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What to know about the Rogue Echo Bike

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The Rogue Echo Bike is a stationary bike that uses a fan to generate resistance. A person can purchase this bike online and use it at home to boost their cardiovascular fitness.

This article discusses the Rogue Fitness brand, the features of the Rogue Echo Bike, and the pros and cons of this exercise equipment. It also explains how indoor cycling can benefit health.

Please note that the writer has not tried this product. All information is research-based.

Brand overview

Rogue Fitness is a United States-based health and fitness company that specializes in selling products for home gyms. The company states that it primarily uses U.S.-made materials.

The company sells a variety of products, ranging from home gym equipment to apparel. Its products include:

  • bars and plates
  • racks and other lifting equipment
  • speed balls and medicine balls
  • cardio machines
  • shoes and apparel
  • nutritional supplements

Rogue Fitness receives mixed reviews on third-party review websites.

Reviewers on Trustpilot currently award Rogue Fitness 2.2 stars out of 5. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) currently gives Rogue Fitness, which is not BBB-accredited, an F grade, and reviewers on this site give the company an average of 1.16 stars out of 5.

Customers who have left negative reviews state that the company gives misleading shipping information, delivers the wrong items, and has poor customer service.

However, positive reviews mention the company’s good quality equipment and its friendly and helpful customer service team.

Rogue Echo Bike 

The Rogue Echo Bike is an upright, stationary bike that uses a fan for resistance. Rather than using magnetic or corded resistance settings, as some other resistance bikes do, a fan bike uses air to produce resistance. The faster a person pedals, the harder the resistance. As the person slows down, the resistance also reduces.

This product is 52.75 inches (in) tall, 58.88 in long, and 29.88 in wide. It comes with a small pair of wheels on the front to enable people to move it around.

Shipping and returns

Rogue Fitness ships the Echo Bike from its Ohio warehouse to anywhere in the United States. Standard shipping in the continental U.S. is free, but anyone outside this area will need to pay a shipping fee.

Individuals can exchange or return any unused, non-custom item within 30 days. However, Rogue Fitness reserves the right to refuse a refund if the product shows signs of use, is missing parts, or is damaged. The company also requires people to ship the bike in its original packaging.

A person will need to pay for any return shipping, and Rogue Fitness may charge a 20% restocking fee.


Rogue Fitness offers the following warranties:

  • lifetime warranty on the frame and structural welds
  • 5-year warranty on moving parts
  • 90-day warranty on upholstery and grips

A person can visit Rogue Fitness’s site for a full list of covered items.



People who are interested in purchasing an exercise bike have several options, including:

  • Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike: This product is a fan bike that includes a built-in bottle holder, displays fitness metrics, and is suitable for interval training. The company states that the maximum user weight for this bike is 300 lb.
  • Sunny Health & Fitness LX Tornado Air Bike: This fan bike features a device holder, displays fitness metrics, and has full-motion arm exercisers. This product is suitable for people who weigh up to 330 lb.
  • Marcy Air 1 Fan Upright Exercise Bike: The Marcy fan bike has an LCD monitor that displays fitness metrics, an adjustable seat, and dual-action exercise arms.

Indoor cycling and health

The recommends that people do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity cardio exercise. A fan bike, such as the Echo, can help a person achieve their cardio fitness goals.

notes that cycling can provide several health benefits, including:

  • decreasing blood pressure
  • reducing body fat
  • improving cardiovascular health
  • increasing cardio capacity

Learn more about the health benefits of cycling.

In addition, any physical activity can lead to health benefits. The state that regular physical activity could reduce the risk of premature death and help prevent the following health conditions:

A person should talk with their doctor before starting a new exercise regimen or purchasing a new piece of exercise equipment. A doctor can advise a person on which type of activities may be most suitable for them.


The Rogue Echo Bike is a stationary exercise bike that uses a fan to create resistance when a person is pedaling. It offers a smooth and quiet ride and has a screen that displays fitness metrics.

Regular activity can have many health benefits, including reducing the risk of developing certain chronic conditions and types of cancer. Cycling can decrease blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health.


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I’ve wanted an air bike since I first saw an old, basic AirDyne online. The thought of a full-body upgrade to my bicycle-on-a-turbo-trainer which I was using at the time was a REALLY appealing upgrade! 

I spent a few years scowering the classified for a used one to no avail in my local market.

Then the Rogue Echo hit the scene. Moving the airbike game on in quality and price – I was sold. As soon as it was available in my territory I put my order in.

Having had my Echo fan bike for just over 3 years now I thought it was about time I put together a review of the Rogue Echo Bike

Rogue Echo Bike review cover image

At a glance…

  • The Rogue Echo Bike is one of the best value pieces of cardio equipment around
  • In the USA it is an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN – check it out here
  • Butch appearance just oozes ‘cool’
  • I would like to see the monitor upgraded in future models to add online / smart functionality as well as Bluetooth / ANT+ connectivity
  • Overall I think it’s an excellent bike and for those in America it is the best bike available for the money

Short on time? Here are the pro’s and cons!

I’ve gone to town on this review of the Echo… Possibly overkill with 5000+ words!

This is great for those of us who love gym equipment and want to take in all the details, but MOST people just want the key points…

So here are the pros and cons of the Rogue Echo Bike based 3+ years of using mine regularly:

Awesome, full body cardio workoutAccessories cost extra
Minimal ‘skill’ needed to master itHeart rate monitor support is limited
Chunky, modern design is overkill (but most welcome!)Handle design could be changed to offer multiple grip styles
Belt driven drivetrain is much quieter than traditional chain bikesMonitor is in line with competitors, but could be improved upon (e.g. smart connectivity, data logging, etc)
Cast iron warranty (I made a claim under it)Price in other territories more challenged due to logistics costs
Price in USA offers excellent value

The areas I would like to see improved are common across ALMOST ALL similar air bikes – whoever managed to address these with any future upgrades or accessories will gain an edge in the market!

Overall the Rogue Echo fan bike is EXCELLENT and worth purchasing if you are in the market for an airbike.

Check it out here.

Click to check the latest price & availability

What is a fan bike anyway?

If you’re new to fan bikes then you might be wondering what the heck you’re looking at here… In summary a fan bike is:

  1. A full body workout where you drive a large fan blade
  2. Driven by your legs, similar to a bicycle or BikeERG, but with your arms cranking a couple of huge handles back and fourth as well
  3. Minimal settings and no gears to worry about – resistance is governed by how hard you push the fan
  4. Minimal technical skill required – no need to worry about form or technique, simply jump on and thrash away

Air bikes can be used for light intensity stead state (LISS) or high intensity interval training (HIIT). Their rise in popularity in recent years is largely down to CrossFit putting them in the limelight.

A good quality airbike is a credible alternative to a BikeERG or Concept2 rowing machine. Which of these is right for YOU will depend on your taste and goals – for me I liked the low impact nature of the fanbike on my joints to compliment my heavy weight lifting and found the fan AWESOME in a stuffy garage gym compared to BikeERG which I find a stuffier experience without a standalone fan.

The mighty Rogue Echo Bike wheeled out for a review-ride!

Plus it’s the easiest to store, looks the best in my eyes and sits me high enough up that I can see the TV easily when doing LISS work!

Specification & Features: Overbuilt!

The word for the Echo bike is “overbuilt”. The quality of construction is MILES above what is actually NEEDED in a piece of gym equipment..

It’s easy to use this vague ‘overbuilt’ term to wave away any serious analysis of the fan bike, but for those of us that love gym equipment it’s still great fun to delve in to the detail!

So here are a few highlights from the spec of the Rogue Echo Bike:

  • Belt driven – compared to traditional chain drive belts offer a much quieter, direct and smoother experience with virtually no maintenance
  • Butch design – the overall design LOOKS imposing. Blocky, box steel is used across the body and arms to make this bike look MEAN compared to more spindly and, arguably, old fashioned incumbents from Air Dyne and other manufacturers
Chunky, modern design made largely with powder coated metal box section
  • 350lbs user weight limit – I’ve not been able to test this aspect but based on the weight of the machine and general build materials I have no reason to doubt it!
  • Black powder coat finish – the matte powder coat adds to the aesthetic of the bike matching other bits of Rogue equipment such as the ubiquitous R3 power rack
  • Heavy duty fan – with a similar bulky, welded steel construction to the rest of the bike the bespoke fan has 10x fins with an identical black powder coated finish. Some alternative bikes from Air Dyne and other brands have smaller fans or blades making the workout ‘easier’ at any given fan speed
  • Metal step plate – jumping on and off the bike is made easier with a bare metal plate on the top of the pedal box. This protects the powder coat from getting scuffed up as people step up on the bike and is a nice touch. It also doubles as a nice place to put bigger juice bottles when doing LISS if you don’t spring for the drink holder!
  • Self levelling feet – relatively commonplace but worthy of mention are the 4x rubber feet that can be adjusted individually under the bike. They self level to a degree, and are made of a soft rubber compound making them almost stick to your floor! They offer excellent stability and stop the bike rocking around in heavy use.
  • Weight – the Echo bike is a seriously heavy thing! Weighing in at just under 130lbs (127lbs to be precise – that’s 58kg!) This makes it super stable even in the most brutal of workouts and means heavier users can comfortably thrash out HIIT sessions without fear of toppling or crabbing across the gym
  • Warranty – Rogue include a 2 year warranty with their Echo Bike. I had a claim around 14 months after my initial purchase and Rogue honoured it so I can vouch for their service 
  • Size – With a total length of around 59” and width of 30” and occupying a footprint of 45” x 24” the Rogue Echo, while bulky, doesn’t need as much room as the likes of a rowing machine or treadmill, provided you have space to keep it out of the way as it doesn’t fold up or hang on a wall!
  • Wheels – with 1” wheels included as standard the bike can be tipped up and rolled around the gym. The wheels are great for moving around a gym but a bit small if bumping up and down on to matting or down kerbs in the garden etc.
1” caster wheels for basic manoeuvrability of the Echo

In American the Rogue Echo bike is SUPER competitively priced – it is a bit of a no-brainer to AT LEAST consider the Echo if you’re in America and looking for an air bike!

Are the accessories worth it?

Despite being a simple piece of kit to use, the Echo has quite a few accessories available to customise your experience.

But are the Echo bike accessories actually worth it? Let’s run through them all below…

Yes please: Echo Bike Turf Tire & Handle Kit

A newer accessory, the Turf Tire & Handle Kit solves one of the issues I have with the Rogue Echo which is manoeuvrability on uneven surfaces common in home (or non-commercial) environments – bumping up and over lifting platforms or in and out of a garage can be awkward with NO handle and the standard 1” caster wheels.

ALL of this changes with the Turf Tire kit.

Turf Tire and Handle Kit - latest accessory

For the money Rogue send you a complete front foot which includes 2x huge 9” diameter (and 2.75” wide!) wheels and a metal handle which bolts on to the seat post at the rear of the air bike.

For my use case I absolutely love this. If you move your bike around on even surfaces or inside only you might not see the need for the kit, but if you’re thinking of moving the bike in and outside or over uneven ground this kit is absolutely brilliant.

Yes please: Echo Bike Phone Holder

For a few bucks you can be the proud owner of a plastic phone holder which screws in to the monitor arm. It is:

  • Cheap, functional
  • Dimensions of 6.125” x 3.5” with an open top fits most smart phones BUT not a tablet
  • Holds the phone below the eye line compared to the Assault Bike style shelf on the monitor itself

Overall I think this is a worthwhile purchase as it makes changing music easier and lets your phone act as as second screen with more sophisticated health apps open while you work out.

Rogue’s phone holder: Probably worth it for most

For example I regularly keep the Wahoo app open to monitor heart rate zones in more granularity than the OEM Rogue system.

No thanks: Echo Bike Wind Guard

A piece of plastic that bolts over the fan housing, the wind guard reduces the bluster of air naturally thrown off the fan blade and up from your legs / pedal box in to your face.

Given the simplicity I think this is overpriced. Owning bikes with and without a guard PERSONALLY I am indifferent to having one fitted. Some find the wind really annoying but I find it quite refreshing (and in fact is one of the reasons I moved to an air bike from a turbo trainer!) so your motives may vary…

With vs without wind guard: I’ve tested both side by side… (Literally!)

It should be noted that the resistance is a LITTLE easier with a guard on, so if you’re entering any challenges or competing you may want to add the wind guard for that reason alone.

For the rest of us? Maybe just zip tie some cardboard around the fan 🙂

Maybe: Heart Rate Montor

The Rogue Echo does not work with ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate monitors. When I reached out to Rogue they recommend a Polar T31C or Polar H10 (as sold on their site) and I duly bought a T31C as the cheapest available option to test it out.

With hindsight this was a mistake.

Overall if buying a heart rate monitor again I would spring the extra for the H10 in the hope I could pair it to a more sophisticated app on my phone as well as the Echo’s screen. I have found the P31C underwhelming and the heart rate functionality of the Rogue Echo itself basic.

In fact I regularly just use my Wahoo Tickr and have the app open on my phone as it allows me to track workouts and zones in a far more granular fashion than the Echo’s monitor (including setting my own zones.)

Unfortunately when looking for heart rate monitors compatible with the Echo we are stuck with the recommended Polar units only. I have tried to connect a Wahoo Tickr and several other users have attempted various other similar products (including Apple Watches) to no avail.

This is unfortunate!

A heart rate monitor is far from essential and I have run MOST training cycles without one. More recently I have started to train with heart rate zones in mind as a proxy for RPE with some success so, for me, a heart rate monitor is an accessory I would buy again – BUT not the T31C which offers limited functionality.

For most users I would not bother with a HRM initially and instead order one at a later date if your training leads you in that direction.

Maybe: Echo Bike Bottle Cage

Similar to the kind found bicycles, you can add a bottle holder to the monitor arm To keep your drink within reach. The Rogue version is black powder coated metal.

Personally I think the price is a bit high for what you get particularly as generic bottle holders from Amazon or similar are far cheaper but admittedly with a less beefy finish. 

For a few bucks it is a nice touch but not one I think is essential when, for LISS, you can park your bottle on the step plate and for HIIT… Well you won’t be drinking while you’re on the bike anyway 🙂

No thanks: SPD / Aftermarket Pedals

If you’re familiar with cycling you will be familiar with cycling shoes, cleats and SPD pedals… If you’re not then it probably seems pretty confusing!

Boiling it down to basics – SPD pedals click on to the sole of cycle shoes. The benefit is that power is more directly transferred from body to pedal as cycle shoes have very stiff (often plastic) soles ensuring there is no energy sapped away by your footwear either through flexing under load or unnecessary lateral movement as your shoe is essentially locked in place.

On the Rogue Echo airbike I think they are overkill. Road cycling is an endurance sport covering vast distances and times, on our Rogue Echo we are doing FAR shorter workouts.

Further if you’re in to CrossFit or more general GPP days you likely want to move from the Echo seamlessly to other exercises – this is simply not feasible with clunky cycle shoes.

So while the option is there to attach your SPD pedals it is not something I do personally and not something I think most users would benefit from.

Assembling the airbike

Assembly is very quick as the bike is part assembled upon delivery. When you open the box up you’ll find:

  1. Main body including fan, pedal box etc. with a temporary, plastic foot installed to protect the powder coat from any delivery bumps!
  2. 2x feet to bolt to the frame
  3. 2x arms which slide on to the main body
  4. 2x spinning pegs which screw on to the arm mounts
  5. 2x pedals which bolt on to the cranks pre-installed on the pedal-box
  6. Monitor arm to bolt to the top of the fan housing
  7. Battery powered monitor which screws on to the arm

The box itself is pretty large, heavy and therefore tricky to manoeuvre around on your own. Inside the packaging is fantastic with the box jam packed with polystyrene with all the pieces taped in to the cavities to keep them safe in transit.

All the tools you need for building the Rogue Echo air bike are included, although I prefer to use my own.

I would suggest cutting the box open and assembling ‘in place’ rather than trying to empty the box. If you’ve got a spare pair of hands around then it’s even easier but I’ve assembled every air bike I’ve reviewed myself with no real issues. Allow around 45 minutes to assemble.

Rogue’s well packaged bike ready to be unboxed!

An improvement Rogue could make to the packaging would be to move away from polystyrene to something more environmentally friendly if possible. I am not sure how feasible this would be however with the weight of the bike.

Build & Construction

Belt driven

The Rogue Echo bike uses a thick rubber belt to connect your pedal mechanism to the fan. In most other fanbikes this has been done with a metal chain similar to that on bicycles.

Does this matter? Yes. A lot. Here’s why:

  1. Quieter – where chains clank and rub against gears, a belt simply glides against the drivetrain wheels. The only noise you’ll get is a more gentle ‘whooshing’ as the air is pushed around the room by the fan
  2. Lower maintenance – chains need lubricated and adjusted as they naturally stretch. The thick rubber belts used in air bikes are VERY similar to fan belts in cars and therefore can be set up so that the tension lasts for decades without needing adjustment.
  3. More direct connection – chains have some slack as the teeth of the cogs latch on the individual chain-links. Belts are under tension with NO teeth so any movement you put through the pedals or arms IMMEDIATELY transfers to the fan

There really is minimal downside to a belt drive over a chain. The belt itself is thick rubber similar to that found in car engine bays so will take all the abuse we throw at it over a lifetime.

Close up of fan blades: Belt drives this HUGE fan

The inertia-free drivetrain is fantastic – you feel so directly connected when starting up I really think belt drive is the best option especially for HIIT where shorter bursts of speed are used.

(Un)fortunately, as a result of the belt, the Rogue Echo is MUCH harder to ‘ghost’ than the likes of the Assault Bike or other chain drive equivalent. Ghosting is where you stop or slow down peddling but the bike sneaks a few extra calories / watts / yards / etc on to your performance metrics…

I will let you decide if stealing extra calories is a PRO or a CON to belt drive 🙂

Drivetrain squeak

Is it all good times with the Rogue Echo? Unfortunately not for me!

My first Echo fan bike developed an annoying screech coming from the drivetrain shortly after a year of use. The cause of this was (and remains) a mystery.

Working with Rogue we tried a bunch of fixes focused around adjusting the tension of the fan belt and lubricating the drivetrain. Unfortunately none of them cured the noise permanently.

After a few attempts to resolve this with the support team I flagged that I wasn’t happy with the situation and asked if they could send a new pedal box which is where the noise was emanating from.

So what did Rogue do? They sent me a brand new, complete, Echo bike. Pretty cool.

New vs old: Replacement Echo received under warranty

All I had to then do was assemble the new bike and simply package the old one up in the box the new one arrived in. Once I was done they arranged for collection as well. 

So I did have a squeak which I needed to share with you – BUT they stepped up to the plate and stood by their product, resolving the issue.

Frame durability

The framework is robust and feels like it will outlive me! Even after a few years of use there are hardly any signs wear and tear on the powder coat – and that’s in a well used garage with a family bumping their own equipment in and out of the space!

My Echo bike has picked up only one noticeable scratch that I can see. Frustratingly I did this one myself scraping it with a bicycle as I was rearranging my garage, but for most people who are more careful than me (!) they have nothing to worry about.

Metal step plate makes mounting / dismounting a breeze

Not linked to performance, but the Rogue logo is etched on to the bike either as part of the powder coat or by being painted on after. This looks pretty cool compared to a sticker as is standard practice on competitor bikes.

Wheels & manoeuvrability

As standard the Rogue Echo bike comes with 1” caster wheels. These are made of tough rubber and are fine for gliding the bike around a well floored gym.

Rogue is not alone in using this 1” wheel design however in my opinion chunkier wheels would enhance overall manoeuvrability for those of us who have to either move the bike over longer distances, move it outside or bump it up and down a lifting platform. The 1” wheel is not built for these situations.

Another minor bugbear with the Echo bike which is the lack of a proper handle to move the bike with instead you grab the lower section of the frame. 

Having used airbikes with dedicated handles on the rear tube they are MUCH more convenient to move around both for grabbing (a dedicated handle vs the metal box section offered on the Rogue) and general comfort when moving (the handle is further up the bike so easier on your body pre/post a session).

Built in handle is. A bit low (red) - Turf Tire & Handle Kit adds on further up (blue)

Luckily there is an accessory (“Echo Bike Turf Tire and Handle Kit”) which adds 9” wheels to the bike as well as nice dedicated handle that attaches nice and high on the rear of the bike. 

This is much more versatile but obviously adds to the cost of the bike. This is already available in America with other territories to follow. I personally think this is worth the money if you move your bike around on uneven surfaces.

The footprint of the Rogue is slightly narrower than some of the competition which makes threading the Echo down a garden path as you move it out to a patio far easier as the wheelbase fits nicely on a standard 3” x 2” paving slab. 

Obviously this narrower build make it easier to creep past any other obstacles in your way – I need to wheel the bike past my bins for example (glamorous!) and the narrower feet make it a doddle.

What’s more, there is no detectible negative to this narrower stance in terms of stability in use.

Key contact points

Arm design

Being a key part of the design, the arms of the Rogue Echo really contribute to the butch appearance. The large box section construction combined with the black powder coat really have PRESENCE on the Echo and look excellent.

Arms look awesome

While the arms are functional PERSONALLY I think there is opportunity to improve on the design in a few ways:

  1. Handles are too thick – the grip area on the bar is quite thick and a thinner bar would feel much better in use to me personally. I find myself going thumbs OVER not UNDER on the Echo because of the thickness.
  2. More grip options – the design has a padded handle then a 90 degree join to the metal upright of the arm. Having a padded bend or even additional grip options (like bulldog horns) would give us more hand placement options and massively enhance comfort on longer rides in particular. I often find myself pushing on the metal join as it allows me to have my hands in a more natural 45 degree position
  3. Narrower – following on from above if the handles were extended this would reduce effective width between the grips by a few inches which would make the bike more comfortable for more slender athletes with narrower shoulders. As noted I find myself erring towards the inside of the grips so by extending the padding inwards or redesigning the handle all together it could open up the range of comfortable widths quite a bit.

The arms clip on the body of the fan bike at the base and are tightened on to this central spindle which facilitates the rocking back and fourth of the arms when in use.

This central spindle design is common to all Airdyne style bikes and has one major con which is that, with the torque going through the connection, it can work loose over time.

Rogue do offer a detailed instruction on how to retighten the bolts if this does occur. My handles have worked themselves a little looser than I would like, but it hasn’t bothered me as is imperceptible in regular use once the bike is spun up to speed.

If there was something seriously wrong I would expect it to be covered under the warranty so I sleep easy knowing this is not a serious problem.

Opportunity to improve? Thinner handle with multiple grips would be great

Common to ALL fan bikes I’ve come across is the lack of reach adjustment as the arms pivot around an up adjustable central connection. 

If there was SOME way to allow the throw of the arm to be shortened this would be a GAME CHANGER and would mean the Rogue Echo bike could be used by people in all shapes and sizes!

So not a criticism of the Rogue per se, but a huge opportunity that they could exploit in any subsequent redesigns.


The Rogue Echo shares a saddle with many of the competitors including those from Bulldog and Schwinn. For the price being charged I think they could have designed (or picked) a DIFFERENT seat at least out of principle, even if functionally the same.

Even a stitched logo would be a nice differentiator and would exploit their main advantage over alternative fan bikes… The Rogue branding!

All of that said the saddle is FUNCTIONAL, if not exceptional. The seat is seriously big with a ton of padding – if you’re used to bicycles this thing will look alien to you when you see the size of it!

Standard saddle from Rogue is very large and well padded

The way our bodies move on a fan bike is a little different to a traditional bike or BikeERG so the huge seat does have some merit. This bigger design is more comfortable on the Echo as we’re more upright and using full body effort compared to a bicycles focus on an aerodynamic posture with a largely stationary upper body.

You can mount other saddle styles if you feel like it – it’s not something I have felt compelled to try.

I’ve found the seat comfortable for HIIT sessions where the focus is on survival or energy output. Longer LISS sessions are also comfortable when your seat is properly set up so I recommend spending the time testing out how you like the seat (including the tilt!)

The adjustments available are:

  1. Height – Rogue advertise the Echo fan bike as having 8 height increments (although mine has 10!) On my Echo bike the top of the seat goes from 33.5” to just over 42” when measured from the floor.
  2. Reach – Rogue advertise the bike as having 5 front/back increments (although, again to be difficult, mine has 6!) This adjusts the reach of the bike by 6” – 8” depending on how you position yourself on the seat.
  3. Tilt – I found a really simple tweak to improve comfort was to tilt the seat very subtly downwards at the front. Simply loosen the bolt under the saddle and the tilt can be adjusted quickly and easily.

Adjusting the saddle is a breeze with height and reach achieved via two separate pop-pin adjusters. These are chunky knobs that unscrew a turn or two then simply pull away from the frame and then you can slide the seat in to the desired position. 

Let the adjuster go and it will secure the seat via a pin through the frame and seat tube. Simply tighten the knob as you would a normal screw on the threaded pin and it locks itself in to place with NO movement – even under heavy use.

Echo Bike’s adjustable saddle suits tall and short riders

Overall the adjustability of the seat is sufficient to get MOST people >5’2” tall comfortable with the main issue being arm length / reach which is a little LESS adjustable than height.

Despite not being blown away but the generic saddle included with the Rogue Echo bike I can say it’s functional and absolutely FINE… It would just have been nice to have a LITTLE differentiation from competitors instead of a straight copycat!


The Rogue Echo ships with a pair of pedals – this might seem like an obvious statement, but as a keen(ish) cyclist I am used to bicycles shipping with NO pedals 🙂

The first Rogue Echo I bought came with PLASTIC pedals, but the second with METAL ones. Functionally both were identical being of the same design, but the metal set feel MUCH more premium than the original plastic.

This was a great tweak to the spec of the bike Rogue made early in the lifecycle. If buying now you will get the improved metal pedals.

Metal pedals are a tangible improvement over early edition plastic versions

Having used SPDs extensively when road cycling I am very familiar with them and have the pedals and shoes available, but I find the standard metal pedals suits the air bike more as it allows me to jump from the bike straight to other exercises without changing my footwear.

There are no obvious improvements I can think of to the pedals so I believe Rogue have this area dialled in.


Surprisingly heavy duty, the Echo ships with a pair of metal pegs that bolt in to the arm mechanism with a mega-thick bolt going through the peg and in to the root of the arm mechanism. 

As the drivetrain has NO ability to freewheel anytime you want to take your feet off the pedals while the bike is still moving you will need to rest on the pegs!

Made from metal they feel premium with a nice, bold knurling pattern carved in to them.

One curiosity is that they spin – initially I found this strange as you couldn’t put a ton of weight on them or else you’d risk spinning off so you couldn’t use them for mounting / dismounting the bike, but it’s actually quite a neat solution when actually USING the bike.

What does it solve? Well by being attached to the arm mechanism, the pegs on the Echo bike actually rotate forwards and backwards with the arms themselves.

The peg being able to rotate means you can keep your foot on them while working arms only (for example) and the back-and-fourth motion of the arm doesn’t then get slowed down by your foot, and the knurl doesn’t rub away on your feet. A win-win!

Peg bolts in to base of arm mechanism - nicely knurled and feels high quality

It would be nice to have an option to lock the pegs in place for those who prefer this or don’t use an ‘arms only’ style of workout, but either way the build quality is fantastic and the knurled finish a great touch.

Monitor & Interface

Rogue include a 6.375” square monitor with a few big chunky buttons around the edges to set it up. It’s battery powered and takes regular AA’s. The monitor has a pretty simple LCD display so they should last for ages (I’ve never changed a set.)

Excuse the dirt - close up of the monitor / console

The buttons available are:

  • Custom program buttons (on the left) – use the up, down and enter buttons to set up your workouts, with start and stop buttons to… Start and stop your workouts! 
  • 3x Interval buttons (down the right hand side) – includes dedicated buttons for Tabata style 20 on / 10 off and 10 on / 20 off training as well as a ‘custom’ button allowing you to set the number and duration of your intervals
  • 4x ‘target’ buttons on the lower right hand side – these let you set up workouts based on time, distance, calories burned or heart rate

I am not sure why the Tabata stye, 10/20 and 20/10 intervals get dedicated buttons yet there is no way to save custom interval setups. 

In use you can see the below metrics on the screen:

  • Interval count and timer
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Wattage
  • Distance covered
  • Time elapsed
  • Calories burned
  • Heart rate

There is no integrated shelf to hold a phone or tablet on the monitor itself as you may have used on the Assault Bike. A separate phone holder is available but it sits below your eye line. The upshot is that the monitor is visible at all times whereas on other bikes (such as the Assault Bike) putting a phone or tablet on the shelf will obscure most of the screen.

Details: Self levelling feet sit beneath the cross beams and are the real MVP of stability

I like the square design of the monitor and some of the display options are quite aesthetic – I particularly like the rev counter style graphic for the wattage output. 

An easy improvement would be to display (or give the option to display) time remaining & time elapsed as is done on other, similar bikes. In the heat of a workout this is a useful additional datapoint you don’t have to work out in your head!

Overall the monitor is functional (and in line with the competition), but personally I think the easiest way for Rogue to improve and differentiate the Echo bike would be through improving the monitor.

Something that bugs me a little is the beeping – the Echo bike beeps each second as it counts down rest periods when interval training. A setting menu or option to turn this OFF would be fantastic – a beep (or three) ahead of the next work period is awesome, but 60 beeps to count out a minute of rest is less so. 

Particularly as I often use my bike in the garden and my neighbours must wonder what on earth is going on!

A backlight would also be an easy win for Rogue. 99% of the time there are no issues as the LCD screen is really high contrast anyway but I occasionally find glare in direct sunlight can make the readout harder to see. It’s not that big a deal, but hey – if we’re making changes we should do them all 🙂

Details: Saddle can be adjusted for tilt

I would also advise Rogue to widen the heart rate monitor compatibility. At the moment they list 2x Polar heart rate monitors as compatible with details on what exactly is supported is patchy. 

I personally would LOVE to hook up my Wahoo Tickr and I am sure plenty of people with Garmin or Apple Watches would love to hook them up too. Instead I had to buy a Polar T31C chest strap exclusively for using on airbikes.

With ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility for accessories like heart rate monitors the Rogue Echo would be even MORE formidable.

A clean-sheet re-think of the monitor to include these tweaks as well as some kind of online connectivity would be FANTASTIC. It would be like the Concept2 monitor but EVEN better. I’m envisioning a WiFi enabled monitor automatically syncing my workouts to the cloud somewhere and, if I consent, being updated in worldwide leaderboards. 


Rogue Echo pricing in the USA

If you’re in America then this is virtually a NO BRAINER, if you are ordering a fan bike then you absolutely MUST consider the Rogue Echo which is VERY competitively priced.

At the moment the RRP is $795 with free shipping – for the money I think this is a GREAT deal.

There are occasional sales on the Echo usually offering $50 – $100 off. Over the past couple of years sales have been less frequent as demand MASSIVELY outstrips supply in the pandemic era.

If you’re patent and want to hold out for a Black Friday or other sale then you might be rewarded, but no promises. 

Click to check the latest price & availability

As a word of warning Rogue did NOT hold a Black Friday sale in 2020 so if you wait months for a few bucks off you might find yourself frustrated.

Rogue Echo pricing in other territories

With the additional logistics getting Rogue equipment to other regions (Australia, UK and Canada) the pricing can be a little higher unfortunately.

In these areas there is a little more competition at the same price point, but the Echo is still a rock solid option and supports a brand doing great things for the fitness industry.


Well it’s effective, it’s awesome, it’s good value… The Rogue Echo is amongst the BEST fan bikes in the world right now and hopefully my review has helped you decide if it’s right for YOU.

There are a few areas Rogue could improve on the Echo to lift it above ALL competitors – mainly by enhancing the monitor and improving third party peripheral support (ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate monitors please!) but in its current form it remains an absolutely fantastic piece of gym equipment and one of the best air bikes available.

  1. Caliente greyhounds
  2. Command soap holder
  3. 08 honda civic oil capacity

Credit: @earlywinefitness:

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 Last week, CrossFit LLC announced the Rogue Echo Bike is now “The Official Air Bike of CrossFit.”

Why this matters: This marks a changing of the guard, as the Assault Bike has had a stronghold on CrossFit competitions since it was introduced at the CrossFit Games in 2015.

  • The Assault Bike has been a feature at the Games every single year since 2015, and it was also used at Regionals from 2016 to 2018. 
  • When asked to comment on the matter, Assault Fitness president Roger Bates said: “It’s all about the mighty dollar. Pay to play is the new CrossFit way apparently…We never lose sight (of) the community…We love the community and will continue to support them in any capacity we can.”

CrossFit responds: “When the world’s best CrossFit athletes collapse in exhaustion next to their gear, the name they see is Rogue. Extending that partnership to the Rogue Echo Bike as the Official Air Bike of CrossFit was a seamless and natural next step, and I’m looking forward to creating some pain and suffering with it in future events,” commented CrossFit’s General Manager of Sport, Dave Castro. 

One big thing: To make matters worse for Assault Fitness, it has allegedly been given a cease and desist order on their treadmills — the AssaultRunner Pro and the AssaultRunner Elite — from Woodway USA, the company that holds patents on self-propelled curved treadmills.

  • When asked about this, Bates declined to comment on the topic, but offered this: “We are moving at light speed on technology that will change the way the community works out together through virtual workouts. That’s all I can say now. (The) Assault team will continue to invent new strategies on helping athletes become better athletes. Assault is a trendsetter and our main focus continues to be best in class,” he said. 
  • In a call with the Morning Chalk Up, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Woodway, Eric Weber, stated “ Woodway USA takes its intellectual property seriously and is actively pursuing that. We cannot comment on specific actions that are currently being taken.”
  • A CrossFit Santional organizer in 2019 and 2020, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that they received a cease and desist letter from Woodway USA several months ago, indicating that Assault Fitness had violated at least one patent and they should no longer use or promote the Assault AirRunner or any variation at their competitions. 

Worth noting: Woodway also took on TrueForm — another company who makes self-propelled curved treadmills that have been featured at Regional competitions — with cease and desist orders in 2015. Despite the years-long legal dispute, Jeff Vernon, a partner with TrueForm, is supportive of Woodway’s alleged actions against Assault Fitness.

  • TrueForm “settled amicably” with Woodway in 2019, Vernon explained. Though there’s a confidentiality agreement in place restricting Vernon from providing additional details, he noted that the agreement was “mutually beneficial,” and TrueForm now has an exclusive license of Woodway’s intellectual property.
  • “It was so expensive to be embroiled in that lawsuit for so long….where every free dollar we had was going against fighting the lawsuit. We were fighting Woodway on the back end, and then (Assault) AirRunner was literally ripping off everything we did…It was a really difficult time,” Vernon said.
  • Today, TrueForm is both the official partner of USA Triathlon and Spartan Race, and they will be featured at the upcoming MACC Semifinals, as well as the Bacon Beatdown, a competition with more than 1,400 participants in Daytona Beach, FL.

The bottom line: After six years of being highly relevant at high-level CrossFit competitions, and at affiliates around the world, the official announcement from the CrossFit Games is not good news for the Assault Bike.

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The TRUTH About Rogue Echo Bike After 2 Years...

7 Undeniable Benefits of The Rogue Echo Bike

The Rogue Echo exercise bike is a perfect “desert island tool”, the one piece of fitness equipment that you would want to have if you were stranded on a desert island.

I have never encountered a piece of equipment that I find more valuable and more versatile than the echo bike other than a barbell.

When given the option, lesser motivated individuals will almost always try to substitute the rower for the bike and for good reason: because you won’t hurt as much. You, however won’t get as much in return.

So, what’s so good about the bike anyway?



When you get on the echo bike it is not like a standard road bike where all you’re doing is using your legs. The echo bike requires you to move the handles back and forth as well, and these are no ski poles either. The handles on the bike weigh a good amount and are actually more difficult to move than other bikes unless you start moving quite a bit faster.

The reason why I brought up the handles is to clarify that this is a full body workout not just a leg burner. When you do full body workouts you burn fat twice as fast as if you were to do body-part splits, this is a big part of why Crossfit has worked as a fat loss program.

“One study compared the calories burned during 30 minutes each of HIIT (conducted on a stationary bike such as the ECHO BIKE), weight training, running and road-biking. The researchers found that HIIT burned 25–30% more calories than the other forms of exercise. In this study, a HIIT repetition consisted of 20 seconds of biking for maximal effort, followed by 40 seconds of rest. This means that the participants were actually only exercising for 1/3 of the time that the running and biking groups were.”

Perhaps my favorite thing about the echo bike is that it forces you to work hard. When you get on a rower you can lower the damper and move at a slower pace and still rack up some meters at a moderate pace. When you get on the echo bike however, if you go slow you are not going to get anything done as it will not reward you.



Muscular endurance – the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to sustain repeated contractions against a resistance for an extended period of time. When it comes to Crossfit that is exactly what we are looking for.

Besides the ability to keep your heart rate from redlining during a workout the next most important thing is to control the amount of lactic acid that builds up in your muscles. The less lactic acid, the less rest, and the more reps plus faster times.

Doing sprint intervals on the echo bike is without a doubt one of the best ways to improve your muscular endurance in a short amount of time as your body is constantly battling against resistance.

In a famous 1996 study conducted by the inventor of the Tabata interval method Izumi Tabata, participants who performed 4 minute sprint intervals on an exercise bike boosted their anaerobic capacity by 28%.

The echo bike comes installed with two interval options – 4:00 of :20 work and :10 rest, and 4:00 of :10 work and :20 rest. There is also an option to create your own custom workouts.

Crossfit workout example: “Grace” – 30 clean and jerks for time



As you can see in the picture above Robert Förstemann has some tree trunk sized quads that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely powerful.

As a sprint cyclist he obviously spends a lot of time sprinting on a bike and obviously something is working. If you’ve ever done bike sprints you know the absolute pain that your quads are in immediately following.

“The quadriceps and gluteal muscles are the primary cycling muscles, but the hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and shin muscles also help pedal. The quadriceps are responsible for pushing down on the pedals, which generates the most power in the pedal stroke. Because you can push down on the pedals with all your might without the thought of having to balance yourself, stationary cycling causes physiological adaptations and muscle growth similar to weightlifting.”

By doing short sprints on the echo bike followed by long rests you can build a great set of quads while not having a weighted load on your body. This is an especially great substitute for people who are trying to back off heavy weightlifting but still want to build muscle.



Aerobic capacity – the measure of the ability of the heart and lungs to get oxygen to the muscles. Lactate threshold – the maximal effort or intensity than an athlete can maintain for an extended period of time with little or no increase in lactate in the blood.

In that same study we referenced earlier by Izumi Tabata participants were found to improve their VO2 MAX.

“People who performed the four-minute protocol on an exercise bike five times a week improved their VO2max– the uppermost rate at which your body can utilise oxygen for energy during exerciseby 15 per cent after six weeks. People who exercised for 60 minutes at moderate intensity five times a week only improved their VO2max by a mere 10 per cent.”

On the flip-side of muscle and power building, if your problem in workouts is that run out of gas too quickly then you can also solve that problem just with a different approach.

Rather than high intensity interval sprinting you would benefit more from doing 20-30 minute steady-state rides where you aim to hold a consistent pace throughout the entire ride. As you continually practice this way you will aim to have a faster pace and as your pace gets faster while staying consistent you will have increased your aerobic capacity.

Crossfit workout example: “19.1” – 20:00 of 19 wall balls and 19 cal row



When starting a home gym many people often look at the treadmill or rower as the first piece of cardio equipment they buy when in reality it actually should be the echo bike.

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Putting aside everything we’ve already observed with the echo bike it also happens to be about $200 less than the price of a rowing machine while also taking up less space.

A rower is a good piece of equipment but it is nothing compared to the bike. If you want to get the fittest in the shortest amount of time you will need the bike.



If you plan on working out before or after work you probably want to get the most fitness in the shortest amount of time. Using sprint intervals one more time as an example, if you were to complete both sets of 4 minute intervals with a 2 minute rest between them that would take you a grand total of 10 whole minutes.

And if you do it right 10 minutes on the bike is more than enough to make you suffer.



Chances are if you’re thinking of buying an echo bike it’s because you want to use it at home. And if you’re using it at home you probably don’t want the loudest piece of equipment being used all the time.

One of the best design features of the echo is that it runs on a belt instead of a chain, this causes it to run a lot quieter and smoother than competitors. The faster you move the louder the bike will be, however it will only be the sound of the fan and nothing else.

And in true Rogue style the echo bike is built very sturdy and has a feeling of exceptional quality. It doesn’t feel like it is going to tip over or break anytime you start moving fast, unlike other exercise bikes.

As a Crossfit coach I have my athletes use the echo bike at least 3x a week for training. For those looking to lose fat fast I have them do interval sprints before and after their daily workout preferably 5x a week.

If you want to get seriously fit without thinking too much, just do yourself a favor, get the echo bike and enjoy the pain.



Rogue Echo Bike Calorie Conversion Chart

Rowing vs Assault Bike Calories Conversion Chart


May 6, 2019ausheatCrossfit, Fitness, Health & Nutritionaerobic capacity, crossfit, echo bike, muscular endurance, rogue


Echo rogue

Top 5 Reasons ⇒ Why Rogue Echo Bike For Sale Is Your Best Choice

Rogue Fitness Rare Sale Alert! Rogue Fitness has the Rogue Echo Bike on sale  for $745.00 only - this offer is on for a limited time. Hurry up and get this price today!


A Quick Guide to the Rogue Echo Air Bike

A glance at Rogue's most up-to-date advert tells you all you will need to learn regarding their intentions for this particular bike. Constructed for many body types which range from X-shaped bodybuilders to I-shaped endurance athletes, the Rogue Echo Air Bike is a flexible conditioning machine which can provide you the greatest exercise.

With many attributes, the Echo can help users in many ways such as fat loss, muscle building, muscle endurance, and cardio vascular exercise. To get HIIT exercises and CrossFit, you may struggle to find gear that may work far better.

Regrettably, heftiness means that the Echo takes up a great deal of room. It is the largest bike on the market at the moment, and brings it intimidating although somewhat unattractive seems. As for me, I like the sleeker, fancier-looking Air Bikes, although that does come at a price of equilibrium.

It will come equipped with transportation wheels that makes moving the bike around a whole lot simpler. Its shape and size make choosing it up hard, so the wheels are wanted.

They do function although I found it quite embarrassing to lift since there's not any clear "manage" to lift other than a somewhat ambiguous triangular segment. This aside, the wheels do work and it is just a little grievance.

Taking into consideration the machine was made to trigger 'pain', judging it on its own relaxation is perhaps a little unpleasant. I discovered that the excess padding helped with all the chair, which makes it more comfortable, even though with the majority of air bikes it will get quite uncomfortable on longer rides. Should you despise it there are choices you may change it out for.

The same holds for the pedals. They may be swapped out to get much more advanced ones should you choose your air-biking seriously. Rogue provides the Shimano clip-in pedals (cleats). Nonetheless, in my view, the typical pedals do the task however.

Like many air bikes, the Echo includes foot barrels also for all those days you wish to monster your upper body. It is the accession of knurled, turning foot barrels that puts them apart from other manufacturers, allowing additional traction for your toes as you push your torso and arms to the limitation. This is a pleasant, and subtle, inclusion from Rogue.

There's not any getting around the Rogue Echo Air Bike is an outstanding machine. Rogue have obviously done their research from the progression of this bike, and the outcome is a well-built and durable machine. This is unquestionably a machine which can offer workout and keet match fanatics a fantastic workout regardless of the degree. It's really tough to locate issues with this Echo, and just like the majority of Rogue gear, you truly do get what you pay for.

Do Rogue Echo Bike go on sale?

Yesit is. An excellent task from Rogue and most likely the best and many fairly-priced air bike in the marketplace right now.

What does the Rogue Echo bike do?

Air bikes result in an amazing workout. You might discover that these bikes are not like regular stationary bikes. Air bikes have handlebars that move independently for an additional upper body exercise. You produce an extreme resistance work out by forcing the handlebars and pedals, inducing the huge fan to propel and shove .

What is the distinction?

When comparing both air bikes, it might help to appear at them in a couple of distinct perspectives. Let's dive into a couple of today.

Is Echo bike harder than Assault bike?

The largest gap between the Assault bike vs Rogue Echo bike is that phantom calories are not something together with all the Rogue Echo bike. Ghost calories would be the calories which continue to grow your overall calorie count as soon as you've stepped off the bike.

Not counting ghost calories things for the athlete looking to visit a contest utilizing the Rogue Echo bike. Training might seem somewhat different if you are utilized to finishing work outs depending on the Assault bike metrics.

Is the rogue echo bike noisy?

Let us be fair. Both these machines are a killer exercise. Most would agree however, the Rogue Echo bike provides more of a struggle. You will observe that the Rogue bike slows down faster, therefore rendering it more challenging to keep a mean RPM. So far as your typical watts, do not be alarmed if on a Rogue Echo bike your volt are considerably reduced. It is the bike's belt which causes more friction and so a harder ride.

How do you find Rogue Echo Bike sale price?

If cost point is the principal concern for you once you're picking between Assault bike vs Rogue Echo bike, the Rogue Echo bike is not as costly. Like every product, it is possible to occasionally find a fantastic bargain for either new bike though so make sure you shop around!

More Details

The Rogue Echo Bike — A Love / Hate Relationship

[Best Price Guarantee] Rogue Echo Bike For Sale

Employing self-driven force is not anything new in resistance training. On the other hand, the gear has evolved dramatically from the aviation equipment that has been so well known from the early 2000s. Now we've got cutting-edge technologies and advanced equipment such as the Rogue Echo Bike.

The Rogue Echo Bike is not enjoy the static exercise bike collecting dust on your parents' cellar. This monster was made to be pushed hard and push back you harder ahead.


Is the echo bike a good workout?

Having a belt-driven enthusiast, this bike increases the immunity to your own intensity. It goes beyond easy cardio to provide strong HIIT workouts and conditioning alternatives which are valuable to athletes out of any coaching modality.

Though the Rogue Echo Bike is not the sole enthusiast bike on the current market, the quality and name make it a go-to for your CrossFit community. Here is everything you will need to understand at a complete Rogue Echo Bike review.

The Rogue Echo Bike includes lots of moving pieces and pieces that lead to it being a strong and efficient piece of gear. Because of this, it is a considerable investment. Below are a few of the crucial elements worth considering when assessing whether you should purchase this particular machine.

When you get about the echo bike it's not like a normal road bike where everything you are doing is using your legs. The echo bike takes one to move the handles back and forth too, and these are not any ski sticks. The grips on the bike weigh a fantastic quantity and are now more challenging to manoeuvre than other bikes if you don't start moving quite somewhat faster.

The main reason I brought up the grips would be to explain that this can be a complete body workout not only a leg . When you do complete body workouts you burn off fat twice as quickly as though you were to perform body-part breaks, this really is a significant part of why Crossfit has functioned as a fat loss plan.


Clear LCD-Display Display


The Rogue Echo Bike includes a 6x6 LCD-display display to make it much easier to find out what is happening as you are sweating it out.

Along with a easy-to-read dimensions, the display also includes high contrast visibility which sets it lightyears before the pixelated displays of additional conditioning gear, like on elderly rowing machine or Versaclimber.

It is worth noting that the display is battery-powered, taking two AA batteries to function. On the other hand, batteries are included with your purchase.

I am so thankful to have my own Rogue Echo within my toolbox. It is quiet, vibration free, and it will get the job done! The echo bike is a good piece of gear, so it was simple to gather. It has attributes are super simple to use. I would strongly recommend folks add this to your own fitness center.

Additionally, the caliber!  It is the" luxury" car of my physical fitness equipment. I have had this bike about two weeks now and it is really is the best piece of gear I've ever bought, the high quality and craftsmanship is incredible. The packaging was strong and it had been quite simple to gather. Love Rogue! Cardio is definitely not my forte. I had been reluctant to splurge to the echo but after taking some self reflection I am sure glad I did. The bike is quite hardy and will take a beating. The only criticism is that the bike does not include a lover shield included.

Been using this for a few months now and it's much nicer the assault bikes. I don't feel as though it is going to fall apart like that I do with others. This produces the workouts better and harder. Quite pleased. This bike is such a fantastic workout. It's comfortable to ride. Gives you exercise choices. A bike I really utilize regular. I ride two times a day for 15 minutes in my breaks while teleworking. It gives me a boost throughout my entire day and gets me away from my PC. The adjustable chair is essential and functions for everybody in the home. We vary from 5"11 to 6"4. I really like this bike and so do my boys and husband. We analyzed others before purchasing but they weren't as stable or made a great deal of sound or were too pricey. This bike won't disappoint you!

Sturdy, durable, adjustable for all sizes. Super simple to build. The ROGUE Team provided exceptional shipping solutions with expediency. It's been 3 months which I am using the Echo Bike within my home gym and it functions flawlessly.

Is Rogue Echo bike worth it?

Previously I had been an owner of this timeless Assault Air Bike and that I shifted because of plenty of imperfections in the item (too dumb, too unstable( also inexpensive quality).
First of all I enjoy the Echo bike for your noiseless ride that's a massive advantage in an house gym.
Additionally I enjoy the fact it is a very low maintenance bike (in comparison with the assault physical fitness bike).
There are also a lot of other amazing features including stability and decent quality of every element.
Bottom Line I am a linebacker sized dude with bad knees. This Assault bike is HIIIT Butt Kicker the likes of which I have never needed before. I understand that I could go all out on this monster and it'll fit me stride for stride.

Worth Every Penny



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Rogue Echo Air Bike Review: Pros, Cons, Cost, and More

Stationary bikes offer a low impact and convenient way to stay in shape from the comfort of your living room.

While there are many styles of home exercise bikes to choose from, the Rogue Echo stands out because it uses wind for resistance.

What’s more, the resistance increases as you pedal. This has made the bike particularly popular among riders who enjoy high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

One downside is that the Echo takes up a generous amount of space.

So, given these factors, you may be wondering whether it’s the right bike for you. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Rogue Echo bike to help you decide.

What is the Rogue Echo?

Rogue is a fitness brand that’s popular among CrossFit athletes and is best known for its large variety of weight lifting equipment, including barbells, free weights, and bumper plates.

However, the brand also offers the Echo air bike.

Unlike traditional exercise bikes, air bikes have a fan attached to the front of the bike. The fan spins and creates resistance as you pedal. The harder you push, the more resistance you create.

Because the level of difficulty depends on how fast you push, air bikes are ideal for short and intense interval sessions, rather than longer tempo rides.

Additionally, as air bikes often include moving handlebars, they also offer a great full body workout.

The Rogue Echo bike is available at a lower price point than most of its competitors and boasts a heavy-duty steel frame and belt-driven fan, making it super durable.

Keep in mind that the bike has a large footprint, which may be a deal breaker if you’re tight on space.

And because the Echo ships in a large and heavy box, you may want a friend to help you move the bike to your desired location. In fact, several reviewers note that moving the box is the hardest part of the setup process.

Once the box is opened, assembly is relatively easy. You’ll just need to use the included set of tools to attach the feet, pedals, handlebars, and center console to the body of the bike.

Specs and features

The Rogue Echo’s size and black powder-coated steel frame make this bike one of the sturdiest options on the market.

However, its large footprint also means that it requires a generous amount of floor space, which may not be feasible for some.

Plus, several reviewers mention that despite its adjustable seat, the bike is simply too big to ride comfortably.

On a positive note, the Rogue Echo is equipped with a belt-driven steel fan, which is generally less noisy and requires less maintenance than a chain-driven fan.

While bikes with a belt drive typically take a little more effort to get going, they also stop sooner.

As a result, you’re less likely to have “ghost calories” — calories counted by the machine due to the wheel still spinning as it slows down, rather than actual calories being burned — added to your final total.

The Echo comes with metal pedals, though it’s also compatible with Shimano pedals if you prefer to use spin cleats.

At the center of the bike is a large LCD console for tracking your performance metrics, including speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a heart rate monitor separately.

The bike also offers several workout modes to choose from and makes it easy to design your own interval workout around a set time or target heart rate, distance, or calorie burn.

One common complaint of the LCD display is that it’s not backlit, which can make it difficult to read in low light settings.

In addition to the included front transport wheels, Rogue also sells an Echo Bike Turf Tire and Handle Kit, which makes it easier to move the bike to another area of your house.

However, most reviewers agree that the kit is unnecessary unless you plan on moving the bike outdoors.

Finally, the bottom of the Echo is equipped with rubber leveling feet, making the bike extra stable for HIIT-style workouts. Because of this, there is very little side-to-side movement at high intensities, compared with other air bikes.

How much does the Rogue Echo cost?

The Rogue Echo bike costs $795.00, which includes free shipping, at the time of publication.

If you’re in need of multiple bikes or have a friend who’s also interested, you can purchase two Echo bikes for a discounted price of $1,495, or $747.50 each, at the time of publication.

To make the equipment more affordable, Rogue offers special financing, though most of the options are marketed toward gym owners.

For qualified customers, you can also use PayPal Credit, which allows you to pay off the bike over 6 months without interest.

Rogue also sells the following accessories, which can be added to your order at an additional cost:

  • Wind guard: $27.00
  • Phone holder: $6.00
  • Bottle cage: $8.00

Warranty and return policy

Rogue offers a 2-year warranty, which includes free repairs or replacements for any parts of the bike that become defective.

However, it doesn’t cover repairs due to typical wear and tear, and the warranty will be voided if the bike has been improperly assembled or stored.

If you have second thoughts about your purchase, you can return the bike within the first 30 days for a full refund, as long as it’s in its original packaging and hasn’t been used or damaged.

Comparison with competitors

If you’re interested in an air bike, chances are you’ll also come across the Assault Airbike and the Schwinn Airdyne Pro.

Here’s how the Rogue Echo stacks up against its two main competitors:

Overall, the Rogue Echo bike offers a larger, more robust build than its competitors. While this makes it more stable for high intensity workouts, the Echo may be too large for some workout spaces.

Additionally, while it’s designed to be sturdy and long lasting, the Echo is covered by only a 2-year warranty.

In contrast, both the Assault Airbike Elite and Schwinn Airdyne Pro offer substantially longer warranties, as well as belt-driven fans and additional accessories.

Finally, the Echo is available at a lower price point than it’s competitors, though it doesn’t include extras, like a water bottle holder or wind shield.

Is the Rogue Echo bike worth purchasing?

Due to its solid construction, belt-drive system, and custom workout options, the Rogue Echo bike is worth considering if you’re interested in HIIT-style workouts.

However, there are some downsides, including its large footprint and lack of included accessories.

Plus, the Echo’s warranty is much shorter than its competitors. Since as the bike is built to last, though, this may not be a deal breaker.

Finally, while it’s well-suited to interval training, you’ll want to consider a different option if you’re looking for a more traditional stationary bike experience.

The bottom line

The Rogue Echo is available at a more affordable price point than its competitors. While it also has a shorter warranty, the bike’s sturdy frame and belt-driven system make it a low maintenance and reliable option.

Overall, as long as you have room for it, the Rogue Echo bike may be a good choice if you’re looking for an air bike to incorporate more HIIT-style workouts into your routine.

Shop now at Rogue Fitness


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