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Wow! I'm in love, Dollskill has the coolest online store that I've seen in a long time. So many things to choose from, my wish list is in the 100'& of corse I've already order many items & very happy with every piece including the fit of my items also their messages & replies are so personable, totally friendly & quick! It feels like I'm talking to a girlfriend. Thanks Dollskill for all you do & what you represent. Your one of a kind. Rock on your my fav Heather

Tip for consumers:
I can’t think of any tips for Dollskill made it easy to access their site & to shop & purchase the items. Shipping was fast & I receive text messages from them in which I think is great. It’s easy & message replies are friendly & makes you feel like your one in one. I’m so impressed. I’ve never done reviews for except my beauty box subscription, never clothes. It’s just fabulous

Products used:
I used/wore everything I order , from my dress, sweaters, tops& shoes. Love them all. One of a kind & no one in my city ( of Michigan City,In.) has what I bought, unless they shopped at Dollskill lol. I’ll definitely tell my friends.


Shopping for lingerie online can be a nerve-wracking experience, regardless of your age, body type, sexuality, or personal style. From fit to feel, the right lingerie helps flatter and accentuate all your favorite features, but figuring out which shapes and sizes suit you the best can be a challenge, especially when you're not trying things on inside a store.

They say the clothes make the person, but we think it's what's underneath—including the bras, underwear, and lingerie—that really counts, because when you feel confident in your own skin, you can take on the world. So, whether you’re flaunting your stuff in front of a partner or just modeling in your bedroom mirror and singing along to some Lizzo, you don't need to dress to the nines to feel like a dime. Here are 20 of the best places to buy lingerie online that can help you feel incredible, no matter what.

1. Savage x Fenty

Our favorites:Strap Up Lace Bralette—$39.96 and Strap Up Lace G-String—$22.95
Sizes: A-DDD, XS-3X
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:30 days, extended to 90 days due to COVID-19

Rihanna’s sultry lingerie line garnered tremendous acclaim when it debuted because of its emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. From sexy bralettes to bustiers, garters, bodysuits, and other lingerie items, Savage x Fenty was designed to flatter all body types and can be a scintillating way to add a little something extra to your date night plans.

While you can now purchase things directly from the site for full price, if you sign up for an XTRA VIP membership, which costs $49.95 per month, you get credits, which you can redeem toward new styles every month (or save, as they never expire), and you can also save up to 25% on every item included in your order. To get started, first you have to take a style quiz, which will help match you with the right looks to suit your flow. While the company has been in and out of the news because of problems with membership fees, they're recently revamped the process, so you can skip a month of membership fees or cancel at anytime. You can also shop Savage x Fenty at Amazon. You’ll pay more on the bras and lingerie compared to what’s on the Savage x Fenty site, but you won’t have to worry about dealing with any membership fees.

2. Adore Me

Our favorite:Yolandi Baby Doll—$49.95
Sizes: A-G, XS-4X
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:30 days, plus a $5.95 restocking fee for each returned lingerie set

Adore Me is one of the most popular places to shop for lingerie online for bras and panties, especially for shoppers who don’t want to spend a fortune. Their bra sizes usually range from 30A to 46G in most styles, so it's inclusive to most body types. Don’t feel like going through the trouble of picking out the lingerie yourself? For $49.95 a month, you can get a curated box of lingerie delivered at home with sets ranging from bras, panties, lingerie, and more. Prices range from $39.95 to $59.95, depending on the box you choose. Similar to services like StitchFix, you get a full week to try on everything and you’ll only be charged for what you keep, but you can send the rest back for free.

Shop Adore Me

3. Nubian Skin

Our favorites:Naked Fuller-Bust Bra—$54.66 and High-Waist Brief—$33.63
Sizes: B-G, XS-XXL
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:21 days

As a shade, "nude" is often a light beige, which is comparable to a caucasian skin tone. In 2014, Nubian Skin founder Ade Hassan set out to redefine the meaning of the term with a line of nude basics for people of color. Based in the U.K., this Black-owned business offers bras, panties, tights, and more to complement Black skin tones. Unsure of your shade? You can use this guide to determine whether you're a berry, a cinnamon, a caramel, or a café au lait and go one step further toward feeling more radiant in your own body.

Shop Nubian Skin

4. TomboyX

Our favorites:Essentials Soft Bra—$32 and Boy Shorts—$20
Sizes: XS-6X, XS-6X
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:45 days for first orders, 30 days for returning customers

TomboyX founders (and married couple) Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez started the company out of their garage and were driven by a mission to create underwear that could fit their unique bodies. Since starting in 2012, this queer-owned business has expanded to include everything from soft bras and bralettes to loungewear, socks, and more. The brand also offers gender-affirming period underwear, and while we haven't tested it yet, it's popular among shoppers.

Shop TomboyX

5. ThirdLove

Our favorites:24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra—$65 and Comfort Stretch Bikini—$15
Sizes: AA-I, XS-XL
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:60 days

Most women wear the wrong bra size. Personally, I thought I was a 36B for years until I shopped at ThirdLove, and then—thanks to their signature FitFinder test—discovered I’m actually a 38C. With more than 70 sizes to choose from, you don’t have to worry about being boxed into one bra shape because you’ve got big—or conversely, small—breasts.

ThirdLove isn't everyone's top pick—our Managing Editor Amy Roberts was less than enthusiastic about their fit and cost in her review compared to bras she's found at her beloved Marshall's—but the brand's overwhelming popularity and generous return policy makes them a standout in the industry. You can shop various silhouettes, including front-closure bras, balconette bras, T-shirt bras, and others. Beyond their bra offerings, ThirdLove also offers pajamas and underwear.

Shop ThirdLove

6. Seraphine Maternity

Our favorites:Pink and Mocha Seraphine Maternity and Nursing Bra—$35.05 and Pink and Mocha Seraphine Lace Trim Maternity Briefs—$11.12
Sizes: B-HH, S-XL
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:30 days

Not all maternity lingerie is created equal, and for a lot of moms, the struggle to find cute bras and lingerie that also lends plenty of support for changing bodies is real. Enter, Seraphine Maternity. This London-based brand—which is popular with Kate Middleton, Anne Hathaway, and other celebrity moms—offers fashion-forward maternity apparel, including tops, jeans, dresses, and more. But when it comes to sexy maternity lingerie (that's also supportive and functional), it really excels.

Shop Seraphine Maternity

7. Skims

Our favorites:Fits Everybody Bandeau Bra—$28 and Sculpting Short Mid-Thigh—$34
Sizes: A-DDD, XXS-5X
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:30 days, plus $6 return shipping fee

If you want good shapewear, it makes sense to look to Kim Kardashian, right? We've written a ton about Skims here at Reviewed, from the brand's signature shapewear to bike shorts, and we've even tested them against Spanx, the classic go-to most folks think of when they want "foundational garments." Since launching in 2018, the brand has steadily evolved and now offers an assortment of everyday essentials like bras and underwear, so if you're looking for chic, minimalist undergarments to match with a slip or bodysuit, it's worth checking out.

Shop Skims

8. Intimissimi

Our favorites:Silk Slip with Lace Insert Detail—$79
Sizes: B-F, XS-XL
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:30 days

People shop for lingerie for all kinds of reasons—some are looking for bras and underwear that offer exceptional support and all-day wearability, while others are trying to find slinky garments that are just provocative enough to move the dial and heat things up in a big way in the bedroom. While Intimissimi definitely caters to both audiences, this Italian intimate apparel brand is a really dreamy choice for those who want to add a touch of romance to their lingerie collections. Many of the shop's most popular offerings are made from premium Italian silk, which can feel like a gift you're not only giving to your partner, but also to yourself.

Shop Intimissimi

9. Agent Provocateur

Our favorites:Mercy Corset—$625 and Mercy Thong—$120
Sizes: A-G, 2-14
Prices: $$$$
Return/Exchange Policy:14 days

Shopping at Agent Provocateur is sheer wish fulfillment for anyone who’s ever fantasized about having a magical wardrobe filled with corsets, suspenders, bodysuits, and the like. It's not a budget-friendly brand by any means, but you can find some utterly breathtaking pieces of lingerie, which could make you feel like an utter vixen (or burlesque dancer, if we're being honest here). The garments are beautiful, ridiculously expensive, and worth every penny if you have the extra cash to spend on them.

Shop Agent Provocateur

10. Amazon

best places to buy lingerie online

Credit: Amazon / Anjou

Our favorite:LOVELYBOBO Seamless Fishnet Chemises, Pack of 2—from $13.99
Sizes: Varies by brand
Prices: $
Return/Exchange Policy:30 days

When you're done drooling over Agent Provocateur's impossibly stunning yet ultra-pricey pieces, you can head on over to Amazon and spend a fraction of the money on some really affordable lingerie. You might think Amazon would be the last place you’d think to look for it, but the site is actually brimming with hidden gems. You can find almost anything you want there—from plunging V-neck bodysuits to sexy off-shoulder chemises, with prices starting as low as $3 on some of these items. Because of Amazon’s review section, you can also cull through the top-rated picks to see what shoppers actually have to say about these pieces IRL, and you can get everything delivered quickly via Amazon Prime. All in all, Amazon’s lingerie pickings are a real win-win.

Shop Lingerie at Amazon

11. Love, Vera

Our favorite:Nia Lace and Mesh Lace Up Teddy Freesia Curvy
Sizes: A-DDD, XS-4X
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:14 days

What began as a side hustle for founder Vera Moore back in 2018 has since become one of the most popular places online to shop for lingerie, especially for those looking for more inclusive sizing and representation for Black women in the intimate apparel market. Love, Vera offers a ton of super-sultry picks, including teddies and bustiers, bras and bralettes, panties and more. For shoppers that want to fill their drawers with sensual yet playful undergarments, this retailer is definitely one to shop.

Shop Love, Vera

12. Hanky Panky

Our favorites:Signature Lace Crossover Bralette—$46 and Signature Lace Original Rise Thong—$22
Sizes: A-D, XXS-3X
Prices: $
Return/Exchange Policy:30 days

Thought thongs were uncomfortable? Think again. Hanky Panky, the celebrity-approved underwear brand that Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Aniston all swear by, has completely changed the game. If you're searching for adorable thongs or panties, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. While Hanky Panky doesn't have the best selection when it comes to bralettes—sizing options for bustier frames leave something to be desired—they could be a flirty option for those with smaller chests. Best of all? For a brand celebs love, Hanky Panky is surprisingly affordable, too.

Shop Hank Panky

13. Origami Customs

Our favorites:Honey Binder—$63.47 and Honey Cheeky Gaff—$35.70
Sizes: Custom, XXS-5XL
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:No returns, 7 days for damaged products

Designer Rae Hill, a non-binary queer femme, founded Origami Customs with a focus on creating lingerie beyond the binary. This Montreal-based business (which offers international shipping) specializes in slow fashion—that is, custom and handmade pieces that can fit any body, size, or shape and are meant to last a lifetime. This mission is enriched through sustainable manufacturing methods. Because the shop uses fabrics that are "deadstock"—meaning they were headed for a landfill—or made from recycled polyester or regenerative bamboo, they maintain an eco-friendly focus.

You can purchase gender-affirming binders, strap-on or packing bottoms, and more, as well as bras and underwear, all of which are uniquely sized for your frame. Given these garments are hand-made, wait times (about six to eight weeks) can be longer than you might encounter at other retailers, but it's worthwhile, especially if the brand's mission resonates with you.

Shop Origami Customs

14. Thistle and Spire

Our favorites:Medusa Bodysuit—$95
Sizes: A-DDD, XS-XL
Prices: $$$
Return/Exchange Policy:30 days

Based out of New York City, Thistle and Spire is a female-owned business that was founded in 2015 and specializes in killer bodysuits that are great for all bodies, including transfeminine folks. While you can also snag unique bras and matching panties from this brand, it's really the bodysuits that have brought Thistle and Spire so much attention, especially on Instagram. These exquisite pieces aren't for every day, under a t-shirt and jeans wear, per se, but they are truly captivating if you're looking for something alluring to wear for a special evening.

Shop Thistle and Spire

15. Cacique by Lane Bryant

Our favorites:Lightly Lined Multi-Way Strapless Bra—$46.95 to $56.95 and Strappy-Back Cheeky Panty—$18.50
Sizes: A-H, 0-28
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:45 days, or 65 days if purchased with a Lane Bryant credit card by a Lane Bryant reward member

One of the worst things that can happen—especially when you’re shopping for lingerie online—is that you end up with something that doesn’t fit properly or work for your body type. Fortunately, Lane Bryant has a reputation for clothing that flatters curvy frames and the same is true for their lingerie. Cacique, the brand's lingerie line, offers an assortment of bras, panties, and sexy lingerie that look and fit well, so they’re definitely a must-shop.

Shop Cacique by Lane Bryant

16. Journelle

Our favorite:Charlotte Short Slip—$195
Sizes: Varies by brand
Prices: $$$
Return/Exchange Policy:14 days

Whether you’re searching for sultry sets or silky-smooth loungewear, Journelle’s lingerie is one of the most versatile places to shop for intimates that can help you feel more confident in your own skin. You can shop a ton of brands through Journelle, including Bordelle, Coco de Mer, Natori, and other popular favorites.

Shop Journelle

17. Dolls Kill

Our favorites:Royal Petal Passion Lingerie Set—$48
Sizes: XS-3X
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days, only redeemable for store credit

Although Dolls Kill is targeted toward Gen Z shoppers, the brand's lingerie sets can work for any age if you’re in the mood for something more adventurous than you’d find at retailers like Intimissimi or Journelle. Whether it's bratty separates or goth bodysuits you’re after, this lingerie is perfect if you want to break out of the usual routine and be a real bad girl (or boy) for an evening... or three.

Shop Dolls Kill

18. Liberté

Our favorites:Crosby Plunge Bra—$85 and Crosby Scalloped Cheeky—$41
Sizes: C-H, XS-2XL
Prices: $$$
Return/Exchange Policy:30 days

Searching for a brand that specializes in lingerie for fuller busts? Liberté is a Black-owned business based in New York City that offers thoughtfully constructed bras that are delicate-looking yet actually fit and support larger chests. Founder Amber Tolliver established the shop in 2019 after being frustrated with the lack of options available, and using gorgeous Italian fabrics and highly specialized artisans, has helped to bring some of the most whimsical bras and underwear to the lingerie market out now.

Shop Liberté

19. La Perla

Our favorites:Off-White Underwired Balconette Bra with Leavers Lace Trim—$465 and White Silk Brazilian Briefs with Ivory Frastaglio—$325
Sizes: A-F, XXXS-XXL
Prices: $$$$
Return/Exchange Policy:28 days

Does it get any more luxurious than La Perla? With this brand, you know what you’re getting—chic bodysuits, sultry garter belts, and all kinds of glorious lingerie that’ll make your butt and hips look phenomenal, but will also set you back many, many dollars. If you’ve got some extra cash to spend and you feel like going all-out, it’s La Perla or bust.

Shop La Perla

20. Victoria’s Secret

Our favorite:Love by Victoria Lightly Lined Lace Trim Bodysuit—$89.50
Sizes: AA-DDD, XS-XL
Prices: $$
Return/Exchange Policy:90 days

For many of us, Victoria’s Secret was the first place we ever shopped for bras and panties on our own and thanks to nostalgia, it’ll always hold an important place in our hearts. Whether you’ve outgrown their popular PINK line or not—many stopped shopping at the store for other reasons—the fact remains, it’s a youthful, affordable place to find spunky lingerie pieces that’ll pop out of your drawer and just beg to be slipped on, if only for an evening or two.

Shop Victoria’s Secret

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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While this brand seems to be a bit of a unique breed, we’ve found a few of the most comparable stores like Dolls Kill to indulge in if you’re looking for something a little different!

Before we get into it, we will admit we have yet to find a store just like Dolls Kill, so don’t expect replicas. That said, the stores below are great dolls kill alternatives (and most of them are more affordable), so you might be able to find some gems!

Stores Like Dolls Kill 

Nasty Gal

Average price:$25–$50

With thousands of options, you’re bound to find some edgy pieces like Dolls Kill.

Plus, you can find super deals at the moment with their 60% off everything sale!

Urban Outfitters

Average price:$25–$100

Urban Outfitters is stocked full of dark, edgy clothes that make a statement. Their prices can range from high to low depending on the brand (they stock their own brands as well as other brands).

The UO brand is typically inexpensive with a ton of options. Warning: don’t get sidetracked by their home and lifestyle sections like we do!


Average price: $15–$40

Although this store for ravewear might sound unappealing, they actually have pretty similar styles to Dolls Kill (for way cheaper).

If you’re looking to stand out, there’s no need to look any further.


Average price:$15–$50

This marketplace has a huge selection, but has a great array of clothing similar to the style found at Dolls Kill!

Prices vary widely since they carry so many brands, so you can find options within any budget.


Average price:$20–$50

While you’re find a lot of colorful and girly clothes here, PrettyLittleThing does have some similar styles to Dolls Kill!

Make sure to grab some deals in the sale section.

Lucy in the Sky

Average price: $35–$60

We’re loving this affordable shop for anything and everything! They have adorable sets and dresses, but they also have some styles to fit that edgy vibe as well.

Overall, this boutique is definitely worth checking out (and falling in love with).

RELATED:Should You Consider Nasty Gal? (Our Review)


Average price: $30–$80

Superdown is actually owned by the same company who started Revolve, but they wanted to start a store targeting Gen Z at more affordable prices.

We love their unique, trendy selections and they have plenty of options comparable to Dolls Kill.


Average price:$10–$40

This affordable brand has thousands on thousands of clothes, from dresses to costumes (we’re a little too excited to start browsing their Halloween costumes section).

Most of their clothes are super affordable, especially if they’re on sale (they have frequent sales).

A lot of their items are pretty revealing, so make sure you’re comfortable showing some skin!

Hot Topic 

Average price:$30–$50

Hot Topic might bring you back to cringy middle school, but you might be surprised if you took a second look!

It’s one of the few comparable stores like Dolls Kill that will really help you stand out.

RELATED:11 Stores Like Hot Topic


Average price: $20–$50

Although Yandy is well known as a lingerie store, they have a great selection of clothes as well (and even some revealing costumes).

Even so, their clothing selection is pretty risque, so make sure you’re comfortable showing some skin!

Princess Polly

Average price: $30–$70

Princess Polly has options for those days you want to wear a cute sundress and those days you want to look like a sexy biker!

It’s fairly affordable as well, especially when you’re able to catch a sale!


20 Best Stores Like DOLLS KILL For Edgy Clothes (In 2021)

Top 20 Edgy Clothing Brands Like DOLLS KILL But Cheaper And Better!

Nothing quite compares to ‘Dolls Kill’, especially if you’re after a grungy, underground relaxed vibe or edgier styles and fashion-forward clothing.

That’s because Dolls Kill’s fabulous selection of alternative clothing styles is quite hard to beat.

However, in today’s article, I’ll share with you my top 20 favorite stores like ‘Dolls Kill’.

These stores offer similar clothing, so if you don’t have time to research yourself, this article will help you find new alternative styles at super affordable prices.

Without further ado, if you’re looking for an edgier style with underground-ish tones and fashion-forward apparel, these stores like DOLLS KILL are perfect for you.


$ | under $50
$$ | $50–$100
$$$ | $100–$200
$$$$ | $200 or more


$ – $$

Hot Topic store like DOLLS KILL


Hot Topic’s current offering is similar to Dolls Kill – even better when it comes to band-related apparel and licensed merchandise in the alternative, underground fashion space.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

Launched in 1990, Hot Topic started by offering the ultimate music fan essential: band T-shirts.

Customers flipped when they walked into Hot Topic stores and saw Bauhaus, The Cure, TSOL, and Depeche Mode rock tees.

Within a year, the company offered about 50 different band titles and rock-inspired goth clothing lines like Lip Service and Serious.

As they continued to expand, the company discovered that fashion buyers were also drawn to underground cartoons, cult movies, and comic book scenes.

So they’ve started to market the world of South Park, Care Bears, Superman, SpongeBob, and tons of other pop icons.


$ – $$

Nasty Gal alternative to Dolls Kill


While the store has lots of styles similar to Dolls Kill, I love their metallic skirts, platform shoes, and vegan leather pieces.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

Nasty Gal is the perfect online store if you’re into sexy yet elegant clothing.

Nasty Gal’s humble beginnings point to a tiny San Francisco apartment stacked with killer vintage fashion pieces, a laptop, and an eBay account.

Thirteen years later, the brand is a global e-commerce fashion giant that carries new clothing, shoes, and accessories under its label:

“For gals who know how to own it and have the confidence to be themselves.

But, if you ask any frequent shopper at Nasty Gal, they’ll tell you that most collections remind them of Dolls Kill store.

That’s because when it first entered the online fashion store market, Nasty Gal used to curate many edgy styles.


$ – $$$

Pacsun edgy fashion brand like DOLLS KILL


I love PacSun’s mini dresses, lace-up boots, and pop culture-inspired t-shirts. Above all, the store’s prices tend to be much more affordable compared to Dolls Kill.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

Founded by Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore in September 1982, Pacsun’s roots can be traced back to a small surf shop in Seal Beach, CA.

PacSun started by selling merchandise from established surf brands and later expanded to include skate and streetwear clothing brands.

Nowadays, this online store like Dolls Kill offers products for both men and women, including edgy styles in jeans, tees, tanks, polos, knits, and flannels.

I also dig the brand’s statement-printed styles in hoodies, boardshorts, bikinis, shorts, pants, dresses, rompers, reminding me somehow of Japanese fashion.

Pacsun isn’t an ordinary fast-fashion retailer; I confidently recommend it as a shop for boundary-pushing styles, thanks to its underground clothing offering mixed with Bohemian styles.


$ – $$

PrettyLittleThing stores like DOLLS KILL


An online store for cheap clothes similar to those worn by A-list celebrities and social media influencers at student discounts. So, if you want to stay on top of all things fashion without spending a ton of money, PrettyLittleThing should be on your list.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

PrettyLittleThing is a UK-based fashion retailer aimed at 16-35-year-old women.

The company is owned by Boohoo Group and operates in the UK, Ireland, Australia, the US, France, Middle East, and North Africa.

Launched by two friends previously working for an agency called “Posh Brands,” the store’s headquarter is in Manchester, with offices in London, Paris, and Los Angeles.

Although it is criticized for its fast-fashion approach, PrettyLittleThing has become a favorite among fashionistas thanks to trendy and affordable clothing.


$ – $$$

Urban Outfitters stores like Kill Dolls


Aside from great hipster fashion clothes and accessories, I also recommend Urban Outfitters for make-up that matches alternative clothing styles to perfection.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

Urban Outfitters is the world’s leading retailer of urban clothing and lifestyle products.

The company sells pieces designed for every part of your life, from apartment living to leisure time activities and fashion.

Headquartered in Philadelphia with over 24 stores worldwide, Urban Outfitters has been recognized as a leader in fashion retailing since its establishment in 1970 by top designer Dick Hayne.

Dick envisioned an online store with excellent customer service, unique shopping experiences, and fashion styles at affordable streetwear prices, where customers could find something “new” each day.

With a wide variety in its offering, from vintage clothing to beauty products, Urban Outfitters has become one of the most popular online stores among teens starting to explore their sense of fashion.

Prices are not as affordable as other stores similar to Dolls Kill on my list, but still attractive for students.

And since the company has partnerships with many of the brands you’ll find at Dolls Kill; their offering is now quite similar.


$ – $$$

ASOS stores like Dolls Kill


Whether you’re tall, petite, or curvy, ASOS has some of the most fashionable pieces right now, even cheaper than Dolls Kill.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

ASOS is another British online fashion and cosmetic retailer.

Founded in 2000 in London, the company’s online store hosts over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories.

ASOS originally meant AsSeenOnScreen, with the tagline “Buy what you see on film and TV” – because it only sold imitations of clothing from those mediums (for example, Brad Pitt’s red leather jacket from the 1999 film Fight Club).

However, the company no longer supports that meaning.

As a worthy alternative to Dolls Kill, thanks to a huge range of similar designs for all body types, the brand’s primary office in Camden Town, London, gives the company a stylistic edge.

ASOS is a great place for aesthetic clothing, including goth, e-girl, cottagecore, dark academia, and light academia.


$ – $$$

Topshop brands like Dolls Kill


While Topshop is now a part of ASOS, you can now still shop your TS faves on their online store – including your go-to jeans, ofc. Available for a limited time, this is your last chance to shop Topshop pieces that resemble clothes from Dolls Kill, at a super affordable price.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

Topshop (originally Top Shop) is a British multinational fashion retailer of women’s clothing, shoes, make-up, and accessories.

Topshop was part of the Arcadia Group, controlled by Sir Philip Green, but went into administration in late 2020 and was purchased by ASOS on 1 February 2021.

In the past, Topshop collaborated with British supermodel Kate Moss and artist Stella Vine on limited edition series inspired by their works.

In 2014, Beyoncé signed a deal to launch an activewear brand with Topshop called Parkwood Topshop Athletic.

Topshop was also working with the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, on the “Holiday Collection“.


$ – $$$

Princess Polly stores like Dolls Kill


From prom dresses to swimwear, winter sweaters to summer tops, vegan handbags, or luxury trainers, Princess Polly is a great online store like Dolls Kill, right now, in 2021.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

Princess Polly has become one the most sought-after online shopping portals for women looking for high-quality designer and Boho-inspired clothing at an affordable price.

Princess Polly has become a world-renowned online fashion boutique from a small shop launched in a small apartment flat in Australia.

Princess Polly’s name comes under the list of stores that strive to present a collection full of street style, pop culture, edgy fashion, and comfort that oozes class.

Always up to the latest fashion trends, street styling, and pop culture, Princess Polly stocks the latest fashion trends, but at much lower costs.


$ – $$$

BlackMilk shops like Dolls Kill


From sexy leggings and form-fitting dresses to activewear and even catsuits, you’ll have a fantastic time sifting through the enormous collection of BlackMilk.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

Not many people know that BlackMilk Clothing was launched in 2009 by James Lillis – an Australian designer who made clothes on his kitchen table, on a sewing machine he got from selling his CD player.

Twelve years later, Black Milk Clothing is a multi-million dollar company, with factories churning out hundreds of new styles every month to keep up with orders worldwide.

I love both, BlackMilk’s story of resilience and perseverance against all odds and their unique fashion tastes and timeless designs.

The brand’s variety of fashion is impressive – from quirky fashion cuts to sparkly dresses, vinyl skirts, edgy kicks, and neon swimsuits, the brand’s range of apparel are out of this world.


$ – $$

iHeartRaves stores like DOLLS KILL iHeartRaves


iHeartRaves features a lovely selection of dresses, shoes, and accessories with that unique festival vibe.

Shop Now

Ships Worldwide

The iHeartRaves is an online store similar to Dolls Kill, directed primarily to avid festival goers and dance music enthusiasts.

The founder’s love for music and festival fashion is behind the store’s offering of innovative EDM clothes and high-quality service.

Moreover, although the ravewear might sound unappealing to some of you, the brand’s similar styles to Dolls Kill are way cheaper.


$ – $$

Missguided stores like Dolls Kill


I highly recommend Missguided’s bold, straight-talking and forward-thinking designs, inspired by real-life events and stories.

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Missguided is a UK-based multi-channel retailer selling clothes aimed at 16 to 35-year-old women.

With headquarters in Trafford Park, Manchester, Missguided is a great online store like Dolls Kill if you’re looking for sexy tops, sleek dresses, jumpsuits, and other similar edgy styles.

The company’s mission is to empower females globally to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be.


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Beginning Boutique stores like Dolls Kill


Excellent selection if you’re into alternative clothes and other exciting styles hard to find at Dolls Kill’s online store, such as vintage band tees, vegan leather pants, distressed denim, and black leather jackets.

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Beginning Boutique is an Australian women’s boutique online retailer that offers a great selection of dresses, tops, and skirts.

Despite many controversies, Beginning Boutique is a trustworthy and reliable online store with a strong reputation for quality and customer service.

The store offers an entire range of different clothing types perfect for any occasion, from formal events to everyday wear, and most alternative style aesthetics, such as witch dresses or e-girl outfits.

You’ll find everything here, including punk clothes with attractive designs on them, rave outfits in all colors imaginable, and sequin dresses that’ll make you stand out!


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Forever 21 alternative to dolls kill


Compared to most stores like Dolls Kill on this list, Forever 21 slashes prices to a point you can’t say no, including on their super-popular platform boots.

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Founded in 1984 in Los Angeles, California, Forever 21 is an online store for edgy, sexy, and wallet-friendly styles.

The company’s brick-and-mortar locations continue to enjoy success among loyal fans, with sales often going on at least twice per week.

I find Forever 21 one of the most popular fashion retail stores right now, best known for offering fashionable pieces geared toward music and pop culture enthusiasts.

I find Forever 21 an excellent online store for trendy clothes and ‘American Apparel’ styles, especially for those into more rebellious fashion deals.


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Tillys brands like Dolls Kill


For streetwear and statement-making styles that you might see at Dolls Kills, check out Tillys’ denim, skater, and hipster looks.

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Just like Dolls Kill, Tillys boasts a wide range of edgy clothing for those with a personal sense of style.

The novelty retailer stocks a variety of pop culture and music merch and rockabilly-inspired clothing and accessories.

Above all, Tillys’ offering of alternative clothes might take some of you back to the cringy days of middle school.

Yet, you might be surprised at how fantastic their offering is – if you have the time to take a good look – as one of the few comparable stores to Dolls Kill that can help you stand out.


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Yandy shops like Dolls Kill


For streetwear and statement-making styles that you might see at Dolls Kills, check out Tillys’ denim, skater, and hipster looks.

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Yandy is an American online retailer and fashion design company focusing on lingerie, swimwear, Halloween costumes, and women’s apparel.

With over 5,000 lingerie-related products ranging from sizes X-Small to 4X, Yandy is more known as a lingerie store.

However, the company’s online store has a great selection of clothes as well (and even some revealing costumes).

P.S. Yandy’s clothing selection is pretty suggestive, so make sure you’re comfortable showing some skin!


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Superdown stores like Dolls Kill


Unique and constantly trendy selections of styles similar and comparable to what Dolls Kill offers, but at prices far more affordable for the younger public.

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Owned by Revolve Group Inc., the parent company of many e-commerce sites, including its namesake website and Forward by Elyse Walker, Superdown is a fashion store dedicated to the younger generation.

Aiming to become a fashion hub for the generation born in the 90s, Superdown stocks products from in-house labels and popular third-party brands such as Levi’s, Agolde, Steve Madden, Dolce Vita, and more.


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AMIClubWear stores like Dolls Kill


Lots of clubwear clothing and accessories that will leave everyone else breathless with envy. Above all, the brand’s latest trend of plus size clothing is full of sexy plus-sized club dresses that push the boundaries of plus size clubwear to new limits.

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Ships Worldwide is a women’s clothing shop from Los Angeles.

Yang Yang, CEO and founder of AMIClubwear, describes the company’s styles as

sexy and taboo clubwear clothing inspired by celebrity and runway fashion styes, at cheap discount prices”.

And indeed, AMIClubwear has everything you’d expect for hitting the club; from a new party dress or pair of high heels, the label carries some of the hottest, sexiest, and most unique clubwear available.

While there are clothes similar to Dolls Kill, AMIClubwear also carries sexy Halloween costumes and ravewear perfect for EDC.

P.S. Many of their outfits are pretty revealing, so make sure you’re comfortable showing some skin!


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Lucy in the Sky stores like Dolls Kill


Lucy in the Sky is an online clothing boutique worth checking out if you’re after something a bit out of conformity.

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Here’s another affordable shop like Dolls Kill.

Lucy in the Sky is your go-to online store for anything and everything alternative clothing with a taste of girly style.

In general, the brand’s website has lots of adorable basics, sets, and dresses.

However, from time to time, I find here little alternative clothing gems and even streetwear styles with an edgy vibe.


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River Island stores like Dolls Kills


Affordable and (more recently, eco-friendly and sustainable) stylish fashion, from occasion wear to amazing denim and fabulous bags and shoes.

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Set up in 1948 by Bernard Lewis and his brothers in London, River Island is one of the most well-known fast fashion stores on the High Street.

Headquartered in London and with over 60 years of fashion retailing experience, River Island operates in several markets worldwide.

Hailed as one of the best online fashion retailers of modern times, the company has become popular with buyers thanks to its ability to cater to all fashion preferences.

Known for its boundary-pushing style and edgy style, the company has an excellent return policy, even on clearance sales.

With cheaper prices than most competitors, a wide range of options, and multiple styles on their offering, I recommend you put River Island on your speed dial if you want to benefit from their frequent sale offerings.


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Costume SuperCenter


Not that much into Halloween costumes, but I like the store’s offering for toddlers, infants, and preschoolers.

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Not quite an online store like Dolls Kill, Custom Supercenter online shop has some intersecting lines I think you’ll like to explore.

Costume SuperCenter claims to be the most exciting retailer of costumes and accessories globally, boasting a staggering inventory of more than 8,000 costumes.

Not sure how they’ve measured the level of excitement, but, indeed, the store is great if you need an outfit for Christmas, Halloween, or any other similar occasions.

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Which Store Like Dolls Kill Will You Try Next?

Most of these stores similar to Dolls Kill are harbors to those looking to create an unapologetic style.

These are shops that celebrate quirkiness and places where misfits feel at home.

I hope you’ll love these comparable stores to Dolls Kill, just as much as I love them, and make them your favorite places to indulge in when you’re looking for something a little different!

Which one of these stores like Dolls Kill is your favorite and why?

Are there any other great maternity shops like Dolls Kill you’ve tried and want to add to this list?

Please leave your comments below so others can benefit from your experience.


Kill underwear dolls

DOLLS KILL Collaboration Other Animal Patterns Logo Underwear

※◎ is in-stock and ready to ship within a few days. ○ is available to pre-order, please ask in-stock availability with the seller.※ Please use this size for reference. Please contact the seller if you have any questions before purchasing the item.


Underwear from DOLLS KILL, Logo, Other Animal Patterns

DOLLS KILL Underwear Collaboration Other Animal Patterns Logo Underwear
DOLLS KILL Underwear Collaboration Other Animal Patterns Logo Underwear 2
DOLLS KILL Underwear Collaboration Other Animal Patterns Logo Underwear 3
DOLLS KILL Underwear Collaboration Other Animal Patterns Logo Underwear 4
DOLLS KILL Underwear Collaboration Other Animal Patterns Logo Underwear 5

Cute SUMMER Try On Haul (Dolls Kill)

9 pieces of dark lingerie every inner goth girl needs in her life

If there’s one thing out there that can easily improve our confidence, it’s some empowering lingerie. Just by wearing such items underneath your everyday clothes, you can walk around feeling like a queen. Yet, there are those days when you want to feel like a specific kind of queen: A queen of darkness. For such days, we have the following pieces to suit your fancy…

1. Dolls Kill “O Mighty Not Yours Underwear Set”

Buy here for $38.50

2. Forever21 “Caged Push-Up Bra and Bikini Panty”

Credit: Forever21 /

Buy here for $14.90 and here for $7.90

3. Hips & Curves “Desire Strappy Chemise”

Check it out here $39.95

4. Dolls Kill “Disturbia Intentions Bodysuit”

See here for $32.50

5. Torrid “Strappy Lace Long Line Bra and Panty”

Credit: Torrid /

Purchase here for $31.87 and here for $18.50

6. Hips & Curves “Stretch Lace Long Gown”

Find here for $42.95

7. Nasty Gal “SKIVVIES by For Love & Lemons Ruby Lace Bra and Panty”

Buy here for $112.00 and here for $92

8. Dolls Kill “Explicit Cut-Out Bodysuit”

Buy here for $33.60

9. Forever21 Faux Leather Bralette

Credit: Forever21 /

Buy here for $10.90


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