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Princess Daisy (Japanese: デイジー姫, Hepburn: Deijī-hime, pronounced [deːʑiː çime]) is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games. She debuted in 1989's Super Mario Land as the ruler of Sarasaland.[2] Described as a tomboy,[3] she has been rumored to be Luigi's love interest, similarly to Princess Peach being the love interest of Mario.[4] This became the plot of the 1993 live-action film Super Mario Bros., in which Luigi saves Daisy from King Koopa.[5][6]

Since her appearance in Mario Tennis, Daisy has been a staple playable character in the Mariospin-off games, often paired with Peach. She was created by Shigeru Miyamoto's mentor Gunpei Yokoi, the producer of Super Mario Land. Yokoi wanted to recreate the feeling of 1985's Super Mario Bros., only set in another world separate from the Mushroom Kingdom.[7]


In video games[edit]

Daisy debuted in Super Mario Land, released in 1989 for the Game Boy. Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, a world outside of the series' usual setting of the Mushroom Kingdom, and is kidnapped by the tyrannical alien, Tatanga,[8] who intends to marry her to gain control of her realm. Mario must traverse the four kingdoms of Sarasaland to track down Tatanga and rescue Daisy. She next made a small appearance in NES Open Tournament Golf in 1991 as Luigi's caddie. She did not appear in another game for nine years until 2000's Mario Tennis by Camelot Software Planning on the Nintendo 64, to introduce more human characters into the game.[9]

Daisy is regularly a playable character in Mariosports games. She appears in all of the Mario Party series since Mario Party 3 except Mario Party Advance, and all of the Mario Kart games since Double Dash except for the first two installments of the Arcade GP series, and all five games in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. She also appears in the Square Enix game Fortune Street. On September 29, 2017, Daisy was added to the list of playable characters in Super Mario Run.[10]

Outside of the Mario game series, Daisy was included as a skin in the Minecraft: Wii U Edition Super Mario Mashup Pack, released on May 16, 2016.[11] In every Super Smash Bros. game released since Super Smash Bros. Melee, in addition to Daisy's appearance as trophies, one of Peach's reoccurring palette swaps represents Daisy's colour scheme. Daisy appears as a moveset clone of Peach (dubbed "Echo fighter") in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, playing identically to Peach with only aesthetic differences.

Daisy's Amiibo figurine was released on November 4, 2016, to coincide with the release of Mario Party: Star Rush.

In other media[edit]

Daisy is one of the main characters of 1993's Super Mario Bros. film, loosely based on the games, portrayed by Samantha Mathis. She is a student of archaeology at New York University whom Luigi falls in love with. While digging for dinosaur bones under the Brooklyn Bridge, Daisy is kidnapped by two henchmen of President Koopa, the dictator of Dinohattan, of which Daisy is the rightful princess.

Daisy is the prisoner of Tatanga in some episodes of the Nintendo Comics System.


Initially, Daisy drew little comment. In her early appearances, she was so similar to Princess Peach that some journalists assumed "Princess Daisy" was simply a new localization of "Princess Peach" rather than a new character.[12]

Polygon lists Daisy at number six of the top ten Mario Tennis Aces characters ranked by the online audience, stating: "She's had a healthy share of posts and fan art dedicated to her". GameDaily listed Daisy at number eight in a top-ten list of Mario characters who deserve their own game.[13] GamerVision's "Coop" wrote the article "Top Ten Reasons Daisy is Better Than Peach", citing her "less-annoying voice" and "better attitude", and being a better ruler because Sarasaland has only been invaded once, while Peach's Mushroom Kingdom is always being invaded.[14]Destructoid's Gamer's Red Carpet called "her choice of a brave yellow and orange combo dress... as flattering as it is retro", and that her dress and accessories "work much better than Peach's", grading her a B+ overall.[15]

In 2010, Audrey Drake at IGN listed Daisy as a potential valentine for Mario, commenting that being his "brother's gal" made her a sort of "forbidden fruit", and that he had saved her during the events of Super Mario Land.[16]GamesRadar's Henry Gilbert wrote that it became increasingly evident that Luigi also needs "his own princess" and Princess Daisy is the character to whom he is closest.[5] The pairing of Daisy and Luigi was included in Screw Attack's "Best EVER: Love Stories" video. She is number two on Susanna Sheath's top ten Mario characters.[17] Jeremy Parish of Polygon ranked seventy-three fighters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate "from garbage to glorious", listing Rosalina (Mario) at number fifty-one, Princess Daisy at thirty-one, and Princess Peach at number four.[18]DenOfGeek.com points out that with no rescue narrative between Daisy and Luigi as the basis for romance, she chooses him based on his merits instead of gratitude.[19]

IGN reviewed Daisy negatively at four out of ten, whereas Princess Peach got an eight, Rosalina a seven, and Pauline an eight, but said that the "spark between Daisy and Luigi still burns bright".[6]Lisa Foiles of The Escapist ranked Daisy number one of the top five annoying princesses in video games, but stated she didn't really have a good reason.[20] John Teti of The A.V. Club reviewed Daisy negatively, calling her dress "unflattering" and describing her as a "Princess Peach with brown hair" whose tomboy moniker is undeserved as "euphemistic nonsense".[21]Eurogamer[22] and TheGamer.com[23] refer to Daisy as a clone of Peach in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Daisy's infant counterpart, Baby Daisy, was listed by 1UP.com as one of the worst Mario Kart Wii characters.[24]


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Daisy
N64 Princess Daisy (Version 7.0)

Deviation Actions

lulles's avatar
She looks beautiful!! But yes I agree with the comments, her bangs should be bigger.
JashTheFuntime's avatar
can you give a download link?because the only model of classic daisy it's that Mario Party 3 model...this looks awesome!can i use it for make a picture for celebreating daisy in Super Mario Run?I will give credit.
If your answer it's "no",i understand

Anyway,Best Classic Daisy 3D model ever created!
mcelaire's avatar
Still looking awesome as always; great to see that you're still making sure to keep the N64 version of Daisy in full action for the fans, no doubt.
Bx2-F-Aa's avatar
I was first introduced to Daisy in Mario Party 3 and I played the heck out of that game, so this is always how Daisy will look to me.  The newer Daisy looks great, but a little too much like Peach.  The made her hair shorter, but the dress design is basically identical!
PrinceCheap's avatar
From what I've seen, this version of Daisy was based on artwork from Mario Tennis (the big one where she is about to counter an incoming ball) as her mouth is about the same shape as that one (Also her mouth looks similar to Peach). However I think that Daisy as seen in her Melee trophy has a diferente mouth than Peach, so I think the best design is the one where she is with her tennis raquet behind her in the orange locker room, since it looks very similar to the Melee trophy.

As for the Daisy model 7.0 I think it's the lower bangs, they should have rounder edges.

Hope I helped :)
Vinfreild's avatar
You really did, thanks. The goal is to make a model that can, in theory, be posed and shaded to look like any of these pictures, so we want to make sure we get it right before we open the program and distribute it! To achieve this we really need to hear any feedback anyone has and work with it, so it is really appreciated.
queenlumiella's avatar
The bangs should be taller, thicker. So should the hair. Nnnnn it seems you made the skin a tad lighter? I dont like it
PrinceCheap's avatar
I have a question by the way... I know you can't distribute model right now, but will you consider releasing it in the near future? I looking forward to use the model for renders, since I myself use the Melee trophy version that was rigged by another person on Deviantart but the model is kinda wonky due to the fact that it was rigged on a non-T-posed 3D model. And if possible I would like to be a volunteer in Vinfreild.
Vinfreild's avatar
We are working to release this model actually, we had plans to allow sign-ups for our program where you can download these models at the end of December, but we ran into some problems but are working very hard on a great many projects right now. We would absolutely love to have you as a volunteer, and would be glad to allow you to use the models! We also have your commission in the works, though it is in PEND status while we are working on the Developer's Program. Sorry about the wait, but you should hear back in email soon :)
Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/vinfreild/art/N64-Princess-Daisy-Version-7-0-656702726
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Mario Tennis
  • Artwork #1

  • Artwork #2

  • Artwork #3

Character type
Weight class
Team number
Mega strike
Special ability
Official bio
Baller name

Mario Tennis was Daisy's comeback into the Mario series, after not appearing in a game for nine years. This game also marks Daisy's first official playable appearance. According to an interview, Daisy was revived for this game because of the want to have a partner for Luigi, similar to the relationship between Mario and Peach. Daisy is seen in the intro alongside many other characters, frequently right beside Peach. She is a Technique type character, along with Peach, Shy Guy, and Waluigi. Daisy is the most powerful Technique type character in this game. She was voiced by Jessica Chisum. This was also the first game to give her a tan, with the last game to use it being Super Smash Bros. Melee released in 2001. Daisy wears a yellow and white tennis dress based on her dress from Super Mario Land. Unlike Peach, Daisy does not wear her crown in this game.

While Peach and Daisy are seen together in the game's intro, they are not paired together. In Doubles Tournaments, Daisy is Luigi's partner, and Birdo is Daisy's partner. it is the first game to associate Birdo with Daisy.

When Peach hits the tennis ball, hearts will appear. However, when Daisy hits the ball, sparks/stars will appear.

This is the first game to feature Daisy's modern emblem, which is still used as her emblem today. It can be seen on her tennis racket.

In this game Daisy is shown to be rather clumsy. After winning a game, Daisy spins around and throws her tennis racket upwards, stumbles, and manages to catch it just before it hits the ground. When Daisy wins a tournament, she will show a great deal of excitement and energy before falling off the stage and blushing.


  • The game description for the Wii U Virtual Console release of Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 refers to Daisy as a fan-favorite character.
  • During the development on Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64, Camelot wanted to create girlfriends for Wario and Waluigi, as Daisy was brought back to be Luigi's girlfriend. This means that "Warupeach" was considered to become a real character. However, Shigeru Miyamoto dismissed the idea.
  • This game marks the first official playable appearance of both Daisy and Waluigi.
  • This is the first and only game in which Princess Daisy has been voiced by Jessica Chisum.


Mt main group picture
Mt group action picture

Daisy's in-game model.

Daisy MT64

Daisy during her trophy celebration.

Daisy Colors

Daisy and her alternate costume from Mario Tennis in the Tiebreaker mode.

See the Mario Tennis: Gallery.


N64 Mario Tennis OST Trophy Win - Daisy

N64 Mario Tennis OST Trophy Win - Daisy

Mario Tennis 64 - Daisy's Voice

Mario Tennis 64 - Daisy's Voice

Sours: https://we-are-daisy.fandom.com/wiki/Mario_Tennis_(N64)
Super Mario Evolution of GIANTESS DAISY 2001-2017 (N64 to 3DS)

Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)


Nintendo 64, Wii, Wii U

First Release

July 21, 2000

"Don't judge this book by her flowery cover, Daisy possesses superior technique and can nimbly face off against the fiercest powerhouse."

Princess Daisy's Guide Bio, Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis is the first official installment in the Mario Tennis series, first released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000.

About Daisy

This game is incredibly important to the character of Princess Daisy, as it marks her reintroduction to the Mario series and her first playable appearance. This is also Daisy's first time being voiced, with Kate Fleming providing her voice for the first and last time.

Daisy is categorized as a Technique character along with Princess Peach, Toad, Waluigi and Shy Guy, and is considered the most powerful technique character in the game. She doesn't often miss when she's close to the net and her playing style is very swift.

In Doubles Tournament, all characters have a designated CPU character to play alongside the chosen character. Daisy's designated partner is Birdo, who also makes her reintroduction in this game. Daisy is Luigi's designated doubles partner.

Mario Tennis is the first game to showcase Daisy's personality through actions, animations, and voice clips, though it's vastly different from her current one. Daisy's voice is very gentle and serene, actually sounding less energetic than Peach's. Daisy is characterized as graceful but cheerful and endearingly clumsy. After winning a game, Daisy throws her racket up in the air, but it goes further back than she expected, forcing her to run and catch it. During Daisy's celebration of winning a tournament, she gets so caught up in her excitement and gratefulness that she falls off the stage and blushes.

Daisy has an alternate costume in this game, a light purple dress with dark purple accents.

Quotes & Profiles


  • "Alright!"
  • "Here we go."
  • "Oh, no!"
  • "Yippee! Yahoo! Oh, thank you! Thank you-ah! Thank y-woah!"


  • Manual Bio:"She rarely misses when playing close to the net."
  • Guide Bio:"Don't judge this book by her flowery cover, Daisy possesses superior technique and can nimbly face off against the fiercest powerhouse."


Daisy Mario Tennis

One of Daisy's promotional images for Mario Tennis.

Tennis Daisy
Mario Tennis

Official artwork for Mario Tennis featuring Daisy.

Mario Tennis Artwork

Daisy watches a tennis match in official art.


  • This game marks Waluigi's introduction to the Mario series, and by extension the Mario Tennis series, just like Princess Daisy. This is the first time Waluigi and Daisy's firsts in the Mario franchise coincided, and wouldn't be the last time.
Sours: https://the-princess-daisy-encyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Mario_Tennis_(Nintendo_64)

N64 daisy


Mario Tennis N64 Star Cup: Daisy


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