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Destiny 2 TWAB: Bungie Celebrates the Spookiest Time of the Year with Festival of the Lost

In Bungie’s weekly post, Destiny 2 celebrates the Halloween season with the Festival of the Lost event. Completing special quests and challenges will give you a chance to gain new gear, including a new Pulse Rifle and some Halloween masks, among others.

Festival of the Lost

The game gives off some Halloween vibes thanks to the visual overhaul of the Tower. You can find a gigantic tree at the center, and Eva Levante is there waiting to give new quests, but only if you are brave enough to take them.

When you first talk to Eva, she will give you the first quest to kick things off to high gear. Once you’ve completed the opening challenge, you will receive the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle.

Unlike other Pulse Rifles, the Jurassic Green can get some really nice rolls, such as Killing Wind, Multi-kill Clip, Dragonfly, Tunnel Vision, and even High-caliber Rounds.

You can find multiple Jurassic Green Pulse Rifles during the event, so you can farm it to your heart’s content until you get the rolls you want. Furthermore, you can also obtain the Braytech Werewolf and the Horror Story Auto Rifles while you’re at it.

Plus, there is an incentive in completing the Festival of the Lost Triumphs. You can get some slick cosmetics, including the Headless Hues Shader, the Beheaded Home Emblem, and the Headless Horsepower Exotic Sparrow. 

The Festival of the Lost will last until November 2.

Shattered Realm Just Got Harder

Starting next week, a new difficulty level will be unlocked for the Astral Alignment activity in the Dreaming City. Those who want to go in must be prepared as the challenges there will be unlike any other.

Before entering, there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind. The first is that you have to be at least power level 1,320 or above to enter. Second, loadouts will be locked once you enter the activity, so you have to make sure that you and your buddies have the best weapons sorted out. 

Third, getting wiped as a team will send you back to orbit, so do your best to survive. And lastly, some modifiers will rotate every week, in addition to the constant modifiers that are already in place. These modifiers are:


  • Denial (Taken Vandals summon their shields significantly more often)

  • Epitaph (Taken combatants generate blight geysers when defeated)

  • Empath (Enhanced radar, take increased damage from melee)


  • Champions: Overload and Unstoppable 

  • Equipment Locked 

  • Match Game 

If your fireteam is successful in completing the more difficult Astral Alignment, you will get an additional chest. This will be the perfect opportunity to get the Catalyst for the Ager’s Scepter if you haven’t already. Good luck!


Destiny 2 TWAB: Forsaken DLC, Tangled Shore Will Get Vaulted in the Future

Bungie has revealed in its weekly post the plan to vault the Forsaken DLC campaign, as well as the Tangled Shore destination in the future. This is done to pave the way for The Witch Queen expansion coming in February 2022.

Vaulted DLC

Forsaken is Destiny 2’s first major expansion. It tells the story of Uldren Sov before he became Crow. The community deems it as the best DLC, largely because of its stellar campaign and the addition of the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City maps.

Unfortunately, the company will put the Forsaken c ampaign and most of its content into the Destiny Content Vault (DCV) early next year. However, there are a few exceptions like the Dreaming City, Battlegrounds, and some activities. This is to make way for new content to be introduced by The Witch Queen.

Bungie has started putting old content into the DCV in late 2020. This is done to improve the game’s overall performance and give developers some break from releasing new content and game optimizations.

While the community can bid farewell to Forsaken, there is still some good news before it’s gone. Starting December 7, all Forsaken content will be free to play until the next major expansion launches in February.

Furthermore, the company will sell the Forsaken Pack on the same date, which includes the Shattered Throne Dungeon, the Last Wish raid, and three Forsaken Ciphers. 

These Ciphers can be exchanged in the Exotic Kiosk so you can instantly unlock all Forsaken Exotics that you haven’t acquired yet. Those who have purchased the DLC back then will also get three Forsaken Ciphers, which will be added directly to their inventory. 

Keep in mind that if you already unlocked all Exotics in the game’s first expansion, the Ciphers will automatically be converted to Ascendant Shards instead.

Festival of the Lost

Bungie will kick off the Festival of the Lost next week. The theme is the Día de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrated by many in the Destiny 2  community.

That said, the company will be introducing the new Calavera Ghost Shell once the event starts on October 12 at 1 p.m. EST. It is made in collaboration with Luis Yepez, who happens to be an avid fan of the game.

You can read more about him on the game’s official website.

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