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Sep 15, 2008
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You sell lasers? I need 4-5 green lasers capable of being seen 400 yards away powered by 12 vdc with pigtails so we can wire them up to switches in our work trucks. Must be weatherproof. Got anything affordable like that?

Basically, we use FLIR cameras at night and need to be certain where they are pointing, hence flip the switch, see the green dot, turn the switch off.
2021 Allied WildCat 30, Suzuki DF300APs
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I give my sincerest thanks to all the cops that protect us from criminals

Fish Fighter Products

2195 Industrial Way, Mountain Home, Idaho, United States

(208) 580-1904

Monday09:00 - 16:00

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I have used the Kwik-Pull Anchor Retriever several times and it is very easy to use and very well constructed. In my opinion, after researching other products, this is the best puller. Light weight yet well built plus it's easy and safe to use (no chance of getting your hand caught in the rope as you deploy the anchor). I ordered this direct from Fish Fighter because I want to support small business and not an anti America e-commerce corporation. It actually shipped faster than Amazon and Fish Fighter included a free sticker! Great customer service. I was kept up to date as the order progressed and then I received a follow up email after it was delivered.

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Local Fishing Report

When fishing from a boat, space is ALWAYS at a premium. Organization is critical, and every square inch that can be opened up makes your boat more fishable which in turn makes for a more productive and enjoyable day on the water. A product I recently invested in outfitting my jet boat with are  Fish Fighter Products rod holder extensions from Fishfighter Products out of Mountain Home, Idaho.

fishfighter products rod holder extension

Fishfighter rod holder extensions in use while striper fishing on the Sacramento River.

What are the benefits of using the Fishfighter Products rod holder extensions?

The reasoning for utilizing a rod holder extension was three fold for me. One, I wanted to open up deck space for salmon and striper fishing by getting those long handled rods further away from the interior of the boat. This means more working room without everyone careening off of rod butts sticking out of the holders.

Second, I wanted to be able to make a wider ‘spread’ with my trolling pattern; rods in the bow get set much wider than rods set at the stern.

Third, with rods on a riser it is easier for everyone to stand up and remove the rod from the holder using Folbe rod holders. The rods closer towards the stern have enough height that they can still be angled at different degrees towards the stern without intruding much, if at all, into the tub of the boat. Find Folbe rod holders here.

netting a large salmon

Netting a large Sacramento River salmon with the Fishfighter Products rod holder extension in the foreground.

Additional benefits

As a bonus, I have a wider range of vertical rod positioning options (for flat-lining plugs I like rod tips quite low to the water). On my tiller steer outboard jet boat, I also added a 24” straight vertical rod holder extension to clear the height of the outboard. I can now run a center rod right over the big motor which helps fish an even trolling spread without jeopardizing that center rod which would otherwise be prone to damage by trying to run it too close to the outboard.

fishfighter products and large salmon

In the background you can see the 24″ Fishfighter Products rod holder extension.

The rod holder extensions are of superior quality; machined aluminum with a powder coat and machined accents to reduce weight and add to the aesthetics. As though thats not enough, they also come with a very user friendly quick release base. This whole system is pretty brilliant…pull a locking pin out and the entire riser is quickly removable. It slides back in and locks just as quickly. This is a great feature to keep your set up modular. It can also be beneficial when fighting a large fish such as salmon where you will be using an oversize net bag that tends to get hung up on literally everything; just remove the entire extension and rod holder setup for a clear rail to fight your fish. The rod holder extensions and quick release base even come with all of the required mounting hardware. I had everything I needed for the installation at my fingertips and did 5 mounts, extensions, and new Folbe rod holders in about 30 minutes.

The rod holder extensions come in 15 different combinations consisting of different height (vertical) and extension (lateral) lengths. On my jet boat I installed 2 of the 8”X14” for the bow and 2 of the 7”X8” for closer to the stern, and as I mentioned earlier, a 24” vertical extension for the actual stern rod. I’m planning on adding a few more different combinations to make my system even more modular and technique-specific.

netting a striper on the sacramento river

Netting a striper on the Sacramento River in between the Fishfighter Products rod holders.


Although I personally fish rivers most of the time, and have my boats rigged for such, I could certainly see the potential for using these rod holder extensions on boats geared for lake fishing, saltwater fishing, or on drift boats as well. Anyone that has to walk around an inboard dogbox for example, would probably benefit from and appreciate getting the rods further out of the tub and leaving you with more room.

reeling in a huge sacramento river salmon

Reeling in a huge Sacramento River salmon with the Fishfighter rod holder extension on the rail slider.

Fish Fighter Products also offer a myriad of other high quality fishing and boating accessories to help anglers get organized and maximize efficiency on the water from anchor systems, to fillet tables, and everything in between. You can check them out and order online at where their customer service and response times have been pretty exceptional. If you have any questions about our personal experience with these products, please contact us here.

Cannon® Downrigger Billet Lockable Knob by Fish Fighter™ Products
  • Needle Sharp
Needle Sharp

Needle Sharp

VMC® Needle Sharp™ is the very latest in premium point technology from VMC®, the result of a unique point-grinding process, chemically sharpened to perfection. The unique VMC® Needle Sharp™ ground needle point design combines maximum resistance and needle-sharp penetration for exceptional sharpness.


Lure / Rig Type(s): Metal Jigs / Assist Rigs

  • When the POWER is the key
  • A perfect match between Dyneema for flexibility (white braid) and kevlar for incredible abrasion resistance (red braid)

Technical Features

Hi-Carbon Steel

Hi-Carbon Steel

Carbon stabilizes iron during temperature changes. The higher the level of carbon, the stronger steel.

VMC® uses premium-quality high carbon steel to allow for a thinner hook with the highest quality point and durability.


TI - TinTI ‐ Tin

Available hook sizes and coatings may vary by geographic zone. Please contact your local distributor for more details of the exact range available in your country.


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Fish Fighter Products Tackle Tender

ByjohnonAugust 26, 2019inFishing


My first experience with Fish Fighter Products was at the Western Washington Sportsman’s Show this past January. I kept wandering over to their booth looking at all the product line. After many years in the fishing industry it takes something special to get me excited. Well I can say now that Fish Fighter Products is one of the new products that did just that.
The product line is not a rehash of other boat hardware accessory stuff, its new and extremely innovated. It is also the build from the best materials they can use. No short cuts with Fish Fighter Products you get the best from each top of the line product down to the provided bolts to mount it.
The first product that caught my eye was the Tackle Tender. Tyler Ross from Fish Fighter Products demoed the unit for me and I was hooked. I now have a set of sliding Base Rails, Tackle Tenders with Rod Risers holding my Scotty rod holders mounted on my new 27ft North River O/S.
The Tackle Tender does a great job of tending your gear. For those of you who downrigger or river troll a lot using rotating flasher or Fish Flash and cannon ball sinker you know managing all the tackle can be challenging. The Tackle tender keeps everything at the ready to fish and really helps prevent tangling. I really like the built-in rod holder feature. Now I travel with my rods in the Tackle Tenders and they don’t get a constant saltwater bath traveling in choppy water hanging in the rod holders outside of the boat.
They build the Tackle Tender from King Starboard marine grade plastic and aluminum so you know it will last for generations to come.
The company owner Chuck Ceccarelli worked extensively with their Pro Staff Fishing Guides Cody Herman from Day One Outdoors and Austin Moser with Austin’s Northwest Adventures in designing this product. These guys fish over 300 days a year and really know what works and what doesn’t.
The Fish Fighter Brand Tackle Tender is designed to firmly hold dodgers, all Flashers or Triangle Flashers from Yakima Bait Fish Flash, Pro Troll Flashers making deploying the gear after a run fast and easy. Salmon, trout or kokanee fishing there is a place in the tender for everything.
The Tackle Tender is just one of the many items that Fish Fighter Products produces. Their anchor systems and rod holders are just a few of the many products found on their web page.
I have now added the Fish Fighter Products CR Anchor and Anchor Nest to my 20ft North River Scout. Also, a course with Rod Risers and Tackle Tenders. There all top-quality products and a perfect fit for whatever style boat you fish out of.
One of the other things that totally impressed me with Fish Fighter Products is there is a manual and video on their web page for every product they produce. Who does that?
Stay tuned to the Salt Patrol YouTube channel for some upcoming videos on Fish Fighter Products in use or check out their web page at and customize your boat with Fish Fighter Products now.

More Info: Fish Fighter Products

Crossing the Columbia River Bar with Cody Herman


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