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Overview of Hot Selling Dior Replica Jewelry at Rus.tl

Christian Dior SE, the company more popularly known as Dior, was founded in 1946 by the celebrated French fashion designer Christian Dior. The creations of this French fashion house took little time to gain popularity among targeted customers. In fact, it is one of those elite labels that played major roles in making costume jewelry mainstream.

The characters of the Dior jewelry

Christian Dior had a completely different point of view compared to other designers of his time and even a large share of the modern-day designers. To date, very few people have used jewelry like he did. For Dior, jewelry has always been as important as clothing as far as setting up fashion was concerned. While the majority of the designers looked to use jewelry and accessories for complimenting clothing, Dior wanted his jewelry to stand out. When launching fresh collection, he designed jewelries separately for every single; what’s more, he never worried about overshadowing the clothing while doing so. Dior didn’t have a long life; he passed away in 1957 when he was just 52 years old. However, even today his legacy is being followed by designers at Christian Dior SE.

What separates Dior from other brands in our collection?

The collection here includes pieces from a series of other famed counterfeit jewelry brands besides Dior. Each one of those brands has specialties of their own. What separates the Dior creations from those of the other brands most prominently is that Dior jewelries never look to accessorize a look subtly. Another feature that makes the Dior products different from that of brands like Cartier, Piaget, and Hermes is that most Dior creations have been inspired by nature. You will come across designs that feature floral motifs and clear depiction of various animals. It is believed that Dior was seriously influenced by the scenery of the French countryside where he spent some vital years of his life. Even the current designer of Dior jewelry Victoire de Castellane appears to follow the footsteps of Dior; most of her works are very much nature inspired.

Recommend One of Hot Selling

If you are looking to buy you first Dior knock-off jewelry, it would be wise to grab a hot selling piece. You can begin your tryst with the French brand by grabbing a pair of Christian Dior Crystals Pearl Round Ear-Stud. These yellow-gold plated studs would complement your festive look aptly.

Who would buy the Dior jewelry replica?

Dior has pieces meant for people of every age group. You can be a teenager or a 60 year old the brand has items that would match your sense of style aptly.

Why should you buy from this page?

Rus.tl is the best place for buying jewelries and accessories as they leave no stone unturned for offering the most comfortable online shopping experience to their customers. We offer facilities like free express shipping and hassle-free returns. What’s more, we also keep offering amazing discounts from time to time.

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A beautiful assortment of loose diamonds.

Christian Dior is famously quoted as saying, “After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.” For the fifty plus years he was alive, he spent all his time and energy making women look and feel their most beautiful.

The fashion house he started in the mid-century has grown and expanded so much it is now a household fashion name the world over. You can’t sit through one award ceremony or fashion week event without hearing his name mentioned a handful or more times.

However, his fashion line extends beyond his famed haute couture gowns. The Dior name is also responsible for a wealth of jaw-droppingly beautiful jewelry. In honor of what would have been Christian Dior’s 111th birthday, here’s a glimpse of our favorite diamond jewelry from his esteemed collection.

The “1947” by Christian Dior

Although this staggeringly lovely choker necklace is regarded as “costume jewelry”, the “1947” pays homage to the first year Monsieur Christian Dior founded his legendary Paris fashion house. We love the way the nude leather strap gives the illusion that the colored gem is hovering weightlessly between the neck and shoulders.

Archi Dior Rose Gold Diamond

Continuing along the journey of “dresses to jewels”, the house of Dior recently revealed this rose gold marvel from the ‘Archi Dior’ collection. Lead by Victoire de Castellane, this rose gold diamond ring design would make a unique vintage-inspired engagement ring or perfectly showy statement piece!

Noué Emerald and Channel Set Diamond Necklace

Dior made known his love of colored gems when he said that, “Colour is what gives jewels their worth. They light up and enhance the face. Nothing is more elegant than a black skirt and sweater worn with a sparkling multi-stoned necklace.” We know he’d be beaming proud of this ‘Noué’ emerald and channel set diamond necklace created by his posterity at the Dior fashion house.

The Volant Émeraude

When it comes to colored gemstone rings, no one does it quite like Dior. Take the ‘Volant Émeraude’ for example. This impressive piece from the ‘Soie Dior’ collection features a unique center emerald, which is enhanced by a 360-degree flower-inspired halo and blue diamond accents.

Victoire de Castellane Diamond Necklace

And the ‘Soie Dior’ collection continues to impress with this striking diamond necklace by Victoire de Castellane. Said to capture the “instinctive, ephemeral movement of a golden ribbon”, this white and yellow gold stunner has definitely ‘woven’ its way into our hearts!

The Froncé Diamant Jaune

Not your average diamond tennis bracelet! The ‘Froncé Diamant Jaune’ shines with the brilliance of a summer’s day complete with fancy yellow diamonds cast in classic rose gold. As a statement piece, this beauty would pair well with a simple diamond solitaire or plain gold band to complete the look.

The Reine de Jadelenie

Arguably our most favorite from his collection is the “Reine de Jadelenie”. The highly aesthetic diamond ring features a platinum base, all-over micro pave diamonds and a green scull smoothed and carved from a hunk of green jadeite.

Diamond Wedding Band

A diamond wedding band fit for Dior, this textured gold ring features a row of off set diamonds that descend in size as you go out from the center stone. How wonderful to see it come into being from conception to fruition!

Pleated Chandelier Diamond Earrings

These pleated chandelier diamond earrings are dripping with emeralds and charm. The white gold metal encases a continuous ribbon of diamonds that extend up to the elaborate post at the top. No doubt the perfect complement to any formal look.

White Gold Diamond Ring

With a rock star dad and A-list actress mom, Zoë Kravitz certainly knows a thing or two about luxury. When she stepped out in this white gold diamond ring and matching earrings, she was the epitome of class. We love the way the diamond ‘burst’ motif catches your eye and commands your attention.

Happy Birthday, Dior and thank you for more than half a century of iconic fashion jewelry, clothing and scents!

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Tie & Dior high jewelry collection earrings

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection necklace

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection bracelet

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection ring

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection earrings

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection necklace

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection ring

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection earrings

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection necklace

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection earrings

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection ring

Tie & Dior high jewelry collection bracelet​

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Top 10 - Most Beautiful Diamond Jewelry from Christian Dior - part 2

Astrology has always held an important place for the Dior house. It was also thanks to the stars that Mr. Christian Dior’s adventure began in 1946 when he opened his own fashion house, but not before he consulted Madame Delahaye, his clairvoyant, who confirmed that the launch of his brand was written in the stars. A few days later, the Christian Dior house was born, and throughout the years all the big and important decisions for the house were made only after consulting the predictions of Dior’s clairvoyant. In turn, the references to the designer’s beliefs in astrology and mysticism kept multiplying. This was evident in the nicknames he gave his pieces: Bonne étoile (lucky star), Horoscope, Tour de cartes (card trick) and Cartomancienne (Cartomancer). Much later, as a tribute to Mr. Dior's legacy, John Galliano, creative director of the house from 1999 to 2011, evoked references to astrology in his collections. Most recently, it was Maria Grazia Chiuri who continued this legacy by embroidering mystical, celestial motifs, such as the sun, the moon, planets and other stars, on the tulle and silk dresses for her first haute couture collection (Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017) for the fashion house. Continuing this wave of fascination with astrology, Victoire de Castellane for Dior Joaillerie, has designed a first collection dedicated to the signs of the zodiac. The collection consists of 12 necklaces in gold and mother-of-pearl revisiting all the zodiac signs, a beautiful gift to keep in mind for your loved ones or yourself.

Translated by Polina Shaykina

Sours: https://www.vogue.fr/jewelry/article/exclusive-dior-launches-a-zodiac-inspired-necklace-collection

Jewelry necklace dior


Since its inception in 1946, Dior has been synonymous with nobleness and elegance. Whether the fashionable dress, cosmetics or other products, Christian Dior has always been at the top of the fashion hall. Today, I want to recommend some necessary accessories for men who like wearing different suits and shirts, best replica Christian Dior cufflinks, lets take a view together.

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Dior Choker Unboxing - Are They Worth It? -

More about Dior Necklaces

When it comes to the classic pendant style necklace, the possibilities are endless with Dior. Opt for a chic Dior monogram in one of the myriad interpretations of the house's classic logo, or keep a look out for the iconic lock and key style that has been a favorite from Dior for decades. These playful pieces up the fun factor while still keeping a high-fashion feel, giving you an easy way to perk up your go-to outfit. Layer your Dior necklace with simple precious metal chains and a solid sleeveless top to draw attention to your face while emphasizing the quality craftsmanship inherent in a Dior piece. 

A vintage necklace from Christian Dior exudes charm and is sure to become your favorite find with the innovative variety of unique retro styles released by the designer over the years. Don't miss the vintage feel of the gold-plated CD link logo necklace, a sweet nameplate model studded with rhinestones, or a simple gold disk imprinted with 'Dior' that complements the sophistication of a crisp, tailored white blouse. If you're searching for your next investment piece, don't pass up the opportunity to pick up a Dior necklace; the timeless French style that characterizes the brand will never fail to delight you!


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Now discussing:

Louis XVI, the French monarch who famously took seven years to consummate his marriage, had a thing for keys, particularly studying how to create locks they might fit into. Apply amateur Freudian analysis to that as you wish—many already have. Victoire de Castellane, the wickedly creative mind behind Dior Fine Jewelry, winks at this footnote to history, both verbally, as she recounts it to me in a room filled with her new Dior à Versailles, Pièces Secrètes High Jewelry collection, and, more subtly, in hand engravings of locks on the underside of some of the fantastical pieces she has created for it.

Precious does not have to be boring. —Victoire de Castellane

This is de Castellane’s third artistic voyage into the French palace; having previously allowed the public rooms and gardens of Versailles to guide her vision, she decided this time to pursue a darker path. “It’s a place filled with the unknown,” de Castellane says, “all those secret passages, and the ghosts of the past, and questions about who was seducing who.”

Thomas Legrand

The jewels are marked with mystery. A necklace is, at first glance, a delicately pretty assemblage of rose-cut diamonds finished with a delicate bow, but behind the pendant lurks a beaded oval lock, and beneath the center stone a hand-engraved skull awaits. The yellow diamonds of a cocktail ring swivel to reveal a hidden compartment of sun-brushed white gold and a closed-set ruby.

Thomas Legrand

“Precious,” de Castellane says as she reveals the hologram inscribed under an 8-carat emerald, “does not have to be boring.” She picks up a ring of rare blue spinel, showing the secret gold and diamond compartment beneath it to illustrate her point.

As a jeweler de Castellane is revered for her sense of color and whimsy. There is a childlike wonder to her pieces, though she is quick (and correct) to note that they are the product of “play, but serious play.” The stones are first-rate (Zambian emeralds, Type IIa diamonds), and the craftsmanship comes from some of the best workshops in Paris. “Each piece is absolutely complete,” she says. “Nothing is left undone.”

Thomas Legrand

But it is de Castellane’s signature, her knack for weaving narrative in gold, diamonds, and sapphires, that defines it: “I love stories. My memories are very visual. Not every collection has a story; sometimes the stones tell their own tale. But with this collection I had to imagine Versailles: What happened there?”

The royal apparitions come in secret messages throughout the collection, in details inside, and under, almost every stone. A pair of green beryl earrings topped with a crown design represent a king and a queen. The bezels on each center stone are composed of acanthus leaves sculpted in gold. The ear rests are sculpted in a heart shape. And there, in a small corner of an earring, is a tiny homage to Versailles’s doomed but devoted king: a secret lock engraved on the lever.

Thomas Legrand

Thomas Legrand

Photographs By Thomas Legrand

Set design by Hélène Leverrier at Walter Schupfer Management.

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Stellene VolandesEditor In ChiefEditor-in-Chief Stellene Volandes is a jewelry expert, and the author of Jeweler: Masters and Mavericks of Modern Design (Rizzoli).

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