White writing desk

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Gina White Writing Desk

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Magnolia Manor Distressed Antique White Writing Desk



Who administers the protection plan?


Purchases after April 15, 2015:
Weekends Only has partnered with Safeware who has been providing protection solutions since 1982. Check out their website to learn more about them: www.safeware.com. To File a claim with Safeware, you can access the claims portal or call 1-800-800-1492.

Purchases prior to April 15, 2015:
If you purchased a protection plan at Weekends Only prior to 4/15/15, you are covered under the Guardsman Elite 5-year protection plan. To initiate a claim with Guardsman, please call 1-800-253-3957.


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Like any protection plan program, there are some things you should know that aren’t covered. We encourage you to review the Summary Terms and Conditions to fully understand what’s covered (Section 2) and what’s not (Section 6).


If I originally received delivery and was authorized a product reselection, does this plan cover my delivery charges?


If you received delivery on your initial purchase, the plan will cover up to $50 to deliver a new item to your home. You wil be responsible for paying the difference for delivery charges above $50.


What happens if I never make a claim with my Safeware Protection Plan?


If, after 5 years (10 Years for Adjustable Base plan), you haven’t made any claims using your plan, Weekends Only will refund you 50% of what you originaly paid for the plan as in-store credit. Pretty awesome deal!


Can I cancel the Safeware Protection Plan?


Yes. If within 30-days of your plan purchase you would like to cancel, contact Weekends Only for a full refund. If you’d like to cancel after 30 days, you will receive a pro-rated refund less a $25 cancellation fee or 10% of the purchase price, whichever is less.

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Bradenton 1-drawer Writing Desk White and Walnut

Make a home workstation look stylish and inviting. This mid-century modern writing desk boasts an eye-catching design that will bring your decor to life. Angled legs in a walnut finish flow from a white desktop for a cool, two-tone look. A slide-out drawer and open storage compartment offer a convenient stash spot for small office supplies. Crafted of Asian hardwood and other high-quality materials, this durable desk stands up to lasting use.

Attention:Prop 65 Information

  • Set includes: One (1) writing desk
  • Mid century modern writing desk with top finished in white and legs finished in walnut
  • One (1) open storage compartment and one (1) drawer with Euro glides
  • Constructed with Asian hardwood and MDF
  • Wood finish: White/Walnut
  • Drawer: Euro glides
  • Assembly required: Yes
Sours: https://www.coasterfurniture.com/furniture/bradenton-1-drawer-writing-desk-white-and-walnut
Modern Office Desk - White


Writing desk white


Modern Office Desk - White


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