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The 5 Best Christmas Tree Bags of 2021

Tiny Tim Totes Premium Upright Christmas Tree Storage Cover

Never disassemble your tree again. Opting for an upright Christmas tree storage bag allows you to keep your tree exactly as is until next season, which means you can spend less time re-assembling it and more time decorating it with family and friends! This storage bag is made with a durable canvas material that’s easy to fit around the entire tree (no stuffing pieces into a bag), and you can choose from three different sizes: 6-feet, 7.5-feet, and 9-feet.

To store, simply drape the canvas over the tree, zip-up with the full-length zipper, and use the drawstring cord to cinch the base. Then, secure using the three adjustable clips on the outside of the storage bag so you don’t bend the branches. When you’re ready to use, all you need to do is remove the canvas and, voila! Christmas on demand.

The 9 Best Christmas Decorations of 2021

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Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Preserve the beauty of your holiday centerpiece for years to come with Balsam Hill’s heavy-duty Christmas tree storage bags. They are expertly crafted to protect your treasured artificial Christmas tree from dirt and damage once the season is over.

Why Choose a Christmas Tree Storage Bag?

When it’s time to put away your Christmas decorations, returning your tree it to its original cardboard box may seem like a no-brainer. However, these boxes are bound to deteriorate over time and may not offer the protection your artificial Christmas tree needs. Cardboard material is also prone to damage from dust, mites, pests, and other elements. Without proper safekeeping, an artificial Christmas tree storage box is likely to grow mold and cause irreversible damage to your tree.

Size is another potential downside of a cardboard Christmas tree storage box. The bulky package takes up a lot of storage space and could require heavy lifting from room to room. To prevent these issues, it’s important to invest in professionally designed storage solutions such as Balsam Hill’s durable storage bags. They are created with quality and convenience in mind to keep your tree in good shape and make decorating easy every season.

What is the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag?

Balsam Hill’s artificial Christmas tree storage bags are available in different sizes to provide the perfect fit for your centerpiece. Consider these factors when looking for the best storage bag for your Christmas tree:

  • Size – Choose a storage bag that accommodates your artificial Christmas tree’s height and width. It must be snug enough to protect your tree while leaving ample space to safeguard its shape and integrity. Our storage bags are offered in three sizes to fit your tree’s height and profile: Slim, Standard, and Extra-Large.
  • Materials – Christmas tree bags are primarily crafted from plastic, canvas, PVC, or polyester fabric. While those made of plastic are the more affordable option, they don’t provide the strength of polyester fabric. Balsam Hill’s Christmas tree storage bags are crafted with 600D polyester fabric, with layers of padding and durable stitching to withstand wear and tear.
  • Ease of use – It’s best to keep your tree upright during storage to simplify assembly for the next season. With Balsam Hill’s tree storage bag, the base of your tree will remain upright so you don’t have to dismantle your entire display. It’s also mounted on a metal stand with rolling wheels to make transport and storage as quick and convenient as possible.

How Do You Pack a Christmas Tree in a Storage Bag?

  1. Prepare your tools for packing up. This includes your storage bag and lightweight gloves to protect your hands while handling the tree.
  1. Remove all decorations from your tree and unplug any built-in lights. Consider using specially designed ornament storage solutions to keep your favorite trimmings safe.
  1. Disassemble your tree following the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure your tree is free of dust and dirt, and only use the recommended materials for packing.
  1. To save time and effort, choose Balsam Hill’s collapsible, roll-up Christmas tree storage bag. All you need to do is detach the top section, place it in a special compartment, and pull up the bag up over the tree.
  1. Secure the bag and wheel your tree to its designated storage spot.
  1. Store your tree in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. This will prevent the tree from developing mold and musty odor while in storage.

Maintain your artificial Christmas tree’s shape and beauty with a quality storage bag that puts a premium on your convenience and ease. Learn more tips on how to store your holiday décor through our guide.

Sours: https://www.balsamhill.com
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How to Choose the Right Size Christmas Tree Storage Bag or Box

From hanging ornaments to opening gifts, the tree is the center of many holiday festivities. Let your artificial Christmas tree bring you and your family holiday cheer for years to come by finding a protective storage solution.

Why You Need a Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The Original Cardboard Box is Not Strong Enough

You might think the original cardboard box your tree comes in will keep your tree safe throughout the year. But it is not. Hauling a cardboard box in and out of its storage space will weaken it and cause it to become damaged over time. Cardboard also attracts bugs and may become damp with mildew, damaging the tree inside.

Plastic Storage Bins and Trash Bags Can Damage Your Tree

Once the original cardboard box breaks down, many people will either store their tree in a plastic storage bin or trash bags. Plastic storage bins are often not large enough to fit your tree, and trash bags do not provide complete protection. The tree’s branches can easily poke through the plastic letting in dirt, water, and bugs.

Christmas Tree Storage Bags Make Storage Easy and Convenient

It is easier to store a bagged tree in limited space because it takes up less room than an over-sized box. Our Christmas tree storage bags are also easier to transport because they come with sturdy handles and wheels. In some situations, you can buy a bag that is large enough to put the tree away without disassembling it.

Tips on Picking the Right Christmas Tree Storage Bag

  • Consider where you will store the tree and how much space you have. This will help you decide if you need an upright bag or a bag that lays on the floor.
  • Measure your tree's circumference, height, and length of longest section (if your tree has separate pieces).
  • Choose a bag that is large enough to hold the tree but not too large to allow for shifting. If there is extra room in the bag, fill it with garlands so it is snug.
  • Think about what type of bag you will need to comfortably transport and store the tree. Consider investing in a set of bags if you have a large tree that breaks into several pieces.
  • Decide what other features you want the bag to have such as wheels or standing upright.
  • If no storage bag with your exact dimensions exists, choose one that is slightly larger in circumference and height. The bag needs to be at least as deep and tall as the collapsed girth of the tree. If your tree has multiple pieces, you may need to choose a bag with a greater depth and height to allow for overlapping of pieces.

How to Measure Your Tree to Choose the Right Size Storage Bag

Before throwing away the box your Christmas tree comes in, make a note of the tree dimensions. If you forgot to do this, don’t panic! Measuring your Christmas tree is easy.

  1. Height: Measure the height of the tree while it is standing.
  2. Length of Longest Section: Measure the length of the longest section when the tree is dissembled.
  3. Girth or Circumference when Standing: Measure around the tree while it is standing and branches are displayed outwards.
  4. Girth or Circumference when Taken Apart: Measure around the tree when the branches are either taken off or collapsed.

Different Types of Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Cinch Bags

Cinch bags come in different sizes, so you can a fit 7.5 to 11 foot tree. Easy to carry, these bags have two study straps. Two additional straps secure the tree branches. These bags also come with a large sewn-in zipper pocket inside the bag for extra storage.

Structured Bags

If you want the strongest protection for your tree, invest in a structured bag. Corrugated plastic panels and padding in the walls of the bag give your tree the best protection when being transported and stored. The sturdy D-shaped handles make it easy to transport.

Rolling Options

Available for cinch and structured bags, rolling bags make it easy for you to move your tree from its storage space to the living room. The three sturdy wheels make it easy to move the tree where it needs to go.

Duffel Bags

Choose a small, medium, large, or extra-large duffel bag to store your tree. Especially useful for storing 3-section Christmas trees, these bags come with reinforced carrying straps and an interior pocket for extra storage.

Upright Bags

Do you get frustrated every holiday season when you have to assemble and disassemble your Christmas tree? Upright storage bags solve this problem. Simply pull the bag over your tree and you’re done!

Check out all our Christmas tree storage bags to stay organized this holiday season.

Other Holiday Storage Boxes

Protect your other holiday décor in sturdy storage boxes and bags.

  • Ornament storage boxes: Soft, foam dividers keep each ornament safely in place. Pull out trays to safely transport ornaments to the tree.
  • Wreath storage: Your wreath can easily poke out of large plastic trash bags and get crushed in cardboard boxes. These storage bags ensure that your wreath is protected from dust and grime so it can last for years to come.
  • Gift wrap organizer: Know the location of all your decorating supplies so wrapping your presents is a breeze.
  • Christmas tree light storage: Keep your Christmas tree lights from getting tangled with these storage sets so you can seamlessly set up your tree and outdoor decorations.

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Heavy-Duty Christmas Tree Storage Bag - 1000Bulbs.com

When the time comes to take down our Christmas trees, we tend to procrastinate. Perhaps it's because we refuse to believe that the holidays are over. Or maybe it's because it's quite a hassle. While we can't help with the first reason, there's a solution for the latter: Christmas tree storage bags.

You might have tried stuffing your artificial Christmas tree in the original box it came in, but let's be real: that tiny box was meant to have your tree delivered in a condensed fashion. Shoving an already-fluffed out tree in there is going to be difficult and time consuming.Luckily, Christmas tree storage bags come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find a storage solution for a tree as big as 15 feet — yes, really.

Here are the 13 best Christmas tree bags and covers that will fit any type of fir and will help with post-holiday stress. You'll be pleased to find that some of these options come with storage for ornaments and decorations.

For more Christmas ideas, check out the Good Housekeeping 2019 Holiday Guide for holiday decor ideas, Christmas games and activities, holiday recipes, and popular gift ideas.


Amazon's Choice

Spacious Christmas Tree Storage Bag


Fits trees up to: 7 ft

Besides the low price, reviewers loved that the storage case was roomy enough for decorated trees as big as 7 feet. 



Christmas Tree Storage Bag
Handy Laundryamazon.com



Fits trees up to: 9 ft

This is another popular choice because of its generous amount of space. One reviewer particularly liked the long zipper and how it ran across almost the entire bag, which made it easy for them to stow the tree inside.

3Green Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Duffel Bag

Elf Storwalmart.com



Fits trees up to: 9 ft

Since this storage bag comes with wheels, you'll avoid the struggle of lugging the tree around. 

4Upright Christmas Tree Canvas Cover Bag

Tiny Tim Totesamazon.com



Fits trees up to: 9 ft

With this canvas cover bag, you'll never have to disassemble your tree ever again. The heavy duty zipper and protective cinch cord keep every branch in tact. 



Elf Stor Deluxe Holiday Christmas Storage Bag
Elf Storamazon.com



Fits trees up to: 12 ft

This duffel bag is so big, one reviewer uses it as a storage bag for their camping tent.

8Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Handles

Household Essentialsamazon.com


Fits trees up to: 7 ft

This brand actually comes with a whole line of Christmas decoration storage essentials, including storage for ornaments, figurines, and wrapping paper. 

9Holiday Tree Storage Bag




Fits trees up to: 11 ft

It's designed with moisture-resistant polyester and has two padded handles for extra security. The brand also carries a duffel bag for medium-sized trees.

10Medium Upright Tree Cover Storage




Fits trees up to: 7.5 ft

This particular cover includes an extra storage area at the bottom for lights and other decor.

11Slim TreeKeeper Storage Bag

Grandin Roadgrandinroad.com



Fits trees up to: 7.5 ft

How it works: Attach the Treekeeper to your tree stand, then use the included handles to pull it over your tree. This one might be a little pricier compared to its counterparts, but reviewers say that this bag is an excellent investment.



Giant Rolling Tree Storage



Fits trees up to: 15 ft

Now if you have the tallest tree on the block, this rolling tree case is your best bet. Its self-standing steel frame will keep every part of your tree safe and sound.



Wreath Storage Containter



Fits wreaths up to: 36 in

Wreaths need to be properly stowed away too. The wire frame in this one keeps your wreath from sagging or warping.

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Christmas tree storage box 6ft

25 Best Christmas Tree Storage Boxes That Are Real Saviors

We all love going all out when the holiday season comes around. There is something in the air that can even make the Grinch within grumpy people take part in the festivities and caroling. But when the holidays come to an end, you’re left with a bunch of Christmas trees and ornaments you have to store. You need something quick and functional to keep these decorations until the next Yuletide season kicks in.



In this post, we’ll help you find the best Christmas tree storage box to store your trees in and help you have a quicker cleanup. Hopefully, you’ll find some informative Christmas tree storage ideas that can help you enjoy the holiday season even more.


25 Best Christmas Tree Storage Boxes That Are Real Saviors - Infographics R




To start off our quest in finding the best Christmas tree storage box, this super festive red box with wheels is the perfect size to hold a 7ft Christmas tree. It has a wide opening and a dual zipper that runs along the three sides so that you can easily place your tree without harming the shape. The breathable canvas material will keep your tree protected all year long from moisture, dust or insects. It is the perfect rolling Christmas tree storage box that you can use for your Yuletide decorations.




After the super festive Christmas tree storage box we mentioned above, we’re going to mention a pretty heavy-duty storage box for your Christmas tree that will last a long time. You can easily store a small tree up to 7.5ft high in this container. This will an excellent Christmas tree plastic storage box that won’t damage your tree while in storage.




If that all clear box dimmed your holiday spirit, then fear not as this red colored waterproof polyethylene plastic bag can help you spot your tree anywhere in an attic full of items. Not only does it come in red, but green and grey as well, and the material of this Christmas tree storage tote can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It also has a clear card slot and stitched handles for easy access and visibility.




Here is another Christmas tree plastic storage box that is all clear with a removable lid that snaps tightly for an airtight seal. It sure is quite expensive, but this box will last you for years to come. It can easily store your tree so you can reuse it for many holidays to come. It comes in six different sizes, so you can choose according to the height of your Christmas tree.




Looking for a waterproof Christmas tree storage bag? Then Brosyda has got the perfect storage solution for you. Made with the famous 600D Oxford cloth, it is tear-proof, extra thick, and dust resistant. It will also make sure no moisture seeps in to damage the tree. Its insides have a waterproof coating, and you can easily drag it out without much lifting.



Here is another great transparent, Iris Christmas tree storage box that is quite deep and long enough to fit in your Christmas tree without any issue. When it comes to finding an Iris USA Christmas tree storage box it has to be durable and sturdy, and while this doesn’t scream Christmas it is a universal container that will tightly store your tree without letting any environmental factors affect its quality. A win-win in our eyes.



Coming back to an extra-large, all clear Christmas tree plastic storage box Homz has a high-quality box that sure comes with a hefty price tag. What we liked about this box was how deep it is. This allows you to easily stack your disassembled your tree’s parts on top of each other and know exactly where it is when the holidays come around. The best part is that it comes in a pack of two so you won’t need to buy an extra box.



If you are running out of Christmas tree storage ideas and can’t be bothered with options that are colorful or too big, then this Rubbermaid box is a great option. It is a universal box that can be used literally for anything, and the roughneck line ensures that you get high impact resistant constructed bins in exchange for the bland look. It is a heavy-duty box so nothing will harm your tree inside.




We love this Christmas tree storage box by Parkyeon because of how spacious it is. It can easily fit your 9ft high Christmas tree and still have room to hold some ornaments as well. It has two handles on the sides,  and two stitched handles will let you carry it around like a duffel bag for easy transportation. The green color is also honestly a sight to behold, making it the perfect container for your Christmas tree.




When you first look at this Christmas tree storage box, it looks like an enticing present. And why shouldn’t your artificial Christmas tree be stored or “wrapped” in a box like a present when it’s not in use? Made with canvas material and lined with PVC, it is pretty durable. It is a great bargain if you consider how little this bag will cost you. You can easily store an 8ft high tree in it while the adjustable straps on the outside will make sure everything stays in place.



Elf Stor makes really nice Christmas tree storage box options in the form of structured bags. The best part about this one is the clear view window on top through which you can see what you’ve stored. Also, talk about being spacious! You can easily store a 12 ft high Christmas tree in it, after disassembling. Moreover, it is a rolling Christmas tree storage box as it has 3 wheels on one side, just be mindful about the price seeing it lies on the pricy end of Christmas tree storage box options.




Let’s talk about ProPik and their wide variety of Christmas tree storage box options. This one combines the best of both worlds as you get a rolling Christmas tree storage box that is also waterproof and durable as it is made with heavy-duty polyester material. If you have a 6ft long tree that needs storing away, this bag will easily do the job. It also has a front pocket to store lights in as well.




This is another awesome waterproof Christmas tree storage bag by ProPik that has similar features to the one we mentioned above. However, this Christmas tree storage box comes in red and has the same wheels on the side. It also has a larger capacity to store a Christmas tree around 9ft in height. Has the same front pocket and clear card slot for labeling. It is worth the price tag if you choose to get this storage option.




This may seem like a detour from all the Christmas tree storage box options we’ve shown so far, but this cover is the perfect choice if you want to cover your tree upright without storing it in a box. Not only is this Christmas tree cover protective, but it also comes with a zipper that spans the entire length and a cinch cord to protect the tree from top to bottom. It comes in three sizes (6, 7, and 9 ft) to suit your specific tastes.




Going back to our usual Christmas tree storage box, this is another splendid container to store your tree in. It provides protection against any moisture, dust, insects, or other factors and prevents them from destroying the quality of your tree. Made by JJCKHE, this black number will store a 7ft tree easily without any issues. The dual zipper top makes it easy to remove and store the disassembled tree pieces without an issue.




Here is another upright Christmas tree storage box option by Whitmor that also has wheels. It has a pocket at the back to store fairy lights, Christmas wreaths, or ornaments that you hang on your tree. With the extra-large capacity to store a 9ft high tree, you can easily transport the box in and out of your storage unit with the handles on all sides.




For those on a budget, this one is for you. As a red Christmas tree storage box, you can keep your tree stored in knowing it won’t be affected by any dust, water, paint spillage, or whatever else might be in your storeroom. You don’t have to worry about container tearing up as well due to its quality construction. Made from a polyester material, this is quite a heavy-duty bag that won’t cost you an arm or a leg.




These Christmas tree storage bags come in a pack of two. While their appearance doesn’t necessarily scream Christmas, they sure do get the job done. These storage bags come with reliable carry handles and space to store a 9ft tree without much trouble. You can reuse one of the bags for your Christmas ornaments or lights and store them together in one place once the holidays are over. This way, you won’t be looking around for things in 3 different places.




This item is another classic red Christmas tree storage box that is not only waterproof and dust-resistant but is also big enough to store a massive tree around 9 ft in height. This is simple but a gorgeous container made with an Oxford canvas material that ensures ultimate durability and long life. It is also reasonably priced, so you can get the most out of your purchase.




Cabilock might just be the best Christmas tree storage box as it comes with a separate wreath bag. This extra feature is a lifesaver as you won’t have to go buy a new one just to hold your wreath. They both have stitched handles to carry them around and are easy to store together. Moreover, it comes in red and green colors to give them a certain Yuletide charm.




Although the name says it all, we love this wide opening bag that won’t hamper the shape or quality of your tree when you’re storing it. It fits a 7.5ft high tree and comes in three colors. The fact that its price won’t cost you much given its durability makes it a steal of a purchase.




Made from a combination of canvas and PVC lining, this large Christmas tree storage box has a large opening and dual zippers for maximum functionality. We like how it can be strapped for extra security and won’t leave any space for dust or insects to make their way.




When it comes to buying a waterproof Christmas tree storage bag making sure that the material is of the best quality is very important. The 600D Oxford canvas material is a winner in all our options and this one is no exception. It also is multipurpose so you can store garlands, ornaments, and decorations in it as well.




This has to be our most inexpensive Christmas tree storage box option. It easily fits a 6ft high tree and is waterproof, dustproof, and tear-resistant. All the folks on a budget should definitely add this to their cart.




We’re ending our list with this green Christmas tree storage box that is made with a combination of canvas, polyester, and plastic. It is currently on sale and perfect for an 8ft tree. There are four handles to carry it easily, and you just can’t go wrong with choosing it for your Christmas tree.

Sours: https://storables.com/seasonal-storage/christmas-storage/25-best-christmas-tree-storage-boxes-that-are-real-saviors/
Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Dan Hughes


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