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Queer Eye: 10 Best Bobby Memes

Queer Eye is one of Netflix's most fabulous original shows, and here are some memes to show Bobby Berk some much-needed appreciation.

Bobby is the unsung hero of Queer Eye, so here are our 10 favorite Bobby memes! Netflix's new Queer Eye just came back from Japan and is now gearing up for a fifth season, leaving many fans to wonder where the Fab Five will go next and whose lives they'll change. Of course, the real question is whether or not Bobby will finally get the recognition he deserves.

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Bobby Berk, who owned his own design firm before joining the Netflix show, is the Fab Five's design expert. While Tan revamps people's wardrobes, Antoni teaches them how to cook nutritious meals, Karamo helps them grow on the inside, and Jonathan gives them a hair and skin makeover, Bobby is busy remodeling their entire house with only minutes of screen time at best. Luckily, all of that hard work has resulted in some pretty fantastic memes, and here are 10 of the best ones.

10 Secrets

Bobby is a mysterious man. He holds many secrets, most of which are having to do with his superhuman renovation abilities. At this point, he has completely remodeled houses, apartments, church centers, offices, and teachers lounges, and he often only has a handful of days to complete his work. He doesn't seem too keen on revealing his secrets just yet, but he's got to crack at some point. Maybe he's a wizard.

9 Budgets

While Netflix seems to have the budget of a super villain, it can be pretty clear how the funds are distributed in Queer Eye, and that distribution is far from even. Tan finds a sensible place to buy nice clothes, Jonathan picks up some lotions and pomade from Walgreens, Karamo signs up for an intro session at a rock climbing gym, Antoni picks up some produce from the farmers market, and Bobby drops tens of thousands of dollars on a complete gut renovation project.

8 Three Day Job

Oh, and by the way, that huge renovation project that was mentioned needs to be done in about three days. Permits alone can take months to acquire for most people, depending on the local regulations, but Bobby manages to make the impossible possible in every episode.

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Is remodeling an entire house a three day job? It is for Bobby Berk. Forget Marvel and DC, Bobby is a true superhero.

7 One Good Look

Speaking of unsung heroes, therapists have it rough. They are basically the Bobbys of the mind, performing impossible renovations on people's feelings and emotional intelligence. Bobby's reaction, to what can only be assumed was a closed floor plan apartment with egg shell paint, is probably similar to the reactions of therapists as they peer into the minds of today's meme and pop culture-obsessed youth.

6 Antoni Gets All the Glory

Every single member of the Fab Five deserves every bit of credit that they get. They do amazing work and have helped their many heroes, as well as their millions of fans. That being said, Bobby could sure use some more love. The guy works his fingers to the bones and tends to kind of get snubbed when it comes to actual screen time. We love Antoni to death, but maybe the avocado slicing could be cut short every once in a while to make room for home building.

5 A Brand New House

There's a reason most of these memes have to do with how much work Bobby does. It's because it's true. Granted, he may have help from a team of fellow professionals, but credit needs to be given where credit is due. Bobby is over their hauling lumber, converting entire floor plans for wheelchair accessibility, and creating style from nothing, while everyone else is shopping and shooting the breeze.

4 Sectionals

The "slaps roof" meme has yet to grow old, as is evident in this example of why Bobby is in charge of the home renovations. Not only is he giving people a more functional and stylish home to live in, but he's improving their social life and mental health by giving them more opportunities to entertain and relax with friends.

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Love seats can be a bit too intimate when chilling with friends, but sectionals can fit plenty of friends comfortably without invading each other's personal space.

3 Putting Up Drywall

It almost hurts to see how accurate this description of Queer Eye is. Four of the Fab Five look like they're having a blast doing what they do. They make jokes, they shop, they laugh, they cry, they eat snacks, they go on adventures. Meanwhile, Bobby is left at home to put up drywall, among other things. Granted, he looks like he's having a blast too, and he's doing what he loves, so he's probably not complaining.

2 Left On Read

Some people just don't seem to understand texting etiquette. Leaving someone "on read" has become one of the most brutal things someone can do to another human being. This is where someone receives a text message, reads it, and doesn't respond. The sender is then left staring at their sent message, with the little "read at this time" note attached to it as a constant reminder that the person they sent that text to doesn't love them. That might be a bit (or perhaps extremely) melodramatic, though, especially in the case of being "left on read" by Bobby, because he's probably busy building an entire house with his mysterious house-building super powers.

1 Fairy Dust

And just like that, Bobby reveals his secrets. After years of homes, office spaces, community centers, and everything in between being completely renovated in a matter of days with more style than most people can even dream of, the truth is out for the world to see. Was it hard work and determination? Was it a dedicated staff of trained professionals? Was it the bottomless pit that is Netflix's budget? Nope, it was fairy dust the whole time.

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10 Best Queer Eye Memes

When Netflix brought back Queer Eye in 2018, the heartwarming reality series was a huge hit once again. Most shows that are part of that genre wouldn't be described as sweet or compassionate or wonderful, but this show definitely can be. The Fab Five gives someone a makeover in each episode, and the results are so endearing that it's impossible not to tear up.

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Since the show is so popular, there are tons of awesome memes that focus on funny quotes or the unique personality traits of each cast member. Here are 10 of the best Queer Eye memes.

10 Jonathan Is Super Wise

Jonathan Van Ness is Queer Eye's grooming expert, and he has so many words of wisdom throughout the show. While he's giving someone a physical makeover in each episode and helping them get a new hairstyle and teaching them which products to use, he's really teaching them how to love themselves.

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This meme is the perfect example of something wise that Jonathan has said about self-care and taking moments out of each day to groom yourself.

9 Time For Food

This funny, awesome meme is from the season one episode "Saving Sasquatch" where the Fab Five give Neal a makeover. He's a cool guy who actually loves to cook, but he just hasn't been into it lately, so he's the perfect person to get inspired by Antoni Porowski to spend time in the kitchen again.

Everyone can relate to this Queer Eye meme. Who hasn't gone to a restaurant super hungry, ordered right away, and just sat there waiting for food that never seemed to get there? And then, once the food gets there, you're basically grunting just like Antoni and Neal.

8 That's A Lot Of Eggs

This meme is based on a quote from the second season, and it brings up one of the best parts of Queer Eye: the hilarious statements that The Fab Five say on camera.

While of course this is a makeover show, it's also a series that focuses on five cast members who get along really well and have a lot of fun together. It's great to watch the behind-the-scenes moments, like when Jonathan talks about making an omelet with way too many eggs.

7 We Love This

Sometimes a meme comes along that is so incredibly true that fans can't even believe it, and that's totally the case with this Queer Eye meme. Have truer words ever been spoken about each member of The Fab Five?

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This is definitely what each of them is really thinking when giving someone advice in each episode. Antoni's statement is particularly great. So many of us love coffee and drink a ton of it (perhaps too much)... but do we really know how to cook and nourish ourselves?

6 Guac Is The Best

Is there anything better than some chips and guac? What about basking in the glory and satisfaction of knowing that you made your own guacamole?

That's what Antoni is trying to help Tom achieve in the first episode, and that's why this meme is so awesome. Not everyone on the Internet loves this guac recipe, as Antoni uses Greek yogurt, but let's ignore that and focus on the fact that this dip is always going to be a delicious idea. The food expert wants Tom to be able to make a nice meal (guac included) for the love his life, Abby, aka the one who got away. It works and they reconnect... although, tragically, Tom said in early September 2019 that he and Abby broke up.

5 Try Not To Cry

Queer Eye is one of those shows that people definitely hear about before they start watching. Maybe a friend, family member or coworker is constantly bringing it up, saying that everyone absolutely has to see it.

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They talk about getting super emotional while watching, and you think, "Yeah, sure. I'm not really a crier, though, so that probably won't happen to me." Well, just try not to cry while watching this show. Chances are, you're going to be bawling your eyes through every episode, at least a few times.

4 Hmmm...

Okay, we know this isn't really what happened, but who hasn't had the exact same thought while watching a makeover show?

Of course, the fact that people often look so different means that The Fab Five are so great at their jobs. They know exactly what each person needs in order to look and feel their best, and they always deliver.

3 Make An Effort

Queer Eye's fashion expert is Tan France, and he has some really amazing insights into the subject, like in these quotes that someone turned into a perfect meme.

Tan is exactly right: wanting to wear nice clothing and look good is definitely important, and it does have a huge impact on your level of success. Let's remember this meme when we need some daily inspiration and motivation.

2 This Meme Sums Up The Show

Even if you just watch one episode of Queer Eye on Netflix, you can see that this meme sums the show up completely.

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The points about Antoni and Jonathan are particularly good. Based on the guac scene, it really does seem like Antoni wants to teach people to make dip (but, hey, dip-making is an important skill to have), and Jonathan wants more people to wash their face.

1 Bathroom Woes

Jonathan says really funny things in every single episode of Queer Eye, so there could be tons and tons of memes featuring his best quotes. This one is particularly amazing since it's one of the most spot-on things that he's said.

This meme is also based on the season one episode about Neal. We love that Jonathan didn't simply say that the bathroom is dirty or gross or anything along those lines. He goes one step further and makes a really smart analogy. We're always here for Jonathan and Queer Eye in general, and we can't wait for more great episodes.

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15 Memes You'll Only Understand If 'Queer Eye' Makes You Cry Every Time

23 February 2018, 14:20 | Updated: 26 June 2018, 09:57

Queer eye asset
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Queer Eye saved 2018. FACTS ONLY.

Netflix's 2018 reboot of the mid-00s cultural phenomenon, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy is giving people a lot of feelings. If you're not familiar, five gay men visit the home of a dude who has been "nominated" to receive a life overhaul from the fab 5. 

But it's not your average makeover show. People are getting seriously emotional at how wholesome and uplifting Queer Eye is and the collective tears will not stop flowing. 

1) Each guy has a super important role to play. 


2) And it's safe to say none of us expected we would become SO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED in every person on screen.


3) Karamo and Tan just wrap you in a cocoon of positivity and light and it's so damn pure.


4) We also live for Jonathan hyping up the guys during their hair/beard cuts and building up their confidence!!


5) They get it.



6) The fact that it only had 8 episodes feels like a wrong that NEEDS overcorrection.


7) And the crying...


8) There are A LOT of tears.


9) It's just part of the experience.


10) Okay, but did anyone else find this randomly inspiring?


11) Finding out AJ and Andre are engaged 100% made your heart SOAR.

12) Jonathan and Bobby unpacking harmful and reductive stereotypes with compassion and patience was AN IMPORTANT LEARNING MOMENT FOR TOM.

13) me: *in my bedroom at 2 am, tears streaming down my face, watching Queer Eye and chanting* "FRIENDSHIP! FRIENDSHIP! FRIENDSHIP!"


14) Bobby is everyone who loves rules.


15) 100%


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