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Age of Each Ash

Hey again guys! Today's post will be focused on the Ash of each region. I'm going to take a guess at how old he is in each anime series and provide reasons for my choices. Now, without further ado, let's begin!


Ash of Kanto


Determined Age: 10 yrs old

user uploaded image

In Kanto, Ash began his journey for the first time as a Pokémon trainer. I don't really need to include this Ash because it's stated in the first episode that he's 10 but I decided to add this Ash because I know people will comment below asking where it is.


Ash of Johto


Estimated Age: 10-11 yrs old

user uploaded image

In Johto, Ash is still his clumsy self but he grows a bit more mature. His battling skills increase and he appears to be less immature. In Kanto, Ash had no experience as a Pokémon trainer, but in Johto, Ash was prepared for the difficulties that laid ahead. Because of this, I think he's around 11 years old. The reason I estimated that he might still be 10 is because his height didn't change much and he still looks the same as he did when he first started his journey.


Ash of Hoenn


Estimated Age: 12 yrs old

user uploaded image

I had to rely on research for this prediction since I've yet to see the full Advanced Series anime. Anyways, Ash seemed to be pretty mature and he experienced in this series. He gained a great starter (Treecko) who soon became a loyal Sceptile. His other pokémon were great too. Ash also had many memories from his past adventures (an example is his memory of his friend Misty) and that shows how far he's gotten through his journey. The fact that he reflects on so many memories in this series means that he most likely aged during his time traveling.


Ash of Sinnoh


Estimated Age: 13-15 yrs old

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Ash's character developed a lot in this series. He became very mature but he still maintained the lovable goofy personality he had as a child. The Pokémon he gained in this series were great and strong, he had an intense rivalry with Paul. The rivalry he had with Paul wasn't in any way similar to the childish rivalry he had with his former rival Gary, it was actually serious. Ash was very confident and determined in this series too, but despite the fact that this was his 4th region, he still reflected on the past. The reason I decided Ash was in his teen years in Sinnoh is because of how experienced and mature he was. He seemed a lot older compared to when he was in previous regions. His critical rivalry with Paul also convinced me that he was around his teen years. Also, when Ash met up with Gary again he appeared to be a lot older and experienced. He no longer acted childish and he was serious when he spoke with Ash. Since Ash and Gary are around the same age and Gary seemed to be a teenager in Sinnoh, I think that Ash is also a teenager when he ventures in the Sinnoh region.


Ash of Unova


Estimated Age: 10-11 yrs old

user uploaded image

In Unova, I think Ash was meant to restart his journey. I believe that the writers wanted to remake Ash's first journey. Think about it. It would explain why he met Professor Oak and his mom and traveled with them to the lab. It would also explain why he lost to a newbie trainer and why Pikachu lost all of his experience and strength. Lastly, it would explain why Ash's companions were attempted clones of Brock and Misty. Iris was basically a Misty clone and Cilan was the cook of the group like Brock. Anyways, since Ash started his journey when he was 10 yrs old and in Unova he appeared to be restarting his journey, I speculated that he was 10 yrs old in this series. I also guessed he was 11 yrs old because he wasn't as inexperienced in Unova as he was in Kanto so he could be a bit older.


Ash of Kalos


Estimated Age: 15-17 yrs old

user uploaded image

In Kalos, Ash was extremely mature and serious. He was even mature to the extent of losing his personality and memory. Anyways, in this series Ash was determined and didn't get easily distracted. He lost his clumsiness and was only focused on getting new badges and battling. He also didn't get into petty arguments like he did in past series so because of this and because of his determination and sudden maturity, I speculate that Ash is in his older teen years while in Kalos.


Ash of Alola


Estimated Age: 10 yrs old

user uploaded image

In Alola, Ash loses all the maturity he gained in Kalos. He becomes the goof he was in Kanto but he no longer tries to gain gym badges since gyms don't exist in Alola. Instead, he begins to learn about the region and the new pokémon that live there. Since he's learning about Pokémon again and acting like the silly curious kid he was in Kanto, I feel that he's around age 10 again


Final Note


user uploaded image

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to comment below if you agree with me or not and I'll cya later :v:

Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/pokemon/page/blog/age-of-each-ash/Mjhk_ueengqab2nbrG1mJm3nDenE53

Pokémon Theory: Why Ash Never Grows Up

Pokémon anime protagonist Ash Ketchum hasn't aged in years, and fans have some compelling theories about why the young trainer never grows up.

Despite starting his legendary journey 23 years ago, Pokémon protagonist Ash Ketchum has remained a 10-year-old since 1997. This fact might just be credited to nonsensical cartoon logic, but Pokémon fans think there could be an in-universe explanation for Ash's agelessness.

Ash debuted in the anime's first episode, "Pokémon - I Choose You!," which first released in Japan on April 1, 1997. He has since continued on to be the protagonist of all seven Pokémon anime series, as well as nearly all the Pokémon movies. Ash has never officially appeared in any of the many mainline Pokémon video games, though Ash is a suggested name for the player character canonically known as Red in Pokémon Red, Yellow, Fire Red, and Leaf Green. While the events of Pokémon Yellow are based on the anime (Red receives a Pikachu based on Ash's), Ash himself was actually based on Red, as the Pokémon Red and Blue games released in Japan before the anime.

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For the most part, each new Pokémon generation has featured a different 10-or-so-year-old character in its games, but Ash has been the anime's chosen hero for every generation. He's hopped between the world's various regions on a quest to be the very best, remaining 10 the entire time. In a 2003 Official Pokémon Website post (via Archive.org), a site editor stated simply that Ash "is ageless" because he's "an icon" and "a legend, like Mickey Mouse." This doesn't quite explain how time and ageing work in the Pokémon universe, however, so fans have come up with some other explanations.

Why Pokémon's Ash Doesn't Age Past 10

Many theories exist to explain Ash's age. One possibility comes from Amino user SomeNorthernGuy, who suggested Ash's body was frozen in time when Mewtwo turned him to stone in Pokémon: The First Movie, preventing it from aging but otherwise allowing Ash to function normally. A more well-known Pokémon fan theory suggests Ash fell into a coma after he crashed his bike in the series' first episode, and the rest of the events take place entirely in his head. But the most plausible explanation has to do with a very specific Pokémon.

At the end of the anime's first episode, Ash and Pikachu spot the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh flying overhead. This was a special moment for the series, since Ho-Oh's name and design hadn't yet been revealed, but it's also the source of the most logical cause of Ash's eternal childhood. According to the Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games' Pokédex entries for Ho-Oh, it's said that those who see it "are promised an eternal happiness." Since Ash presumably loves nothing more than adventuring with Pikachu on his Pokémon journey, the theory goes that Ash's version of eternal happiness is to continue that journey forever, and Ho-Oh's appearance granted him that wish. Like the coma theory, the Ho-Oh theory's reliance on events in the anime's first episode gives it extra weight, as it can potentially explain everything that followed.

Of course, at the time "Pokémon - I Choose You!" aired, it's possible Pokémon's creators hadn't even decided on that part of Ho-Oh's lore, especially since it wasn't worded exactly that way until Diamond and Pearl. But they also may not have decided Ash wouldn't age yet, so they would not have needed an explanation for that fact at the time. Perhaps The Pokémon Company included this part of Ho-Oh's Pokédex entry as a sort of hidden retcon to explain Ash in the lore. After all, it seems awfully convenient that the exact Pokémon who could offer a perfect explanation is the same one that shows up at the end of Pokémon's very first episode.

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ita icon_satoshipediaAsh’s Age in each series

We can’t start talking about Ash without having clarified first the question about his age.

As mentioned in several previously published articles, one of which you can read at THIS LINK, the urban legend that Ash is always 10 after many series, has been largely disproved by several factors, like official sources from the creator of the animated  series and many informations given in the anime episodes themself:

What you’re going to read is candidly observable in the animated series. So I have written NOTHING that you cannot check for yourself 🙂

> The first animated series, in which OFFICIALLY has passed more than a year: in the various episodes were regularly inserted tips about the passage of months. Therefore, you can know with absolute certainty the period of time of each episode.

> The episode in the Rival Destinies series “Goodbye, Junior Cup – Hello Adventure!” where Dawn clearly says that a year has passed since her participation to the previous Wallace Cup, so it’s impossible that Ash was nine in that series.

> If we take into account the months elapsed that were mentioned in the episodes, together make more thanONE YEAR in the timeline of Pokémon anime (two monts after Ash’s departure in the episode “The School of Hard Knocks“, two months before the Indigo League in the episode “Showdown at the Po-ké Corral“, one month before the Wirl Cup in the episode “Around the Whirlpool“, three months before the Silver Conference in the episode “Why? Wynaut!“, three months before the Hoenn League in the episode “Eight Ain’t Enough“, one month before the Kanto Grand Festival in the episode “New Plot, Odd Lot!“, one month before the Sinnoh League in the episode “The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!” and two months before the Unova League).

>The third short-movie (Pikachu and Pichu Brothers), where Ash celebrated the anniversary of his meeting with Pikachu. It wasnot the first anniversary and the movie must have took place between the 4th and the 5th season (for reasons you will soon read) but anyway there is NO DOUBT ABOUT IT: since Ash’s departure, more than a year has passed.

>The growth of Ash’s Lapras, who changed in appearance in one of the last episodes of “Master Quest”.

> In the book This is Animation Pocket Monsters The Movie “Mewtwo Strikes Back” “Pikachu’s vacation” Takeshi Shudo explains that between Mewtwo’escape from the Team Rocket’s base and the moment in which Ash received the invitation for New Islan, a year passes. Anime writers have decided to make pass only a couple of months (since Mewtwo’s escape is present in the episode titled “Showdown at the Poké-Corral“), thus proving yet another mistake concerning the timeline in the anime. The film “Mewtwo Strikes Back“, indeed, has a precise collocation in the anime: the events took place between the episodes “The Pi-Kahuna” and “Make Room for Gloom“.

> Several trainers visibly younger than Ash, have already obtained their first Pokémon (Including Trevor and Scottie, in recent episodes of XY), but, as you know, it is NOT possible to receive the first Pokémon from a Professor or affiliates BEFORE having turned 10 years old.

> In the episode “A Goldenrod Opportunity” (Pokémon Johto League Champions), the Magnet Train was not built and it needed a year to be completed. In the Best Whishes episoded where Iris and Cilan decide to travel from Kanto to Johto, they decide to use that same train, showing even in this casethe passageof yearsin the series.

Informations reported also on Bulbapedia (Click to zoom in)

>Paul also competed in the tournaments of the Pokémon League of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. They are held EVERY YEAR and since Paul has competed in different editions from those in which Ash competed, this proves that they inevitably have different ages (and also that, of course, height is by no means a major factor in establishing the age of a character)

Screen by Bulbapedia

Also, in the recent episode “A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?” of the XY series, Jessie makes a reference about her birthday (in the Japanese version too) that was even celebrated during the same XY series. Demonstrating once more that, in the story, there is a passage of years.

More reasons in the article linked above.

As for the official information given by the creator of the animated series, we are going to open a broader case concerning the age of Ash in the various series.

Takeshi Shudo, creator of Pokémon Anime, published two books in 1997 and in 1999 that unveiled some of the secrets of the animated series (if you are curious about it you may check THIS LINK for a detailed summary of the books), including the truth about the day of Ash’s departure on his journey.

In Pallet Town it existed the rule that new trainers could begin their formative journey on APRIL 1stfollowing their tenth birthday. This fixes the inconsinstency in the first episode of the animated series in which it’s said that Ash was leaving because hejust turned 10, but at the same time Gary and other two trainers left with him. Was it everyone’s birthday, perhaps? No, simply the writers have made a mistake.

Takeshi Shudo also revealed that on the day of his departure Ash’s age was exactly 10 years, 10 months and 10 days, so, starting from April 1st and going back this amount of time, it is possible to determine the date of his birth: May 22nd. Basically, Ash’s age was almost 11when he left.

Since during the 9th episode of the animated series it was made clear that two months have passed since Ash’s departure, here’s another confirmation that Ash’s age was 10 only in the first 6-7 episodes of the animated series.

For what concerns the other series:

In the Orange League Ash’s age was 12. Summer was confirmed in that period (the 2° movie). The previous summer (the one in which Ash was 11) was in the period of the censored episode “Beauty and the Beach”. As already mentioned, in the first series were inserted specific references to the months in which the episodes were set. Ash left for his journey in April, and after 9 episodes May arrives. We clearly understand that the episode “Beauty and the Beach” was set in the adjacent summer.

After several episodes (enough time to make 6 months pass) the events of “Holiday Hi-Jynx” took place (which, according to the OFFICIAL numeration, it’s the episode 39) and an episode of the New Year’s Eve titled: “It’s New Year’s Eve! Pocket Monsters Encore” but which has never been broadcasted because of the scandal of the episode titled “Electric Soldier Porygon“.


Another handful of episodes later we have “Princess vs. Princess” (which was postponed due to “Electric Soldier Porygon“, but remains the fact that according to the official numeration it’s the episode 50) set on March 3rd because it refers to the celebration of Hinamatsuri. Five episodes later the events of “The purr-fect hero” (this episode was also postponed) were set on May 5th because it refers to the Children’s Day in Japan. Here, a year has already passed. In the following episodes, it’s further confirmed that it was Summer (the episode “Riddle Me This“, “The Breeding Center Secret“, etc.). From there to the Indigo League another two months has passed, so the Indigo League was held in the month of July, while the Orange League was set around August/September.

Together with Hideki Sonoda, Takeshi Shudo also wrote a novel dedicated to the film “Mewtwo Strikes Back” in which he explained that between Mewtwo’s escape from the Team Rocket’s base and the moment in which Ash received the invitation for New Islan, a year passes. Anime writers, instead, have decided to make pass only a couple of months and this way they made another mistake concerning the anime timeline.

It is not clear, however, whether this year should be considered as an additional year which has to be added to the timeline or Shudo wanted to collocate Mewtwo’s escape and film in the same year in which the first series takes place.

During the Johto League Tournament Ash’s age was about 12/13 because Winter was confirmed during the Johto League Champions series (episode “Moving pictures”). Two Christmas episodes of the PokémonChronicles series are also set in this period (consequently the episodes in The Johto Journey series were set during Autumn). The League was held in the Spring/Summer of the same year.

During the Hoenn League Tournament, Ash’s age was more ore less 13 because the Advanced and Advanced Challenge series took place right after the Johto League (in some episodes of the two above mentioned series it has been said that it was still Summer). The Hoenn league was held in the following Winter (Source: the episode “The Relicanth really can!” set more than 3 months before the league, where the beaches were crowded with people, because it was Summer.)

References: these two pictures as a confirmation

The Hoenn region is the most southerly located region and is based upon the Kyushu island (Japan), where there is an almost tropical climate. It may also be noticed in the anime during the episodes of the league, in which, although it was winter, it didn’t seem to be cold.

In addition, during this generationAshhas also reachedMistyin height.

In Battle Frontier Ash’s age was 14.

Ash returns to travel in the Kanto region, where his previous travel lasted one year. The series starts more or less during the Winter, in fact the episode “Time Warp Heals All Wounds”  is set on the Christmas period, as in the Japanese air of it.

Later, in the episode “Spontaneous Combusken” it’s shown that it was again Summer, as was in the movie “Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea“.

The last episode of the Battle Frontier series is clearly set on February, because in the Kanto region during this month the sun sets at around 5 PM, just as shown in the episode (further confirmation comes from the DP series which takes place in Spring). vlcsnap-00003Since almost an year is needed to cross the Kanto region, this is the reason why the same amount of time has passed in this case too.


During the Sinnoh League Tournament Ash’s age was 15. This was because in Diamond and Pearl series it was Spring and in Battle Dimension and Galactic Battles it was Summer. (The episodes of the Pokémon Summer Academy and the 12th movie were clearly set in the Summer). The league was held in Autumn (the tournament has started two months after Ash won the last badge, and here there are also confirmations related to the time the sun was setting).

At the end of the Sinnoh League, Ash stayed at home for some months, then he went for a new journey (in a place never mentioned nor in Diamond&Pearl series nor in XY series)  where he met Alexia.

Be careful: The events of Unova region are NOT mentioned nor in the Diamond&Pearl Series, nor the XY One. Our enciclopedia takes in consideration only what was shown during the series that are part of the original timeline. So the lenght of the Black&White series constitues a Hole in the timeline.

The time hole starts from Ash’s return at home in the last episode of Diamond&Pearl (autumn) to Ash’s arrival in Kalos (summer-end of the following year). So, we continue counting the timeline by adding an year.

At the start of theXY seriesAsh is 16 years old. XYis initially set in late spring. Later, the episodes of the Summer Camp demonstrated the summer season. Autumn is coming towards the end of Kalos Quest, indeed there are lots of autumn landscapes and falling leaves like in episode “A Fashionable Battle”.

The start of the XY&Z series is set in November because in the episode  XY097 “Dream a little dream from me!” the protagonists are watching the Litleonids. Litleonids are a meteor shower mentioned in the Delta Episode of the OR ASgames. It takes the name from the Leonids shower, which always falls in November (intentionally coinciding with the Ruby and Sapphire games release, reference also mentioned in OR AS). The same XY097 episode aired in Japan during November. The endof the seriesseems to beset inthe spring and Ash’s age is 16 and a half(17 in the following May).

For obvious and logical reasonsthe Pokémon anime has ended.Anyway if you are continuing to follow it, you must always take into account the instructions provided in this article. Try to differentiate the real Ash that we all know (and whose growth is evident for all of us) from the purely commercial reboots.

Sign the petition to say “Stop Rebooting Ash in the Pokemon Anime!” You only need few second and you can also prefer to remain anonymous hiding all your personal data!



About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

Sours: https://satoshipediaeng.altervista.org/ashs-age-in-each-series/
Game Theory Is WRONG! What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? FINALLY Solved Explained! (Pokemon)

Aging in the anime

175Togepi.pngThis article contains fan speculation.
There is no solid evidence for or against some parts of this article.

The aging of characters in the anime has been a subject of common fan debate, since it is not addressed by the anime itself. The passage of time is clear, but characters show small, if any, signs of aging. The writers and character designers seem to ignore the issue of aging, usually so the viewers of the show feel closer to the protagonists, as it is easier for a child to relate to a ten year old rather than a twenty year old.

Common theories

Eternal youth

According to the eternal youth theory, like in many cartoons, the characters never age and are trapped at the age of their first appearance. This also suggests that the show has a floating timeline.

This is the explanation given in the Pokémon.com mailbag for why Ash is still ten.

Ash Ketchum was indeed ten years old when he started, but he is ageless – since the beginning of the show until now, Ash has become an icon, a legend, like Mickey Mouse. But Mickey Mouse doesn’t look 75 years old (although he is), and the same goes for Ash.

However, this seems strange since the passage of time is pointed out every once in a while without the mention of any character's birthday. The dub has mentioned large periods of time passing, despite Ash still being 10 years old in In The Shadow of Zekrom!. One of the most common supports for this theory is that Ash and May are supposedly the same age when May begins her journey, even though Ash has traveled through two regions and competed in three leagues before she received her first Pokémon. This is also the case when Dawn starts her journey as she is the same age as Ash, even though he has been through four leagues by this time, as well as traveling through Kanto twice.

In the English dub, many characters have had their voice change over time, especially Ash, whose voice has become noticeably deeper over the seasons, giving the impression of aging. Brock and his family are often used as evidence towards this idea as Brock should always be five years older than 10-year-old Ash and his youngest siblings barely look any older between Showdown in Pewter City and DPS02.

Slowed time

According to the slowed time theory, because only one half-hour episode airs approximately every week, the flow of time in the anime is considerably slower than in real life. This theory is supported by the apparent, though minimal, growth of the characters, as well as the noted marks of time.

However, this theory still faces the same problems as the Eternal Youth theory.

Arbitrary age

According to the arbitrary age theory, the label of age has a different significance in the Pokémon world than in the real world. In their culture, the numerical "age" of a person is not representative of the number of years which they have lived, but representative of the person's familial status. When a person comes of age and is ready to head out into the world of Pokémon, they are labeled "ten." When a person has children, they are labeled "twenty." When they have grandchildren, "fifty." Other ages may exist but there is not enough evidence to deduce these ages and milestones in one's life. The theory argues that these seemingly young ages for things like having (grand)children are similar to the surprisingly young age at which children come of age. Ash may well have been alive eighteen years, but hadn't earned the position of more than "ten." Brock's familial role is most accurately described with a half-age, "fifteen". He doesn't have children of his own but he takes care of his younger siblings in the absence of his parents.

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External links

Sours: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Aging_in_the_anime

Age pokemon ash


The Evolution of Ash Ketchum - Pokémon Journeys


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