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Undercut Fade Haircuts + Hairstyles For Men in 2021

Low Fade

Low undercut fade

Instagram @ho3ein_jefri

This low fade undercut gave an avenue for the magnificent curls and waves to really outshine. The show going on top was all thanks to this silent but deadly undercut. If you want a modern look that will really pop, low bald fades are where it’s at right now.

Long Pomp with an Undercut

Long Pomp with an Undercut

Instagram @wesleysantoswork

A long pomp with an undercut is great for men with thicker hair. When styling a pomp it’s ideal to have thicker hair to gain the desired style of volume needed. An undercut is the best option for the side because it’s quite difficult to properly blend the long length to the extremely short length on the fade.

Tapered Undercut for Men

Tapered Undercut for Men

Instagram @sajad_baarber

A tapered undercut for men is a truly iconic hairstyle that can be worn casually or formally. The gradual fade gets progressively longer on top and is a striking complement to the texturized length. Ask your barber for an edged-out faded beard to sharpen your jawline.

Long Undercut Fade

Long Undercut Fade

Instagram @slickgorilla

Go for a long-undercut fade with a pinkish rose gold hue for an interesting pop of color. The low undercut flows seamlessly into the sides, allowing the top lengths to lay in a square shape around the head. Style with Slick Gorilla Lightwork for weightless dimension and body.

Short Hair with Drop Fade

Short undercut fade

Instagram @abram_barber

Own an undercut fade even with short strands! Keep the top well-trimmed into textured layers for a refined finish.

Slicked Back Undercut Fade

Slick Back Undercut fade

Instagram @andrewdoeshair

Wax it down or tame it with gel, you’ll never run out of styles to try with this combed-back hair! What a wonderful way to also show a clean, smooth bald fade undercut.

Mid Skin Fade

Mid Skin Fade undercut

Instagram @josh.watson23

A higher shave rounds off the head and gives a more mature look. Clip it off just at the temple and keep a fuller top for a loose comb-over faded undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle

Instagram @woodyhairspaghettis

A young one’s undercut fade hairstyle that can also be worn professionally by men. Keep a layered trim up top to create a textured look that can also give you some pretty awesome bangs.

Bald Fade on Thick Hair

Bald fade undercut on thick hair

Instagram @nico_barber_lissandrello

The side-by-side effect of the full side-swept hair and the bald fade is a great contrasting look. Do a lot of easy styling while keeping it real easy on the sides.

Long Hair Slicked Back

Long Hair Slicked Back

Instagram @otbarber_

After a shower, blow-dry damp long hair while combing back to achieve this look. Secure with gel or hair spray, smooth out the undercut, and you’re good to go!

Hard Part with High Fade

Hard part high fade undercut

Instagram @kuyascuts

That high fade with an undercut almost makes the faux hawk look. Turn up the macho with a much needed hard part.

Medium Length Pompadour

Medium pompadour undercut fade

Instagram @netoluzbarber

This cut is all about the pomp. Accentuate it by partnering it with a clean fade a trimmed full beard to fully frame the face.

Curly Hair

Curly undercut fade

Instagram @hair.cules

A modern man needs a modern cut. Tight curls give it a more adventurous look while the fade undercut haircut keeps everything at bay. Great balance for day and nightwear.

Mid Fade

Q&A with style creator, Yamil Rodríguez Villanueva
Barber @ Hair by Yamil in Peñuelas, PR

How would you describe this look?

I like it a lot for the cleanliness of the cut, and that gives an elegant look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I recommend this haircut to people with an elongated face, so the cut can highlight much more. If you have this cut, I recommend you have a good maintenance on the hair.

Undercut Spiky Hair

A neat hairline shows off the perked up faux hawk in an immense fashion. Parallel lines were strategically placed at the fade to make the undercut stand out.

Q&A with style creator, Jason Agron Martí
Barber @ Jayson Jay Barber in Isabela, PR

How would you describe this look?

This hair cut is a very innovative cut which is inspired by European fashion. It draws a lot of attention since the hairstyle gives it character.

What makes this peculiar cut is the freestyle design, making it appropriate for both formal events and parties.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Take into consideration your lifestyle. There are haircuts that take time to fix daily. Hair products are a very important issue. Apply products according to the hair type.

Disconnected Undercut

A rugged fade makes a disconnected look from the thicker top mane. This brings a certain texture and attitude, with the special participation of angled hair design at the nape.

Q&A with style creator, Ali Alhashemi
Licensed Barber / Owner @ Uppercutz Barbershop in Dearborn, MI

How would you describe this look?

This hairstyle is really cool because it’s unique in so many different ways. When you first take a look from the back, you’d think it’s a Mohawk, but in the front, it’s sort of like a slick back/comb-over. It’s not a combover because it doesn’t fall to one side, instead, it falls to the back but at an angle.

My favorite thing about it is the double V line in the back that gives it that extra sauce!

Any advice for someone considering it?

As complicated as it may look, this look is actually really easy to achieve. It’s one of those wake-up-and-nothing hairstyles. Literally, all you have to do is comb it to an angle with your fingers. It’s longer on top, so it doesn’t give you trouble getting it to sit right.

It requires little to no effort. You can add a fingertip of TGM Pomade to ensure an all-day hold and even a little shine. Overall, it gives you that professional, corporate-friendly hairstyle with a little hint of swagger in the back!

High Skin Fade

Lengthen your face with high fluffed-up pomp and an undercut and skin fade. This style works as a general statement that requires little to no accessories.

Q&A with style creator, Alessio Bolognesi
Barber @ Atman Barber Studio in Rome, ITL

How would you describe this look?

The name of this cut is a slick back where the whole length is pushed towards the back. It is a modern, versatile cut with a zero shave, but it can also dress a long shave.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I recommend this cut for those who want to keep the length at the top while finding pleasure in mowing the lower part. For this look, you need wax which will allow you to keep the hair towards the back – an excellent finish for a bit of lacquer.

Short Sides Long Top with Fade

Q&A with style creator, Ben Whitmore
Barber @ Jake’s NY Headquarters in Binghamton, NY

How would you describe this look?

During our consultation, we decided to keep most of the length on top for max volume and texture and that he wanted a mid-drop bald fade. My favorite thing about this undercut with a fade is how I used modern and traditional elements to create shape and shade that suits his head shape.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Learn how to recreate the style. You just need 5-8 minutes with a blow dryer, hot setting to create the volume, and cool shot to set. I used a forming cream as a pre-styler before blow drying and a very small amount of texture powder and matte hairspray to leave a natural free-flowing look. This is a perfect style for someone who prefers a modern and clean aesthetic that is also on trend with many of the Euro influences that are popular right now.

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/mens/undercut-fade.html

If you’re a man seeking a new hairstyle or a way to liven up your current look, you’re missing out if you haven’t tried the undercut fade. The great thing about fade haircuts is that they work with pretty much any style of hair out there.

Perhaps the classiest, an undercut fade, combines the best parts of a fade haircut and an undercut to create one cohesive and handsome feature becoming on all men. But don’t just take our word for it! See for yourself below what a fade undercut is and why it should be part of your new look.

Source: @shrunknheads via Instagram

What Is An Undercut Fade Haircut?

While undercut fades work best on men with longer hair, if you have shorter hair the feature will still work. An undercut fade works by shaving or trimming the sides of your head to a very minimal or bare look from ears to temples. The undercut vs. fade difference is simple: a fade refers to the sides while the undercut is the back and right above the neck. The length continues all the way around the head, forming what is called an undercut. The result is a long top and short sides, great low maintenance and flattering look for all men no matter their hair texture or length.

The benefits of choosing a men’s undercut fade are that you don’t need to completely change your current look to rock it. Add the feature to your long hairstyle to edge up a man bun or ponytail, transition a crew cut to an undercut fade, or switch-up an afro by adding a fade undercut. All of these looks will narrow your face and flatter the best parts of your facial features.

Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

Undercut vs Fade

If you often confuse an undercut haircut with a fade, we are going to clarify this for you. In an undercut, your hair on the sides and back is cut noticeably shorter than that on top. Thus, the contrast between them is striking. A fade also takes the hair off the sides and back. Yet, the length decreases gradually and blends into the skin around the hairline. The transition between the top and sides is smooth and seamless.

Source: @r.braid/@heobarberpr via Instagram

How You Can Wear This Cut?

If your hair is thin in texture, a fade undercut will provide a handsome contrast. Its shaving or fading of hair will accentuate the rest of your hair, making it appear thicker. For men with thick hair, a men’s undercut takes the bulk out and makes your look easier to style.

Used to wearing all your hair spiked up? You can still get the texture you love, but a fade undercut will draw extra attention to the top. Like the look of hard parts? You can combine it with a fade undercut for fresh detail. Tame everything from dreadlocks and afro hair to shaggy or surfer haircuts with an undercut fade!

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Low Fade Undercut

An undercut haircut on men with a gradual fade draws the attention to every part of this detailed do, from the smooth neck and lineup to the thick textured top and low fade.

Source: @cheobarberpr via Instagram

High Fade Undercut

An undercut fade for men with a high fade features shaved or trimmed hair from ears to the temple line, leaving a rounded shape to top the head with blonde locks.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Skin Fade Undercut

Pair a men’s undercut bald fade with smooth skin on sides for professional vibes you can rock at work and at home. The top hair is spiked up and all one length for easy styling.

Short Undercut Fade

Make your current hairstyle more noticeable with a pop of electric pink or blue over a dark base, then add a fade undercut. Combined with a trimmed beard, it’s the perfect mix of neat and rugged.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Tapered Undercut Fade

A taper haircut and undercut fade it’s a mix of styles: tapered back oh your head merges with undercuted sides. Consequently, on the side you have a clear cutting edge, which comes down from the bottom with a soft fade. It complements this hairstyle light side parting and surgical line as a design.

Source: @mikes_custom_kuts via Instagram

Bald Fade

The bald fade haircut abruptly goes from long to short hair and then fades to the skin. Yes, the bald fade is intense, and it looks really sharp, especially when slicked back.

Source: @nickthebarber via Instagram

Disconnected Undercut

What else is good about an disconnected undercut is that it allows you to go as long with your hair on top as you like. If you want to make a real fashion statement with your hairstyle, grow out the hair on top so that it reaches your nose and get it disconnected from the sides with an undercut fade. As a final touch, dye the top section of your hair in an ombre technique, which is all the rage now.

Source: @nickthebarber via Instagram

Comb Over Fade

A mens comb over blends the timeless with the contemporary. The end result proves that opposites attract. This model’s comb over fade looks exciting and contemporary. Notice the line in the undercut. It nicely accentuates the skin fade comb over.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Hard Part Haircut

The hard part haircut automatically incorporates the etched line. Here, the model combined it with the undercut and taper and created a hard part fade. This kind of undercut fade allows you to make the hair up top the focal point of the whole look thanks to the outline the hard part creates. It’s cool. It evokes some rebellious icon who will eternally define cool. Hence, you are welcome to style the top section of your hair whatever you like. Try out different styles to figure out which one resonates with you most.

Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

Mohawk + Undercut Fade

Combing back all the hair gives the illusion and fun of a Mohawk, without the commitment. This model’s Mohawk fade, along with the color and the etched line, is both awesome and distinct. Where else will you find a cut like it?

Source: @jubei_ma via Instagram

Undercut Fade Long Hair

If you want to upgrade your long hairstyle, then an undercut fade men haircut is your way to go. It creates a clean and neat silhouette, so your hair look is going to suit almost any ambiance.

Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

Pompadour Hairstyle With Undercut

The Pompadour got its name from Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV’s mistress. Elvis Presley, another icon of cool, turned it into a mens pompadour and young men at the time went nuts for the macho rock and roll hairstyle. Today, it’s the pompadour fade, and it’s just as macho and just as cool. Hopefully, today’s young men will get to know “the king.”

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Slicked Back Undercut Fade

Slick back hair looks great as it is or with the product. Combine it with a slick back undercut or slick back fade, like this model’s, and you’ve got a “wow.”

Source: @kevinelezaj via Instagram

Messy Texture On Top + Undercut Fade

Messy hair looks really neat atop an undercut fade. For those who consider themselves messy hair men, this hairstyle is for you. Notice this model’s grungy beard and tousled hair. He looks amazing and, dare we say, sexy.

Source: @cheobarberpr via Instagram

Curly Undercut Fade

Curly hair can sometimes be a styling challenge. Not anymore! The undercut curly hair controls those curls and makes women want to touch them! Note what this model did with the product and a curly hair undercut. He both defined and brushed his gorgeous waves over his curly undercut. Fabulous.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Tousled Quiff

Quiff hair is a bit like a pompadour, in that it’s swept up and back, but it’s not as top heavy and is fuller on the sides. It can also be styled differently whether you wish to get slick or tousled hair. With a quiff hairstyle and some styling product and/or teasing, you can add volume and texture, like this model did. You can even flatten and tame hair, if you wish. The choice, as always, is yours.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Caesar Haircut +Faded Undercut

With an undercut fade, a Caesar haircut gains a modern and stylish touch. In such a way, it looks much edgier and contrasty, keeping the focus on the hair atop. Thus, it allows you to play around with the hair texture, going for a feathery, spiky or curly top for added boldness.

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Undercut And Faux Hawk

Although a faux hawk implies having some hair on the sides, it doesn’t mean that there’s supposed to be plenty of it. In addition, when you have an undercut fade on the sides, it allows the crest to stand out even more. For extra emphasis, you can add platinum highlights to the hair on top and a shaved in line along the sides.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Ivy League +Fade

A classic and elegant Ivy League haircut may look too smart and preppy on some occasions. That’s why it’s highly beneficial to pair it with an undercut fade, which will make your hairstyle a bit more casual yet trendy. On top of that, when your sides are cut that short, styling your hair doesn’t require much time and effort.

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Spiked Top

As we said, an undercut fade is a perfect solution if you want to make your hair on top a focal point of the whole look. It brings all the attention to the texture of your top, so be sure not to limit your imagination. A spiked up top will create an unusual and eye-catching appearance of the top. Besides, it’s quite low maintenance. We don’t see any reasons not to opt for it.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Undercut Fade With Beard

A mens undercut fade pairs nicely with a bushy facial hairstyle. So, feel free to grow a full thick beard if you have your hair undercut and do not worry that you are going to look unkempt.

Source: @cheobarberpr via Instagram

Longer Crew Cut +Undercut

You may be surprised but an undercut fade can be teamed with such relatively short haircuts for men as a crew cut. Just leave a bit more hair at the front section of the head than you normally would and go for a bald fade on the sides, and you’ll gain a high-contrast look.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

High And Tight Haircut Fade

If you have thick and voluminous hair, then you’re bound to try on a high and tight haircut with an undercut fade on the sides and back. It creates a lot of contrast, especially if you opt for a skin fade. Besides, such a hairstyle makes you visually taller and your face shape longer, which is quite beneficial, don’t you think?

Source: @urednistvo.pricesk.robert via Instagram

Cropped Cut

Cropped top haircuts are on a roll these days. However, to make them look more stylish and bold, you may add a skin undercut fade to the sides. As you take away hair from the head, you’re welcome to add it to your face. A full beard is a great option to go for. With such a combo, there’s no way your hairstyle will go unnoticed.

Source: @cheobarberpr via Instagram

Edgy Bleached Top With Undercut

A high bald undercut fade refuses to let you look away from the hair on top. Hence, do your best to work out a really stylish and elaborate hairstyle. A brushed up textured top is a sure way to go. However, you can make your ‘do much edgier by bleaching the ends of your locks, which creates a great contrast if you have naturally dark hair.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Want to achieve a really distinct and bold look? Add more lines to it. A side swept undercut with a line up around the forehead, temples and cheekbones comes out defined and edgy. In case you find it too sharp, it’s always possible to balance it out with a blurry undercut fade.

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram


What is an undercut fade?

An undercut fade is a mix of two popular men’s haircuts – an undercut and a fade. On the sides, it incorporates short hair faded high and blurry. The top is usually left long or mid length.

What is the difference between fade and undercut?

When you are talking about a fade, you usually refer to the hair on the sides, whereas by the fade, you should understand the hair on the back and near the area of your neck.

What do I tell my barber for an undercut?

To get a perfect undercut fade, you need to ask your barber to start from your hair on the sides using zero attachment and fade it toward the top all around the head with the help of the #1, #2 or even #3 attachment. As for the top, leave the hair around 3.5.–5 inches long, depending on the length of the hair on the sides. And do not forget to tell them to blend your top into the hair on the back using #1 or #2 attachment.

Is the undercut still in style 2021?

Arguably, an undercut is one of those timeless haircuts that never go out of style. So, yes. It is still on trend.

How long does it take for an undercut to grow out?

It depends on how long you want your hair to be. It may take you from several months to a couple of years to grow your hair back after getting an undercut.


  • The undercut is a hairstyle that was fashionable from the 1910s to the 1940s, predominantly among men. Source
  • A regular haircut is a men’s and boys’ hairstyle that has hair long enough to comb on top, a defined or deconstructed side part, and a short, semi-short, medium, long, or extra long back and sides. Source
Sours: https://menshaircuts.com/undercut-fade-haircut/
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First, what is an undercut fade? An undercut usually shaves hair off up to the temples and all the way around. An undercut fade trades in that shaved area for a fade.

The difference between an undercut and fade haircut is the transition. The undercut and undercut fade create a disconnection between short and longer hair. There is a defined line between the different lengths. A fade haircut is all about creating a seamless, blurry transition.

The undercut is especially popular for medium and longer men’s hairstyles. Keeping length on top lightens up long and thick hair and makes grooming easier.

The undercut works with shorter cuts too, especially with something like the comb over that wants a blunt transition. Check out these cool ways to wear the undercut fade.

1. Men’s Undercut Fade

The undercut is a versatile cut that works with lots of different hair types and styles.

Cool undercut fade thick hair

This short sides, long top is one of the more popular undercut hairstyles for men. It can be combed over like above, slicked back, or tied into a ponytail or man bun.

High undercut fade curly hair men

When you have a lot of hair, like this gentleman, an undercut makes wearing locks long so much easier and more comfortable.

Undercut with dreads

The undercut also works well with long hair in dreads or braids. The hair design adds a lot of dimension to the look.

2. Undercut vs Fade

This short comb over haircut features an undercut on one side and a fade on other.

Undercut vs fade haircut

Hair is cut short until the side part and then transitions neatly into short hair on the other side.

Short comb over undercut fade

And there’s the line of the undercut.

3. Undercut Fade Haircut

Add an undercut fade to any men’s haircut and you have an undercut fade haircut. Or make that combination into something special.

Slicked back undercut fade with designs

From the front, this is the popular long hair over an undercut style. From the back, it is a precision cut that pulls long and short hair together.

Undercut hairstyles

Or pull hair over to one side and take it behind the air.

Here’s the same V-shape at the back with plenty of messy volume.

4. Long Hair + Undercut Fade

An undercut makes long hair as easy to wash and wear and short hair. It cuts down on drying time and makes pulling hair up a breeze.

High undercut fade

This high undercut fade cuts hair short up past the usual line of the temple.

High undercut fade for Black men dreadlocks

The undercut works well with long hair for Black men, including curls, braids, and dreadlocks.

These three undercuts have the same shape but look different fades and hairstyles. Pulling hair up into a bun, back into a ponytail, or into box braids creates three very different profiles.

Undercut fade with box braids men

This fresh look pulls braids back into a messy bun, leaving one lone braid free.

5. Disconnected Undercut Fade

The disconnected undercut emphasizes the difference between longer and shorter hair. This cut works with short and longer hair.

Disconnected haircut undercut

Here, some v-shaped hair designs bring more attention to the fade.

Slicked back undercut fade

If you go to the trouble of getting a tattoo on your head, you might as well show it off. This is cool way to wear the slicked back undercut.

Disconnected undercut hairstyle pomp

This cool cut for guys with thick hair takes the undercut fade way up high. There is plenty of fullness left for a modern pompadour with oversized texture.

6. Top Knot + Man Bun Undercut Fade

The man bun trend is still going strong and looks great over an undercut. A top knot is a bun worn way up on top of the head.

High undercut fade haircut long hair

This high undercut fade shaves hair well above the temples into a cut more like a mohawk. Long hair is tied up and back into a tightly coiled bun.

Undercut fade with man bun

Now that’s a blurry fade. Show off that precision cut by wearing hair up. This is the easiest type of man bun. Pull hair back into a ponytail and don’t pull hair all the way through at the end.

Top knot man bun undercut fade with designs

There’s that top knot right up on the crown of the head. Two things make this look extra cool. Of course the zig-zag design is bold. The ends of hair are wrapped around the bottom of the man bun for a seamless, no visible elastic look.

7. Undercut Fade + Curly Hair

If a curly fade is good, a curly undercut can only be better. It’s a great choice if you want to wear hair long but hate the feeling of hair on the back of your neck.

An undercut does more for curly hair than keep you cool. Short hair around the sides and back lighten up hair to help curls form and create a flattering shape.

Curly undercut fade with beard

This kinky curly hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail that forms an afro puff. With hair like this, you don’t need a man bun.

Undercut fade curly hair men

Another cool way to wear long curly hair and an undercut is in this cool mohawk-inspired look. The length and volume create a mohawk shape without an actual mohawk haircut.

Hidden undercut fade for curly hair

This curly crop is lightweight and extra curly thanks to a high undercut fade.

High undercut curly hair men

Christian Ramos, the Curl Papi, likes to wear long curls on top with an undercut at the sides. This is also a flattering cut for guys with wide cheeks or round faces because it doesn’t add any additional width.

Undercut fade surfer hair men

Now that’s a guy who looks and feels great. An undercut makes it easy to wear this surfer hair down. Try a few spritzes of salt spray in damp hair. Then scrunch curls and let it air dry for authentic surf hair without any of the sand.

8. Low + Mid Undercuts

An undercut doesn’t have to go all the way up to the temples. There are also low and mid undercuts. The cut still goes under the hair.

Low undercut for long hair men

The low undercut is cool look for long hair. When hair is worn down, the faded neckline is hidden.

Hidden undercut fade haircut curly hair men

This mid-length fade is also a hidden undercut when hair is worn down. It’s like you get two totally different looks in one haircut.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Sours: https://www.menshairstyletrends.com/undercut-fade/
Brad Pitt Fury Undercut - Transformation Tutorial

And like always, we recommend taking a picture to your barber or stylist so you get exactly what you’re looking for. This is especially important if you’re after a unique variation on the undercut hairstyle. If you’re after a certain undercut look, show your barber or stylist a picture so they can estimate the length of the top and sides.

If you’re interested in changing up your undercut but don’t know where to look, check out these stylish variations.

Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked back undercut is a contemporary variation of the regular undercut hairstyle, and you’ve probably seen it around quite a bit. It’s immensely popular in men’s hair fashion and men’s fashion overall.

In a traditional undercut, the hair is usually parted, but slicking the hair back is a common stylistic twist. The slicked-back look is reminiscent of a pompadour and is inspired by the greaser aesthetic of the fifties. It goes well with classy outfits and works nicely for nearly all occasions.

How to style: The key to the slicked back undercut is a high-quality hair product. Depending on your hair type and personal preference, you can use a pomade, a gel, or a wax. We recommend pomade because it will give you the trademark glossy shine of a slicked back undercut.

For most hair types, a product with a medium hold will work, since the slicked back look doesn’t require a ton of volume. A product like Suavecito Original Hold Pomade or Layrite Original Pomade will give you both hold and shine. These are both water-based pomades, so your hair won’t be greasy when the product is in your hair. (Bonus: water-based pomades also wash out of your hair much more easily.)

Sours: https://haircutinspiration.com/undercut-hairstyle-for-men/

Hairstyle undercut fade


Stephen James Hair - Skin fade undercut hairstyle


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