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Visitor Parking Locations

The visitor parking map shows where visitors can park on campus. Visitor spaces are available:

  • On the street 
  • In surface lots
  • In four of the five campus garages: Mowatt Lane Garage, Union Lane Garage, Stadium Drive Garage and Regents Drive Garage

Hours and Rates 

Hours: Visitor parking is enforced seven days a week from 7 a.m. to midnight, unless otherwise noted on the meter. With the exception of Labor Day, meters are not enforced on university-observed holidays. 


  • $3 per hour, with a $15 daily maximum if you park and pay after 7:30 a.m. 
  • Early bird daily maximum: $10 daily maximum if you park and pay before 7:30 a.m.

You can pay for visitor parking through the Parkmobile app in many visitor parking zones. 

Refunds: DOTS does not issue refunds or change for completed transactions.

Please report malfunctioning meters to the DOTS office by calling 301-314-3687 (4-DOTS). It is prohibited to park at a space with a malfunctioning meter. Money placed in a malfunctioning meter will not be refunded.

How to pay 

Pay Stations

Pay stations accept:

  • Cash, using $20 bills or smaller. Machines do not issue change.
  • Credit/debit card
  • Validation/pin codes  

You can also pay with the Parkmobile app in pay station areas. 

If you only need to park for 15 minutes or less at a pay station, you may park for free! You still must visit the pay station to enter your space number, but you will not be charged for your transaction.

UMD Pay Station

Using the Pay Station

  1. Park in any space in any pay station controlled area; signs will indicate such areas on campus.
  2. Look for your space number. This number will either be marked on the ground or on a metal plate on the wall in front of you. Make a note of the number; you will need to enter it at the station.
  3. Locate closest pay station.
  4. Press [OK] button to start.
  5. Select payment method (either cash/card or validation pin code).
  6. Enter your space number.
  7. Enter the amount of time.
  8. Insert payment (either cash/card or validation pin code).
  9. Take receipt.

Credit Card Meters

Credit card meters do no accept cash. Meter durations vary throughout campus and maximum hours (30 minutes, 2 hours, all day, etc.) are printed on each meter. 

UMD Credit Card Meter

for guests with disabilities

Visitors and vehicles displaying state-issued disabled parking identification may park in designated visitor spaces including those that are ADA accessible. Parking in campus lots that begin with a letter or number during restricted hours is not permitted. This includes accessible spaces. 


At individual metered spaces: Guests with disabilities may park at individual metered spaces for twice the amount of time listed on the meter OR four hours, whichever is shorter, and do NOT need to pay for parking during that time. 

At pay station spaces: Guests with disabilities may park at any visitor pay station space, including spaces that are marked as ADA accessible. Parking payment is required. 


If you are coming to campus for a special event and the existing visitor parking does not meet your needs, please contact the event coordinator to determine if additional arrangements have been made for disabled access.


UMD Parking: 9 Places for Visitors to Park On and Around Campus

With streets winding every which way around large buildings that all look the same, parking on a major college campus can be tricky – and finding visitor parking at the University of Maryland is no exception. The good news is that there are plenty of places for visitors to park at the University of Maryland, including a few off-campus options. You just have to know where to look.

On-Campus Visitor Parking Overview

Designated visitor parking on campus is available using digital pay stations in one surface lot and four parking garages.  A limited number of metered spaces are also located around campus, and many faculty and staff lots offer unrestricted parking during evening hours.

Unless otherwise noted, paid parking is enforced from 7:00 AM until midnight at a rate of $3/hour. Visitor parking on the UMD campus is managed via the ParkMobile app which provides meter expiration reminders and allows visitors to pay from a smartphone, regardless of their location.

Check out the campus map, which provides an overview of available parking spaces, garages, and lots as well as digital kiosks. (Note: visitor parking may not be available during special events. Always read posted signs before parking.)

Parking Spots

Parking fines and towing fees will put a damper on your UMD visit. So, before you hit the road, review your parking options, their hours of operation, and what they cost. Here are the 9 best places for visitors to park at the University of Maryland, both on and off campus.

1. Garage at The Hotel at the University of Maryland

The garage at The Hotel at the University of Maryland is the perfect place to park if you plan to spend the day exploring campus on foot or perhaps enjoying some libations at one of the many great places to grab a drink in College Park.

Location: 7720 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740

Cost: There are several options for parking within the Hotel at UMD Garage.

  • Valet – $24/day with full in/out privileges.
  • Self-parking for hotel guests: $16/day
  • Self-parking for non-guests: $7/hour for the first two hours, then a flat rate of $24 for anything longer.

Park here if you plan to:

Other Information:

2. Turner Hall Visitor Parking Lot

This is where you’ll park when you first arrive on campus. Pop into Turner Hall and stop by the Visitor Services Welcome Desk to grab a map and ask your questions about visiting the University of Maryland.

Location: 7746 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20742

Cost: $3/hour from 7:00 AM – Midnight

Park here if you plan to:

  • Take a self-guided tour of campus.
  • Sneak a peek at the historic Rossborough Inn.
  • Visit the Registrar’s office in the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Building.
  • Meet with a financial aid officer in the Lee Building.

3. Union Lane Garage

If you want to park in the middle of it all, the Union Lane Garage is where you’ll head. Its central location makes it a great place to park for anything from sporting events to study dates.

Location: 4170 Union Lane, College Park, MD 20742

Cost: $3/hour from 7:00 AM – Midnight

Park here if you plan to:

4. Stadium Drive Garage

As implied by the name, the Stadium Drive Garage is intended for use by those filling the stands at UMD sporting events. But its location makes it an ideal place for visitors to park on the UMD campus, sports fans or not.

Location: 4025 Stadium Drive, College Park, MD 20742

Cost: $3/hour from 7:00 AM – Midnight

Park here if you plan to:

Other Information

  • Prepaid visitor parking is available on evenings and weekends.

5. Mowatt Lane Garage

South campus is home to many academic buildings, student residences, and gorgeous green spaces. Getting to them from the Mowatt Lane Garage, with its entrance along the southern border of the UMD campus, couldn’t be easier.

Location: 7699 Mowatt Lane, College Park, MD 20742

Cost: $3/hour from 7:00 AM – Midnight

Park here if you plan to:

  • Audit a class at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.
  • Grab a bite at the South Campus Dining Hall.
  • Visit a friend at one of the many apartment buildings located on South campus.

Other Information:

  • The top floor of the garage contains its only designated visitor spaces.

6. Regents Drive Garage

One of the largest parking garages on campus is located smack dab in the middle of all UMD has to offer its visitors. From agriculture to history to outdoor plazas, so many attractions are easily accessible from the Regents Drive Garage.

Location: 8056 Regents Drive, College Park, MD 20742

Cost: $3/hour from 7:00 AM – Midnight

Park here if you plan to:

Other Information:

  • Visitor spaces are limited to those available on the fieldhouse drive entrance.

7. On-Campus Lots

All on-campus lots are restricted on weekdays between the hours of 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Outside of these times, many are available for free. UMD uses a variety of characteristics on parking signs to indicate restrictions. If you’re hoping to park in an unrestricted space after 4:00 PM, your best bet is to aim for lots that have black parking signage instead of red. Just don’t forget to move your vehicle before 7:00 AM. The Campus Parking Map details locations and restrictions for each lot.

8. Cambria Hotel Parking Garage

The Cambria Hotel is a great place to park while visiting a student who lives off campus, accessing the College Park Metro Station, or exploring the town of College Park, itself.

Location: 8321 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740

Cost: There are three price points at the Cambria Hotel garage.

  • Up to one hour: $6
  • Up to two hours: $8
  • Three hours or more: $12

Park here if you plan to:

  • Grab a cup of Vigilante Coffee.
  • Enjoy pho, tacos, Korean BBQ, sushi, or any of the other cuisine available along the Rt. 1 corridor in College Park.
  • Hike along the Paint Branch Trail.

9. Downtown CP Parking Garage

Another convenient garage located just off-campus, the Downtown Parking Garage is quite close to many University of Maryland attractions.

Location: Corner of Knox Road and Yale Avenue, College Park, MD 20740

Cost: $0.75/hour Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Park here if you plan to:

  • Meander through downtown College Park.
  • Take in the grand architecture of the houses along Fraternity Row.
  • Treat yourself to something delicious and decadent from Insomnia cookies.
  • Watch the UMD Marching Band practice at Chapel Field.

Other Information:

  • The parking garage features electronic pay stations which accept most forms of tender including coins, bills, and cards.

Stay at the Hotel at the University of Maryland During Your Visit

If you’re driving into town for more than a day, you’ll certainly need a place to stay. We’ve got you covered. The Hotel at the University of Maryland’s Drive and Stay package includes free parking for the night so you don’t have to worry about parking on the UMD campus. Our luxurious guest rooms leave little to be desired, and the indoor pool, grand Lobby Bar, business center, and top-notch concierge services round out the perfect UMD experience. Book your stay today!

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Do you need help navigating campus parking? This list of 10 tips will set you up for parking success. 

Purchase a parking permit

If you need to park on campus, we recommend you purchase a parking permit. If you live off campus and need to commute each day, you’ll want to purchase a commuter permit. Resident permits are available for students who live on campus. Overnight storage permits are available for students who live off-campus but need to store their vehicle on campus 24/7.

Park in your assigned lot 

This advice may seem simple (and it is), but if you park in your assigned lot, it takes away the guessing about where you can and can’t park. Don’t forget that your permit is valid for any section of your lot. For example, a Lot 1 permit is valid in Lot 1b, Lot 1c, Lot 1d and Lot 1f. Our campus map page is an excellent resource if you need to locate your lot. 

Know your overflow 

Did you know that your permit is valid in two lots? In addition to your assigned lot, your permit is valid in an overflow lot. For students, this is Lot 4. You may be directed to park in overflow if a special event or construction impacts your assigned lot. Pro tip: take the Shuttle-UM 105 Campus Parking Connector from stop 20 by Lot 4b to the center of campus.

Give yourself time to find a parking spot and get to class 

Parking on campus gets easier as everyone settles into their routine during the first month of classes. While you’re getting acclimated to your schedule, we recommend you factor time into your commute for parking and walking to your destination. Traffic on campus picks up during class changes, so try to arrive before or after this time if you can.

Don't leave your car with the flashers on

This is always tempting, especially if you are only going to be gone for a minute as you run into a building on campus. Instead, use the 15 minutes of free parking offered at any pay station area (you still have to enter your space at the pay station, it just won’t ask you to pay).

Observe overnight parking restrictions

Commuter students, this is especially important for you! Students with a commuter permit may not park in commuter lots from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. on weekdays. But don’t worry—there are options for those late weeknight study sessions. This overnight parking map highlights our overnight parking areas. Just make sure to move your vehicle back to your assigned lot by 7 a.m. the next morning when regular restrictions go into effect. Side note: overnight commuter parking restrictions are not enforced during finals week!

Commuter students who live off campus and require regular overnight parking should purchase an overnight storage parking permit. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Read the parking lot signs

Since some of our lots are free and unrestricted on evenings and weekends, we know that you’ll likely venture outside of your assigned lot during these times. Always read the lot sign before you park to make sure the lot is unrestricted for you. The following characteristics can help you identify lot type and characteristics: 

  • Black vs. Red. Lots with black signs are free between 4 p.m. and 7 a.m.. Red means restrictions: read these signs fully, as the restrictions will vary between lots. 
  • Letter or Number. Signs that begin with a letter are considered faculty/staff, regardless of the sub-number that follows. Signs that begin with numbers are considered student lots.

The text below the lot assignment number/letter indicates any special lot restrictions. During the times when a lot is restricted, it is only open to vehicles with permits for that lot.

You’ll also want to be mindful of special events or construction that might impact campus lots...more on this in the next two tips!

Pay attention to additional posted signage

You’re an expert in reading lot signs and you know your overnight parking options! Equipped with this new knowledge, you find the perfect parking space in a lot that’s unrestricted after 4 p.m. (black sign) and close to your evening campus destination. Then you notice additional, temporary posted signage. When lots are going to close for events or construction, these temporary signs are posted in the affected lot in advance to make everyone aware of the closure dates. Read these signs to ensure that you’re not parking in a lot that’s about to close.

Always read emails from DOTS

Temporary posted signage is one way we inform registrants about impending lot closures. We also email all permit holders with critical parking update information—so please don’t put us in your spam folder! We send emails to all our registrants when events, construction, etc. may affect their parking. Make sure the email associated with your parking registration is one you read regularly, and double check that the emails aren’t going to spam or any other folders automatically.

Set a reminder on your phone when you  need to move your vehicle

We’re so glad you’re reading our parking emails! We also bet that moving your vehicle is one of several things you’ve been asked to remember this week. If you have trouble recalling when you might need to move your vehicle for an event or construction, set a reminder on your phone. It’s quick, easy and will help you avoid running to move your car at the last minute.

More questions? You can email [email protected], call our office at 301-314-DOTS (3687) or reach out over our social media on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Parking at UMD

Understanding parking regulations

Parking regulations are critical for campus safety and for maintaining an orderly parking experience.

The parking regulations outline parking requirements and policies for everyone who parks their vehicles on campus. Our enforcement team monitors campus parking to make certain that motorists adhere to our parking regulations.

Occasionally, temporary parking restrictions are implemented to accommodate construction or campus events.

In these instances, temporary signage will be posted in the affected lot(s), and DOTS emails relevant permit holders with details and alternate parking options (if applicable). Make sure the email associated with your parking registration is one you read regularly, and double check that the emails aren’t going to spam or any other folders automatically.

It is the motorist’s responsibility to read, understand and adhere to parking regulations.

Our customer service team is available from 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday to answer questions you may have about our policies—we invite you to contact us.

  • Park in your assigned lot or overflow lot inside the two white control lines. Parking over the line in a space may prevent others from parking in adjacent spaces. 

  • Make sure your license plate is visible from the roadway, correctly bolted to your vehicle’s bumper(s). Vehicles without a license plate on the front should not back into parking spaces.   

  • Park only one registered vehicle in your assigned lot or overflow area at a time. 

  • Pay the pay station or meter if parked in visitor parking, and either move your vehicle before your time is up or add more time if you need to stay. If using ParkMobile, make sure your transaction goes through before you leave your vehicle. 

  • Follow special parking instructions indicated in DOTS email communications. 

  • Follow the restrictions indicated on temporary and permanent parking signage. 

Motorists are not exempt from receiving a parking citation if:

  • They are unaware of or choose to ignore parking regulations.

  • Their vehicle has broken down.

  • They can’t find a parking space in their preferred section of a lot. 

  • They have activated their hazard lights.

  • They were given incorrect parking information by a student, faculty member, department, etc. 


We encourage you to read our parking lot signage carefully, as they mark the boundaries of every parking lot on campus and outline lot restrictions. The following sign characteristics delineate the lot type and restrictions:

Special Restrictions

The text below the lot assignment number/letter indicates any special lot restrictions. During the times when a lot is restricted, it is only open to vehicles with permits for that lot.


If you plan to park on campus regularly, we recommend you purchase a parking permit to guarantee space. However, many campus lots are unrestricted after 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends. These lots are highlighted in green on our campus map.


There are exceptions to these free parking times and locations.

  • Commuter registrants may not park overnight Monday to Friday from 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. Students with commuter permits who need to occasionally park overnight should consult our overnight parking map. Commuter students who live off campus and require regular overnight parking should purchase an overnight storage parking permit. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • There may be times when these lots are restricted for special events, such as athletics games. In these cases, posted signage will indicate additional, temporary restrictions.

Do you need help navigating campus parking? This list of 10 tips will set you up for parking success.

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