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Elite Dangerous: Commander Premium Edition

Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic, bringing gaming’s original open world adventure to the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narrative and the entirety of the Milky Way recreated at its full galactic proportions. And, for the first time, in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey you’ll experience what it’s like to disembark your ship, taking on new missions and exploring settlements and planets on foot.

  • Elite Dangerous

    Take control of your own starship in a cutthroat galaxy. Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic.

  • Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

    Disembark, Commander, and leave your mark on the galaxy. Explore distant worlds on foot and expand the frontier of known space.

  • Elite Dangerous: Odyssey OST

    Immerse yourself in the incredible sounds of Frontier’s Elite Dangerous: Odyssey with this grand collection of tracks.

Sours: https://www.elitedangerous.com/buy

The "Extras" are a small group of dedicated background simulation pilots flying since 3301. Since 3302, we have supported the Extra Corporation PMF and have dedicated ourselves to trade and adhering to Imperial Law.

Like many player groups, we chose a government type we were interested in for reasons of our own. Now that 4 years have been invested in developing these stations, we have been invaded by Lavigny's Legion and war has been declared on us by ALD and supporters from Patreaus and Torval.

Smuggling, thievery, murder and undermining are now rampant throughout the systems we operate in, committed almost entirely by Patronage/Feudal factions.

For all dedicated player groups who find themselves in a similar situation, we have recently joined "The Unfavorables", a leaderless Imperial alliance dedicated purely to reducing crime within Imperial Space and secondarily offering a check upon the needless intolerance of the current High Command which only serves to fracture the Greater Imperial Cause.

To the many supporters we have out there, we hope to properly thank you someday. To those who believe small, dedicated player groups who are lawful should be supported within Imperial space, please support the Extra Corporation in the 57 systems we have presence within.

Supporting ExtraCorp is easy and can be done in several ways:
1. Conduct profitable trade with stations we operate especially during public holidays and investment states. A list of ExtraCorp stations can be found here: ExtraCorp
2. Bounty hunt in systems ExtraCorp controls to reduce crime and smuggling. Turn in E-Corp bounties in any system E-Corp is present in.
3. Participate in our Elections and Wars to assist us in prevailing in the conflicts triggered by our enemy.
4. Complete legal missions for ExtraCorp. Our source & return and delivery missions pay far more than average due to the dedication we've shown to our PMF over these many years.

With your assistance we can prevail and send a message that Elite is for more than just PowerPlay and that Imperials should not oppress their own player groups or they'll be left alone in a galaxy devoid of life and energy.


Sours: https://inara.cz/wing/852/
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Livery consists of cosmetic items for Ships, Ship-Launched Fighters, and SRVs. Livery items can be purchased with ARX from the in-game Elite Dangerous Store, and added or removed via the Livery menu, which can be accessed from the game's main menu or at any Station with Outfitting services. Available Livery items include decals, paintjobs, dashboard ornaments, ship kits, engine and weapon colours, name plates, and cockpit voice UI options. Livery items are purely visual, and do not alter ship performance or specifications in any way. New items are typically added to the Store every Friday.


Not all Livery options are available for all vehicles. The table below identifies vehicles that are incompatible with certain Livery options.

Livery Option Incompatible Vehicles
Cockpit Customisation F63 Condor, Gu-97, Scarab, Taipan, XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, XG9 Lance
Decals None
Engine Colours Scarab
Name Plates F63 Condor, Gu-97, Scarab, Taipan, XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, XG9 Lance
Paintjobs XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, XG9 Lance
Ship Kits F63 Condor, Gu-97, Scarab, Taipan, XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, XG9 Lance
Weapon Colours None

Note that Fleet Carriers are not factored into this table because they have their own specific Livery options. Name Plates are the only Livery item that is compatible with both standard ships and Fleet Carriers.


Decals are icons, emblems, and logos that can be placed on up to three predetermined locations on a ship's hull. Each slot can be equipped with a different decal, and decal colours automatically change to suit the ship's paintjob. Decals from the Store cost between 50 and 150 ARX, but a number of decals can be earned or acquired for free during gameplay.

Pilots Federation rank decals

The Pilots Federation decals[1] are earned through gameplay. There are three types: Combat, Trade, and Exploration. As a CMDR achieves a higher rank in one of the three fields, they will earn the corresponding decal. There are a total of 8 decals per field (there are no decals for the beginner rank in each).

A Triple Elite decal, unlocked by reaching Elite in all three categories, was added in Chapter Four (3.3) of Elite Dangerous: Beyond.[2]


Combat Elite decal


Trade Elite decal


Explorer Elite decal

Triple Elite decal

Triple Elite decal

Beginning on March 29, 2018, exclusive decals were implemented as a reward for participation in select Community Goals. Community Goals featuring decals as a reward are planned to take place once per month. Some CGs will be competitive in nature and only give the decal to players who back the winning side, while cooperative CGs will offer the decal to everyone who contributes above a certain threshold. Higher reward tiers offer additional colors of the decal. Typically, the Top 75% rewards the standard version of the decal, Top 50% rewards a bronze decal, Top 25% rewards a silver decal, and Top 10% rewards a gold decal.[3] On some occasions, "Emissive" variants of decals are offered as top-tier rewards.[4][5]

Decals can be offered more than once; for example, the Bounty Hunting Decal was first made available in a bounty hunting CG in Vadimo held the week of April 26, 2018, but returned as a reward for a bounty hunting CG in Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 held the week of June 21, 2018.

CG Decal Ross 310

Combat Zone Decal

CG Decal Vadimo BH

Bounty Hunting Decal

Sours: https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Livery
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 8 - Incoming Features


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