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The Reunion (Camp Camp fanfic)

EDIT: Holy shnikes this crap got featured!? Thank you guys so much for the positive feedback, it really means a lot!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

(Sidenote before the story: so i write a whole lot of cc fanfiction but i kinda suck at it... Um... Yeah anyway... I wrote this one today and it's honestly the only one i feel comfortable with posting anywhere (many of the other ones are super angsty and have graphic depictions of child abuse and self harm so just be glad i don't want to post those ones heck) It's based on a writing prompt given to me by This one here and yeah... I kinda changed it up a bit because it was originally supposed to be like a roosterteeth convention or something but me being me the only roosterteeth show i've watched the whole way through is Camp Camp so I just made it into a camp reunion type thing... Oh also this story takes place when Max is 18 i guess because it says in the story it had been four years since he last attended camp which i guess he was fourteen or whatever just because in the story he can drive and he smokes cigarettes... Yeah, anyway I'm gonna stop rambling and let you read the damn thing

Content Warnings: involves addiction (i guess), mildly graphic depictions of blood/gore

The Reunion

    It had been four years since I had last attended camp. I'd tried to keep in touch with my friends, but after my phone got shattered last spring I had no way to contact them. Somehow, though, David still had my number and texted me an invite to this year's "camp reunion" (which I didn't even know existed until now).

Our conversation went sort of like this:

[Insert # Here]: Hello, Max! It's been a hot minute since I've talked to you!

Me: who is this

David: Oh, sorry. It's David. I thought you would have recognized my number. Guess I was wrong.

Me: holy fuck don't be so butthurt about it, i don't remember anyone's phone number. that's kinda why we haven't talked in forever.

David: Oh. Anyway, I'm hosting a reunion next month for all you campers to reconnect and reminisce about all the fun times you had here at camp!

Me: ha. fun times my ass.

David: Hope to see you there!

Me: yeah right.

David: I'm sure Nikki and Neil would be ecstatic if they heard you were coming!

Me: ...

Me: i'll think about it.

    I felt just a tad bit suspicious. The texts seemed sort of automated, but then again, I always did remember David typing like that, exclamation marks and all.

    I asked him for details a few days later, since I had finally decided I would go. Would be nice to get out of this apartment for once, anyway. Once I had the exact date and address (he had bugged me about forgetting that, too), all there was left to do was wait.

    After a week or so, I had started to get anxious. What will they think when they see me? I haven't talked to anyone from camp in over a year, and I'm sure David will scold me as soon as I tell him I've picked up smoking (Although, knowing him, he'll figure it out as soon as he sees me). My car is a mess, my hair is a mess, my life is a mess. I'm sure everyone else has a better job than me, too, especially counting how the last time I talked to Nikki, she was telling me all about going to school to become a pilot. Atleast I'll get to see my long lost best friends... And possibly the others that I guess I still care for, too.

    The day had finally come. I got in my car and began the long drive back to Camp Campbell. After about fifteen minutes of driving, I decided the silence was unbearable and reached over to turn on the radio.

Wait a second...


    For the third time in the span of the two years I've had this car, the damn radio had been stolen. I slam my fist on the dash and accidentally swerve into the passing lane on the highway. Thankfully, I catch the steering wheel just in time to save myself from rolling into a ditch.

    Wanting desperately to break the silence, I begin singing to myself a dumb old camp song I'll never have the pleasure of forgetting the words to. Repeating it every time I reach the end of the song, I end up giving myself a pounding headache. I pop an ibuprofen into my mouth and keep going on my way.

    After an hour or two of listening to the automated voice of the GPS system tell me I turned onto the wrong street, I finally make it to Camp Campbell. I pull into the small lot next to the old camp-mobile, which is now all dusty and dented with the word 'TWINK' spray-painted in all capitals onto the windshield... Oh hey, I did that last part.

    Anyway, I don't see anyone here. I get out of my car and make my way toward the Mess Hall, since that seems like the most logical place anyone would be other than outside.

As I expected, the lights are on.

I approach the door and push it open, sliding inside and letting it shut behind me.

"What the fuck!?"

Everyone in the room is wearing clean, white clothes, including...


I jump back at the sight of the pale, blonde man staring down at me with his glassy, dead eyes.

"Hello, Max! What a pleasure to see you here!"

I turn to leave, but Nikki and Neil are blocking the door behind me. If it were anyone else, I would feel free to pop them in the face, but I can't bring myself to do that to my best friends.

"Come on! Let me out!" I yell, using my whole body to try to push them out of the way to no avail. Hands wrap around my shoulders, pulling me back away from the door.

"Not so fast, you." Daniel's voice grows more sinister.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?" I cry, flailing my arms and legs in an attempt to wriggle free from the hands of my former peers.

"Do you know how many times you've gotten in my way, Max?"

Daniel pulls out a jagged knife from who-knows-where and gently presses the point into my forehead.

"No? Well, I'll be making sure--..."

Blood trickles down my face as the knife breaks my skin.

"...I'll be making sure it doesn't happen again."

I let out a shriek and keep kicking my legs, pounding whoever it is who's holding me in the shins as hard as I can.

But of course, they don't care. They don't budge. I'm stuck.

I begin to feel like all hope is lost, until I remember...

"David! Where's David!?"

"Oh, don't you worry, Max. I've already taken care of him."

     Space Kid (who may I add, has some really weird stubble going on) opens the door to the closet behind Daniel to reveal David, all strung up from the ceiling, clawing at the rope around his neck. He can just barely reach the floor, standing way up on his tip-toes just trying to catch his breath. I let out another terrified cry, this one much louder than the last.

Daniel doesn't like that, so he jabs the knife into my shoulder, blood spraying out all over my shirt and his.

I let out another blood-curdling shriek, and then...

I see an opportunity.

Time freezes as I think up an escape plan for both myself and David.

I'm the one who can still breathe, so obviously I'm more capable of saving us both.

The knife is still in my shoulder. If I can get everyone off me before Daniel removes it, I'll be able to make it to David without completely bleeding out. Then, I can pull the knife out of my shoulder and use it to cut the rope and let David down, and then... And then...

Time speeds up again as I lose my train of thought.

I panic and bite Daniel's hand as he reaches for the knife, clamping my teeth down hard until I can taste blood.

"Hey! Let go, you hooligan!"

I manage to kick away the two that were holding me (which turned out to be Ered and Preston) and grab hold onto Daniel's shoulders. I release his hand and pull myself up, causing us both to topple over. I land partially on my chest, pushing the knife further into my shoulder.


I yell in pain, but I don't let myself stay down for long.

Thankfully, I landed closer to the closet than I was before, so it doesn't take me long to get over to David.

Once Daniel is done regaining his breath, he pulls himself up. He's facing towards the main door, but he swiftly turns his head to look at me, causing his neck to emit a loud cracking sound.

I frantically grab up towards the rope, but I can't reach it. At this point, David's face is starting to lose color as he stops gasping for breath. Daniel turns the rest of the way around and begins limping towards us (I made sure to stamp down onto his leg as hard as I could as I stood up).

I wedge myself into the corner of the closet and plant my feet on the wall. I shift myself upward until I'm high enough to reach the rope around David's neck.

Daniel is almost here.

I squeeze my eyes shut and pull the knife out of my shoulder. Tears begin flowing down my face from the pain, but I get it out fairly quickly.

I do my best to loosen the rope and saw back and forth at it until it breaks. David and I both fall to the floor.

Daniel laughs maniacally and slams the door shut, trapping us inside.

I slap David in the face repeatedly in an attempt to wake him up.

"David! David, you asshole, wake up!!"

David breathes heavily and gasps in shock.

"Max!? Max, you're okay!"

David wraps his arms around me.

I wave the knife in his face.

"Stop that! We need to get out of here."

David scoots away.

"Right. But how?"


I turn the doorknob, but I can't quite push the door open. Daniel is holding it shut, along with a few of my peers.

Once again, I see an opportunity.

The gap under the door is just big enough for me to fit my arm underneath.

I quietly reach out from under the door and stab Daniel, burying the knife into his ankle. He falls forward to the floor and screams like a little girl.

David and I both push ourselves into the door, managing to throw it open, sending Harrison and Nerris into the wall and landing on top of Daniel.

"Hold him down!" I yell.

David holds Daniel in place as I ward off the other campers with the knife (I only wave it in their faces, I don't intend to kill them, obviously. This isn't their fault).

I reach into my pocket and dial 9-1-1 on my cheap flip phone. I begin explaining the situation until suddenly, I feel cripplingly light-headed. I look down at my shirt, which is now soaked in blood from my shoulder. I try to blurt out the address before I pass out, but I drop my phone before I can. The world goes dark as I fall to the floor.

The Aftermath

    I awake to a dimly lit hospital room, surrounded by deflated 'Get Well Soon' balloons. To my left I see David, fast asleep in a hospital bed much like mine. Straight ahead, the TV is playing 'The Joy of Painting' with Bob Ross. I glance back over at David. He's hooked up to an oxygen machine. I notice the bruising from the rope has faded and is now a sickly yellowish color.

How long was I out?

I can only wonder.

    I pull down the collar of my hospital shirt and notice the bandages wrapped neatly around my shoulder and neck. There are only two or three layers, but no blood is visible. I assume they had to stitch me up pretty good, considering how deep the wound was, but it must have already healed up pretty good.

I look back over to my left.

A shakily handwritten note lays on the nightstand beside me. I reach over and pick it up. I can just barely read what it says:


    I can't thank you enough for saving me back at camp. If it weren't for you, none of us would have made it out of there. Daniel will be in prison for a hot minute for what he did. A few of your fellow campers are being hospitalized here in the city as well, but nobody suffered anything fatal, thanks to you.

You're a hero, Max.



I lower the paper and smile to myself.

It's hard to believe I saved so many people from that psychotic asshole, but apparently I did.

As I go to set the note back down, I see a little arrow at the bottom with a little message saying to flip the page over.


    I am a little disappointed, however...

I pause.

    ...But I managed to confiscate the cigarettes before you could get back to them. :)

"You sneaky bastard..." I mumble to myself.

I feel like I should be pissed, but all I can do is smile.


Whoa that took a hot minute to copy down.

Probably wasn't worth it, since it kinda sucks, but I hope y'all enjoy it regardless

I tried :/


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Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/thecamp/page/blog/the-reunion-camp-camp-fanfic/k4GM_J0CGuYR23GLW5RER5dX3jxo010Vdj

Jul 04

do you have any fanfic recs? Esp ships that aren't gross



I don’t have a whole lot of CC recs that aren’t super angsty but:

Gingerbread Houses is a really cute ‘David Adopts Max’ fic that I really like.

Together is David/Jasper (Adult of course)/Gwen and it’s probably the cutest thing I’ve ever read in my life. Forestwater has written a lot of Gwenvid stuff, too, and while I haven’t read all of it, if it’s anything like Together, it has to be super adorable!

OH BOY IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE! I’ve literally read every fic on AO3 (sometimes this was a mistake), so I have lots of opinions.

When it comes to recommendations, it kinda depends on what you’re looking for, but here are my favorites! (Putting them under the cut in case this gets absurdly long.)

In no particular order … 

David & Max bonding/family AUs:

  1. Camp Cabin Fever by @datacow40: David gets sick and Max is put in charge of keeping him from getting himself killed. It is aggressively cute.
  2. Survival Will Not be the Hardest Part by AngelWithAStory: Foster Brother AU where Max basically tears into David for not listening to him about Daniel. Excellent and sad and sweet and all that good stuff.
  3. in the dead of night i’m the only one here by aloneintherain: Max can’t sleep, and he stumbles upon David — who also can’t sleep.
  4. Finding a Family by @hopefullypessimistic84: This should also go under “shipping,” because it’s got a really perfect Jasper/David pairing, but the core of the story is about these 2 as Max’s adoptive parents and how they adjust to having to get around each other. Like “Together,” which directium recc’d above, this heavily borrows from Hope and @sinisterspooks​’ 90s Jasper and their dads AU, who is a gift and a blessing.
  5. Macaroni Cheese by IbelieveinMarkNutt: Here, I’ll just paste the summary: “Max gets suspended from school and it’s up to David to bring him home.” Another foster parent AU, minor angst, very in-character and sweet.
  6. Herbal Remedies by IbelieveinMarkNutt: This time Max is the one who’s sick, and David has to take care of him. I’m running out of ways to say “really sweet and cute,” but that’s what I mean. :)
  7. Rescue by @directium​: In which David is the snuggliest wolf and saves Max’s life when he gets lost in the woods.
  8. Ruined by HunnyBear: An awesome rewrite of parts of the season 1 finale. I’m normally not one for scene rewrites, but this fic does it excellently.
  9. Stitches by starlight_sugar: David teaches Max to knit. My heart melts. Hands-down one of the best fics on this site, and it’s so short and simple!

Cute friendship stuff:

  1. Eleven Fingered Max by AlexOC: This one is … mildly inappropriate, but I don’t think anything beyond what you’d expect from Camp Camp. Mostly it’s just a hilarious exploration of kids trying to navigate puberty and the curiosity that comes with. There’s some OOC-ness, particularly with David, but the writing is funny enough that I had no problem glossing past it.
  2. un año más by mrsilikemyself: The 3 kids are teenagers and bonding over their first crushes. Another really poetic fic, beautifully written; the bad grammar is intentional and works so well.
  3. Group by ChaosWriting: Max, Neil, and Nikki remind David of his friends when he was a camper. David wasn’t as good a kid as his happy-go-lucky nature would imply.


  1. You Have Someone That Loves You by @ciphernetics: Literally the best fanfic I’ve ever read. Ever. EVER. It’s a slow burn, friends-to-lovers Gwenvid in which David tries to carve out a tiny shred of happiness and Gwen basically ruins everything trying to do the same thing. Angst with a happy ending (or so I’m promised), beautifully written and perfectly characterized. Cannot recommend enough; if you read nothing else read this one!!!
  2. The One Where David Is In Over His Head by phobiaDeficient (TheTriggeredHappy): One of the few Danvid fics I’m a big fan of. It offers a possible trajectory their relationship could’ve gone, without making Daniel this cuddly baby who just needs love. Also Gwen and David have a sweet and funny bonding moment at the end and my heart just explodes into a billion pieces.
  3. A really shitty vacation by SpacemanSpiffy: More Gwenvid goodness! The two of them go on a vacation that is maybe/maybe not a date, where they run into Max and awkwardness ensues. It’s cute, in-character, and extremely funny; at the risk of sounding like an old woman, I’d call it a “delight.”
  4. Soulmates by HopefullyPessmistic: Mostly Max/Nerris, but there’s some mentions of Jaspid that are teeth-rottingly adorable. It’s a Soulmate Tattoo AU that deserves a lot more attention, because Max is an asshole and Marris is an adorable ship.
  5. Not sure where else to put this, but … Very little “mature content” on AO3 is what you’d consider “not gross.” The vast majority of it is underage, and a lot of the rest isn’t super well-written. However, Restless by Objecthead (FleshRemembers) is probably the best of the bunch in terms of smut. (Ship: David and … uh, more David. It’s just sorta the David Show.)


  1. Adventures of Ghost Boy and Happy Man by sixfingeredfez: As implied, it’s about Jasper and David’s friendship, particularly the former’s death. It’s very very sad and very very good.
  2. Cry and Hope by directium: It’s a “David takes over the camp and ruins everything” AU — well, I guess technically it doesn’t have to be an AU; there’s no reason to think it couldn’t still happen — and it does not have a happy ending (or a happy beginning, or a happy middle, to butcher Lemony Snicket). Really well-crafted; the writing style is probably the biggest selling point for this one, because it’s almost a narrative poem.
  3. Operation Falchion by Polyus: Probably one of the most underrated fics on the site. It’s … weird, with lots of military jargon, so I understand why most people aren’t reading it, but it’s beautifully written and while the beginning is a little shaky, particularly in terms of characterization, it hits its stride around chapters 3-4 and becomes Epic, in the Homeric sense of the word. Short version of the plot is that Campbell is a very bad man, the government sends something probably even worse to take him out, and Max gets caught in the middle. It’s a bloodbath.
  4. Death Wears You Down by ironiccowboykink: Gotta be honest, I’ve read all 3 chapters multiple times and I still have no idea what this fic’s about. I just know it gives me chills and I can’t stop thinking about it for hours after reading it.
  5. New Friends, Old Ghosts by sixfingeredfez: As the summary states, this one is “very rushed” and doesn’t seem like it’ll be continued, but it’s about Jasper and David being friends — mostly about David not being able to get over his grief. The last couple paragraphs are really where the story kills.

There is also Camp Campbell’s Cum Dumpster, which is the worst fic on the site and I want everyone to read it. It’s the “My Immortal” of Camp Camp. It’s awful and disgusting and offensive and just an endless slog of misery and absolutely one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. I won’t link it because it doesn’t fit with anon’s original question, but I’m ashamed to say how many times I’ve reread it with a mixture of horror, anger and hysterical laughter.

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Sours: https://forestwater87.tumblr.com/post/162597622021/do-you-have-any-fanfic-recs-esp-ships-that-arent
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“When are you leaving?” Max mumbled, not taking his eyes off the road in front of them.

“When your parents get here. I’m sure they’ll be here soon. Any second now..” David put on a weary smile, as his gaze went from Max to the empty street in front of them.

“They aren’t coming David. You’d have to be an idiot to not see that.”

If you know me no you don't.

The title references both the fic and me as a creator not finding any Camp Camp fanfics that I actually like so I'm making one.
This fic will reference seasons 1-4 up to the end of season 4 (not heavily), so spoiler warning there. Uhh swear warning, but Camp Camp has a lot of that too so I don't think it matters. Also this is my first public fic on Ao3 so sorry if the formatting is sucky, I'm working on it.

Anyways this fic is essentially David's MANY struggles in taking care of Max in his parents' absence, if his parents ever even come back. It doesn't help that Daniel's back from Antartica, and Xemüg has his sights set on one former-camper in particular. Daniel isn't going to deny him his request.

Discontinued. Sorry

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Hurt%20David%20(Camp%20Camp)/works
Camp Camp reacts to David -- Angst -- •CampCamp•

Do Us A Solid - Camp Camp Fanfiction

Literature Text

It was early in the morning when the campers were still fast asleep, but david decided to wake the campers up really early for his big, exciting plan for the day. He went to the camper’s tents and with a megaphone, he turned it on and woke the whole forest up. The campers hurried out of their tents and with groggy voices, mumbled to themselves as they lined up outside of their tents. Seeing the campers wake up early in the morning made david smile.
“Okay campers” David started, “today I have big news about what we are doing today!” The camper’s tired and sleepy faces suddenly turned to bright ecstatic faces of joy.
“Are we going to the Alps and skiing?” Erid asked.
“Oh! Oh! Are we gonna look for a mate for the camp’s mascote, for the platypus?” Nikki asked as she jumped up and down with excitement.
“Are we going to the science museum in the city?” Neil asked.
“David don’t tell me that we are going quest in a different area of the world and battle evil monsters?” Naris asked as she clutched her die in one hand and a big smile across her face.
“Even better than all of those creative suggestions!” David said to all of them.
“Watch is be something fucking stupid that only David would come up with.” Max comments to NIkki and Neil. Everyone looks directly at David until he spoke of his idea.
“We will be helping some other camps today! How fun is that!” David, the enthusiastic redhead camp counselor said to his group of younger peers. Everyone else, including Gwen groaned in annoyance.
“Ha! I was fucking right! Holy shit, that’s no surprise!” Max gave out a small chuckle.
“David, it’s only like 5 in the morning and you woke us up for this?!” Gwen, the other camp counselor said, and everyone agreed with her.
“Like, I could still be dreaming about my extreme ski race in the alps right now.” Erid said disappointed.
“I could still be dreaming about my science fair project in the science museum right now as we speak.” Neil said with a heavy sigh.
“And I could be finding a husband for our mascote and create a wedding ceremony for them…” Nikki said as if she was gonna burst into tears. Her dream of having the the mascot find the love of its life and get married.
“Looks like I better put my dice back…” Naris said. As the campers were heading back to their tents to go back to sleep, David stopped them.
“Guys! Wait! It’s not just about helping other camps in the area-!”
“Then what else is there, David?!” Max yelled at him.
“It’s about others rather than yourselves! Don’t you want to feel good about helping others?” David asks the campers. They all pause for a minute to look at each other, suddenly Nerf raises his hand.
“I want to help others. I know I might treat others like if they were lower than me, but finding and helping out with the values of others can be interesting and fun to learn about.” Nerf said and everyone else stared at him as he accepted David’s offer just like that. Nerf, the bully of the campers, just accepted David’s activity. Nerf turns back to the others and everyone else joins him.
“We all except your activity, David!” Everyone else said except for max who just stood in the back.
“Fuck this, David!” I don’t want to spend my Saturday helping other camps! I want a Saturday were i can just relax and sleep in! I’m pretty sure everyone else here can agree!” Max says and he crosses his arms.
“But Max, it’s only gonna be for a day! Can’t you suck it up?” Neil asks. “I mean besides, we’re helping people, like what David wants.”
“‘Helping people my ass’, Neil, I vote we sleep in for a change who’s with me?!” Max asks, but the campers were already loading on the bus. Max groans and follows them. As Max walks to the back of the bus, he sits in the last row next to Gwen.
“I can’t agree with you more, Max, I would love to sleep in too, but if david-” Gwen starts but Max inturuts.
“ If David wants to do it, then let David do it because it’ll make him happy, I know Gwen!” Max replies back to Gwen’s statement.
As the kids were being loud and rowdy on the bus ride, they come to a complete stop and David, Gwen, and the Quartermaster  went outside to see what happened. As the three adults stepped out, the kids all rushed to one side of the bus to see what had happened. The Quartermaster stepped back in the bus with some terrible news.
“Guys, I have some. Two of the Bus’ tires have gone flat, and we’re getting a tow truck out here to help us, so for the time being, I want all of you to excite the bus and go next to Gwen so we can do ahead count.” The Quartermaster ordered and everyone got off and going next to Gwen. They were pretty far from the camp and they were by a Seven-Eleven.
“Listen up campers!” Gwen said. “I know that we are by a Seven-Eleven, and you all are probably starving, I will buy you all one thing - my treat, before the tow truck comes.” Gwen said and the campers cheered and ran inside of the store. This gave Max an idea. He pulled aside Nikki as she was just about to walk in.
“Hey, Nikki, Wanna ditch them and go back to the camp?” Max whispered to Nikki. She looked at him almost wide eyed.
“I don’t know Max. I kind of want to be with the campers.” Nikki replied with a bit of uncertainty in her voice.
“C’mon! We can find a husband for the platypus and sneak into the Mess Hall for some snacks!” Max convinced Nikki. She glanced back by David, who was on the phone with the tow truck people, and to the other campers who were with Gwen as they paid for their snacks and drinks. Looking finally back to Max, who had the smirk across his face, nodded.
“Okay, let’s go!” Nikki said. “But only for the platypus and the food!”
“Yeah, okay, whatever. Let’s hurry before they know we’re gone.” Max said as he ran and Nikki alongside with him. Neil was over by the vending machine when he saw he two friend dash off. Clutching his water, he ran towards them and somehow managing to catch up with them. Nikki and Max glanced over to him.
“Glad to see you're doing the party.” Max said with a small smirk.
“What were you guys doing!?” He asks them.
“We're going back to camp.” Nikki said and Neil stopped them by yanking their shirts.
“Are you guys ready? You're gonna be so busted when David and Gwen find out!” Neil exclaimed to the two.
“Neil, we don't care, we live for danger and adventure!” Nikki said as she took his hand and she continued running. Max follows but then gets in front of the two.
If feels as if they were running for hours with such tiny legs. They were getting tired so they were speed walking.
“Guys… Can we at least take a break…?” Neil asked Max. Max nodded and all three of them plopped theirs butts down on the grass, Nikki was actually laying in the grass. Breathing heavily, Max commented,
“We’ll start moving in 5 minutes…” Suddenly they heard rustling coming from the bushes and trees. All three of them stood up and went back to back. The rustling got stronger and louder. Nikki gulped, Neil was shaking, and Max was glancing around the the area. Then the rustling stopped and it was dead quite. The three glanced at each other and started to move again… Until someone fell from the tree in front of the kids. Nikki and Neil screamed from being startled while Max just stood there. There, on the ground, laid a boy dressed in all black with a patch over his eye.
“Billy, the fuck you doing out here!?” Max yelled at the boy. Snake got up and stared at Max.
“How many times do I have to tell you!-” snake started as he grabbed his candy cane that was really a knife and aimed it for Max. “To call me Snake-”
“Max here!” Nikki said as she through him a large tree branch. Max caught it and wacked Snake with it. He feel to the ground and from the bushes, out came the Wood Scouts.
“Ugh Snake what was that pathetic move you just pulled!?” Edward Pikeman, head leader of the Wood Scouts, said to his fellow member. “That's not what I asked you to hunt! I said hunt and kill animals not people!” He said.
“What the fuck are you all doing here?” Max asked Edward and his crew. Edward glanced over to Max and he chuckled.
“Hello, Little Maggot, glad to see you're still in once piece.” Edward said as he took a few steps in front of Max.
“That doesn't answer his question, dip shit!” Neil said. “Wow it felt good to say that!” Neil said under his breath with a smile.
“Yeah! What he said!” Nikki said being the Hype girl of Max.
“Isn't it obvious? We're out hunting so Snake, here, can get his hunting badge!” Edward commented as he pulled Snake up to his feet. Max, Nikki, and Neil were still baffled. Then Max had a idea.
“Psst, I saw this on TV, watch this.” Max said. He then circles around Edward, looking and inspecting every detail on him, and finally back to face him.
“So… Hunting huh? That's all you're doing?” Max asked with a small smirk.
“Wipe that smirk of your childish face! Of course that's it!” Edward’s voice cracked. Petrol, Snake, and Jermy noticed this and tried desperately to hold in laughter. Edward turned to them and they stopped. Max looked on the side of Edward and Neil noticed something off about Edward. He never seemed this nervous...
“Then, uh, what's in that pocket of yours?” Max asked as he swiped out a huge, black brick form his pocket. An old fashioned walkie-talkie. Max gave it to Neil and he observed it. All of them heard slight muffles coming from the device. Neil then turned up the volume and they heard voices coming through the other end.
“Abort mission Wood Scouts! Abort!” A female voice said an the other end.
“Hey… I know what voice…” Nikki said to herself. Max and Neil turned to her.
“What did you say, Nikki?” Neil asked her but Nikki ignored him and ran to Edward furious and in rage. She tackled him to the ground and pinned him down so he'd stay still.
“I’m only gonna ask you this once! Who the hell are you working for and why!?” Nikki asked Edward. He was scared to talk but Nikki shoved his head down into the dirt so he'd talk.
“I-I can't say!-”
“Say it!! Who and why!?” Nikki screamed. The members of the wood scouts just stood their petrified. Max and Neil knew Nikki was capable of going wild to get an answer out of someone with force. Nikki tugged on Edward's hair till he gave in.
“Okay! I’ll talk! I’ll talk!” Edward said as he was gonna cry. “ We-We’re working for the girls from across the lake! L-Lake Lilac!” Edward said and Nikki got off of him and backed away from him.
“No… No….” Nikki said as fear filled her eyes.
“Nikki get a hold of yourself, what did you just see or heard!?” Max said as he shook Nikki to get a grip.
“What girls!?” Neil asked as all three of them backed up.
“That's enough boys, you were useless. We'll take it from here.” a feminine voice said behind Max. The Wood Scouts then scurried away from the voice and before the three kids could have a chance to turn around - all of a sudden, everything went black for Nikki and Max.
“Guys…? Guy?!” Neil said in fear.
By the time Nikki and Max woke up, they were in complete darkness - nothing but the dark.
“N-Nikki?” Max asked as he tried to see in the pitched blackness.
“Yeah?” Nikki asked frantically.
“Where are we?” Max asked.
“Max, I don't know.”
“Do you remember anything?” Nikki started to ponder a bit.
“Not at all-day wait that's a lie! If I remember correctly, we were knocked out…” Nikki said.
“Indeed you were unconscious, so we brought you back here to our base~” a voice said and both Nikki and Max screamed. They then smelled a weird smell coming from a certain area of the room. It reeked of a strong perfume. The smell came closer and into the light were the Flower Scouts; Sasha, Tabii (with two “I”s) and Erin. Nikki lost her shit and started screaming for someone to free her. Max rolled his eyes.
“Nikki shut up!” Max hollered to her and she stopped her screaming.
“Yeah know, you three are pretty fucking stupid to pull of a shitty stunt like this!” Max yelled at the girls. “Wait till the other campers, david, and Gwen find out that we're gone!”
“Don't forget the Quartermaster.” Nikki added as she nudged Max's arm. Max then grew angry.
“Nikki!” Max said and Nikki stopped. “Anyways, why did you do to Neil!? Where is he?! Max screamed.
“Oh, your little friend?” Sasha asked.
“Yeah!” Max and Nikki said back.
“Oh! Neil~ he’s so hot! I want him to pee in me so bad!” Tabii said as she blushed hard. Sasha, Erin, Max, and Nikki started at her with such discussed looks.
“Okay, Tabii seriously what the fuck is wrong other you?!” Sasha screamed at her and she hid her head from embarrassment.
“Sorry, he's just really hot…” Tabii pouted.
“Annnyways… Your friend Neil got left behind…” Sasha started.
“Guys…? Guy?!” Neil said in fear. Nikki and Max’s lifeless bodies flopped onto the grass. “Oh shit!” Neil exclaimed. Quickly, Neil then turned around to see the Flower Scouts there, standing right besides the unconscious bodies of Neil’s friends.
“Hiya, Neil my love! It’s me, Tabbi with two i's! Also the girl who's madly in love with you!” Tabii said as she blushed a crimson red in front of Neil.
“Tabii can you not for just once in your life, stop talking about this nerd!?” Sasha yelled to Tabii. Erin got kind of triggered when she heard Sasha speak about Neil.
“Sasha, rule 7.) be nice to the guest no matter who they are.” Erin said as she moved her hair out her face just for a second to reveal, sightly, her other eye. Her special colored eye. Neil saw this and blushed a pink color across his cheeks. He almost lost all ability to stand.
“Oh my God, you're right Erin, I apologise, Neil, but I still don't like you.” Sasha said and Neil nodded.
“Yeah, none taken.” Neil said under his breath.
“Anyways, we’ll be taking these now~” Sasha added and snapped her fingers, signifying for Tabii and Erin to carry the bodies.
“Bye~” Sasha said to Neil and the three of them just left like that.
“Bye, Neil! I love you and always will!” Tabii said to Neil and her nearly three up.
“Damn it, Neil.” Max said under this breath.
“He’s smart, he should find a way to help us, right?” Nikki asked.
“Don't bet on it, Nikki Dear.” Tabii said. “That boy is mine!” Tabii hissed.
“Just let us go already! You girls are just mean! Pure mean!” Nikki commented to the three Flower Scouts and all they did was laugh.
“Oh, ho, ho! We’ll release you-” Sasha said to the two tied up. She got closer to the two and smiled deviously. “But it's gonna have to cost. You both a huge favor~” she added as Erin and Tabii brought out two outfits.
“What… Did you have in mind…?” Max raised on if his eyebrows in confusion while Nikki’s eyes stayed locked on Sasha.
“Both of you have to join our camp for a day-to-day”
“No! No! No! I refuse! I'd rather die than become one of you guys!” Nikki cried out.
“Nikki, fucking control yourself and let Sasha fucking finish her sentence!” Max told Nikki while Sasha cleared her throat.
“As I was saying, you join our camp for a day and let us do whatever we want with you both for the entire day!” Sasha continued. Max and Nikki looked at one another. Nikki didn't want to do this nor did Max, but they both knew that this was the only way to get out alive.
“If we do that, you promise to release us, correct?” Max asked to make sure.
“Flower Scout’s promise.” Sasha said with a faint smile.
“Sorry, I don't speak fucking girl and stupid.” Max commented to the girls and they got all offended.
“What she said was “yes”, Jesus.” Tabii and Erin said in sync. Max sighed.
“Max… No.” Nikki said.
“Nikki, what choice do we have?” Max said as he took a deep breath out. Taking one more glimpse to Nikki he smiled faintly to her. “See you on the other side.” Max said lowly to her. Tears started to roll down Nikki's cheeks as she dropped her head down. Max then turned to Sasha and the others.
“I hope you know that this was NOT how I wanted to spend my Saturday!” Max said and the Flower Scouts took him to another room, still tied.
“Max!” Nikki yelled, Max turned back to his friend. Nikki tried to mouth out something but she ended up saying it out loud.
“I love you and good luck.” She said and immediately blushed and ducked her head. Max blushed hard and nodded. Walking away from her with Erin by his side to the other room, Eric noticed his face - his sad, tired, desperate face trying to hold on to sanity.
“Max, I know it might look bad, but as soon as tonight hits, I'll help you escape.” Erin whispered to make, making his head and eyes look directly as her. Erin wore a trustworthy smile across her face - she meant it. Max nodded with a smirk back.
“Thanks.” Max whispered back to her. “But why are you doing this?” He asked her. Before she could speak, Sasha called impatiently from the other room.
“Erin hurry the fuck up!” She yelled.
“I don't have much time, after when everyone is asleep, you and Nikki meet me in the banquet hall where we have our food.” Erin said as she drew out a plan on the spot. Max nodded and Erin shoved him into a closet for him to get dressed.
“I'm sorry, this will have to do. We don't have any boys on the island since it's an all girls camp…” Erin apologized to Max.
“No big deal.” Max said from behind the door. After Max got dressed, he knocked on the door and Erin opened it from the outside. Max was in the Flower Scouts uniform that was provided by Sasha and her clan of girls.
“This looks fucking ridiculous!” Max shouted as Erin dragged him along back to the room that he and Nikki were both tied up in. As they both entered, they saw Tabbi restraining Nikki as Sasha put on the last item of the uniform - the sash. They tost Nikki back onto the couch and Erin released Max’s arm and did the same thing. She had to act tough in front of the other girls so they wouldn't suspected a thing.
“Tabii, get the gucci products, stat!” Sasha said.
“Right!” Tabii said and saluted her.
“This isn't the fucking military nor Wood Scouts, Tabii, like what the fuck!?” Sasha hissed. As soon as Tabii returned with about 3 bags worth of expensive makeup supplies, Erin retired up Max and Nikki.
“Time for makeovers!” All three girls said at once. Max and nikki’s eyes were widened and mouths dropped to the floor.
“Noooooooo!!!” Both kids screamed.
After the makeup session, the Flower Scouts forced them to participate in such girly activities than just hearing the words come out of their mouths made Nikki feel nauseous and wanting to vomit. When the sun was setting, the whole entire camp was talking about Max and Nikki, with both good and bad things about them. Max and Nikki felt exhausted and publicly humiliated after just today, all for a feels trip to help other camps.
“This is fucking bullshit…” Max hissed as he crossed his arms.
“Maxwell! What did we say about swearing!? Rule 14.! Need I remind you?” Sasha asked making Max sigh heavily.
“Rule 14.) Never curse unless necessary.” Max recited the rule back to her. Nikki glanced at max with horror.
“You… You memorized that?” She asked.
“I was forced to - it's only a very short sentence, Nikki.” Max commented.
“One more thing we need to do for then we can release you!” Tabii said as she nudged Sasha and Erin's arms.
“Oh that's right! Camp Humiliation Time!” Sasha said with a laugh.
“Huh…?” Both Nikki and Max said before they were pelted with bright lights from the girl’s phones. Taking a few, the girl were laughing as the scrolled through their images.
“Ooooh! We should totally use this one to represent their camp!” Tabii commented making Sasha nod.
“I do enjoy the face Nikki makes here too! It's a done deal! We’ll upload this one to our social medias!” Sasha said with such a cheesy smile across her face.
“Make sure you tag me, and I'll tag you back!” Erin said Sasha and Tabii.
“Of course, darling!” Both of them said as they all pressed send. Max and Nikki were officially going to be public humiliating, in front of the Wood Scouts, other camps, and especially Camp Camp. With all this emotion building up, Nikki burst into more tears and plopped onto the ground. Max just stood there awkwardly, he didn't know what to do anymore beside wait for night to come rolling it's way in.
“Anyways, it's getting late, sisters, why don't we show these newbies to their new room!~” Sasha said and Tabii and Erin took Nikki and Max's arms with them.
They took the kids into a big room filled with girly stuffed animals, pink fluffy beds, pink chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and too much pink for Nikki to handle. As she kept looking around the room, she felt more nauseous and threw up outside the door.
“Ugh! Nikki! So gross!” Sasha and Tabii said to a vomiting and crying Nikki.
“In the morning, you’ll let us go right?” Max asked one more time.
“Of course, Maxwell, would I ever lie to you?~” Sasha asked with a smirk. Max was about to speak up Sasha interrupted him, “Don’t answer that. Anyways, lights out by 9 pm okay?” Sasha said.
Max nodded and all three girls left the room, leaving Nikki in the hallway.
“And someone grab a bucket and disinfectant right away!” Sasha yelled.
“Are we really letting them go, Sasha?” Tabii asked Sasha.
“Tch, of course we aren't, were gonna chain them up to the basement cellar so they won't escape!” Sasha said as he smile went all dark and deadly. She wasn't fucking around with no one at this point. “Now when David and Gwen see that their precious children are gone, they will have no choice but to close down the camp after losing a camp until summer ends! Meaning more free land for us to have that water park we were always dreaming of!” Sasha laughed hysterically, followed by Tabii joining in, while Erin just nervously laughed. “Anyways girls. See you tomorrow morning!” Sasha said and the three girls parted their ways. As Erin was walking to her room, she looked back to make sure that no one was looking. Luckily there wasn't, so she sprinted down the corridors, down to the area that max and Nikki were originally tied up, grabbed their clothes. Making her way upstairs she say that Tabii was coming her way. She quickly hid behind a potted plant. Tabii not even noticing her, Erin sneakily made her way to the room Max and Nikki are at this moment. She politely knocked on the doors and Max opened it up.
“What do you w-”
“No time! Change of schedule, get dressed right now! Before they find out!” Erin whispered to Max. “I'll explain once we are outside.” Erin added, Max then closed the door, changing first then walking out to let Nikki change. Once Nikki was done, the girls managed to sneak their way out the back and into the woods.
“Erin, why are you helping us?!” Nikki asked her.
“Because kidnaping isn't justice, only Sasha thinks that way. That doesn't mean that all girls here are evil. Some of us are actually plotting against her by just pretending to be her friend so she’ll get off our backs.” Erin explained.
“But why?”
“Because… Because Sasha’s a bitch! Okay! Can we run now!?” Erin asked and both nodded, so they started running the long way to get back to camp.
It was around 12:29 when the four of them made it back to the campsite. They were both out of breath and tired. Peering behind some bushes, they saw red and blue lights flashing. Max instantly noticed it was the police. Even swat cars were out.
“Holy shit…” All three of them said.
“Come on.” Erin said and lead them out of the forest. Some of the camper were giving notes to a police officer when Nerris saw something cometh in their way. She looked out past the cop’s shoulder and saw Max, Nikki, and Erin running towards them.
“Look! There they are!” Nerris hollard loudly, getting everyone's attention. David and Gwen were worried sick about those two that even the whole island was looking for them.
“Nikki! Max!” David said as he ran towards them, scooped them up and embraced them tightly. Nikki latched on tightly to David and Max, surprisingly did as well. “Guys we were so worried about you two!” David said as he broke down crying, making Nikki cry too. Max only was kind of in an awkward position to be in, yet he felt so much emotions built up inside of him.
“David, sir?” Erin said as he tugged on David's shirt. David looked down and backed away kind of slowly from her.
“David, chill the fuck out, she helped us escape the Flower Scouts. Though she is a member from the Flower Scouts...” Max said. David nodded and placed both Nikki and Max down. The cop and sheriff went up to the kids and asked them a few questions. Once they were done with their questions, Nikki we t up to the counselors and asked,
“How did you know to look for us?” Nikki asked David and Gwen. David smiled at Gwen and back to Nikki.
“It's was all thanks to Neil.” David said. That's right, Neil was left behind!
“Apparently he made his way out of the woods and alerted us to call the cops and so that’s what we did once he said you two were missing.”
“Damn…” Max said.
“Max, language.” David added.
“Whatever,” Max said and walked passed David and Gwen. He then turned back to David and smirked. “It’s good to be back.” And continued to walk back to the Mess Hall with the other kids.
“Hey, Max, waits up!” Nikki called for him and both of them walked back together side by side.
After that nightmare, Erin, Sasha, and Tabii were taken to the police station for more further questions. ther flower scout members were put on probation for a while, except for Erin, who got off scot free, since she told everything she knew and planned to do to help Nikki and Max. She was considered the Hero in Camp Camp’s book and she was welcome anytime to their campsite. ————
The End

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/artistkunn/art/Do-Us-A-Solid-Camp-Camp-Fanfiction-777685801

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