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UAE: Child actor Izin Hash dreams big

When we speak about 8-year-old kids, it is usually to discuss their lives at home, or at school. But not in the case of Izin Hash, a Keralite based in Dubai who made his film debut in Appu Bhattathiri’s Malayalam-language mystery thriller Nizhal which hit cinemas last week.

Izin is not alien to life in front of the camera as the 8-year-old has starred in more than 60 English-Arabic commercials. That is where he picked up the tag “Emirati Boy”. Izin has also featured in commercials for brands such as KinderJoy, WarnerBros, Huawei, and many more. He has not only appeared in commercials but also in a music video by Dubai-based Somalian rapper Freek.

Dealing with fame at such a young age can be tough. Although fruitful, it has its own hardships but Izin’s father Hash Javad from Malappuram, Kerala, who works as a social media manager in Dubai, and his mother Naseeha, a microbiologist from Abu Dhabi, have been rock solid behind the young sensation. “We are proud of his fame,” said Hash Javad in a conversation with City Times. “But we treat him like a normal child, so that his fame doesn't affect his childhood,” he added. As for Izin, fame makes him happy but he wants to live like a normal child, just to be always able to play with his friends.

Izin has a 2-year-old sister Hawazin, who has also starred in commercials. The brother-sister duo shared the screen in a commercial for a clothing brand based in Saudi Arabia.

In , Izin appeared in Liverpool football club’s promo video alongside England legend Steven Gerrard and Scottish coach and former player Gary McAllister. In the video, Izin was seen having a soft-topic interaction with the two. “Have you met Mo Salah? Is he real?” Izin asked Gerrard in the video. As a football fan, Izin’s favourite footballer is Lionel Messi.

Starring in commercials is one thing but a mystery thriller is entirely a different ball game. However, that was not a problem for camera-friendly Izin whose confident act astonished everyone on the set. “His ability to grasp and emote is truly commendable,” said Nizhal director Appu in conversation with a publication in India. “Since the film hinges on the child, it was a relief to have an actor like Izin working with us,” he added.

Izin, who is confident in handling any type of acting, wants to try the comedy genre. “I want to act in comedy films more than thrillers,” Izin said, adding that he also wants to star in web series given their popularity in contemporary times, as people were stuck at home due to Covid shutdowns.

However, the family is presented with a challenge: Izin’s academic life. He is currently in Grade 3 in Ajman Habitat School. Thanks to online classes, Izin is lucky to not miss out on much. The exams, however, put him in a dicey situation, especially during the shoot of his movie. Izin used to appear for his exams in the strangest of places. “While shooting in a forest at Athirappilly, he sat on a rock and tried to write the exam but was upset that he could not due to a network coverage problem,” Hash revealed, adding that Izin’s results were highly commendable in the previous annual examination.

Izin shot to fame at the age of three when one of his videos went viral. His parents started a social media account in his name, which is now verified and boasts nearly 40, followers.

While the challenges that lie ahead will only increase, Izin’s parents believe that their child’s acting career will not affect his studies. However, they want Izin to choose his own career path in the future.

Nizhal starring Nayanthara, Kunchacko Boban, and Izin is currently out in cinemas.

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Nizhal fame Izin Hash bags Hollywood movie

It's Hollywood calling for Izin Hash, who stepped into Malayalam cinema through Nizhal.

Izin, an international model and Keralite from Dubai, is gearing up for his Hollywood debut with the film 'North of the 10'. Touted to be a hangout comedy movie, the movie tells the story of five friends who chase Hollywood dreams from the south side of Chicago.

Izin wrapped up his portions in the Abu Dhabi schedule of the film. The film is being shot in Chicago and Abu Dhabi.

Directed by Rhyan LaMerr, the stars in the film Oscar winner Terrence J, Don Benjamin, Matt Riff, Tosin and Wesley Armstrong etc.

Izin, who has acted in several English and Arabic commercials, played the role of Nitin in Nizhal film with Kunchacko Boban and Nayanthara. 'Nizhal, translated into Telugu name ‘Needa’, will be released on July 23 on OTT.

Izin, a third grader student at Ajman Habitat School, is the son of Hash Javad, a social media manager in Dubai from Nilambur, Malappuram, and Naseeha, a microbiologist in Abu Dhabi, from Kozhikode.

Sours: https://www.onmanorama.com/entertainment/entertainment-news//07/22/nizhal-fame-izin-hash-bags-hollywood-movie.html
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How Izin Hash's first movie Nizhal happened via a zoom call

The Kunchacko Boban and Nayanthara starrer Nizhal is getting rave reviews but the one who grabbed everyone's attention was none other than the little boy Izin Hash. 

Izin played the role of Nithin, the son to Nayanthara's character Sharmila.

Prior to Nizhal movie, Izin was invited to star in a number of films, but for various reasons, he could not make it. Sandeep, the associate director of Nizhal, contacted him through his father's friend and attended an audition through a zoom call from Dubai. When all the things needed for the character in this film suited for him, air travel in the Covid era became a major challenge. However, at the last minute, Izin was chosen from the hundreds of children who auditioned for the movie.   

The eight-year-old's acting experience has been instrumental in making the film's main scenes with Nayanthara and Kunchacko Boban effortless. In fact, , Nayantara, impressed by little Izin gifted him his favourite superhero character toys and expensive chocolates. As Izin's performance helped to shoot the scenes in minimum takes, Nayanthara was very happy to be able to return to Chennai after completing the filming of her part within the allotted days for the Nizhal movie.

S Sanjeev is the screenwriter of the film which is directed by Appu Bhattathiri.

Nizhal is the first film starring Izin Hash, who has starred and modelled in more than 60 English-Arabic commercials. Izin has starred in commercials for international brands such as Kinder Joy, Volkwagen, Nido, Warner Bros., Lifeboy, Huawei and Heinz.  He is also known as the 'Emirati Boy' in Arabic commercials.Izin Hash is a familiar face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi government advertisements. At the age of six, Izin gained international attention by interviewed football legend Steven Gerrard, the captain of the England football team and Liverpool. Izin is one of the rare child celebrities to have received the blue tick verification of Instagram and Facebook at a very young age.

Izin is the son of Hash Javad from Malappuram, Kerala who works as a social media manager in Dubai, and Naseeha, a microbiologist working in Abu Dhabi, and she is from Kozhikode. The only sister, two-and-a-half-year-old Hawazin Hash, has also starred in commercials.

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Why this Keralite boy is famous as an ‘Emirati’ in UAE

Ajman: He is Indian by birth, but many UAE residents know Izin Hash as an Emirati boy — as that is how they have seen him in many ads.

As the UAE celebrates its 47th birthday, this six-year-old is enjoying the fame he has earned by acting as an Emirati child in advertisements of various prominent companies and projects.

Izin and his parents are happy that his resemblance to Emirati children has earned him name and fame in the advertising circles, making him the face of young Emiratis in various promotional campaigns.

The KG2 student of International Indian School, Ajman, has featured in dozens of ads.

We are so grateful to the UAE, its rulers and the Emirati community for everything that we are enjoying here, especially in Izin’s case.

- Hash Javad, Izin’s father

Top brands

Warner Bros, Liverpool, Du, Standard Chartered Bank, Ikea, Centrepoint, Home Centre, Jaquar World, Nissan Patrol, Total, Pediasure, Red Tag — the list of popular brands Izin has endorsed is growing along with him.

Izin has also been featured in promotions of government agencies like Dubai Tourism, Abu Dhabi Government and Dubai Summer Surprises.

He has also acted as a Saudi child, in Saudi Energy Efficiency and Mall of Saudi ads, shot in Dubai.

When he sports a white kandura and ghutra, Izin looks perfect as an Emirati/Arab kid.

“This is an advantage that has given him so many opportunities,” his father Hash Javad said.

It’s exactly why Izin’s face is likely to pop up on Shutterstock or Getty Images, if you google for Dubai/UAE/Emirati people’s stock images.

“We are so grateful to the UAE, its rulers and the Emirati community for everything that we are enjoying here, especially in Izin’s case,” said Hash.

The little boy’s parents, who hail from the South Indian state of Kerala, sensed he had scope in acting or modelling after their cute child started striking poses for photos as young as age two.

Incidentally, a video in which three-year-old Izin kept crying for his father’s iPhone went viral among the expat community.

Hash, who works in visual media, realised his little prince had the charm and charisma to win viewers’ hearts.

“Initially, we took him for photoshoots with my friends. Later, I registered him with some professional ad agencies, who call us when they find him apt for a shoot; mostly, it’s for Emirati child roles.”

Liverpool interview

Izin shot to international fame when he was picked from among children of various nationalities to interview football legends Steven Gerrard and Gary McAllister earlier this year.

The promotional video of Liverpool Fan Club’s LFC World was released by Standard Chartered Bank.

Whether it’s still photos, video shoots or fashion shows, Izin is now a pro at it all, said his mother Naseeha. “Many kids do not listen to the crew at the shoot. But, he is very obedient and loves what he does. So, they are all very happy with him,” she said.

As for Izin himself, he tucks in his long, beautiful hair and says: “I just do what they ask me to do. I am happy to act. I want to be a good actor and a good child.”

His Facebook page @IzinHashOfficial has been verified, undoubtedly something very few children of his age achieve. Izin has a good following on Instagram (@izinhash) as well, thanks to his father who manages his social media accounts.

Izin cannot remember the first ad he did, nor does he know exactly how many he has featured in so far. But he knows his favourite: the one shot with his favourite superheroes at Warner Bros, obviously!

A movie in which he has played the lead role has been nominated among the finalists for Happiness Movie Award, scheduled to be announced on December

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