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Pisces Daily Horoscope for October 19: Don't do any comprise in career

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)


Pisces, represented by the two fishes faced to the opposite side, they are the mysterious of the entire zodiac! There is no wonder that Pisces are called Genius, they are all about smartness. They are kind and generous human beings; they are able to see the best in people and love them for what they are. They are incredibly supportive of their loved ones and trust them a lot. Henceforth it is often easier to cheat Pisces in a relationship. They aren’t judgmental at all! They simply believe in all they see. All the aspects of your life look fine for today except in the financial matters. So now let’s eye out to how your overall day is planned for you by the stars. 


Pisces Finance Today

Oops! Your financial side seems to be indicating some percentage of loss in your daily business. For those from Catering and Baking industry are advised to double check their customer’s background before rendering service. 

Pisces Family Today

All is well in your family side. You shall be the main character of the family, handling a lot of responsibilities from taking care of the budget to serving the family with a delicious meal. You might impress the whole family by your warmth. 

Pisces Career Today

It is never good to settle for anything less than you deserve. So, avoid making any compromises in your career. If you do not get what you exactly want, today, give it some time and you will surely receive it. 

Pisces Health Today

Sometimes it becomes hard to exercise due to age factor, try playing team sports along with your colleagues which will slowly increase your stamina and helps you exercise on your own. 

Pisces Love Life Today

A visit to the fountain park may be possible with your partner. You deserve all the happiness and pleasantness in the world, so do not miss out to make the most out of situation. 

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Colour: Turquoise


By: Manisha Koushik,  Dr Prem Kumar Sharma(Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Consultant)Email: [email protected][email protected]: www.askmanisha.com, www.premastrologer.comContact: Panchkula: +91-172-2562832, 2572874Delhi: +91-11-47033152,40532026


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pisces - 20 Oct 2021

  • Lucky color: Ivory
  • Lucky gem: 6
  • Lucky number: 7

Your dreamy disposition attracts admirers, but are you ready to act on it? Too much deliberation is not a good thing. Don’t take your frustrations out on the ones you love. You experience delays or additional red tape in official work. Today you work, but also enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

If you were meant to be controlled, you would have come with a remote. It's high time you realise that your life is not controlled by someone else and you should get out of these shackles. Do not allow anyone to take decisions on your behalf or dictate you about your ways. Take your own decisions and seek independence in life. Advice: Take your own decisions.

The year 2021 looks to be a good phase for the Pisces-born individuals. You are hard working and push at creating more wealth/additional avenues of earning in this time. There may be an occasional crisis of faith or a feeling of dejection with the environment around, but you plod on and are good at motivating yourself, which is rather commendable. There may be a lucrative opportunity for work or a new project, which adds greater status and prestige. This is a year where they could be a major wish fulfilment and financial stability coming in as well. There may be travel abroad — a work offer for an opportunity from a distant place, something that you hadn’t expected. This is a good year for family relationships, but those with siblings may have to weather different moods from each other. It will be best not to get the family to take sides or matters can become worse. Students looking at cracking a tough exam have a good chance at success. The Pisces folk working on new technology or an alternative healing technique will do well and possibly receive an honour for their contribution.

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Pisces Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Pisces is the least materialistic and the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, which presents a quagmire concerning why you would be so focused on money throughout October. Your two financial sectors of your chart will be lit and will keep drawing you back to this topic. Yet this month is a strongly solid one, offering you several superb opportunities to make more, so in the end, I feel you will love the way most things go.

Let’s first look to the new moon October 6 in Libra, 13 degrees, when this financial trend will start in earnest, for this new moon will light your eighth house of other people’s money. This part of your chart shows money you owe others, and also money others owe you. Accompanying the new moon will be the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in this same financial house, a total of four heavenly bodies (including the new moon). That is considered quite a bit of energy centered in one place. Certainly, money will be an all-consuming focus in October.

As said, there are two houses of your horoscope that cover money, and the one that is your eighth house of other people’s money will be lit up at October 6 new moon. The other is your the second house of salary and earned income, personal savings, and possessions, and that one will be lit later in the month, at the full moon in Aries on October 20. Let’s look at both, one at a time.

The new moon of October 6 will open an opportunity to collect money due you. If anyone owes you a check for a commission, royalty, bonus, cash advance, or licensing fee, it will likely come on or near October 6. The same is true if you are owed back child support, or a final check for a divorce or court settlement will be finalized soon. If you are due a tax refund, you are likely to get it now. On the flip side, if you owe taxes or have an obligation to your credit card company, bank, a business partner, or just about anyone else in your circle, you will likely need to pay that money now.

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Pisces: Your daily horoscope - October 20

Pisces© Astrofame Pisces Today

What happened over the last several weeks defies understanding. You were probably scrambling for a foothold on slippery terrain, and what seemed sure one day was uncertain the next. There were delays, uncertainties, and irritation overloading your emotional circuits and making you eager to return to stable ground. These times are now since today begins an entire calm, relaxing, and stable period! Our top advisors are waiting to guide you along your path to success.

Your love horoscope

You might not feel much like tending to your more serious responsibilities today, as the energies of the day will be putting you in a romantic mood. Call your special someone and woo them with seductive ideas. Or write a provocative email to that person you have had your eye on. It's good to act on this passionate energy. You could strike up a powerful connection with somebody new if you are currently single.

Your career horoscope

Romantic passion might motivate you to work on improving your physical appearance. You might decide to exercise, change your diet, and experiment with new clothes, hairstyles, and makeup. You're likely to produce the results you want. With the vast amounts of energy and enthusiasm churning within you today, you might surprise even yourself - with this task or with anything else you decide to do.

Your finance horoscope

No more excuses, no more delays. This is the day when you must clear off your desk, return all those emails and voice mails and generally get your business life back on track. You may surprise yourself by how much you enjoy the process once you get started. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with a high level of productivity. By the end of the day you will be tired, but proud of a job well done and an increased bank balance.

Your wellbeing horoscope

You might have to depend on yourself today. Those around you could be distracted by minor problems that will require a lot of attention. If you need to get someone's approval on a proposal or project today, you might be better off waiting until tomorrow. Everyone could be caught up in some chaos today and they won't be in the most receptive mood. Just be patient.

Tomorrow's horoscope

This is a good day for reaching out to extended family or friends. You might not have had time to connect with some of the more distant relatives in your life lately. Now might be a good time to make a phone call or write some letters to them. You may also have some friends you haven't spoken to in a while, and it would be good to catch up with them.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from October 17 to October 23

Life: On Tuesday, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn urge you to spark negotiations and professional discussions. Argue with confidence- you will be heard!

Love: You’ll move slowly but surely in your love life this week. That said, with the help of Venus and Neptune, you’ll create a romantic night that makes love blossom before your eyes.

Succeed in love and life with the help of our experts.Here are your free predictions for the month of October


During the first two weeks, Mercury may cause difficulties in relationships, and old quarrels may come to the surface. Don't respond in a petty way and put things to rest. Afterwards, you will remain on your guard, your professional sector will take over.


You may be embroiled in a dispute to be settled, or you may support a cause or defend an injustice. Financially, you get out your claws to defend your assets. At work, you give your best to get your way at the end of the month.


Nervousness, lassitude, and worries are the reason for your joy of living. You do not get depressed, but you feel more fragile. Beware of colds and seasonal germs. Consider artistic activities to relax you. You feel better from the 20th.

Is some bad news in store? Find out here.

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Horoscope pisces

WEEK OF October 18 - 2 4, 2021

Should it stay or should it go? You get a huge cosmic assist in the “sweet surrender” department on Monday, October 18, as two planets snap out of their retrogrades. First up is lucky and optimistic Jupiter who has been slumbering since June 20, first in Pisces, then in Aquarius and your twelfth house of healing and completions. Since then, your inner life could have gotten a little convoluted (or chaotic). Among other things, the twelfth house is associated with dissolution—of our connections to unhealthy people and habits. When unblinking Jupiter travels through this zone every 12 years, you may see a need to set stricter boundaries with people who’ve been acting more like energy vampires than allies. Jupiter in this liquid zone could just as easily throw you into escape mode, churning up old habits and addictions that are counterproductive. This once-every-twelve-years cycle isn’t easy for anyone, and it’s twice as hard for your tenacious sign, which struggles with letting go. But now, with Jupiter motoring ahead, you can use those hard-won lessons for good as you get back in control of your life. With expansive Jupiter in your camp, this is the perfect time to start or deepen a meditation practice and work with a therapist, or holistic healer, who can help you bring your body and spirit into better alignment. You’ll have the skills of an emotional ninja by the time Jupiter lands in Pisces on December 28—kicking off a five-month cycle of unprecedented growth and good fortune! And with Mercury correcting course on Monday, too, the brooding vibes of the last three weeks will soon be replaced by an inspired sense of clarity and focus.

Prosperity is not a dirty word, Pisces: It’s your birthright! And starting this Wednesday, as the only Aries full moon of the year illuminates your second house of money, work and security, you’ll start to own this powerful legacy. Full moons bring turning points and completions, and if you’ve been toiling away for the past six months for a raise, promotion or new income stream, your efforts are about to be rewarded. Make room for abundance because it could come flooding in any time over the next two weeks (peak manifesting time for this lunation). Go the extra mile, push a little harder, make ONE more follow-up call… A plum prospect could emerge from seemingly nowhere, though in truth you’ve been tilling this soil for some time. Some Pisces will stick with the status quo, but find a way to profitably monetize a passion project. Now THAT’S a win-win!

Watch out for all kinds of fiendish critters on Friday: snakes in the grass, wolves in sheep’s clothing… An impossible-to-decode clash between rash Mars and shadowy Pluto could bring the creepers out of the woodwork. This is another day to lean HARD into your own guidance and trust your gut if anybody gives you bad vibes. Better to risk slightly offending someone (and apologizing later) than get duped—or worse. Rivalry and jealousy could seep into group dynamics, so make sure you know where the exits are at all times. And definitely don’t get sucked into a (loser’s) game of one-upmanship. If you feel your own competitive spirit rising, turn it on its head by going out of your way to praise someone else’s story or accomplishments—sincerely, though, please!

A new day—er, season—dawns on Saturday, as the Sun glides into intensifying Scorpio and your ninth house of global adventures. After holing up in your private eighth house for the past four weeks, this solar sprint will have you feeling far more expansive than you have in a while. Give those wings a test flap and see if they’re still operational. After being on a very short leash, you may develop an insatiable case of wanderlust. Do your research, as much as you can vicariously, but if and when you feel ready to venture forth, feel free to make up for lost time (smartly and safely, of course!)

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Pisces - Today Horoscope - October 21, 2021

Pisces Daily Horoscope for October 20: You deserve all the work praise

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)

You are emotional, considerate, sympathetic and a great listener. People look to you for support during their lows and you are always there to lend a listening ear. You tend to bend more towards spirituality and that helps you come out of miserable situations without harming your inner peace. You are quite a romantic and highly imaginative. You remain unfazed by distractions and it is not easy to pull you down. Today you will be receiving the fruit of your hard work. You are going to work hard and the awards you receive in return are going to be even greater. You could be meeting up with school friends or perhaps someone new at the office. Any out-of-the-box experience will be great for you.

Pisces Finance Today

You may be more specific to the service that experts would offer, and this may be a good approach for you. It is advised to get all the basics in place before signing any agreement or contract. It is suggested to stay up to date on all the happening of the real estate market.

Pisces Family Today

You will find family life good in terms of peace, happiness and positivity. You will get support from your family and your relationship with your parents will also improve. You will get the opportunity to taste new delicacies at home.

Pisces Career Today

The general environment at work is pleasant, and your positive energy is contributing to this by spreading it around. You have good communication skills, and people are treating you with the decency that you deserve.

Pisces Health Today

You need to have a check on your health today. Try to bond with the people around you if you are not thinking sound. This will help you calm your nerves.

Pisces Love Life Today

This day marks a turning point in your relationship. It is necessary to balance your own desires and self-respect when dealing with your partner. Give lover some time if they need their space.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Colour: Peach


By: Manisha Koushik,  Dr Prem Kumar Sharma(Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Consultant)Email: [email protected][email protected]: www.askmanisha.com, www.premastrologer.comContact: Panchkula: +91-172-2562832, 2572874Delhi: +91-11-47033152,40532026

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