14mm downstem

SUNDOWN Invincipole- Orange 18mm/14mm Downstem

Sundown Invincipole - Orange 18MM/144MM


Your search for the perfect 18mm downstem to complement your Invincibowl is over. The Sundown Invincipole creates a smoother hit, with a stunning orange color that mimics sunlight as it descends on the horizon. This filtered downstem will make your next smoke session far smoother.

Lasting Quality

The Sundown Invincipole is an 18/14mm downstem crafted from sturdy, aerospace-grade aluminum. Engineered with telescoping technology that will fit nearly any bong on the market, the Invincipole is a game-changer. The hard anodized coating also maintains a premium appearance: it flaunts a bright orange color, reduces wear, and offers a chemically inert surface. 

Just like the Invincibowl, this piece is shatterproof. Stop wasting money on subpar products. Join the Invincibowl family and never clean up broken glass again!

A Smoother Smoking Experience

The integrated screen in the Invincipole makes for highly effective ash catching. Combining this downstem with the Invincibowl, featuring its integrated screen, means virtually no ash gets into the water. This expandable downstem creates a smoother smoking experience down to the internal O-ring seals which direct airflow.

The Invincipole is also easy to clean with quick disassembly. All you need to clean this 18mm downstem is isopropyl alcohol and salt.

Additional information

Weight2.5 oz
Dimensions4.75 × 1 × 1 in


Sours: https://invincibowl.com/product/sundown-invincipole-14mm-downstem/


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  2. Darkwave clothing
  3. Kawaii cat wallpaper



Downstem 14mm



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