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Ryuk (Death Note) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2021

When you watch him, it’s easy to forget that Ryuk is a cunning and unapologetically ambivalent Shinigami. After all, he loves video games, is shy around girls, and is unhealthily obsessed with apples. But this grim reaper doesn’t actually care about the people around him. He thinks of death as entertainment and will cut ties with you as soon as you lose your interesting qualities.

Aside from his adorably misleading qualities, not much can be said about Ryuk’s appearance. He definitely looks like someone you want to be careful around. Ryuk wears an all-black ensemble complete with black feathers. He has a white grayish skin tone and big yellow eyes. Here’s everything you need to look like Ryuk.

How to Make Ryuk Costume

Ryuk Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

About Ryuk

Ryuk is a Shinigami. A Shinigami is a Japanese god of death that can take your life to prolong its own. The Western equivalent of a Shinigami is a grim reaper.

Check out these sites to read more about Ryuk and the other characters from Death Note:

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Death Note: 10 Ryuk Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

Ryuk the shinigami is a difficult cosplay. In no particular order, here are 10 of the finest examples, including a few with some unique twists.

Unless you're an anime fan who's been living under a rock, you're familiar with Death Note. This psychological thriller follows intelligent high school student Light Yagami, who discovers a mysterious black notebook.  This notebook is actually a Death Note, and if your name is written down in it, you will die. Light begins to use the book to kill high profile criminals in an attempt to create a utopia. A death god, or shinigami, named Ryuk visits Light and reveals he dropped it onto Earth for his own amusement.

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Although Ryuk is invisible to everyone else except the owner of his Death Note, that's probably for the best. Ryuk looks absolutely terrifying at nearly seven feet with giant black wings and bright yellow eyes. Despite the complex design, fans enjoy cosplaying the iconic shinigami. And we have to admit the only terrifying thing is how well they pull it off! In no particular order, here are 10 Ryuk cosplays that look just like the anime, including a few with some unique twists.

10 Ryuk Makeup

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🍎 . “For me, apples are like cigarettes and liquor for humans. If I'm deprived, I go into withdrawals.” . - Ryuk from Death Note . This weeks theme for the @makeupwives Halloween challenge was Cosplay, and I decided to do Ryuk from Death Note. . If you love my look, please head over to the Makeup Wives Takeover page on Facebook and help vote for me. It’s really easy! It’s a poll post, and you just click on my picture. That’s it! Thank you so much to everyone who votes for me, and shares the voting posts!!! It really means a lot to me!!! 🥰 . 🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤 ~Products Used~ 🍎 @mehronmakeup Paradise paints in “Black”, “Silver”, “White”, “Storm Cloud”, “Dark Blue”, “Red”, “Beach Berry” and “Yellow”. 🖤 @nyxcosmetics Epic Ink liner in “Black” for all the drawn on black details on my face and chest. 🍎 @jeffreestarcosmetics “Tall Grey” and “Black Hole” from the Alien palette. • Magic Star “Translucent” setting powder. 🖤 @maybelline Baby Skin pore eraser. 🍎 Elmer’s glue for brows, liquid latex and cotton balls for chin, card stock for hair and earring, feather boa from the 99¢ store, and a real apple I luckily had in the house. Ha ha. 🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤🍎🖤 #mehronmakeup #nyxcosmetics #jeffreestarcosmetics #maybelline #ryuk #ryukmakeup #ryukcosplay #deathnote #sfxmakeup #bodypainting

A post shared by Tessa Hilliard (@sweetchildomakeup) on

What people can do with makeup is impressive, and Tessa Hilliard (IG: sweetchildomakeup) works to impress. This Ryuk makeup looks exactly like the anime; we had to do a double-take to make sure this wasn't a piece of fan art. She lists the products in the caption so other artists can do their own recreation. Although she doesn't use just makeup products. Tessa used card stock to make his spiked-up hairdo and earring, with shading to add realism. She also used liquid latex and cotton balls on her chin to capture his long face. That's genius.

9 Hipster Ryuk

Ryuk liked apples before it was mainstream. Dodory (IG: dodoryco) gives us a fresh take on Ryuk with their "hipster Ryuk." Even with more casual fashion elements, it's still recognizable as Ryuk. This is due to classic markers, such as the emblem on the belt and the feather wings. We personally like the ripped skirt and lined black tights. Those are the features that showcase hipster fashion but also invoke Ryuk's aesthetic. We wonder what Dodory is writing in the Death Note. Maybe the hipster version of Ryuk would write down the name of their least favorite barista.

8 Plague Ryuk

Since he is a god of death, it would make sense for Ryuk to be a Plague Doctor. You could even consider the Death Note as a type of plague. This cosplayer (IG: plague_ryuk) marries the traditional plague doctor mask with elements from Ryuk's outfit. The plague mask looks awesome, and it's a signature for this particular cosplayer. For instance, they have the shinigami wings as well as the black feather tunic. And of course, they're holding a bowl of apples, which we know Ryuk loves.

7 Intrigued Ryuk

This Ryuk cosplay by Daniel (IG: clownkind) is fantastic. Accessories such as the feather shoulder pads and studded bracelets are perfect, invoking his rockstar inspired design. The makeup and hair are on point too.

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The upward direction of the black streaks elongate his face, making it more demonic. This photo was taken by Spacey (IG: spaceyphotography). We wonder what Ryuk is thinking about. Whose name is written in the Death Note this time?

6 SFX Ryuk

Wow! Consider us impressed by this Ryuk cosplay donned by Yumit Cosplay (IG: yumit_cosplay). The latex mask adds the three-dimensional concept to the two-dimensional anime, quite literally bringing the shinigami to life. And the cosplayer constructed and painted the mask himself, alongside the hair and the rest of the outfit. According to another post, he scared three children while getting photographed in the woods. That means this cosplay is doing its job, and honestly, we'd run in the other direction, too, if we saw this in the wild.

5 Fem! Ryuk

LaineyCat (IG: lainey.cat) looks drop-dead gorgeous (pun totally intended) as a female version of Ryuk. She takes Ryuk's design and makes it her own. The corset adds a feminine touch, but still fits in with Ryuk's gothic aesthetic. The lighter makeup and different hairstyle suits this version, with the correct color palette, but a look that's more pretty than frightening. This photograph is credited to Sean Price (IG: s1price_lightworks).

4 Ryuk and Rem

Ryuk and Rem have never looked so menacing...menacingly good, that is. These two Italian cosplayers (IG: iosonocosplay_) pull off awesome renditions of the two shinigamis from the series. Rem is the shinigami who gives Misa Amane the Death Note that saved her life. While Ryuk is amused by humans, Rem views them with contempt. She even risks her life to protect Misa. But it makes sense for Ryuk and Rem to team up, as they aren't like most shinigami. This photo was taken by Andrea Mallozzi (IG: andreamallozzi).

3 Travel Ryuk

What would happen if the Death Note landed in Russia and not Japan? Or maybe if Ryuk decided to travel the world after the Kira Investigation?

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Whether we consider an alternate universe or sightseeing, we are floored by this cosplayer (IG: p0takus). It is incredible how much the mask resembles the character as if the Takeshi Obata drew it himself. The attention to detail is impeccable, as everything on the costume is exactly like the show. He's even hunched over like Ryuk, committing to the character. With an apple in his hand, of course, because the gods of death love apples.

2 Gothic Ryuk

This rendition of Ryuk done by this cosplayer (IG: monsters_cosplay) is so good, it's scary. Or perhaps so scary that it's good, because this is a Gothic re-imagining of the character. The added volume in the wings and hair make the silhouette larger and more intimidating. Changes in the makeup blend both Ryuk's look and the traditional Gothic look. Not everything has been changed, though, such as the earring and outfit. While this is only a subtle alternate version, we really like it.

1 Classic Ryuk

Simon (IG: simons.aliens) gives us chills with this outstanding Ryuk cosplay. Every single aspect of it is polished and impeccable. As per his caption, he learned many new techniques to create it, such as worbla sculpting, detail stitching, and monster makeup. We can say with certainty that it paid off. And we're so happy he achieved his dream cosplay! The photo and edit were done by Neo Lynn Photography (IG: neolynnphotography).

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Introduction: Ryuk Costume

(Since I tend to get asked about selling the Shinigami, Rem and Ryuk have been sold. But hey, you can make your own!)

Everybody's favorite Shinigami.

Ryuk is a death god featured in the manga/anime/live-action-films called Death Note. Have no clue what I'm talking about? It's this guy right here! I based my costume mainly on an image from Takeshi Obata's Blanc et Noir (an art book by the artist of the Death Note manga. See previous link for the particular image I'm talking about).

This costume is made up of a long leather shirt, leather pants, leather boots, a pleather-and-leather belt, leather belt bag, leather notebook, 3 resin rings, 2 bracelets, earring, "arm skull", buckle, belt end, chain connector, pen, belt and notebook cross, shrink-plastic chain, staples and teeth, latex mask, resin eyes, "painted" and styled wig, and a whole lot of feathers. Everything was either made or heavily altered, including the boots.

The leather outfit was made of over 80 pieces of leather patch-worked together. I used an old ill-fitting trenchcoat, bought a few coats from Value Village and was given an old pair of pants from my brother in law. I took them all *completely* apart, so I was left with (mainly) rectangular pieces of leather. Individual pieces were drafted and cut out, given texture with a wood-burning tool and sewn to other pieces. Zippers, grommets, studs and cords adorned the pieces, along with kneepads and a spine (both of which were formed by soaking leather in water and leaving them around light bulbs and an ice cube tray). For the feather epaulettes, I pulled the tips of the feathers through fabric and dabbed a bit of hot glue on them to hold them in place. This feather-adorned fabric was sewing to giant shoulder-pads I had made (that were later sewn onto the shirt). There are over 350 feathers. I lost count.

I made a new head/upper-torso armature to sculpt on. Apparently I can no longer sit still, so when my husband was putting plaster of paris bandages on my back, then front, I kept jerking my head back, so the mold came out a little wonky. It was "good enough" for my purposes, so I cast a wonky copy of myself out of cement. I sculpted Ryuk's head over my armature using sulfur-free oil-based clay. I made a two-piece Ultra Cal 30 mold of the sculpt, then cast a latex positive. The mask was painted with acrylic paints mixed with a latex paint base.  The wig was "painted" black and glued to the mask. The eyes were made by cutting two ping-pong balls in half and pouring resin into the halves. The middle of the eyes were drilled out, then the entire inside of the eyeballs were dremelled down so the pupils would fit inside them. The pupils were from broken sunglasses that I cut and dremelled down to a circle-ish shape. You could see quite clearly out of them - when they didn't fog up. Almost the various accessories (belt parts, rings) were also sculpted out of clay, then cast in either resin or latex. For a complete step-by-step on how I make my latex/resin masks, please take a look at my Terminator and Donnie Darko instructables (for those curious about resin casting) and my Asari Headpiece and Princess Leia Bikini (if you want to know more about latex casting).

This costume would not have been possible without all the Ryuk cosplayers out there; I looked at many-a-photo before I even started mine, and was delighted to see a enthusiastic crowd of people making this costume. On cosplay.com, QueenToast, SuzzyToast and fly_aguilera have some of the best Ryuks I have ever seen. Ryuk could also not have been done without the help of my husband, who helped bandaged me up in plaster-of-paris, and who helped/was *needed* to help get me into costume. Thanks to Marmbo/Clint Hay for some of the photographs. And thanks to my friend Rachel; it took three of us to transport cement back and forth between locations to make my new head armature!

The entire costume took over 2 solid months to make. I'm still recovering.

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Ryuk from Death Note

Ryuk is the shinigami who gives Light the notebook that allows him to kill people by simply writing their names in Death Note.  Ryuk is an intimidating figure.  As a god of death, it makes sense that his aesthetic relies heavily on dark colors and skull imagery.  If you have any chains or accessories leftover from your punk phase, this is a great time to reuse them.  If you want to go the extra mile, there are also plenty of makeup tutorials for recreating Ryuk's terrifying face or you could purchase a latex Ryuk mask if the more subtle face covering options aren't to your liking.

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