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Terraria: How To Summon (& Defeat) The Twins

The Twins are a mechanical boss players can face in Hardmode of Terraria. In essence, they are a much harder version of the fight against the Eye of Cthulhu. Killing them is entirely optional as the main rewards are trophies, achievements, and Gold Coins.

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For players looking to tackle these challenging foes it's important to know what makes them tick. Each Twin has different attack patterns and weaknesses the player can exploit. Having the right strategy can make all the difference when it comes to defeating The Twins.

How To Summon

There are two ways to initiate a fight with The Twins:

  • Summoned with a Mechanical Eye at night.
  • 10% chance to spawn naturally at dusk after destroying a Demon or Crimson Alter.

Mechanical Eyes are obtained by crafting on a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil using the following items:

  • Lens
  • Any Iron Bar
  • Soul of Light

It is possible to delay the spawning of this creature forever by simply never destroying a Demon/Crimson Altar or using a Mechanical Eye. This gives the player plenty of time to prepare for this fight.

Phase 1 Of Fight

In the first phase, the red eye Retinazer will shoot several purple lasers at the player. It maneuvers itself in an attempt to stay at a diagonal angle above the player.

The green eye Spazmatism will shoot several Cursed Flame balls. It will attempt to stay on the player’s left or right at all times.

Both eyes will alternate using the above attacks while also charging the player for melee damage. It should be noted that Retinazer will charge less often and its charge attack does less damage.

Phase 2 Of Fight

Because each eye has their own health bar each will transform independently of the other. This transformation occurs when the player reduces their health to at least 39%.

Renatizer will no longer use its charge attacks. The laser will start firing faster as it takes damage. There is also a rapid burst fire between the charging laser attacks.

Spazmatism alters its Cursed Flame attack to be a steady stream instead of a fireball. Its charging attack is now much faster and deals more damage.

General Strategies

It is vitally important to be moving at all times. Both Twins will attack independently making it hard to track both at all times as they zip around the battlefield. Players could chip away at their health equally, though this isn’t recommended. It’s better to focus attention and damage on one until it’s dead then move on to the other. Which one the player prioritizes is based on personal preference and fighting strategy

Retinazer is arguably harder to kill as its lasers have great tracking and do a lot of damage. Taking this Twin out of play first makes it easier for players who struggle with dodging or don’t have speed boosts.

Spazmatism is more dangerous the longer the fight goes on due to its Cursed Flame attack. Getting this Twin out of the way first makes sense if the player is unable to regenerate health faster than the damage. Melee fighters should consider leaving this one until last as it’s the most problematic and harder to deal with if Retinazer is alive.

Another thing to consider is that the Twins are vulnerable to a variety of debuffs and status effects. Inflicting these throughout the fight will be immensely helpful for dealing damage passively or increasing damage output.

Preparing The Battlefield

There are two philosophies for preparing a battlefield to fight in:

  • Fight in the sky using high mobility.
  • Fight in a bunker in the ground for tanking.

Fighting in the sky involves building a long bridge just below the Space layer. The strategy is to run back and forth dodging both the laser and charging attacks of The Twins. It's important if using this strategy to not outrun the Retinazer as it doesn’t move as fast and can despawn if too far away. This method works best if players have speed boosts or can use something like Asphalt to construct the bridge.

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The bunker method is to simply hunker down and tank the charging attack damage. The lasers from Retinazer won't penetrate the walls and the Cursed Flame from Spazmatism will just spill on the edges if they enter at all. This method is only recommended if the player has lots of health, armor, regeneration, and a weapon that tracks really well.

With either choice it’s helpful to place a few items around the arena to provide light and helpful boosts:

  • Torches and Campfires
  • Heart Lanterns (Health Regeneration)
  • Stars In Bottles (Mana Regeneration)
  • Bast Statues (Defense Boost)
  • Garden Gnomes (Damage Reduction & Luck-Based Damage Boost)
  • Honey Pools (Health Regeneration)
  • Sunflowers (Movement Speed Boost)

Helpful Boosts

As should be common practice with bosses players should utilize certain buffs before starting the fight:

  • Sharpening Station (Sharpened Buff)
  • Ammo Box (Ammo Box Buff)
  • Crystal Ball (Clairvoyance Buff)
  • Bewitching Table (Bewitched Buff)
  • Slice of Cake (Sugar Rush Buff)


There are a number of potions that can provide an advantage against The Twins. Anything that increases damage is helpful and anything that boosts health or health regeneration is required to survive. Here are some ideal choices:

  • Regeneration Potion
  • Lifeforce Potion
  • Endurance Potion (Especially with bunker method)
  • Ironskin (Especially with bunker method)
  • Gravitation/Featherfall Potion (If using sky bridge method)


The best armor choice will largely depend on the player’s fighting strategy and chosen method for dealing with the Twins. Ranged fighters will want DPS buffs, Melee or anyone using the bunker method will want strong defense and health regeneration. Fortunately some armor types work for just about any tactic and playstyle while others are ideal for the bunker method. Here are some players should consider:

  • Adamantite (Arguably the best choice all around)
  • Titanium (Good alternative to Adamantite)
  • Crystal Assassin Armor
  • Orichalcum (High Critical strike chance)
  • Palladium (Rapid Healing helps with bunker method)
  • Hallowed Armor (Avoid some attacks)
  • Spider Armor (Best for Summoners)


The weapon players should choose should be based on the attack style of the player and consider their build. Some playstyles will be easier than others in this fight and there are some weapons to assist those that will struggle.

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Ranged (Bows/Guns) are probably the best choice of weapon for this fight. At this stage of the game, players will have access to many hard-hitting bows/guns. They’re also likely to have some tailor-made for boss fights. Some weapons can deal AOE damage and others severely weaken the Twins to allow for massive follow-up damage.

  • Adamantite/Titanium Repeater (Great damage when combined with Holy Arrows or Ichor Arrows)
  • Daedalus Stormbow (Very effective with bunker method using Holy Arrows)
  • Megashark/Gatligator/Clockwork Assault Rifle
    • Recommende with Ichor, Crystal, or Cursed Bullets.

Magic is another solid choice thanks to incredible DPS and tracking. There are a few homing projectile options as well for those using the bunker method. They’re not as great as bows/guns but are still perfectly viable.

  • Sky Fracture (Best weapon for the fight if using the sky bridge method)
  • Meteor Staff (Great for bunker method thanks to falling meteorite)
  • Crystal Serpent (Great AOE attack, does not work with bunker method)
  • Spirit Flame (Great for bunker method thanks to homing)

Summoning can work in this fight but lack of consistent DPS is going to be a problem. Players will have to keep the pressure on the Twins to make sure the fight ends before morning. Fortunately just about any Summoning-based weapon will work with either the sky bridge or bunker methods. Spider-based weapons work particularly well as they inflict poison providing passive damage over time. Unfortunately, there aren’t many viable options.

  • Spider Staff (Best choice if the player has background walls for Spiders to climb on)
  • Sanguine Staff (Best choice if the player does not want to build background walls)
  • Queen Spider Staff (Can work in a pinch)

Melee builds are going to have a tough time. Getting close to Spazmatism is dangerous due to its Cursed Flames attack and Retinazer prefers to fight at range. It’s also worth noting the bunker method is very difficult to pull off in melee. The key to fighting melee is to have weapons that also launch projectiles and have lots of defense. There are some weapons that can help the player pull this off.

  • Shadowglame Knife (Best choice thanks to high attack rate, great DPS, and damage over time with Shadowflame)
  • Ice Sickle (Great for sky bridge method thanks to the projectiles)
  • Yo-yos (Good fallback if player doesn’t have the above weapons)

Melee users should also strongly consider implementing flasks with their weapon of choice to nudge DPS a little further. Some highly recommended options include:

  • Flask of Ichor (Decreases Defense)
  • Flask of Cursed Flames (Damage Over Time)
  • Flask of Poison (Damage Over Time)
  • Flask of Fire (Damage Over Time)

Handy Accessories

Accessories are a must-have in this fight as they provide helpful bonuses and boosts. The best accessories are the ones that provide additional mobility and defense. The right accessories are those that fill in the gaps of a player's strategy or weaknesses. Some players may benefit more from damage avoidance while others may prefer Mana regeneration.

  • Frostspark/Terraspark Boots (Offer great speed boosts and required for the sky bridge method)
  • Ankh Shield (To prevent Knockback and boost defense)
  • Brain Of Confusion (Great on Expert Mode)
  • Charm of Myths (Great for beginners still learning to dodge)
  • Moon Charm (Required for melee as it raises defense and boosts DPS)
  • Magic/Celestial Cuffs (Great Mana regeneration when the player takes damage)

It’s also worth noting that players should be tweaking their accessories for Warding, Lucky, or Menacing modifiers in this fight. It takes quite a bit of money but it is certainly worth it for the added Defense, Critical Hit Chance, and Damage respectively.

Final Thoughts

The difficulty of this fight will largely come down to the player’s gear, preparation, and skills in battle. It’s strongly recommended to practice with the Eye of Cthulhu as it bears many similarities to this fight. Players should also note that farming ingredients to create a Mechanical Eye isn’t too difficult so grinding the Twins for practice will also work.

Once the player becomes accustomed to this fight there’s very little reason to repeat it as there are far better ways to make money. The one exception may be if the player is pursuing trophies, which have a 10% chance of dropping from their respective eyes, or trying to complete the three achievements tied to this boss.

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Carl's Terraria Guide

Boss Strategies, Tips, and Drops

The Twins Boss Battle in Terraria The Twins attack as a pair, one firing lasers and the other a fire attack, both stuck together by some sort of gruesome umbilical cord
Terraria Retanazer BossLife (Retinazer): 20k
Life (Spazmatism): 23k
Drops: 20 Hallowed Bars (Avg), 30 Soul of Sight (Avg), Greater Healing Pots, Ret/Spaz-specific trophies.

The Twins is one of three Mechanical Bosses in Terraria's Hard Mode. This Guide to defeating them will focus on what you need to prepare, how to get the components for the mechanical eye to summon them at will, and what you'll get when you defeat the pair. Like all Hard Mode Mechanical Bosses, they may visit you at night randomly and you may get the unique summoning item from any kill so long as it hasn't been defeated yet.

Random Encounter Before Summoning
If you've not yet defeated this boss, there is a slim chance each night that they will spawn and attack you. The message for The Twins is "This is going to be a terrible night" .

Crafting Mechanical Eye

  • Lens x3 - get from Demon Eye/Wandering Eyes that attack at night
  • Iron or Lead Bar x5
  • Soul of Light x6 - farmed from creatures in Underground Hallow
  • Orichalcum or Mythril Anvil Required

As with other Hard Mode bosses, once you have the required item crafted at your anvil, you can summon The Twins at night time.

Recommended Gear Level
With the below boss fight arena setup, I was able to do this in Mythril Armor (with Melee helm for more defense), so if you've got Titanium you should be even better off. I did this with all accessories reforged to Warding (+4 Defense). With Titanium gear, you can get by with some +%Crit or +%Damage to make the fight a bit faster. I had a total 67 defense. On my last run, I had the following accessories:

  • Spectre Boots
  • Magic Quiver
  • Band of Regeneration
  • Cross Necklace
  • Climbing Claws (just as they had +4 Defense) - in hindsight, an Obsidian Shield would have been better as my running wouldn't have been interrupted by knockbacks!
The Twins Boss Battle SetupMy long platform, with the heart lantern placed mid-platform. The single step doesn't interrupt your running. Spectre Boots are recommended moreso than wings for this fight, just because it's better to run than fly with low-velocity early-Hardmode wings.

Preparing an Arena
I use a long platform or stretch of ground for this fight, so that I have plenty of room to move. You want this platform to stretch screens, because you will need to turn around to go back the other direction at the end, and that can be dangerous. I took the extra wood and made a second level about 10 blocks below, so that if necessary I could drop down to avoid damage, then go back to the top ramp. Looking at how they behave, you'll see why. Sprinkle Campfires and Heart Lanterns along the platform so that you have the aura no matter where you are - this will buy you a couple hundred extra life over the course of the fight. You can place a heart lantern on a platform by placing a single normal block atop the platform, then breaking the platform underneath it. This gives you a spot to hang the lantern. This fight is worth using all your best potions on. Get well fed as well, by simply eating some food from the traveling merchant, pumpkin pie by buying seeds from the dryad, or cooking fish if you've got

I highly recommend avoiding Melee for this fight. The Twins have a tendency to kite you, and you'll spend more time chasing them than doing damage. At times, they will come in close to charge you, but it's not an opportunity to do big damage - rather, you'll likely take it. Now, if you've got a good ranged melee weapon, go for it. I used a Titanium Repeater and Frostburn Arrows for one fight (in Mythril Armor), Shadowflame Hex Doll and Megashark for another, much easier fight (in Hallowed). In the first case, I had not defeated any other mechanical boss and just wanted to see if Titanium was really necessary (it's not, with plenty of combat potions).

Retinazer dies first in the Twins boss fightRetinazer has the lowest life, but also the weakest berserk so you can handle a normal Spazmatism while you finish laser-boy off and then work on the harder twin.

The Fight with The Twins
There are two Twins, of course, and both are different in how they attack. Both have a tendency to charge at you at times, but spend the majority of the time spreading out and avoiding getting into Melee range - yep, they kite, a lot. It's best to go ranged for this fight for that reason.

If you do not keep mobile during the fight, they sometimes get on opposite sides of you and fire off their attacks. The laser doesn't hurt much, but definitely watch those green fireballs. For this fight, staying on the move is important so you must work on your ability to aim while at the same time hitting a moving target. Thankfully, they'll sometimes hover.

Spazmatism of The TwinsSpazmatism left alone after Retinazer is down. Soon he'll go berserk, judging by his health

The Twins are named Retinazer and Spazmatism. Kill Retinazer first - his berserk mode is to fire more lasers, while Spazmatism will go berserk and utilize a flamethrower - heavily - to the point that it's more dangerous than its brother. Thankfully, the flamethrower attack slows him down. Given the tendency to charge, you'll see why I recommend having some room to run. You'll also find a lot of their attacks miss as they do not fire their shots while accounting for your movement. You'll need to aim carefully as you run, but with you having this capability and them lacking it, you have an advantage.

This was my key mistake. I was originally killing Spaz first, he'd go nuts on me while the other continued to charge, and it sometimes led to them getting double hits on me. That flamethrower is nasty, and Ret has less life and defense than Spaz. More importantly, you should not find that you've got both of them down to half health so they both berserk.

Spazmatism's flamethrower in The Twins battleSpazmatism's flamethrower mode is better left for after Retinazer is down.

Now the reason for the long platform. When they get angry around half health, they'll get a boost to defense and start utilizing special attacks. Running while firing backward, you can do a lot of damage, then jump when they get close, then utilize your wings to leap up and around them to start moving in the other direction - back and forth on your long path. Spectre Boots and the Unicorn mount both work very well for this, but you can compensate for either with a Swiftness Potion. You may even fire diagonally from midair and do respectable damage as you switch directions. Wings are incredibly helpful, but in a recent game I proved they aren't necessary by just using Spectre boots to rocket over them.

Drink your potions when you're missing more than life, so that you can get the timer started on potion sickness. That's about a minute you cannot use a potion, and it's better to do this before you're under life for that reason. If you have regeneration/ironskin/campfires/heart lanterns, this should not be too hard.

Souls float, so search above if you didn't get your soul of sightMy soul of sight was found far up, they don't fall so you may need to look in the aftermath of the battle.

Once both twins are defeated, you'll get Souls of Sight and more Hallowed Bars to work on your armor set. See the main entry on Defeating the Mechanical Bosses to learn what changes in the game world based on your having defeated one or all three.

Souls of sight can be used to make a staff that summons a mini-set of twins to fight for you, and they do decent damage, at least enough to help you weaken a foe. They work wonderfully in large groups, provided you wear gear fit for a summoner (that which raises maximum minion count). You can make a Summoner Potion in - see the combat potions page here on the guide for more info. The Witch Doctor also sells a bewitching table if you've also go the Wizard, which gives a 10 minute buff to raise minion count by 1. This is long enough for a boss fight.

The Optic Staff is made with Souls of Sight in TerrariaThe Optic Staff is a summoner item made from Souls of Sight. Use those with 1 black lens (rare drop from wandering eyes), 2 regular lens, and 12 Hallowed Bars. The two fight independently and deal some helpful damage when adventuring. Spaz melees while Retinazer will fire its laser beam.


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Terraria: The Twins Boss Guide

By Harry Alston


The Twins are a Hardmode boss that acts like a more difficult Eye of Cthulhu. Here's our guide to beat your first Hardmode boss.

Quick Links

The Twins are your introduction to Hardmode bosses in Terraria, beaten first like you would beat Eye of Cthulhu at the start of the game. The two eyes have different attack patterns.

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Retinazer, the red eye, fires lasers, while Spazmatism, the green eye, fires cursed flames. The Twins are pretty much essential to boss progression, as they drop materials and resources that you will need to handle the later stages of Hardmode. This guide covers how to summon The Twins, how to get prepared to beat them, and some tips for normal, Expert, and Master mode.

How To Summon The Twins

There are two ways to summon The Twins: first, by destroying a Demon or Crimson Altar on your world, which is a necessary step to get Hardmode ores to spawn. Once you've defeated it for the first time, if you want to fight it again you need to use the Mechanical Eye boss-summoning item at night.

  • Crimson and Demon Altars must be destroyed to allow progression in Hardmode. Destroying an Altar spawns a Hardmode ore, like Titanium.
  • The Mechanical Eye is crafted with three Lens, Lead or Iron bars, six Souls of Light, at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.

The Twins must be defeated by the end of the night or they will despawn, much like the Eye of Cthulhu.

How To Defeat The Twins

The Twins are essentially an upgraded version of the Eye of Cthulhu, with added ranged attacks. Like the Eye, the Twins also alternate between two attacks: their ranged attack and the charge attack, where their mouths open and they zip around the screen.

Here are some general tips to make the fight easier in regular Normal mode.

  • You should really focus on one of the eyes first. Sending both eyes into their second phase is almost guaranteed death, especially if you're playing on the harder difficulties.
  • Out of the two, it's probably a good idea to focus on Spazmatism (the green one) because its attacks deal debuffs and can be harder to dodge.
  • You don't need a complicated boss arena for The Twins. Just a long, flat platform will do the job. Pair that with some extra mobility, even the regular old Hermes boots, and you should be able to outrun and dodge most of their ranged damage.

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Once you've defeated The Twins, it's time to move on to the other two Mechanical Bosses: The Destroyer and Skeletron Prime. Out of the three, The Twins are the easiest thanks to the simple boss arena and the ability to take it down with basic Hardmode weapons, or even weapons you have leftover from pre-Hardmode.

The Twins Tips For Expert And Master Mode

Like every other boss, The Twins get a lot harder in Expert and Master mode, with extra health and damage as standard. Here's some extra info on what happens to the bosses, and how to tackle the fight.

  • The lasers in Hardmode get a lot faster in Expert mode. They're harder to dodge and deal more damage, increasing as Retinazer's (the red eye) health depletes. You need decent mobility for this part of the fight. Lightning Boots, or something better, are essential.
  • Spazmatism gets an increase to its Cursed debuff, lasting literally twice as long if you get hit. Its second phase also charges around much faster.
  • Getting your hands on a Hardmode ranged weapon is a huge advantage. This isn't always easy to do, but something like the Marrow or Ice Bow makes the fight much easier.

What Do The Twins Drop?

Here's a list of what The Twins drop.

  • Soul of Sight, between , is used to craft a huge range of items, from the Pickaxe Axe to the Drax. Most of these items require between Soul of Sight, although you may need to kill The Twins multiple times to craft everything that uses the Souls.
  • Hallowed Bars, the starter Hardmode bar, are used to craft lots of different items, including the Ancient Hallowed Set, the Excalibur sword, and the Drax. Hallowed Bars are dropped by all three Mechanical bosses.
  • The Twin Mask, a vanity cosmetic item.

As of Terraria , the Journey's End update, there have been some changes to The Twins. They now drop the Pair of Eyeballs and Twins Relic in Master Mode, and as of both of the eyes are now immune to poison damage.

You can check out our Boss Progression Guide for more information on how to progress through Hardmode. Alternatively, check out our best build guides to prepare yourself for Hardmode. Ranged and Mage work well in this fight, particularly.

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Harry Alston ( Articles Published)

Harry Alston is a writer based in the UK. He was once number one in the world on Call of Duty: Black Ops and now spends his days chasing that past glory.

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Stickmen Vs The Twins - Terraria Animation

Terraria Wiki Guide

Retinazer (the red eye) hovers above the player to shoot a lazer downwards while Spazmatism (the green eye) floats to the side of the player to shoot cursed fire balls. Both eyes also have a melee attack that does more damage than their ranged attack. They will transform into their second form when their life points drop to half, giving them a damage boost and better moves.

Tips for Going solo

If a players has not defeated The Destroyer, it is recommended that the player does so in order to achieve the Soul of Might, an item required to craft the Megashark, a key component for this battle. The player will also need the Mechanical Eye to summon the Twins.
Items Required:
-Adamantite Armor (Range Set)
-Crystal Bullets (+)
-Large Health Potions
-Iron Skin Potion
-Boul of Soup
-Spectre Boots
-Angel/Demon Wings
-Long Horizontal platform ( blocks wide) above the surface (avoid building too high for the wyvern in Hardmode)

If there's anything that the most important to remember about this battle, it is to  kill Spazmatism first. The reason why is because Retinazer shots lazers from its eyes slowly at first, but, when reduced to low health, will shoot lazers at the player very rapidly. Combining this with the Relentlessness of Spazmatism is a recipe for death.

This will be a hard battle, and the player will probably die many times before they figure out the pattern of these bosses. However, this stragety provided can make the difficulty of this boss much more bearable then otherwise.

(It's recommended that the player challenges these bosses in normal mode, so the player won't have to deal with the hard enemies located throughout hardmode)

Firstly, Construct a long horizontal platform in the sky. Wherever the player chooses to construct the platform is entirely up to them, but be wary about the attraction of the Wyvern by building too high.

Once you've constructed the horizontal platform, go back to your home or storage area to gather the necessary materials (Iron Skin Potion for the increased survivablility, Boul of Soup for the increased damage output, Large health potions for health, and other necessities such as crystal bullets and your Megashark if you have not already brought it with you). Once you've fully completely your inventory check, you can now go to fight the boss.

Spazmatism will shoot fireballs horizontally about 6 times before charging into the player in the same way that Eye of Cthulhu did. In its second form, it will charge into the player very quickly 5 times, before releasing a stream of green fire towards the player for a few second. It is recommended during this stream that the player avoids being at close range to Spazmatism.

Once on your platform, wait till night and cast the Mechanical Eye. Immediately after casting, Spazmatism will attack the player with a green fireball horizontally while Retinazer will come from behind, attacking the player with lazer diagonally from above.

Run away and shoot Spazmatism with the Megashark while jumping at two key points:

1. When the green fireball is about to hit the player. The player will have to hover with their wing for a little bit and land so they avoid getting hit from Retinazer.
2. When Retinazer fires off a lazer at the player. It is recommended that the player doesn't hold down the fly button for too long, as Retinazer can target and attack a flying victim very precisely.

Both attacks have a different timing, and requires constant vigilance from the player in order to avoid them. If the player has done this correctly, Spazmatism should spin around and reveal teeth (akin to Eye of Cthulhu), and the player will have to avoid the rush attack of Spazmatism, and the steady lazer of Retinazer. If Retinazer is in the way of the player's bullet stream, the player should stop shooting until they have a clear shot on Spazmatism.

Once Spazmatism is dead (there will be no drops from this boss), the player should focus all their bullets on Retinazer. Avoiding the lazer should be relatively easy, but once it spins, the timing changes.

Retinazer, in its first form, will have a lazer firing at about 2 second intervals, and then he will charge into the player much akin to its Eye of Cthulu counterpart. In its second form, it will shoot lazer at about 1 second intervals for about 6 shots, then release a stream of lazers that are difficult to avoid.

The player will have to fly to avoid the stream of lazer that Retinazer release, and drop down back to the platform when it goes back to the 1 second intervals. As Retinazer's life decreases, its attack speed increase at about the same rate, and so it will become extra difficult to avoid the rate of the lazers.

Keep firing on Retinazer, and it should die soon after this point. 

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Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint.

Twins terraria the

tModLoader Tutorial on how to defeat The Twins in Eternity mode

This is going to be an in-depth tutorial on how to defeat the eternity mode Twins.

Eternity Mode is a modded difficulty added by using both the Fargo's Mutant Mod and the Fargo's Soul Mod. It drastically changes the bosses and enemies' AI and it's projectiles which in turn, makes it more challenging and fun. Wiki here.

Anyways, let's get started!

Part I: Preparation

The Twins Changelog within Eternity Mode: LinkButton(Scroll down till finds the Twins section in the "boss changes" section)

The gear:
As for preparation for this fight, you should be using:

Melee: Bananarang
Shadowflame Knife
Ranged: Clockwork Assault Rifle with ichor bullets
Onyx blaster with ichor bullets
Uzi with crystal bullets (If so then bring a golden shower for ichor)
Magic: Sky Fracture
Crystal Serpent
Golden Shower
Flesh Hand
Summoner: Spider Staff
Overgrown Key

Armor choices usually goes to titnaium. Shadow dodge's good and you can swap the hardmode ores. For summoners, spider armor is the best choice.
All menacing/lucky on reforges because you want the fight to be as short as possible.

Fargo's Mod adds a Quality-Of-Life feature, which is when you have a stack of more than 60 of the same potions in your inventory, you will have that buff forever without consuming anything while placed in inventory. In that note, these potion's recommended. You can farm potions at a accessories which will negate the need of fishing. Tim's Concotion

Recommended potions: Ironskin, Well fed (any food), Swiftness, Regeneration, Endurance, Lifeforce, Wrath, Summoning Potion (Summoner), Magic Power and Mana Regeneration (Magic), Archery (Ranged).

Omnistation (a all-in-one buff station like campfires)

Note to beware that there's a buff limit of 22 buffs, so don't bring useless buffs to your class.

Remember, always try the options you haven't tried before, etc different accessories, weapons, and armor.

Part II: Strategies

This fight was done and recorded all by myself.

In comparison, here's the Twins fight done by @Terry N. Muse

First phase

The Twins in eternity mode spawns in what is, 2nd phase in vanilla, so I'm gonna call it the first phase for now.
There is really, only one change to the first phase, that is the retinazer's lasers now accelerates and inflicts ichor for 20 seconds. so be careful not to get hit by the lasers or it's yourdefensegon
on the other hand, the accelerating lasers change actually makes these lasers more easier and fair to dodge, unlink vanilla ones. but vanilla lasers deals next to no damage

The real trouble begins in it's second phase, when dropped below 50% health.

Second phase

The main trouble in second phase comes from spazmatism. it will be glowing green and constantly breathing cursed flames which has a larger hitbox than you think. It also dashes like crazy and never stops dashing unless retinazer's doing it's deathray spin, which in this case, spirals out a wheel of 4 cursed flame walls.
However, If the retinazer's in it's second phase and spazmatism's not, when retinazer's doing it's deathray spin, spazmatism will be doing it's usual thing instead of doing it's cursed flame wheel, which makes it % harder to dodge, causing you a lot of headache. Trust me, you don't wanna encounter that situation.
In that case, it's better to try and bring spazmatism to second phase first, and then retinazer. The way I find it to be the best is to bring retinazer to ~ health, and then focus on spazmatism. Usually your missed projectile's be chipping retinazer anyways, so don't bring retinazer too low or it'll start second phase early.

Once spazmatism turns into second phase, focus on him for around 5 seconds. Your supreme deathbringer fairy's extremely good at dealing damage to something chasing you closely, and if you bring spazmatism to 1 health it'll be spamming stars and that's absolutely horrible when you're trying to circle the deathray. After so you'll be better focus on retinazer since it has more health. You do want to keep they both's health as even as possible, especially in second phase. or otherwise the one's at 1 health's gonna be spamming stars everywhere and it's annoying as hell.

Second phase Spazmatism

Do Nottry to outrun spazmatism by flying up! once retinazer initiates it's deathray spin high in the air, you'll be guanteed to not circle it in time (unless you rod, but the burning's really gonna hurt)

This is where you'll need to use a bit of brain™ to dodge his crazy dashes.

You'll need to misdirect the dashes. This is what I do:
As you can see, I moved up when spaz's about to dash. spaz cannot change direction while dashing, so when he starts dashing, I falls to avoid the flamethrower. The flamethrower basically "stretched" spaz's hitbox, now much longer, however still controlled by it's main eye's movement. this is basically what Eternity mode wanted us to do, to dodge the extra hitbox by misdirecting the hitbox. If you've seen Terry's early eternity mode Twin's videos, you'll know exactly what I meant.
Anyways, so once you misdirected spaz's first dash, he'll be right in the left-up of you.
Spazdash position1.png

As you can see, spaz's gonna charge again soon. this time, you want to hop off (S) the platform in order to misdirect spazmatism. This move's purpose's not only that, but because of the convenient timing of dashing, you'll most likely stand on the ground for a while enough for the lasers to catch you.
after so, you want to immediately move up. Just press spacebar, and your aeolus boot's double jump will provide enough acceleration for you to dodge the flamethrower.
After the second dash, your position should look like this:
Spazdash position2.png

Keep going up till it dashes, to misdirect spaz once again and fall down. Did you notice something? Yea, this pattern then loops on itself! just repeat these steps and boom! you just learned how to consistently dodge spazmatism's crazy dashes!
Practice until you get the hold of it.

Second Phase Retinazer

There's only one difference is that it now shoots a LITERAL DEATHRAY °across the entire screen once and a half For this attack, spazmatism's gonna move to the same location as retinazer, and spews a spinning cursed flame wheel moving the same direction as retinazer's deathray.
So here's how you do it:
If you look closely, you can see that the cursed flame wheel actually move slower that the deathray! and that, ultimately means which means you have to get in just the right time in order to appear right at the opposite side of the retinazer's deathray as well as it's direction while staying close to it. here's what I meant:
RetiCircle position.png

This way you won't get hit by the deathray because the wheel's not fast enough to outrun it or you'll take several hits from the wheel regardless. (unless you rod but
play the game incorrectly meme.jpg

--Some skeptical person

Actually I felt kinda cheesy doing this plus it's not like it's unfair or anything like that and you'll learn it later

How do you do it, You ask? Well
Simple. Never go to the opposite direction of spazmatism's wheel while the deathray was initiating. In other words, join the wheel BEFOREthe deathray initiates immdiately, Or this will happen:
I'm just trying to recreate the issue here.
After you did so, dash away and repeat the strat above.
As always, practice makes prefect.

Part III: Conclusion
In any case, the Twins' always one of my favorite boss in eternity mode! It is very fun, and it's arguably the best mech out of all! Anyways Hope this tutorial helped you, leave your suggestions down below because this is my first tutorrial ever posted on this forum, and
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