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Fallout 76 Steel Dawn: Supplying Demands Quest Walkthrough

Supplying Demands is possibly the longest quest in Fallout 76's Brotherhood of Steel questline introduced in the Steel Dawn update. If you're lost within Kerwood Mine or can't find the Hazmat Dive Suit then you're in luck, we have a guide for the whole quest, which will help you find pretty much whatever you want. In this quest, we'll be uncovering an accidental murder, stealing back weapons, and organising a trade deal for the Brotherhood of Steel. It's a tall order, but someone has got to do it.

This quest follows on from Property Rights, which we have a full guide for right here.

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Fallout 76 Supplying Demands Quest Stages Walkthrough

Report to Paladin Rahmani about Foundation

To kick the quest off, report to Paladin Rahmani about what you found about where the Blood Eagle Raiders were able to source the Brotherhood of Steel weaponry from. This is a big deal to the Brotherhood, and you must deal with it but seeking out Gloria Chance at Foundation to secure both weapons and a trade deal. If you have Lie or Charisma at 4+ you can convince Rahmani.

Go to Foundation's Supply Room - Talk to Shin

It's now time to go to Foundation - but you can talk to Knight Shin first to get his opinion on the situation. He disagrees with Rahmani about the trade deal but believes the weapons are too dangerous for anyone but the Brotherhood to have.

Once you're done with Shin, head to Foundation and find Gloria Chance. Even if you lie to her, you won't get 2,500 caps - sorry. Gloria and Tad certainly have the weapons you're looking for - or had. They've been taken to a test site, and you must head there.

Go to the weapon testing site

Head to the East Mountain Lookout to find Mike and the others.

Investigate the weapon test site

If you look around the site you'll be able to find and listen to a holotape from Mike and the other weapons testers. On the holotape it sounds an awful lot like Mike may have killed his pals - oops.

Find out where "Mike" went

Continue investigating the area and in Mike's Bag near an old terminal, you'll find Mike's "Seecrut Password," which is 12345. Mike doesn't seem to be too smart. Investigate the terminal and you'll be tasked with investigating Kerwood Mine.

Investigate Kerwood Mine - Talk to Mike Tiller

Travel to and enter Kerwood Mine - watch out, there are a lot of enemies here, and if you're not prepared they can be quite tough. Investigate the mine and you'll find Mike locked up behind a cage. Talk to him and he'll confess to killing his friend, and ask to be reported as dead - he'd rather stay in his cage than confess. He's in the cage with the weapons, and he doesn't want to come out.

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Find a way to reach the weapons - Collect a Hazmat Dive Suit

You can enter the cage by moving through a flooded tunnel, but the water is radiated, so you'll take damage if you choose to do so. If you seek out the Supply Room in the mine then you'll be able to find the Hazmat Dive Suit - you should know that the Hazmat Dive Suit isn't fancy looking, but it is a unique item that can only be earned during this quest, so seek it out if you don't want to miss anything.

Afterwards, seek out a mineshaft leading down which you can descend by dropping onto planks. At the bottom, you'll find the Kerwood Back Tunnel Key. From the key, follow these directions.

  • Go straight from the key location, and stick to the left from the first fork.
  • Go straight until you hit a wall, and then surface to the right.
  • Walk through the tunnel until you can dive again.
  • Continue diving forward until you come to a crossroad, and then go left, and then immediately right.
  • Walk through this tunnel and you should be able to find Mike.

Once you find Mike, you can either attack him, or you can convince him to return to Foundation. If you let him live, he'll want to return the weapons to Gloria, which you do not really want. If you have Strength 8+, Perception 10+, or Lie/Charisma 5+, you will be able to take the weapons from him by force, or you'll have to let him take the weapons to Foundation and deal with the situation once you arrive. I'm going to assume you've cleared at least one of those stat checks and didn't decide to kill Mike.

Return to Foundation's Supply Room - Talk to Gloria Chance

Make your way back to where you spoke to Gloria and Tad, and chat to Gloria again. They will be mourning their lost settlers, but they don't seem to be blaming Mike. Gloria and Tad won't want to let go of the weapons, if you have Strength 4+, Perception 8+, or Intelligence 8+ you can convince them that the weapons are better off with you. Strength is certainly the most hostile of these skill checks, whereas Perception and Intelligence are peaceful enough.

If you have 2,500 caps you can pay them off and they'll be happy. For 1,000 caps they'll accept, but won't be pleased about it. If you don't have the money, you're in a tough situation. If you're a long-time player, then 2,500 caps shouldn't be too much for you.

If Mike is still alive and returned to Foundation you can talk to him here, and he'll be thankful that you didn't kill him. There are always more opportunities.

Report back to Paladin Rahmani

Report back to Rahmani and Shin, and if you spent the money, they'll be taken aback at your compassion and dedication. Well, Rahmani will be, anyway.

Once all is said and done you'll have completed Supplying Demands, and you'll onto the next quest, Over And Out, which we have a guide for right here.

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Her gang suddenly went hostile when i accidentally went pass her guards..does she sell anything good or should i go back a last save?

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just steal the stuff in the store

She's the laser weapon vendor. There's a couple mission where you are required wipe her and her family out.

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She gives one side quest that involves killing off a companion to complete, one that is a favorite of many at that. Two other quests involve you killing them instead, so there you go. It says something that stealing from there doesn't cause a karma loss.

I just rob her place for cash to gamble and get my Int implant at the beginning.

Whenever you enter for the first time, you have to wait until her brother executes the guy, then once the show is over you can go past the guards.

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It helps immensely if you listen to what the game says..when you first enter you watch the "cutscene" and can't talk to her until afterwards.

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I walked past the guards too and when they became hostile I ran throught the door (autosave, no previous save) will they remain hostile for ever? and have I missed anything important or "unique"?

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wow.. its amazing at how little people pay attention to other posts.
they became hostle because you didnt wait for the event to finish first.
as for staying hostle? well if they follow the ol fallout 3 timer, they should go back to normal in 72 game hours..
if not, then your stuck with having to kill them.
they dont offer anything unique.. you can loot a ton of stuff in the shop though. not counting all the combat armor and weapons the guards have too

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so i went to the railroad, my character says hi to glory but she doens't respond...okay then, then i do some quests for the railroad and when i return glory is still walking around silently and then in the next quest desdemona is talking ♥♥♥♥ like (''too bad glory died'' ME ''i miss her too'')
and other characters are talking about her death aswell

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