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For this weekend only, YouTube TV is offering subscribers a free preview of two premium channels – Showtime and Epix. The preview runs from October 30 through November 2 and subscribers will find the two channels on their Home tab.

On Epix, you’ll find movies including The Addams Family and Gretel & Hansel, along with originals like Godfather of Harlem and Britannia. On Showtime, you can watch fan favorite series including Dexter and Shameless.

If you’re interested in adding the channels to your subscription after the preview weekend, you can subscribe to Showtime for $11 a month and Epix for $6 a month.

Other premium add ons on YouTube TV include:

  • HBO/HBO Max ($14.99 a month)
  • Sports Plus ($10.99 a month, includes NFL RedZone, Fox College Sports, GOLTV, Fox Soccer Plus, MAVTV Motorsports Network, TVG, and Stadium)
  • STARZ ($9 a month)
  • Cinemax ($9.99 a month)
  • CuriosityStream ($3 a month)
  • AMC Premiere ($5 a month)
  • Shudder ($6 a month)
  • Sundance Now ($7 a month)
  • Urban Movie Channel ($5 a month)
  • Acorn TV ($6 a month)

Free preview

Free exhibition of a pay television service for prospective customers

This article is about the stunt programming concept employed by pay television services. For other uses of the term known in this context as a "free preview", see Freeview.

A free preview (also called a free preview weekend and sometimes referred to under the portmanteau "freeview") is a stunt programming concept in which a pay television service or channel tier is exhibited without signal encryption to customers of a multichannel television provider (cable, satellite, IPTV or over-the-top MVPD) at no cost for an extended time period.

Such events, which typically run anywhere from two days to one month on average, are held mainly to incentivize subscribers into purchasing the service that is being transmitted during the applicable timeframe.



The free preview concept was originated in the early 1970s by Home Box Office (HBO). By 1973, within a year of its November 1972 launch, HBO was carried on 14 cable systems around the country, located in New York and Pennsylvania. The channel had an exceptionally high churn rate as subscribers would sample the service for a few weeks, eventually become tired of seeing the same films being repeated over and over, and then ultimately cancel their subscriptions. Realizing the struggles it was facing because of this, HBO partnered with a cable system in Lawrence, Massachusetts to allow subscribers to view the service's programming for free on channel 3. After one month, HBO was moved to channel 6, where it would be scrambled. The preview proved popular among the cable provider's subscribers, helping to increase subscriptions for HBO.[1]

HBO continued the concept an expanded it other cable systems in 1977.[2] Soon, other premium cable services (such as Showtime and The Movie Channel) began offering periodic free previews themselves in order to attract new subscribers.[3]


Free previews are generally used to increase subscribership of a premium channel, out-of-market sports package or a higher-end programming tier by allowing access to a service typically encrypted from viewing by customers who do not subscribe to it during the preview period.[4] Although any subscription television service around the world can hold such an event, free previews most commonly occur with pay television providers in the North American countries of the United States and Canada. For commercial-free services, these events may feature appeals to the audience between programs to order the service, usually by phone or the internet. Television providers typically offer the premium services at discount rates or with extended periods of free service (generally one or three months, before standard pricing applies thereafter) for new subscribers during the preview period, often with installation fees normally incurred for subscribing to the service at any other time waived.

These preview events typically run during the weekend, as people who tend to work or attend school during the week are more likely to be at home to watch. As such, free previews originally ran only on Saturdays and Sundays until the early 1990s (although HBO occasionally held single-day free previews during the work week through the late 1970s). Providers and pay services began starting them on Fridays as early as the late 1980s, these three-day events would not become more common until the 1990s. During the mid to late 2000s, free previews for premium channels began to expand to four-day periods (typically from Friday to Monday, although some subscription television providers have even occasionally offered five-day previews starting on Thursdays). In effect, free previews for premium channels are usually scheduled in tandem with the premiere of a new or returning high-profile made-for-cable television series, a special (such as a concert), and/or a major feature film. These preview periods can run anywhere between one and five times each year. Although free previews have historically been carried nationally by all pay television service providers (particularly for premium channels), it has become common since the 2000s for preview events to only be made available to an individual provider or a selected number of participating providers.

Programs that air during free preview events of premium channels generally do not expurgate content deemed inappropriate for basic cable or broadcast television, meaning that some of the programs shown during the period may include graphic violence; nudity; overt sexual content; strong profanity or any combination thereof, potentially allowing children to observe such content if parental controls (such as the V-chip) are not activated. This was a particular issue before the advent of digital cable as these preview events usually ran on local origination channels that are available on basic cable tiers accessible to any subscriber. However, some of the more risque content featured on premium networks, such as (with some past exceptions) Cinemax's now-defunct After Dark block of softcore adult series and films, usually does not air on free preview weekends.

Until the early 2000s, television providers and premium services ran hosted interstitials between programs, which featured program and channel promotions, prize giveaways and behind-the-scenes information. Actors, comedians and other entertainers (such as Norm Crosby, Greg Kinnear, Robert Urich and Sinbad) often were used to host free preview events for premium cable services during the 1980s and 1990s.[3][5][6][7][8][9] Many cable systems offered additional incentives to entice people into subscribing to a premium service by offering prizes, such as expense-paid vacations to the location where the free preview was taking place (for example, Rich Heritage Inc. – a cable marketing firm and production company founded by Terry Rich, who, until 1998, hosted many of the free previews the company produced for providers such as Comcast, Tele-Communications Inc. [TCI] and Cox Communications – produced interstitials during free previews of HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and The Disney Channel that included nightly prize giveaways to Walt Disney World – where the Rich Heritage-produced free preview events originated until 1999 – and then to the MGM Grand Las Vegas – where its preview events originated until 2002).

In recent years, the free preview concept has been restructured due to the migration of premium cable services to digital programming tiers to which many conventional pay television subscribers have upgraded since channel infrastructure upgrades occurred with the advent of digital cable. With digital cable having become commonplace since the early 2000s, most cable and satellite providers have since eschewed using local origination channels to carry free preview events and no longer produce interstitials for events involving premium channels; instead, providers simply unencrypt the service's signal on the designated channel slots of the main channel and all related multiplex channels that are carried by the provider as well as in some cases, a related pay service (for example, in the United States, HBO offers free previews either involving only its eight-channel multiplex, or both the HBO channel slate and the seven-channel multiplex of its sister network Cinemax, depending on which service is offered during that given preview – both networks are owned by WarnerMedia) during the period. Some video-on-demand services, pay-per-view sports packages and select basic channels available on higher subscription tiers also occasionally offer free previews, sometimes for as long as one to two weeks. In the case of out-of-market sports packages, previews for those services are most commonly held during the first week of a professional or collegiate sports league's regular season, with a second free preview window often occurring shortly after a professional league's all-star game break where the price of the package is halved in the wind-up towards the latter half of the season for playoff positioning.

In 2016, Verizon FiOS began offering their TV customers the ability to preview premium channels for a period of 48 hours, whenever they want, using their remote control. The feature, referred to as "Free View" or "Fios Free Weekends", can be enabled once for each premium network, including HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and Epix, and can be used every year.[10][11]

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Although Cox gives you the opportunity for a customized home,  Cox’s plans and pricing have recently changed, and the pricing unfortunately increased.  (And keep in mind, this promotional pricing lasts for 12 months, but it’s unclear as to how much your service will cost afterward).

Cox’s Starter plan with local channels used to be half the price, but $50 for 75+ channels is cheaper than what you’d get with a live TV streaming service.

When you upgrade to Cox’s Preferred plan allows you to add on more channel packs and premium channels (for an extra cost) for a more customizable package. We recommend this plan if you’d like the perfect channel variety for the family.

And lastly, Cox’s Ultimate plan gives you premium channels, like HBO and SHOWTIME, as well as the Sports channel pack.

If you choose to go with a live TV streaming service, you could also opt to not get Cox’s TV service and just get the internet, home security, and phone service for your home.

Retreat To Paradise (2020) - Full Movie - Melanie Stone - Casey Elliott - Brian Krause

How to Get HBO for Free on Cox Cable


Subscribe to Cox Cable Bundled with HBO Today

Cox makes getting HBO fast, cheap and easy. It already comes bundled with most of their packages. But it can be added to an existing bundle just as easily as it can be removed. That being said if you happen to switch to Cox during when they are running a special promotion it is possible to even get HBO free. You can call Cox to find out about their existing HBO deals.


Or grab HBO directly, without a cable subscription from HBOMax:


Add HBO to Your Existing Cox Cable Package

To add HBO to your existing Cox Cable subscription simply sign-in to your Cox account either directly via the official website or their Cox Connect mobile app. Then just click on HBO, Add to Favorites and you’re done. You can also click the Favorites button to see if HBO is already added.

Wait for HBO Free Preview by Cox Cable

Sometimes Cox Cable runs what they call ‘HBO Free Preview’ for a couple of days. The idea is to primarily let everyone know how good HBO is and so they can get hooked to the programing.

Cox Cable generally announces their so-called HBO Free Preview via social media a few days before it starts. So, you’ll want to like their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date. The free preview runs a few times a year but it is for a day or two at best. So, you’ll want to catch it while its still hot!

You can also check Cox Cable’s official press release page for updates.


Add HBO to a non-Cox Cable Streaming Account

Most people want to ditch conventional cable in favor of the cheaper alternative i.e. streaming services. Fortunately, streaming services are as good if not better than their conventional counterparts. You have a tone of options many of which include HBO as part of their lineup. Amazon, Hulu Live and Sling are to name a few. They cost around the same if not slightly cheaper than a full-blown Cox Cable plan making them a worthy consideration. Plus, you also get free HBO deals depending on the service you choose.

Once you add HBO to your Cox Cable account make sure to use their streaming app on your mobile device. You can log-into HBO GO with the same Cox Cable credentials.


Showtime weekend 2020 cox free

HBO & Cinemax Free Preview (Complete List of Providers)

Free Preview Begins: September 2021 (see below)
Free Preview Ends: September 2021 (see below

There will be a free preview of HBO & Cinemax this last weekend in September. So far Dish Network, Cox Cable, and Verizon FIOS are the providers taking part but more may be added. If you know that your provider is showing this free preview please leave a comment below.

Cox Cable: September 24th (Friday) to the 30th (Thursday). On-Demand and online content will be included.

Verizon FIOS: September 23rd (Thursday) to the 27th (Monday).

Dish Network: September 24th (Friday) to September 26th (Sunday).
Channel Guide: 307-309: Cinemax, 310-315: HBO

Frontier: September 23rd (Thursday) to September 27th (Monday). This may be limited to certain locations.

DirecTV: September 23rd (Thursday) to September 27th (Monday). Channel Guide: 501-523: HBO and Cinemax. Live linear channels and live streaming from their app, VOD is not available. Here’s a complete schedule of what’s going to be on.

U-Verse: September 23rd (Thursday) to September 27th (Monday). Channel Guide: 802-843/1082-1846HD.Live linear channels, on-demand, and streaming from the app are all available.

YouTube TV: September 23rd (Thursday) to September 27th (Monday).

The movie Promising Young Woman (which is excellent by the way) premieres on September 25th on HBO. You can see what else is new to HBO in September.

Thanks, Jim, Mike, E, Dave and Keith for sending this in! Got a tip? Send it in!

Channel Lineup:

Dish Network

Free Legal App To Get Free Premium Cable TV Including Movies Sports and More Live Player iOS App

A Step-by-Step Guide to Showtime Free Trial—No Credit Card Needed

Showtime is a U.S. premium television network owned by ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks. In 2015, the network launched a streaming service under the same name. 

Showtime as a streaming service offers various content produced by the network, including TV series, feature films, documentaries, and sports events. 

You might know the network through some of its most famous shows, such as Homeland, The Affair, Shameless, Ray Donovan, and many others. 

What You Need to Know About a Free Showtime Trial

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Showtime and get unlimited access to the network’s original series, movies, and more. You can access the content through Showtime’s website or its mobile app.

Where Else Can You Watch Showtime for Free?

Showtime has deals with several other platforms and streaming services. This means that you can watch your favorite Showtime series, films, and specials not only on Showtime, but also on Hulu, Roku, Sling, and many others.

All services offer a seven-day free trial of Showtime, except for Roku that allows you to try it out at no cost for a whole month. The price is the same across the board—$10.99/month.

Check out which services include Showtime original content in their catalogs:



  • Showtime on these services is free for seven days, then available for $10.99/month
  • Showtime on the Apple TV app is free for seven days, then available for $10.99/month
  • Apple TV Plus users can subscribe to Showtime and CBS All Access for $9.99/month
  • Showtime on Roku is free for 30 days, then available for $10.99/month

How to Get a Showtime Free Trial?

Signing up for a Showtime free trial on its website is as simple as following these straightforward instructions:

  1. Go to Showtime’s streaming website
  2. Click on the Start your free trial red button
  3. Add payment information
  4. Confirm and enjoy the free trial!

If you would like to sample Showtime through a third-party streaming service, click on any provider in the table above and follow the sign-up instructions.

Does the Showtime Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Your Showtime free trial will turn into a paid subscription at the end of the 30-day period. To avoid an unwanted charge, you have to cancel your free trial before it runs out. 

Note that you will not receive a refund if you cancel the service. On the plus side, you will be able to access Showtime’s content until the end of your current subscription period.

Forget About Auto-Renewed Charges With DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card

You’ve signed up for a flashy new subscription service, tinkered with it a few times, then the whole thing completely escaped your memory. The next thing you know, a month has passed, and your free trial has turned into an expensive subscription! 

Things can get even more complicated and costly. Some companies are known for giving their customers a hard time when they attempt to cancel the free trial or paid subscription—in fact, theykeep adding unauthorized charges to their subscribers’ credit cards. 

With DoNotPay’s Free Trial Card, you will never have to worry about this happening to you again. 

The way any virtual credit card works relies on its ability to generate a one-off, temporary credit card number that can be used while shopping online. This creates an additional layer of information—a degree of separation—between the buyer and the vendor, which keeps the buyer shielded from internet fraud and data theft.

The Free Trial Card is DoNotPay’s version of a virtual credit card that has been designed to be used for free trial sign-ups.

The Free Trial Card creates unique credit card details that, to the vendor, look like they belong to a credit card issued by the bank. As opposed to other virtual cards, the Free Trial Card keeps your money safe. Because it’s not linked to your bank account or any other funding source, your finances are safe from unplanned, undesired subscription-based charges when your free online trials come to an end.

How to Keep Showtime From Tracking Your Location and Sending You Spam Emails

Our virtual credit card goes above and beyond to keep your money and privacy safe when applying for free trials. DoNotPay comes up with a random email address that you can use during the sign-up, so you don’t have to submit your actual email address.

Not only do you not have to divulge your payment information, but you will also dodge annoying marketing newsletters designed to spam you and spy on you.

By using the email address that DoNotPay provided, you will:

  1. Not have to deal with any spam emails from the company in question
  2. Prevent the company from tracking your location 
  3. Stop the company from using your private data as a sales lead

Of course, we’ll forward you all the relevant emails from the company whose services you signed up for, such as messages about your account servicing.

Did Showtime Mistreat You? DoNotPay Can Help You Take Them to Small Claims Court

We understand how frustrating it is when a company wrongs you and ignores your rights as a consumer. While certainly unfair, most people throw in the towel because seeking justice in court seems way too time-consuming and out of their pocket. 

For that very reason, we created DoNotPay, the world’s first robot lawyer that makes suing people and companies in small claims court much more accessible than it was previously. The American Bar Associationhonored itwith the 2020 Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access. 

You don’t need to hire a lawyer or be a legal expert yourself to take a stand against a company or individual that breached your rights. DoNotPay’s chatbots will study your case, prepare the required documentation on your behalf, and suggest the best legal argumentation you should engage in court. Protecting your legal rights has never been so quick, easy, and efficient.

DoNotPay Protects Your Privacy and Finances

Sharing your credit card details online comes with certain risks, and it’s getting more difficult to tell good and bad websites apart. With DoNotPay’s virtual credit card generator, you will be able to protect your identity and bank account from cyber scammers.

Whenever you run into a suspicious email or website, generate a virtual credit card and proceed without worries. Our virtual cards also work like a charm if you want to avoid automatic payments after free trials.

DoNotPay Helps You in More Than One Way

If you’re a TV aficionado, DoNotPay can help you manage various aspects of your TV and streaming subscriptions. Whether you need to cancel Hulu, cancel Redbox, get an HBO free trial, or deal with Netflix spam emails, our app can give you a hand with all that. 

Open DoNotPay in yourweb browserand allow us to tick off a bunch of stuff on your to-do list, including:


Now discussing:

Cox Communications Deals and Promotions

  • Cox Communications
    Internet Essential 50 + Contour TV Preferred + Voice Preferred
  • Cox Communications
    Internet Preferred 150 + Contour TV Preferred + Voice Preferred
  • Cox Communications
    Internet Ultimate 500 + Contour TV Preferred + Voice Preferred
  • Cox Communications
    Internet Gigablast + Contour TV Preferred + Voice Preferred

Cox Internet Plans and Pricing Summary

Plan nameDownload speedMonthly start price
Cox Internet Starter 2525 Mbps$30/mo
Cox Internet Essential 5050 Mbps$40/mo
Cox Internet Preferred 150150 Mbps$60/mo
Cox Internet Ultimate 500500 Mbps$80/mo
Cox Internet Gigablast940 Mbps$100/mo

Cox Internet-Only Plans and Pricing

PlanPrice per monthSpeed
Internet Starter 10$29.9910 Mbps
Internet Essential 30$39.9950 Mbps
Internet Preferred 150$59.99150 Mbps
Internet Ultimate$79.99500 Mbps
Gigablast$99.99940 Mbps

Cox Cable Packages for TV and Internet

PlanPrice per monthSpeed/Channel ratio
Bronze Duo$89.99150 Mbps / 140+
Silver Duo$109.99300 Mbps / 140+
Gold Duo$129.99300 Mbps / 250+
Platinum Duo$159.99940 Mbps / 250+

Overview of Cox Communications Deals

Cox Communications’ deals and promotions are a little harder to find than most other major ISPs, but worth taking advantage of. You may not see such offers as free gift cards, but Cox deals will appeal to those who plan on bundling with traditional TV service and/or are heavy internet users (i.e., gamers and binge-streamers). With Cox, you get:

  • Nationwide hotspot access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free Quality of Service (QoS) software

The above features, among others, are applicable to each Cox internet-only or internet and TV bundle. Sports, gaming, and streaming fans stand to get the most value out of Cox with offers such as the 4K Contour Stream Player, Cox’s streaming device, and Cox’s Elite Gamer software.

Cox Internet-only Deals

With speed up to 150 Mbps for $59.99 a month, the Internet Preferred 150 plan is Cox’s best internet-only deal. Admittedly, there are plans with more speed at the same price from some of Cox’s biggest competitors (i.e., Verizon Fios), but Cox is the only one that offers nationwide hotspots. The remainder of Cox’s internet features are similar to what you’d see from a major internet provider:

  • Advanced network security
  • Whole-home WiFi
  • Remote control access to your WiFi network

The key to locking in the above features is to rent Cox’s Panoramic WiFi Gateway. You can save money by using your own router, but renting one from Cox is a good idea if you’re not tech-savvy.

Cox Bundle Deals

Plan NameMonthly Price (savings)Deal
Bronze Duo$149.99 per month

($10 off internet)

  • Up to 150 Mbps
  • 75+ channels
  • Free installation
  • One free TV receiver
Gold Duo$169.99 per month
  • Up to 500 Mbps
  • 140+ channels
  • Free installation
  • One free TV receiver
  • HBO Max, Cinemax, STARZ, Showtime, and Epix included for free
Platinum Duo$189.99 per month
  • Up to 940 Mbps
  • 140+ channels
  • Free installation
  • One free TV receiver
  • Record 2 DVR service included
  • HBO Max, Cinemax, STARZ, Showtime, and Epix included for free

The Cox Gold Duo plan is the best bundle Cox has for cable TV fans and households with heavy internet usage. The Bronze Duo plan featuring faster download speeds has more to offer no matter your household size. You will get up to 500 Mbps download speed and over 140 channels for $169.99 a month. Cox is currently offering new Bronze Duo subscribers free installation, a free TV receiver, and access to HBO Max, Cinemax, STARZ, and Showtime.

Cord cutters can opt to bundle their internet plan with Cox Contour Stream Player. Just remember, Contour Stream Player subscribers do not have access to the same channels traditional TV customers have. You will get access to Cox’s on-demand library, which houses over 150,000 shows and movies.

Cox is currently offering their home phone service, Cox Voice Premier, for no additional cost when bundled with Contour TV and Internet Preferred (or an internet plan with up to 150+ Mbps).

Cox Communications Discounts

In line with most major providers, Cox offers discounts to low-income households through their Connect2Compete program. Read our guide on low-income internet options for more information on Cox’s eligibility requirements. Cox currently does not offer first responders, military, or senior citizens discounts. However, you can catch a few discounts on internet and TV service with Cox’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

How to get better deals with Cox

There are a few universal guidelines you should keep in mind when comparing Cox internet plans:

  • Consider Cox internet & TV bundle plans. While the majority of providers offer some discount for bundling multiple services together, the savings with Cox Communications are extreme. Oftentimes you can get TV or phone service tacked onto your internet plan for barely any extra money.
  • Confirm the final price of your Cox internet plan. While the savings with bundles are very high, it’s important to read the fine print to find what your normal price will be after the promotional period ends. Sometimes you may end up paying more than you expected after a year or two of service.
  • Buy the cheapest Cox plan that meets your speed requirements. While it can be tempting to go for the best service, the truth is most households don’t need incredibly fast speeds. It’s important to find the middle ground between price and speed so you don’t over-pay.
  • Self-install if you rent Cox equipment. Cox self-installation is a $20, one-time fee, which is a fraction of Cox’s professional installation fee. Plus, the price for Cox’s self-installation does not change based on how much is installed like their professional installation fee.
  • What channels are included in Spectrum Silver package?

    The Spectrum Silver package offers access to 175+ channels including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and the NFL Network.

  • Does Cox charge for installation?

    Yes, Cox typically charges a fee for professional installation and self installation.

  • How much is Cox basic cable per month?

    Prices vary based on current deals and promotions. Contact a Cox representative for the most up-to-date pricing details.

  • How much is Cox unlimited data?

    The cost of upgrading to a Cox unlimited data package varies based upon your current plan and contract.

  • How much is Cox High Speed Internet monthly?

    Cox offers Internet plans ranging from speeds of 25 Mbps for $29.99 to 940 Mbps for $99.99.

  • How much is Cox cable and Internet a month?

    Cox cable and Internet bundle packages range from $129.99 for 50 Mbps Internet to $189.99 for 940 Mbps.

  • How much is basic cable with Cox?

    Cox basic cable and internet service currently starts at $129.99/month before equipment fees.

  • How much is Cox High Speed Internet?

    Cox has various High Speed Internet options, costing as low as $29.99 for 25 Mbps going up to $99.99 for 940 Mbps.

  • How much does Cox Internet cost after 12 months?

    Cox Internet pricing increases around 10–40% after the first month, depending on your plan and bundled services. This is a standard practice for cable providers, since customers are more likely to sign up for a discount rate.

  • What is Contour Flex?

    Countour Flex is a TV package only offered to legacy Cox customers, meaning it is no longer available to new Cox customers.

  • How much does Cox WIFI cost per month?

    Cox offers several different Wi-Fi package options. Prices range from $29.99 to $99.99.


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