Capricorn horoscope 2020 susan miller

Capricorn horoscope 2020 susan miller DEFAULT

Capricorn: Refocusing Your Intensity

Capricorn is one sign that enjoys working, and when faced with stress, their instincts tell them to work harder, longer and with more focused intensity. Your ruler, Saturn, causes you to take responsibility to heart. You value practical and realistic solutions, and having a cardinal quality, you like to get on with things. Certainly, you are action-oriented. Yet while tap-dancing faster can make you feel better, the danger is that you can get so lost in busywork that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Just be sure what you are working on so intently is worthy of that amazing Capricorn output! Also, if your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend keeps complaining that you’re never around anymore–that’s a sign to rethink your schedule.

Capricorn is an earth sign, so you would probably enjoy taking a breather in the mountains more than at a seaside setting. A day of hiking, mountain climbing or exploring caves would make a new person out of you. Play a game of touch football or start a softball team with your pals (Capricorn rules teamwork), but be sure to bandage that trick knee of yours, the part of the body that gives Capricorns physical stress.

You are quite a social animal (which is why you eventually rise to the top of your field) but you don’t like hanging out in rundown or cheap places. So when you book a lunch with an friend choose a restaurant in a club, or has a club-type aura, complete with wood paneling and fireplaces. The goat also likes heights, so a restaurant with a view is just your speed, but be sure it has a calm atmosphere. Be determined to talk about general things–not all lunches have to be major negotiations! Sports with social twist are good too, so you might think about taking up tennis or golf.

Most Capricorns like to play the stock market and make investing a hobby. Give yourself some time off to hear a lecture by an expert, surf the net for interesting financial sites, check out cable stations for good shows which tackle investments in depth. Other Capricorns might like collecting rare coins or stamps (or start a collection of new ones).

Since Capricorn likes history, you can relax in front of the Discovery Channel, check out the natural history museum or visit the historical society museum of your city. Many Capricorns enjoy browsing antiques. Auctions are another good bet, and even if you don’t bid, you’ll have fun fingering the valuable objects and documents–objects that are usually under glass in museums! Don’t expect to chill out immediately. It may take weeks of vigorous fun to loosen you up!

Most Capricorns are close to one parent (while Gemini rules siblings, Capricorn rules parents). If this is true for you, tying flies with Dad in the workshop, or keeping Mom company in the kitchen as she makes an apple pie for you could be so wonderful. After all, they know you very well. You may be amazed how they say something which “hits home” and helps you out of a current jam.

Finally, renting a funny movie–either a new release or a golden oldie–could also be the best medicine. Other ways to tickle your funny bone would be to check out funny sites on the web like cartoon Dilbert ( or click into Comedy Central on cable. Tell a few jokes to your friends (if you can’t remember any good ones, go to a comedy club and crib a few for friends and family.) Hang out with a witty, funny friend–or a dimwitted friend (you’ll be the star).


Astrologer Susan Miller shares her 2020 forecast for your career

Millions of readers flock to each month to learn what the stars have in mind for them in the ensuing days and weeks—and dozens of people did the same at a recent WeWork Now event in New York City with famed astrologist Susan Miller. 

Miller, who has been an astrologist for nearly 25 years, learned her craft from her mother, another stargazer. An accident in Miller’s early teen years led to temporary paralysis, extensive surgeries, rehabilitation, and the constant uncertainty about her ability to walk again. That concern, in turn, led to a personal interest in astrology and 12 years of study under her mother, who “finally relented” in teaching her the craft. 

As someone who sought answers to major life-defining questions from a young age, Miller understands the draw that horoscopes and astrology can have. Still, she urged the WeWork Now audience to be active participants in their own existences rather than wait passively for portents from the heavens.

“It’s so funny when people say, ‘Well, nothing happened.’ I say, ‘Well, did you leave the house?’” she related. “Astrology is not destiny. You have to do something. You have to take a chance. You have to try.”

Before a spirited Q&A session in which she addressed money concerns, love triangles, and quarter-life crises, Miller gave a rundown of major celestial activity happening now through the end of 2020. Her talk ranged from the impact of dreaded eclipses to fortuitous alignments on our lives, with a particular emphasis on work so that others could arm themselves with information (however distant). 

Ahead, read on for some of the major astrological activity ahead and what it means for you and your work.

Jupiter in Capricorn

On Dec. 2, 2019, Jupiter will enter Capricorn for the first time since 2008, boding well for the ram and its fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo. 

“If you’re an earth sign, you’re sitting pretty next year,” Miller says. “It’s about time because they’ve been through the meat grinder, but the universe is making a correction.” 

Capricorn, a “celestial favorite” of 2020, will see its talents with money come into play. Those in Caps’ employ would do well to appeal to their managers’ pragmatic nature, pointing out the business cases for ideas and backing up those details with stats. 

“If you’re meeting with a Capricorn, you have to be very ‘Just the facts, ma’am.’ They don’t want the vision; they just want a deadline or a budget or how many crew members you need, so start with that,” Miller says. “They are interested in the idea—but they’re also interested in the money it’ll cost, so you have to be realistic.”

Mars goes retrograde

Mars goes retrograde from September 9 to November 13, 2020—and Mercury follows suit right after—meaning any new commitments you make could face an uphill battle. 

“Mars [typically] takes two days to go one degree, [but] when he’s retrograde, he takes 12 days—that’s why you feel like you’re stuck in glue,” Miller says. “You don’t want to do important things when Mars is retrograde.” 

The caveat: Retrogrades are excellent times to go back to existing things, so if you pitched an old idea that was well received but never took off (lack of funding, for example), the upcoming retrograde would be a good time to revisit it. 

“Take it off the shelf, dust it off, and say, ‘Let’s see if we can make a go of it now,’” Miller suggests. “If you’re in sales, go back to old clients. Thank them! Take them to lunch. They believe in you—and sometimes you can think of new things to do together.”

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto convene

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will be a package deal in Aquarius from March to December 2020. The grouping is a hallmark occasion, as Jupiter and Saturn only met in earth signs over the past 200 years. 

“Now, for the next 200 years, [they’re] going to be in air signs—Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra,” Miller says. “We’re standing at the precipice between the old and the new: the true Age of Aquarius.” The shift portends an evolution in thinking, advancement, creativity, and public discussion—so dust off your bold-thinking cap.

Judith Ohikuare is a freelance writer and the development manager at NY Writers Coalition, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that provides free creative-writing workshops for underserved communities in New York City. She previously worked at Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, and Inc., and served as an editorial fellow at The Atlantic.

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CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

The Mountain Goat symbolizes your sign, for you are able to ascend to the highest peaks, starting from the depths of the sea. As the path narrows and you approach the pinnacle, you pass other small animals and turtles that have given up, lying on their backs with their little legs in the air. You are the only animal able to continue on the climb, as your surefootedness will not forsake you on the exceedingly ever-narrower path as you rise above the tree line and enjoy the rarified air at the top.

You are highly ambitious, especially when it comes to your career, and as an adjunct to that, you carefully protect your reputation. Your ruler is Saturn, the planet that governs rock, bone, structure, firm foundations, hierarchy, and even the concept of time—all elements you value. You seem near-obsessed with using time to maximum advantage, and you may often feel you are running out of time. Many Capricorns live their lives backward, with heavy responsibility thrust on them early in life, possibly as young children charged with taking care of smaller ones. As you age—and Capricorns are considered the centenarians among us, often living to well over 100—you will become younger and more carefree in your interests and your approach to finding fun in your free time.

Unlike Aries, who usually needs to be self-employed to succeed, you do well in behemoth, multi-national companies where the next position above you will be clear and well defined. You can easily aim for that role.

Capricorn is a big-money sign, so you tend to be asked to oversee a responsible financial role. Your trustworthiness and sensible, practical wisdom make you a perfect choice. If anyone wanted someone to hold his or her wallet for several hours (or years), you would be the one to choose, as every dollar would be in that wallet when the person returned. If finance does not interest you, you would do well in industries that deal with items of value of the past like antiques, landmark homes, old stamps, historical autographs, gold and other bullion, as well as estate jewelry, as examples.

When you marry, you marry for life. Saturn, your ruler, teaches you to make long-term commitments and plans, and with a partner, you will work to build a life that will be bigger than any you could have built alone. You value stability more than any other quality and tend to look for a partner who will be a good provider so that finances won’t be a problem for your future family. This is your practical side speaking—you are not about to run to Las Vegas to marry an artist who has never sold a painting or a poem.

It may surprise you to know that some of our greatest comics are Capricorns, mainly because Saturn, your serious ruler, makes you joke about subjects we all care about quite deeply. Experts say we cannot laugh about matters that we don’t care about and hold dear. Capricorn is not afraid to confront the serious side of life and then poke a little fun at it.

Family tradition is very important to you, and you wouldn’t think of not marking the moment with a wonderful celebration for birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions. You are also careful to attend your children’s recitals and parent-teacher conferences. If a relative or friend is seriously ill, you will show your exceptional talent by bringing consistent comfort and cheer to that person. Those around you appreciate your quiet, polite, patient demeanor and the way you are able to keep your emotions even-keeled, no matter what life events are tossed at you.

Your clothing choices almost always veer toward beautiful, classically cut designs in neutral colors. You favor natural fabrics of wool, cashmere, fine cotton, silk of all kinds, and other such fibers. You love cream, milkshake white, chocolate brown, caramel, butterscotch, and old standbys of camel, black, and navy. You don’t like to think too much when getting dressed in the morning—you need preselected outfits that work like uniforms, add to your authority, and provide comfort and mobility as you go through your day. Your handbag is usually large, more of a tote than a purse, to handle your many papers and folders and created by a name designer.

People meeting you for the first time may assume you are from a pedigree family as you remain elegantly serene, even when under stress, and use your sharp sense of realism and objectivity to solve the problem at hand. No matter how busy your schedule, you find time for family, and you may also find time for community service, charity, or humanitarian concerns. This simply gives further credence to the saying, “If you want something done right and reliably, go to a busy person.” That’s you, dear Capricorn, and everyone marvels at you and is inspired by you.

CAPRICORN - An INVITATION from the UNIVERSE! Your BEST MONTH To Date! November 2021 Tarot Reading

Capricorn Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

As a Capricorn, you always want to see growth and strive to be the best you can be, and in truth, never more than now. You may want to travel in early September before your work life gets busy—and as you will see in your report, it sure will show plenty of activity and bring news soon—so if you can take a trip out of town, go.

The month starts with a sweet new moon in Virgo, 15 degrees, your solar ninth house of distant travel, international relationships, and higher learning, which points to college or graduate school. You might be going back to in-person learning on campus and taking a flight to register and get organized in your dorm. Alternatively, if you travel, it appears even more likely you will go to finalize a business deal. I can’t see your entire chart, so if you say you are to travel for pleasure, then it would likely be to a mountainous, verdant green setting.

This ninth house rules the media—publishing and broadcasting—so if you work in communications, you may produce a great segment or write an important story. On the other hand, if you have done something special and noteworthy, you may be the subject of the story and sit for an interview. Legal matters are favored too, so if you want to file for a trademark or copyright, apply for a patent, or start a legal action, you have the best time to do so now.

The Sun and new moon of September 6 in Virgo will receive a stunningly happy, electric beam from Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected. This is great! It looks like one of the topics ruled by your solar ninth house—travel, higher education, the media, or legal matters—will bring welcome news and a lucky break to thrill you.

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Miller susan horoscope capricorn 2020

The Capricorn Man: December 22 – January 19

When Henry Kissinger said “Power is the greatest aphrodisiac” he sounded like a Capricorn, even though he isn’t (he’s Gemini). Your Capricorn lover is highly ambitious and very hardworking, so be prepared to endure some nights alone while he stays late at the office. All those long hours, however, will pay off, and your future lifestyle together is likely to be mighty interesting. Capricorns tend to achieve positions of power and surround themselves with highly successful friends and associates. Unlike Aries who needs to own his own business, Capricorn likes working as part of the team in large corporations and usually climbs up through the ranks there. The Capricorn man is excellent with finances so chances are money will never be a problem with him.

Your challenge:

Your man likes successful women, and will say to himself, “Can I introduce her to my boss?” You will have to reassure him he can, and further, that you’ll actually improve his career prospects. (The higher he goes, the more his significant other will count.)

How To Handle Him

In love, your Capricorn man’s most enduring quality is his unexpected, silly sense of humor. This is such a different side of his ambitious and driven personality that it will catch you off guard. Don’t ever be afraid to laugh in bed, for you will endear yourself to Mr. Capricorn forever. Lovemaking does not have to be serious all the time.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Capricorns are status conscious, so when choosing a gift, be sure to chose something from a fine retailer. Alternatively, Capricorn rules history, so an antique gold coin, rare letter autographed by an American president or a best seller on an historical subject would be terrific.

When taking him to dinner, suggest that you meet at his college club, country club or even the Republican Club (my apologies to Caps who are Democrats–I’m just trying to make a point). Or choose a fine, established restaurant that looks like a club, with wood paneling and a low-key, moneyed ambiance. Eating chicken and peas doesn’t bother him–he is used to it from all the industry dinners he regularly attends.

Since he wants a Grace Kelly-type rich girl, beg, borrow or rent a luxurious mink coat (he has no qualms about you wearing fur like Aquarius does). Wear it securely closed with nothing on underneath but your finest jewelry, lacy bra, panties and garter belt with lace top black stockings. Of course you will want to apply your most elegant and sophisticated makeup. Carry a proper handbag, and wear your darkest and most glamorous sunglasses. Don’t forget your stiletto heels, of course–this is no time for sensible shoes. Hail a cab to where he works (he is happy there and in his element) and, walking into his office unannounced, close the door purposefully (you’ve told his secretary to hold all calls). Whether you leave the blinds up or down is up to you, but be sure to play out his greatest fantasies. He will never forget this day!

CAPRICORN September 2021 - Astrology Horoscope Forecast

Capricorn Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your chart is lit up as brightly as Time Square on New Year’s Eve, indicating you are due to receive enormous career success. Rarely have I seen planets line up so perfectly for you. You will start to see a glorious trend in action starting with the new moon, October 6, which will appear in Libra at 13 degrees in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. You may change jobs this month, either through a promotion or by accepting an offer from a competitive firm. If you do move jobs, your chart is shining so brightly that you are likely to increase your power and influence in your industry.

Let’s look closer. You will have a crown of stars at the very pinnacle point in your chart (where the number 12 would appear on the face of a clock). Accompanying the new moon will be the Sun, Mercury, and Mars. That’s a lot of planetary energy lined up to help you get ahead! Just as importantly, Saturn, currently based in your second house of earned income, will set up a direct link from your salary sector to the new moon, Sun, and Mars, all in your most prestigious career sector. Let’s not forget that Saturn is your ruling planet, which automatically gives Saturn more weight in a Capricorn’s chart than in other signs’ charts. You have extraordinary cosmic help for professional interests, dear Capricorn.

In the days and weeks that follow October 6, Saturn will likely see that you are well compensated for your efforts, acknowledging your recent contributions to the firm. This year, 2021, was meant to be your year of abundance and reward. That comes thanks to Jupiter’s presence in the same area as Saturn, your second house of earned income. Saturn will remain in this area another year, through 2022, but you will lose Jupiter on December 28, not to return for more than a decade. October will be your best month to make money. Do your research, ask questions, and set your deal between October 20 and October 31.

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