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Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a horror platforming adventure game by Tarsier Studios. You play the role of a little girl called Six who’s trying to escape a prison vessel filled with ravenous souls. If they spot you then you’ll be their next meal!

At times you’ll need to sneak stealthily past enemies and at other times you’ll be running for your life. The animations of the main character and the sounds of her little footsteps are adorable so it’s hard to get too scared playing this game. Occasionally you’ll need to stop for food but the game will provide you with food when you need it.

The controls are fairly simple. You can run, jump, grab, throw, slide and use a lighter. Feel free to use the lighter as much as you like except when you’re in hearing range of one of the bosses.

Three DLCs were released with the Expansion Pass. These include The Depths, The Hideaway and The Residence. There are two kinds of collectibles, Nomes (gnomes) and Statues. Their locations will be pointed out as you go through the walkthrough.

Little Nightmares Walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Prison
Chapter 2: The Lair
Chapter 3: The Kitchen
Chapter 4: The Guest Area
Chapter 5: The Lady’s Quarters

DLC Walkthroughs

The Depths
The Hideaway
The Residence



Little Nightmares 2 Walkthrough Part 1 | Escape the Hunter’s attic, Tune the Transmission

I'm all for maintaining spooky atmosphere and creeping chills, but it's more than likely that at some point in Tarsier Studios' sinister sequel, you're going to need a Little Nightmares 2 Walkthrough.

Across the 8 parts of this guide, we'll cover all of the game's major puzzles. However, to avoid spoilers and keep Little Nightmares 2's surprises intact, we'll stick to describing the directions you need to travel in and actions you need to take, rather than describing the scene and scenarios in detail.

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Little Nightmares 2 Walkthrough

Your adventure begins in a dark, gloomy, and foreboding forest. Your name is Mono, but that's just about the only thing you know.

When you gain control at the start of the game, head right, jump over the gap, then pull open the grate to advance - pressing crouch to enter the tunnel.

As you emerge on the other side, cross the clearing, then jump up the bank on the other side, grabbing the ledge to climb up the second.

Then proceed to the log on the next screen, jumping across as you did the earlier gap.

On the other side, jump over the tripwire to avoid an early demise, then continue onto the next screen.

Here’s your first puzzle: knock the teetering box over - either by jumping at it or pulling it - then drag it over to the ledge so you can jump up.

Now crouch through the next tunnel and push through the roots.

Be ready to sprint down the hill to avoid the log, then you’re at another impasse.

Climb up through the log, then jump and grab onto the noose, using it to swing to the other side.

At the lever, rotate it until the box is as low as it can go, then use it to skip to the other side.

When you reach the long drop, you need to look down and come to the front of the screen. There’s a box you can use to break your fall here before climbing up the other side of the broken bridge.

In the next screen where you scare off the crow, just after that there’s another trip snare, which you can trigger with the shoes the bird was picking at. Pick one up, throw it up the small gap with the jump button, then grab and throw in again in the middle of the snare. You can then pass without incident, using the now descended log to jump up to the next area.

After that, take care to avoid the bear traps on the ground, using the illuminated stick to break the last one to slip through the log.

At the bottom, there are a lot of hidden bear traps in the fallen leaves. Pick up the twig beside you, then use it to feel a way to the safe raised stone.

Jump to where the pine cones are, then throw a pine cone into the next pile of leaves to trip another slew of bear traps.

Now jump to the next stone, but grab another pine cone to trip the traps between the stone and the log. Jump on top of the log, then sprint, jump and grab onto the ladder.

In the next clearing, approach and investigate what you find. Use the box by the window to enter.

The Hunter's House

Crouch under the table, then push through the door into the hallway.

Instead of going through the illuminated door on the other side, come towards the front of the screen, then go into the room on the left, there’s an equipable hat to find here.

Now return to the door that was ajar and squeeze through.

Descend the stairs, and you’ll see an illuminated ball of rubber bands to your left and what looks like a breakable door with a child behind it. Go right and you’ll see a precarious axe.

Jump up and grab the axe handle, then drag it to the breakable door. Press jump while you’re holding it to break down the door and rescue the other child.

Follow them back up the stairs, down the hall and to the right.

In the dining room, follow them: jump onto the table, then jump across to the shelving, then up to the grate.

Help them open the attic by pressing grab on them, then climb up the ladder.

Push the suitcase together then cross the landing with the key above you.

Take a boost on the other side up to the top of the cupboard, then crouch under the shelf on the other side.

In the next area, you need to grab the handle.

Return to the other child and throw down the handle. They’ll grab it and raise the rope and cloth for you to climb next to the key. At the top, jump across to the key and it will fall.

Grab it from the floor.

Now head back towards the attic stairs, pulling out the bottom drawer of the cupboard on the right to climb up.

Descend the ladder, then use the key on the big lock on the door on the far side of the room.

Now you’re outside.

In the backyard, traipse onto the muddy grass with your new friend and head into the shed across the way.

Start pushing the box in front of you and your mate will help, then use it to jump up to the next window.

In the next room, take the cue from your friend to crouch and sneak past the working baddie.

On the other side of the room, help them push the flap and get ready to run.

Again, take cues from your partner and hide where and when they do to keep out of the way of the gun shots behind each crate, when you reach the gully, drop down and hide.

Into the Forest

Take your friend’s offered hand and slink through the long grass. Keep out of the hunter’s lamp light and when you reach the other side of the clearing, make a break for the rabbit hole when he’s looking the wrong way - let go of their hand and sprint for this bit.

Go through the tunnel and on the other side you’ll come to a bridge.

Grab the rope on the near side of the bridge and let your friend jump across - this introduces the new call mechanic.

Call them and they’ll grab you as you leap to the other side.

On the other side of the bridge, you’ll see some crows and a hat above you in a cage on your left. Clamber up onto the cages and climb up the bars, using them as ladder rungs.

Jump across to the top of the cage and jump about a bit to make it fall - claim your hat-shaped prize.

Press on and you’ll have another encounter with your friend the Hunter to contend with.

Drop down with your friend and once again, use the crates as a barrier from the shots.

At the barn, climb up the ladder, pausing behind the TV to block a shot. If in doubt, stop and wait behind a barrier for the next shot before you keep climbing.

Inside, run across the plank, then keep sprinting across to the window.

Slide down into the drink before following your beckoning friend to hide under the pier.

When the Hunter is off-screen, come toward the front of the screen and crouch to dive under the water. There’s a tunnel here to advance.

On the other side, use the logs as cover to sneak past the lamp light. You can go underwater to slip past at some points, but you can’t hold your breath for long enough to get all the way.

After that part, climb up onto the bank and push the tree with the heart carved into it.

Then use that log as cover to get to the next bank and climb up the ladder there.

At the top, drop into the next area, then sprint between the crates as you have done before, then dive through the open door of the shed at the other side.

Inside, use the box to jump up to the shotgun, then help your friend lift it.

Use the box to hop out of the window, then help your friend push out the driftwood door.

On the beach, press forward to the illuminated door and head inside.

In the next room walk across to the other side, go through the opening, then cross the street into the diner on the other side.

Eventually, you’ll squeeze through a broken door. Then get a boost from your friend to get to the next bit.

Where you see the hanging hook, jump and grab onto it. Swing and you’ll kick the TV opposite off its perch and be taken up to the next level.

Here, jump onto the landing then head left to knock off the TV and help your friend up.

Then head around to the right and up the stairs to join them by leaping over to their outstretched hand.

Now head around and over the thin beam before going through the door on the right.

Tune the Transmission

Inside, your objective is to tune the transmission on the TV screen. It's a little unclear what to do in this instance, but first, you need to walk up and touch the TV screen.

Now you need to rotate the stick on your controller so that the scene on the TV is straight - ie. the corridor in the picture is a straight line.

Move the stick around to the right place and the lighting will grow more intense as you get closer to the right spot. When you find it, hold in place for a couple of seconds, and the puzzle will burst and reset.

Repeat the action a couple more times and the scene will change.

Now walk towards the door.

After that, drop down through the right-hand window onto the street, and continue into the next part!

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Little Nightmares 2 is officially live, so it’s time to dawn your paper bag, slip on your tiny boots, and dive into this macabre world. Similar to the original, this is a puzzle/platforming game that has some very light combat mechanics. However, most of the time you’ll be running or hiding from the various terrors stalking the Pale City. If you want to survive or are just stuck in a certain section, below is a complete guide for the first chapter of Little Nightmares 2. We also have a walkthrough for the rest of the game, including the location of every hidden hat and Glitching Remains.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The Forest of Traps

The opening of Chapter 1 is essentially a tutorial on the different controls of Little Nightmares 2. When you awaken, head right and jump across the gap. Keep going until you reach the vent and use the Right Trigger to open it up. Crawl through the small cave and then run by the net of hanging bodies. They’re fine. I’m sure they’re fine. Just keep going until you reach an area with a hanging cage and tripwire. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what happens if you touch the wire, so just jump over it.

The next area just requires you to shove a box over the edge and push it to the other side. This will et you reach the cliff, where you can sneak under a series of rocks. When you emerge immediately hold X (Xbox One) Square (PS4) to sprint down the hill. If you stop running for a second you’ll be crushed by the rolling log. Once you’re safe, go forward a little bit and then crawl up the hollowed-out log. You will be able to reach the cliff and use the hanging rope to swing across. Approach the crank and lower the box so you can hop onto it. Wait for the crate to raise back up before jumping onto the broken end of the bridge.

Upon reaching the next gap do not try to jump to the other end of the bridge. Look at me. Hey, look at me. You can’t make it. Instead, go towards the rope on the left, jump down, and then climb up the planks of the bridge on the right.

Glitching Remains

When you jump down at the broken bridge, do not climb up right away. Instead, hug the screen and run right. You’ll stumble into a small tunnel that leads to the first Glitching Remains.

Hop down the cliff, grab the shoe, and throw it at the pile of leaves on the raised area on your right. This will trigger a rope trap that’s meant for Mono. Keep going right, avoiding the bear traps laying on the ground. Eventually, you will reach one blocking your way, so grab the stick lodged in one with the Right Trigger and then whack the trap blocking your path with A (Xbox One)/X (PS4). This will cause the trap to snap shut, letting you slide down the hollowed-out log.

Glitching Remains

Once you emerge from the log slide, crouch down and head left into the cave. You’ll find the Glitching Remains standing by a dead rat caught in a beartrap.

Grab the stick lying against the rock and drag it over towards some of the leaves. Smash it down to clear a path and set off any traps. If there are no traps that go off, keep inching forward and slamming it down. Eventually, you’ll whack one, triggering a chain reaction that closes them all. Move forwarded and repeat this process, but by chucking pinecones into the leaves. There are several clumps of traps, so you may not get them all with a single toss. Once it’s safe, cross the knocked over log, jump across to the makeshift ladder, and then make a final leap across the gap.

The House

Run up the field filled with cages to reach a large house. Go up the porch, climb the box, and enter the kitchen through the open window. You’ll land on the counter, so just hop down and head for the door on the right. You can also earn the What’s in the Box? achievement by opening up the fridge in the back right corner. Just jump up and have Mono hang on the handle until it swings open.

Hat 1

When you enter the hallway, run towards the camera and take a left. You’ll see the first collectible hat in the game lying in the middle of the room on the rug.

Head into the hallway and enter the door that’s cracked open. Go down the stairs and enter the room on your right. You’ll see an axe lodged into some wood, so jump up and grab it. Mono will dislodge the axe, letting you carry it around. Drag this weapon into the room with the stairs and break open the door to your left where the little girl is playing with the music box. This is Six, the protagonist of the original game and your new best friend. Six will quickly take off once she realizes she’s free, so head upstairs, down the hall, and go through the right door.

Just ignore the terrifying table of dead people and climb the cabinet up to the vent. When you hop down, Six will realize that two small people are better than one and agree to help you. Work together to tug down the attic stairs and head up. In the attic, push the suitcase to the left against the dresser so you can climb over it. This will bring you to a room with a key dangling on a hook next to a strung-up body tied to a winch. However, the handle for the winch is missing, so have Six help you over the dresser on the left. You’ll find a dead “body” holding the handle, so grab it and tug it free.

Bring the lever into the room where the key is and let Six put it into the proper hole. Go to the body and hold onto it while Six lifts you up. Once you’re high enough, jump across to the key, grab it and start swinging till it falls off. After picking up the key, go to the dresser on the right and open the shelf up.

Hat 2 (Only available with the Nome’s Attic DLC)

When you pull the dresser out a nome will skitter by you. Turn and follow the gnome back into the room where you got the winch. Follow it up the cabinets and boxes into the crawlspace above. You will now need to find the nome four times before it skitters off into the next room.

Here is the order of places the gnome will hide in:

  • Suitcase – grab the suitcase and push up on the control stick to open it up.
  • Box on the shelf – Throw a shoe at the box to knopck it loose.
  • Nightstand – Tug the drawer open.
  • Chair – Jump on the cushion until is escapes

Once the gnome leaves the chair it will enter a vent under a painting to the right. Follow it into a dark room where the only source of light is from the nome. You goal here is to guide the gnome through the room by running under it. Move  under the nome and then walk to the back of the room. Then head right until your little friend stops on a shelf. Pull the cart on the right over so it can hop on before moving it to the right.

After making it to the other side, run to the far right side of the room. This will cause the nome to open the gate for you. Approach the lever on the wall and grab it to turn the power on. Go back into the room where you guided the nome and make your way to where it was hanging out. You’ll be able to grab the nome hat here.

Go back down the attic ladder and use the key to unlock the door on the right. This will lead you outside where you’ll begin to hear strange noises coming from the shed. Since this is a horror game, go investigate the shed with Six.

Glitching Remains

Before investigating the shed, approach the outhouse in between the house and shed. Use Six to hoist you up so you can grab the latch, unlocking the door. The third Glitching Remains is standing on the toilet.

The Hunter

Inside the shed, you’ll find a ton of cages stacked on top of one another. Work with Six to shove the giant one to the right so you can reach the next room. When you enter the new room, move close to the camera and crouch walk across the room. You’ll meet the owner of the house and all those traps, the Hunter. When you reach the right side, push the piece of wood forward until you fall out. Doing this will trigger a chase scene where the Hunter bursts from the shack. Quickly run down the hill, taking cover behind the boxes whenever he finishes reloading his shotgun. If you’re not behind a box when he fires his gun, Mono will be struck and killed. Keep running until you reach a small overhang that you can hide in.

Wait for the Hunter to pass, grab Six’s hand, and make your way into the field. Hide in the tall grass and slowly crouch walk alongside the Hunter. When you disturb the crows, stop moving and wait for the Hunter to keep going. So long as you’re crouched and still, he won’t see you in the grass even if his light is on you. Make your way to the cave entrance and head inside. Swiftly run to the right to avoid the follow-up shotgun blast into the hole before progressing.

When you emerge, approach the broken bridge and grab the rope. Begin pulling it backwards to raise some of the broken pieces up so Six can cross. Once she’s across, let go of the rope and go near the edge of your side of the bridge. Press Y (Xbox One) Triangle (PS4) to call Six. She will run to her edge, offering a hand out to you. Sprint jump across the gap and grab Six’s hand with Right Trigger. She will hoist you up onto the bridge.

Hat 3

Before you go right, climb up the wall of cages on the right until you’re parallel with the one hanging. Jump onto it and begin hopping up and down on the top of the cage. After a few jumps, the cage will fall to the ground, allowing you to grab the last hat inside.

Approach the next cliff and get ready to run. While it’s possible to sneak by the Hunter here, it’s extremely difficult to time. Instead, sprint for the first box and let it absorb his shotgun blast. When he begins to reload, move to the box by the ladder and wait for it to block the rounds. Now begin climbing up as fast as you can. The Hunter will fire a third blast, so use the hanging television as cover before you make it to the rafters. Run across the rafters and jump out the back into the water. Hide under the deck until the Hunter decides to move on.

Swim right until you reach a dock with a board blocking your path. Hold the Left Trigger to make Mono and Six dive, allowing you to slip underneath it. Keep going right, making sure to avoid the Hunter’s light. If you think you’ll be caught, dive under the water to ensure he doesn’t see you. When you arrive at the small island, climb up, and shove the tree into the water. This will alert the Hunter, but you can hide from his gunfire behind the trunk. Once he stops firing, dive underwater and proceed right. Keep heading in this direction until you crawl out of the swamp.

Now run right towards the shed, using the boxes once again for cover. When you enter the shack, Six will slam the door shut allowing you to grab the shotgun off the shelf. Work with your new companion to blast your pursuer in the gut, killing him. Go outside and push the door into the water. This will trigger a sequence where you calmly ride towards the Pale City. Once on the beach, disembark your makeshift raft and head for the door to the right, ending the level.

Glitching Remains

You’ll find the last Glitching Remains standing by the television on the beach. This one is pretty easy to find since there’s only one TV in the middle of the sand.

It’s off to the school next. You can find our walkthrough for that chapter here.

LITTLE NIGHTMARES 2 All Bosses/Boss Fights [4K 60FPS PC]

Little Nightmares: Complete Walkthrough and Guide Hub

Start your dark and fantastical adventure in Little Nightmares right by using our walkthrough and guide hub. This challenging puzzle-platformer from Tarsier Studios definitely won't hold you by hand. Instead, it'll take you on a Tim Burton-esque quest that's sure to leave you feeling small, helpless, hungry, and afraid.

There are many instances in this game when you might miss a collectible or take the wrong path. Each monster you'll encounter has special abilities that you'll have to prepare for if you want to survive. So, before we embark on this grotesque journey to The Maw, let's go over a few important tips that will surely aid you during your walkthrough.

Tips for Surviving in Little Nightmares

  • Nomes are the little guys with the pointed caps you've probably seen in the Little Nightmares teaser and launch trailers. Hug them when you find them. They'll run away at first but there's no need to chase them since you'll find them hanging out in one spot eventually.
  • The Statues you'll see periodically are collectibles. When you see them, break them!
  • Your lighter is your best asset. It never runs out of fuel and it doesn't alert enemies of your presence. The game will also save your progress whenever you use it to light candles and lanterns.
  • Running and jumping makes platforming across wide gaps easier. This also applies to moving faster.
  • Grab items and ledges using the right trigger button on your controller. Use this whenever you're jumping from one platform to another because it can save you from a careless death.
  • Hunger will strike and cause slowly but surely debilitate Six if it isn't resolved. If you follow our walkthrough succesfully, you'll find food before it the hunger can get that bad.

In addition to the challenges you'll encounter, there are a number of puzzles you'll have to solve to make progress in Little Nightmares. Many of these obstacles involve pulling open hatches, pushing and pulling switches, climbing over objects, jumping from ledges at great heights, and making quick decisions at a moment's notice. You'll have to have a good eye, sharp intuition, and a good strategy to beat this game and we're here to help you with that.

Before we begin, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the plot by taking a look at our Little Nightmares preview which is sure to answer any of the questions you might have about the game. Once you've done that, you can find all the walkthrough and guide content for Little Nightmares conveniently linked below.

Little Nightmares Walkthrough and Guide Hub

Little Nightmares - Main Story Walkthrough

Little Nightmares - Secrets of the Maw Expansion DLC

Little Nightmares - Misc. Guides

For more on Little Nightmares, take a break from your walkthrough and take a look at the minimum and recommended system requirements to play the game and see why we think it's this year's creepiest platformer.

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Little Nightmares - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Little Nightmares Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (no commentary)

Little Nightmares II Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Spoiler warning: As you can probably guess, this article features heavy spoilers for chapter 4 of Little Nightmares II.

Collectables in this chapter:

Hats: 2

Glitches: 4

Enemies: Viewers, The Thin Man


After exiting the elevator at the end of chapter three, you’ll immediately come across an open door. Walk through it and you’ll end up in a waiting room. At the very end of the waiting room is an open door that leads to a smaller room with a partially open window.


Climb up to it, open the window and jump down to the streets below. To your left you should see an open manhole, climb down the ladder and you’ll come across your first glitch. 


Pick it up and climb back up the ladder. Head back down the street and follow it until you reach a small set of steps leading into a house just after you pass a bench with some clothes on it.


Once you’re inside, you’ll come across some more stairs. Climb them as far as you’re able, then walk through the door in front of you. As you enter the room, you’ll be introduced to the viewers – hostile, zombie-like citizens who can’t be without their TVs. He’ll drop down from the ceiling, but don’t worry. He’s not going to attack you. Instead he runs off without even noticing you and you’ll see him again in the next room with his head through a TV. 


Climb up onto the TV and use it to jump to the window ledge in front of you. Drop down to the roof below and you’ll see a ladder on the next roof. Climb onto the roof and then up the ladder. Once you reach the top, you can jump across to the opposite roof.


Climb through the open window and you’ll find yourself in another house. There’s a viewer just ahead of you but he’s staring at a door so he’ll only notice you if you walk right into him making him easy to sneak past.


As you round the corner, you’ll see another viewer. This one is staring at a TV. Walk towards her and you’ll see the bottom half of the door to your right is broken so you can slip through.


Pass through the next room and you’ll come to a closed door. Six will give you a boost so you can open the door and head into the bathroom. Inside is another viewer who is watching TV in the bath and a vent beside the toilet. Crawl through the vent and you’ll enter a small room with a broken wall. Go through this break in the wall and you’ll find yourself at an elevator shaft.


Jump down onto the top of the elevator and across to the ledge with a door on it. From there, jump inside the elevator and pull the switch.

If you allow it to get to the top, you’ll find that the gate is locked and you can’t proceed, so you’re going to have to jump out before that. From the hole in the wall you entered through earlier, you probably saw some wooden planks on the opposite wall which could be used as a ladder. This is the ledge you need to jump to as the elevator passes it.


Climb up the wooden boards and into a small crawl space with some more climbable boards. Climb up them as far as you can and then jump to the other side which will allow you to climb to the top. Drop down onto the other side and you’ll see you’re now on the floor the elevator stopped at. Six is still inside, so you need to find the key to let her out. 


Pass the elevator and you’ll come to a small office. The key is inside the bottom drawer of the desk so open it and pick up the key.


Take it back to the elevator and unlock it. First pull the lever inside the elevator and run out before the doors shut. This will send the elevator back down.


There’s a lever beside the elevator which Six will, now that she’s free, boost you up to. Pulling it will call the elevator back up, so when it gets close, jump onto the top of the elevator and it will take you to the level above.


On your left is a box which is blocking a vent. Move it aside and crawl through and you’ll find that inside a small room with a mattress is your second glitch.


Go back the way you came and on the opposite wall, you’ll see a hole in the wall which you can climb through. You’ll end up on a rooftop with the TV tower visible in the distance.

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Jump across to the next rooftop and you’ll see a wooden porch-like structure which you can climb up to get to the roof above.


Before you do that, go inside it and crawl up the boxes leading to an open window. Drop down into a small building full of cages and you’ll find your third glitch.
Pick it up, head back outside and climb up to the roof above. Once you’re on the rooftop, you’ll see a coat-hanger zipline that will take you across to the balcony opposite you and a lever on top of a block of concrete that can control it.


Jump up to it and turn the lever to send Six across. She’ll then extend her hand to catch you so you can run and jump across to the platform.


Climb the ladder up to the next level and you’ll see another ladder which is just out of reach. Six will boost you up so you can grab it and pull it down so you can both climb up. On the next level there’s some guttering that you can climb.


Follow the guttering up and from here, you can climb through an open window. Now inside another house, make your way to the back of the room and climb up and over the planks of wood in front of you. Drop down into the next room and you’ll see the building begin to shake as the roof starts to cave in.


Run to the end of the room and push the door down before it crushes you and keep running until the floor collapses beneath you. You’ll fall to the floor below and Mono will find himself pinned by a small piece of wood which he easily pushes aside. Your torch, which is now broken, and Six who is trapped under some floorboards and a couch aren’t as lucky.


Grab her hand and pull her out. Move forward and you’ll come to a closed door. After Six boosts you up to open it you end up in a corridor with two open doors. The first leads to a bedroom and the second, a living room with another static TV.


Touch the TV like normal, unscramble the frequency and run to the end of the mysterious hallway. This time you can open the door, revealing The Thin Man sitting inside.


You’ll be thrown out again, but this time, The Thin Man claws his way out of the TV too. If he gets too close, he’ll grab you so run to the bedroom I mentioned earlier and hide under the bed.


Six, who was hiding under the table will be caught so you’re now on your own. Head back to the living room and approach the TV again. This time, instead of the mysterious hallway, you’ll be sucked in and dropped into a room with a mattress. As you’ve probably guessed, from this point onwards, the static TVs will act as portals of sorts. You go through one and come out through another so they’ll help you get around the city. From the room you’re in, climb up onto the cabinet, up the bookcase and onto the armchair.


Climb up onto the floor above and you’ll see another TV. Go through it and you’ll end up on a ledge with a door leading back into the house. You’ll see that the TV you exited through is attached to a pulley system. You’re going to have to open the door so you can get back to the TV inside. You don’t have Six to boost you anymore, but the rubble in front of the door can be used as a ramp to help you reach the handle. Grab it and the door will fall so you can go back inside.


Now you need to turn the handle of the pulley system so the TV moves to hover above the opposite rooftop. Go back to the TV inside the house and enter it again. You’ll exit through the same TV as before, but now it has moved, this you’ll drop down onto the opposite roof. Now you can climb up the ladder in front of you and into the next building.


There’s a hole in the side of the building so jump down to the roof below and then cross the wooden plank. From here, you can across to the pipe system in front of you.


Follow it around and you’ll be able to jump to a hook and swing across to the next pipe. Follow it along and you’ll come to a narrow ledge which you need to walk along to reach another plank, taking a detour onto the roof when your path is blocked. After crossing the plank you’ll come to an open window. Climb inside and you’ll see a TV on the opposite side of the room, but the floor has collapsed so you can’t reach it.


Instead climb down the ladder and you’ll see another TV. This one isn’t on, but on the ground in front of you is a TV remote. Pick it up and turn the TV on so you can warp through to the one above.


Once you’re back on the floor above, go through the door and drop down onto the boxes below you. Approach the end of the concrete and drop down to the floor below.


There’s a vent in front of you and another behind, though this one is more hidden. Climb up the ramp of letters and crawl through the vent behind you to find your first hat of the chapter.


Once you’ve picked that up, you can head back out and take the other vent. Follow it through and you’ll find yourself in a room with a TV and a trolley that you can move. The floor above you has caved in, so you’ll need to pull the trolley and position it in the middle of the floor and turn the TV on.


Go through and you’ll end up back at the start of the mailroom. This time, instead of dropping down, jump across to the light and swing across to the other side. Head through the doorway and jump up onto a chair and over the reception desk and you’ll find yourself in the same room as the trolley you moved before, but on the floor above.


Jump across to the other side using the trolley and at the end of the room is another coat hanger zipwire. Take it down to the building across the street.

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Before moving forward, climb back out of the window, cross the roof and climb through the other open window. Inside this room is the final glitch of both the chapter and the game.


Pick it up and if you’ve been collecting all the glitches as you go along, you should get two achievements – one for collecting all the glitches in the chapter and one for collecting all the glitches in the game .There’s also the ‘unladylike’ achievement available for smashing the figurine beside the glitch. Head back to the other room and push open the door. Inside is a viewer with her eyes glued to the TV.


Ignore her for now and head into the kitchen. There’s a small balcony leading out from the kitchen and if you stand there, you can see another TV hanging outside the window.


Turn it on and then head back to the living room to turn the one the viewer is watching off. She’ll rush to the kitchen to watch through the window. Turn the TV in the living room back on and jump through it. You’ll exit through the hanging TV and can now cross the wooden plank to the opposite roof. Climb the ladder, cross another plank and then climb to the next level.


There’s another viewer and you’re going to have to deal with them in the same you did with the last one since you need to go through the TV. Stand at the edge and turn on the TV on the opposite roof. You can then turn the one the viewer is watching off but make sure you keep your distance. He’ll fall off the roof in an attempt to get to the other TV but this is good for you as you can now turn the TV on your side back on and warp through.


Head through the bathroom and drop down to the roof below. Cross it and you’ll come to another coat hanger zipwire. Take the zipwire to the roof below.


Proceed onwards, passing the sight of viewers jumping to their death in front of the TV tower and drop down through a hole in the ground onto an arm chair.


You’ll see a TV and an open window. Go through the open window first and you’ll see another TV. This one is perched on the ledge. Push it off so it’s now hanging beside the window of the opposite building.


Head back inside, turn the TV on and jump through it. You’ll exit the TV on and land on the windowsill. Climb through and you’ll find yourself in a watery hallway. To your left is a lever which will electrify the floor.  Head to the end of the hall and you’ll see the door is boarded up. Pull the bottom two boards away and the viewer on the other side will do the rest of the work. He’ll chase you, so run to the lever and pull it. The viewer will then be electrocuted.


Pull the lever again and the hallway will be safe to walk across again so you can proceed into the next room. Inside is a TV, a broken lever and a garbage shoot.


Turn on the TV and head to the garbage shoot. Climb inside and jump on the trash until you go down. You’ll land on a pile of trash and rubble, so climb down and walk through the doorway.


You’ll see an elevator with a TV inside it. Turn it on then drag the parcel on the floor over to the switch outside the elevator, climb up and pull it. This will open the elevator doors enough for Mono to slip through. Jump on the TV to reach the switch inside which will cause the elevator to go up. It will go up two floors, but you only want to go up one. Ride the elevator to the top and then pull the switch to go back down. As soon as you’ve pulled the switch, jump through the TV and you’ll come out through the other one.


You can then jump down onto the top of the elevator and jump to the floor you want. Proceed to the end of the room and you’ll see a box. Move this aside to reveal a vent and crawl through into an electrified bathroom.


Climb onto the toilet and jump to the dry patch of bathroom flooring. Head into the other room and turn the TV off so the viewer chases you into the bathroom and jump back onto the toilet (you’ll need a running jump to make it).


She’ll be electrocuted and in the process, the power will go out so it’s safe to jump down. Go back into the next room, pull the stool over to the TV and use it to reach the handle. Open the door and drop down to the streets below.


You’ll pass a crowd of viewers on your way to the window across from you but just ignore them and climb through. The next building is some sort of shop. Head to the far side of the room, ignoring the ramp for now and grab the shopping trolley. Wheel it over towards the window you entered through and use it to climb up onto the shelves.


Against the wall, on top of some packages is your last hat of the chapter. Pick it up and jump back down. Now you’re going to want to push the trolley down the ramp. Now you’re at the ramp, you’ll notice that the floor is flooded and electrified. Climb up on the shelves and use the tray to jump across to the trolley.


From there, jump across to the desk opposite. Head through the open door and use the work bench to jump across to the top of the bookcase.


Jump across to the vent and climb through. Above the shelf you end up on, there’s a switch. Pull it and it will turn off all the electricity in the room so the floor is safe to walk across.


Jump back down and move the trolley to the other side of the room and position it between the shelves you used to jump across to the other section of the room and the cabinet with the TV on.

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The TV is useless with the electricity off so you’re going to have to turn it back on to proceed. Because of this, it’s worth taking a couple of practice runs to make sure you’re comfortable with the jump between the shelves and the trolley and the trolley and the cabinet. Once you are, go back and turn the electricity on. This time, instead of dropping down, climb over the packages by the switch and drop down to the upper floor.


Climb up onto the shelves and make the jump for real this time and hop through the TV. When you exit from the other TV, climb up onto it and jump through the window. Drop down to the roof below and then the ground and you’ll be back in the street with more viewers.


There’s a TV shop in front of you and when you get close, one of the TVs inside can be turned on. Turn it on before turning off the one that the viewers are watching. They’ll move away so you can turn it back on and jump through it.  You’ll exit through the TV in the shop but it will break angering the viewers.


They’ll break down the door to the shop so run from them and climb over the shelves blocking your way. Drop down into the next room and they’ll follow so keep running.


You’ll come to some TVs. Run past them and keep going, because the swarm of viewers will knock them over and you don’t want to be crushed. At the end of the shop is a TV which you can jump through to escape them.


You’ll exit in another building and the TV will break, but you don’t want to go back there anyway. Proceed onwards and climb up the planks at the end of the room and into the next room.


There’s another TV in this room, but as you get close, you’ll see a shadowy version of Six pounding on the glass from the inside.


Try to pull her out and The Thin Man will pull her back in before coming after you again. His arrival will cause a hatchet to fall down so use this to break down the door and flee.


Climb up the boards in front of you and drop down into a crawlspace with more boards to climb. Climb them until you reach the entrance to another crawl space.


There are a few holes in the floorboards above you so be careful to stay back when The Thin Man is peering through them so he doesn’t see you. Follow the crawl space through and drop down. Climb through a hole in the wall and you’ll drop down into a corridor. Beside you is a stool.


Push it over to the window because as soon as you drop down, the Thin Man will appear at the end of the hall and approach. Pull away the board on the window and climb through. You’ll slide down some rooftops and end up on a derailed train.


Make your way through the cart and jump to the next. It’s at this point the Thin Man will start chasing you again. He moves relatively slowly, but he can teleport to close the distance so you don’t want to hang about.


Make your way to the end of the cart and jump to the next. The third and fourth carts will have more obstacles to contend with and you’re going to have to climb some boxes and jump from a ramp to grab the handle which will open the door in front of you.


When you reach the fifth cart, there will be a lever you can use to detach the cart from the others and make your escape.


Mono will be injured during the escape and the remote will be broken. As you move forward you’ll see a glitchy version of Six.


Follow her and you’ll reach a long ladder. Climb it and you’ll find yourself in a momentarily deserted street with the TV station tower much closer.


The Thin Man will appear before you and Mono will remove his mask. It’s time for a showdown using whatever static-y powers it is that Mono possesses. The Thin Man will extend a hand to you and you combat this by pointing your joystick in the same direction. Do this until he disappears and then turn your attention to your surroundings.


You’ll find that in the same way you dealt with The Thin Man, you can manipulate your surroundings. Push your joystick forward and your surroundings will begin to shake. Eventually you’ll be thrown forward to the entrance of the TV tower.


Head inside the glowing pink/purple door and you’ve made it to the end of chapter 4 of Little Nightmares II.

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Little Nightmares Nome, Statue, and Flotsam collectibles walkthrough guide (including DLC)

Finding all of the Little Nightmares collectibles can be a tricky task, while you also try to navigate the various puzzles and use your stealth skills to avoid meeting a horrific and untimely end. There's a chilling tale to uncover through the main story and DLC episodes of Little Nightmares, and you'll need to keep your wits about you while you traverse the grim interior of The Maw. This Little Nightmares walkthrough will help guide you through each area, as well as pointing out where to find the sneaky collectibles - these appear in the form of mushroom-like Nomes to hug (by holding grab next to them), Statues to smash (by grabbing and throwing them), and (in the DLC episodes) Flotsam bottles to uncork (by grabbing them).

This guide will lead you step by step through all of the Little Nightmares puzzles, as well as highlighting all of the collectible locations and any other Trophies or Achievements you can earn on your journey. Note: we've highlighted the locations of many lamps and candles which can be lit with your lighter - once you've ignited 20 of these you'll receive the Light Up Your Life Trophy or Achievement meaning you don't need to activate all of them, and you should unlock it before the end of The Kitchen chapter if you follow our guidance.

For the Elusive Trophy or Achievement you need to escape from chasing enemies three times - run away from an enemy and slide out of their reach, you'll know if you've done this successfully as the game saving icon will appear in the corner of the screen. The hardest challenge is Hard to the Core, which requires you to beat the whole game in under an hour with zero deaths. By quitting the game after completing each chapter and backing up your save, you can give yourself a restart point to return to if you meet your demise, and if you're familiar with this walkthrough then the time limit shouldn't be a problem. Let's get started with the first area...

The Prison

3 Nomes, 2 Statues

Once you wake up, make your way to the right.

Use your lighter to turn on the lamp.

Pull open the hatch then crawl through.

Make your way up the long staircase.

Enter the alcove at the back by the broom and grab the Statue (1/2). Throw it to smash it.

Crawl through the gap into the next room.

Climb onto the bed on the right, then keep jumping until you unlock the Highly Sprung Trophy / Achievement.

Now jump and grab the ledge to reach the next room.

Pull the chair over to the door on the right then jump to grab the handle and open the door.

In the next room, grab the fridge door and pull it open.

Now go right and crawl through the gap at the end of the room.

This takes you to a small side room with another lamp to light and a Nome (1/3) to hug.

Back in the main room, climb up the shelves in the fridge to reach the upper platform.

Jump over the gaps in the platforms, avoiding the leeches that appear.

In the room at the end, there's another lamp at the front of the screen.

Climb on the box then grab the handle to open the door.

Jump the gap on the next platform to reach another room.

Grab the board nailed over the gap and pull it off to open an exit. Crawl through.

In the next room you'll fall through the floor. Sprint right, moving slightly up near the end to avoid the leeches, and through the door.

At the bottom of the ladder is the next lamp.

Work your way up the platforms, jumping the gap to the right where needed.

At the end of the walkway, grab the crank and turn it fully.

Now release and sprint right, jumping the gap in the walkway so you get through the door before it closes.

Go through the hole in the wall to the right of the room, then climb the knotted sheets in the next area.

Inside the cell, there's a lamp to light at the back by the sink.

Push through the door into the bathroom, then shut the door and drag the crate of toilet rolls to the lever so you can jump up and grab it.

As soon as the power shuts off, sprint right and go through the bars, then through the playroom and the next set of bars before the electricity comes back on.

If you don't make it in time or want to explore the playroom first, walk along the seesaw to weigh down the right side, before sprinting up it and jumping to the set of drawers. A hole in the wall leads back to the bathroom where you can pull the power switch again.

Head past the row of doors into the next area, then use the upturned bed to sneak past the searchlight.

Climb the crates on the other side then light another lamp.

Climb up the grid on the rear wall, then walk right along the boxes to drop back down onto a cage.

Go through the cage to enter a secret room, with a lamp you can light and a Nome (2/3) to hug.

Now return to the previous room and climb the rear wall grid again, before going left along the walkway to a bedroom. You'll find a Statue (2/2) here to smash.

Go right along the walkway to the large bedroom, then hide under the bed until the monster has passed.

Continue right to the next room, then climb the boxes/shelves to reach the vent.

Keep walking right while clutching your stomach until you're thrown some food to eat.

Climb up the boxes on the right then duck through the gap in the bars.

Head through the shower room to the next area then climb up the crates at the back.

After scaling the grid on the left, jump backwards to reach the next crates and continue upwards.

At the top you'll find a lamp to light.

Jump across to the hanging crates and climb up the chain, then jump right onto the first platform.

Climb up the grid to the next platform, pull the switch on the back wall then throw the lever to the right to move the hanging crates.

Now move the lever left, before running and leaping left onto the moving crates.

When you reach the other side, climb the chain and jump left onto the platform.

In the next room, pull open the bottom left drawer then climb on it to open the middle left drawer. Open the bottom right drawer then use it to jump to the middle left drawer, then jump to the top of the cabinets and leap to the switch to cut the power.

Go through the bars to the left, then at the far left of the next room you'll find a lamp to light.

Pull open the cage behind you, then go back through the bars on the right and hug the Nome (3/3) you released.

Return to the other room, push the counterweight into the hole then grab the noose and ride it back down to the lower level.

You're back in the shower room, where you'll need to sprint right as leeches start appearing.

Avoid the searchlight in the next room, either by hiding behind the rolling trolley or hugging the back wall.

In the next area, sprint right as soon as you get to the platform and jump the gap before it gets too wide, then climb on the crate to reach the other side. Exit through the door to complete the chapter.

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