found most difficult about this campaign was link accessibility. Part of my strategy was to use my primary Instagram account, which has 1,561 engaged followers, to influence them to click the link to my meme. Because Instagram stories do not support hyperlinks, I had to post the link in the website field of my Instagram bio. Instagram kept taking down my Imgur link because it thought I was violating community guidelines, which disallowed for a consistent way for people to access the meme. The link did work when I posted it in my sorority Facebook group, but did not get a lot of engagement on the post itself. That could have been a symptom of the time of day, or the fact that Emma and Liz both posted their links before mine so people were not as excited. Snapchat was actually the platform that worked best to promote this link because it allows swipe ups to links that Instagram does not (only if you are a business partner on IG). I have a fair amount of friends on Snapchat and was receiving DM’s from people who enjoyed my meme, so I believe that people were swiping up to view it. I also sent the link in group chats, to my family, my friends, and I made a Reddit account to try my luck there. I believe these strategies helped grow my view count and increased engagement. 

When I posted the meme itself on Twitter, it had a lot of good engagement with 15 likes and one retweet. It gained 489 impressions, had 55 engagements and ended up with an 11.2% engagement rate, which is high for Twitter. When I posted the Imgur link to the meme on Twitter, my tweet hardly got any interactions. While I understand that Imgur makes it easier to see the views, I believe that people enjoy interacting more with a photo or tweet of the meme itself rather than with a link. The extra step can deter engagement because it takes you off the platform that you are currently on. 

Goldfish Meme: what happened to Kat? I havent seen a lot of posts from them lately:/  Anonymous  January 19, 2017 12:47pm I Block User l Delete I Make Private  Anyone wanna visit my whale shop? Lel  Whale shop  R January 13, 2017 9:40pm I Block User I Delete I Make Private  KAT YOURE SO DANK LOVE ME  also hi instagram a  Anonymustard  January 11, 2017 12:34am I Block User l Delete l Make Private  Is it true that one of the one of the admins (l think it was Ava) made the goldfish  meme that I keep seeing everywhere? Also, if so, she should make more memes  Meme love  January 11, 2017 12:32am I Block User l Delete l Make Private  R you guys doing any special segments soon? Like Q and A etc.  PEEPO  January 10, 2017 12:09am l Block User I Delete l Make Private  This is for all of the admins  Do you guys have any mental disorders? You don't have to answer if it's personal.  Anonymous  R January 10, 2017 12:07am Block User Delete IMake Private  To Ava: How do you deal with anxiety? (lf you have it) l'm having a hard time  LillMae  January 10, 2017 12:05am I Block User l Delete l Make Private Time for thiscrush with the admins~Silvia 1. Kats: I wanted to focus on my mid term exams so I made a decision to lay off of this account for a while since the notifications get kind of distracting at times, and it makes me more tempted to use my phone ^^; (Silv: 'Tis why I haven't had notifications on for Instagram since I hit like 500 followers.) 2. Kats: I'll have to think about that, sorry for being such a blowhole, oh whale Ava: May I purchase a whale pls 😫 Silvia: *getting flashbacks to the sixth book in the Molly Moon series where two main character track down an illegal black market whale catching site in Japan and get captured and taken to a secret prison where they're almost killed from starvation* Nah But thanks 3. Kats: ya like jazz? 4. Ava: Yes, I did start the goldfish meme (Silv: Yea it was a huge thing in here and got reposted everywhere, twas crazy) 5. Silvia: Well this is about as close as I'll get to something like that, so make sure to comment away on here! Maybe I'll do something like that idk, 6. Kats: nope! at least I don't think so,,, Ava: I do have some disorders-conditions. I have pretty bad anxiety at times, and I have a lot of types of Synesthesia. (I can elaborate on that later, since it would take a long time) Silvia: Mild ADD 7. Ava: Usually when I get anxiety attacks I hug pillows-blankets when I'm at home, but other than that, I don't necessarily have any solid coping methods.

Time for thiscrush with the admins~Silvia 1. Kats: I wanted to focus on my mid term exams so I made a decision to lay off of this account...

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Talking About Thinking

All of the memes I have chosen to show in this blog post, are all representative of the lack of ability to hold memories for a long period of time, also known as an inability, to have long-term or short-term memory. There is a myth, in which became a comedic joke about fish, more commonly goldfish, that they have a memory that only lasts about 7 seconds. This joke has created a multitude of comics and memes, representing this idea about the relation between goldfish and short – term memory loss. Memory is a recollection of information in which is heard, stored and retrieved at any given moment. Short-term memory consists of memories that are in the temporary stage of storage of information, which is easily retrieved, whereas long-term memory is stored away until retrieved again, which is not as easy to retrieve that information. Short-term memory loss is generally when there is some sort of damage to the frontal lobe, which tends to cause an abnormal degree of forgetfulness and/or an inability to recall past events.

Fig 1.0, which is the first goldfish meme, is representing a little goldfish who went to go email himself as a reminder for something, to assist in his short-term memory loss, and he ended up getting distracted or forgetting by seeing that he received a new email in his inbox. This comical meme is representative of short-term memory and how a flawed memory, resulting in memory-loss could have an effect on an everyday activity. Clearly, this is a goldfish, and goldfish don’t have computers or emails, which makes this so comical. The more realistic part of this meme is the actuality of the impact short term memory loss could have on a person’s day-to-day life- such as checking an email

.Fig 1.0

Fig 2.0 is the second meme, this again is representing short term memory loss, but in a different way; this meme is also representative of long-term memory loss as well. In this meme, the goldfish is introducing himself in a support group with other goldfish for the mere fact that they don’t remember much. After he introduces himself, the group says, “Hello Dave” in which the original goldfish responds with “who’s Dave?”. This is representative of Dave having long-term memory loss because he doesn’t even remember his own name, which he has had his ‘whole life’. This is also representative of short-term memory loss, because he doesn’t remember introducing himself to the group either, which was more recent than not knowing his name. This is different from Fig 1.0, because this meme is more inwardly based in the memory sense, whereas the first one was more outwardly based on an activity.

fig 2.0

Fig 3.0: This meme doesn’t have anything in particular that makes it stand out in a psychological memory sense, but I found it very interesting that this ‘myth’ about fish having a short memory span, which often gets portrayed as short-term memory loss, was so widespread that it was even in a well known Disney movie, Nemo with one of the main characters having short term memory loss- Dory. In the movie though, Dory attempts to gain control of her memory loss by using the repetition method in such a way to try to remember the information, that she knew she wouldn’t remember if she didn’t attempt to do that method.

fig 3.0

Chinese man trains goldfish to play football

Apparently, goldfish owners who tire of having a finny pet occasionally release them into public bodies of water. That's not a good idea. The city of Burnsville, Minnesota, explained Friday why pet owners shouldn't just dump their fish into the nearest lake.

Alongside three photos of enormous, football-size goldfish, the city wrote, "Please don't release your pet goldfish into ponds and lakes! They grow bigger than you think and contribute to poor water quality by mucking up the bottom sediments and uprooting plants. Groups of these large goldfish were recently found in Keller Lake."

According to the Washington Post, Burnsville residents recently began complaining about "a possible infestation" in the lake, and the city and neighboring Apple Valley sent a water-pest company, Carp Solutions, to check it out.

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Twitter users responded, with one person sharing a photo of an equally large goldfish they also found in Keller Lake.

"That's where I found this one a couple years ago," Josh Holt wrote, sharing a photo of a dead goldfish the size of a tennis shoe.

Some people compared the giant goldfish to the fishlike Pokemon creature Magikarp.

"A few goldfish might seem to some like a harmless addition to the local water body, but they're not," the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said back in January. "Goldfish are in the minnow family and can work their way through city stormwater ponds and into lakes and streams downstream with big impacts, by rapidly reproducing, surviving harsh winters, and feeding in and stirring up the bottom like their close relatives, the common carp."

And a temporary decision to re-home a pet fish can affect a lake or other body of water for a long time to come. 

"Illegal stocking can upset the delicate balance of existing fish communities, spread fish disease, and bring other unintended consequences that can linger for years," the DNR article says.

There are other options for unwanted fish. The US Fish and Wildlife Service suggests finding someone else who wants your fish, possibly by donating it to a pet store or school, or asking in an online forum of fish owners.


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