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Delete Links from PDF Document via Adobe Acrobat Pro 9

As we know, adding links into PDF file, which mainly can make it more convenient for users to read and allow employees or customers to view business' website. However, if would like to get rid of these links, similarly, you can also use Adobe Acrobat 9. In this text, we will show you how to delete links from PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.

Delete links from PDF document via Adobe Acrobat Pro 9

Adobe Acrobat can not only add links easily but also can more nimbly delete links from PDF document. Here's how:

Part 1: Delete links individually via Adobe Acrobat Pro 9

Step 1: Download and install Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 on your computer. Launch itright now.

launch adobe acrobat

Step 2: Click File / Open to browse the PDF file you have created. Next, tap the Open button to open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.

open pdf file

Step 3: Click Tools / Advanced Editing / Link Tool menu successively.

link tool

Step 4: At this point, your PDF document will appear all the links with the thin box you have ever added.

appear link box

Step 5: And if you click the link you want to remove, the link box will turn blue. Right-click the link box and select Edit / Delete menu to remove the link.

delete link

Part 2: Delete all links at once via Adobe Acrobat Pro 9

Step 1: Similarly, launch Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 and open PDF document, choose Advanced / Document Processing / Remove all links option.

delete all links

Step 2: In Adobe Acrobat window, tap Yes button to open next dialog box.

click yes button

Step 3: When pops up Remove Web Links window, select ALL option and hit OK to delete all links.

click all and ok button

Step 4: At last, there are 5 web links were deleted thoroughly from the PDF document by tapping the OK button.

tap ok button to delete all links

All in all, this is an incredibly quick and convenient process of deleting individual link and all links at once in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.


3 Simple Ways to Remove Links from PDF

Working with a PDF file can be a little difficult. Some processes like removing a particular part of PDF can be a tough situation. For example links and hyperlinks which are pretty difficult to remove. To remove links from PDF you would require proper tools and software so that they can be removed from the files. Following the guide mentioned in the article will make it easy for you to remove links and hyperlinks from your PDF files.
This software is available for online as well as desktop versions too. Also, this article contains some of the online tools and editors, which can help you to remove your links and hyperlinks virtually. For desktop, you can try to use PDFelement ProPDFelement Pro.


Part 1. The Best Way to Remove Links from PDF

The best way to remove hyperlinks from PDF is using the PDFelement ProPDFelement Pro. The PDFelement Pro is a very professional software which provides you with all the editing tools. This tool will help you to edit, protect, convert, and create your PDF. This useful PDF tool will provide the best the solution for you to remove hyperlink from PDF online, and your working with a PDF file is made much easier with this tool.

How to Remove Hyperlinks from PDF

This software/tool will allow you to edit multiple files simultaneously. Also, work with different PDF files at a time that will save your time. The other functions like secure, share, OCR and signing your PDF with a digital signature are also possible. There is so much to do in a PDF file other than the basic functions and PDFelement Pro will let to do this. This tool is highly recommended to remove links from PDF file and hyperlinks from your PDF files as well as other tasks. The steps below will show you how to remove links from PDF using PDFelement Pro with ease.


Step 1. Start the Program

The step one starts with the download and installation. Download the PDFelement Pro from the official website. Once if the download completes then install the software. Moreover, the installation takes only a few minutes.

start up

Step 2. Open a PDF File with Links

Here, open the PDF file with the hyperlink. To open the file, you can drag and drop the PDF file with links into the program directly. Or you can click on the “Open File” button to select a PDF file from the local folder.

open a pdf file

Step 3. Remove Links from PDF File

How to remove hyperlink in PDF? You may delete or edit the link as per requirement. Choose “Edit” option and select "Link" from the main toolbar. Move the cursor to select the content with links and you will find the "Delete" icon on the right side toolbar. Click on the icon and you will remove links from PDF file with ease.

remove links in pdf

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Remove Links from PDF

Editing a PDF file can be impossible without a proper tool and this where PDFelement ProPDFelement Pro come to the rescue. This software is available both online and desktop version. It will help you to edit, protect, convert, and create your PDF. The editing work done in the word is also done using this tool. The thing is this software is also compatible with MAC OS. The key feature is this PDF solution helps you to edit PDF like Word without compromising file formatting. PDFelement Pro is taken as the perfect alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC. This tool will let you to fully control the PDF documents. Then, of course, it is highly affordable, so there is no much difficulty in using this tool.


Key Features of PDFelement Pro

  • Edit PDF texts, images and links even the scan PDF files using this tool.
  • Create PDF from other formats using this tool.
  • Create PDF forms easily.
  • Convert PDF to images, Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB and more formats.
  • Mark up and annotate PDF files with multiple markup tools.
  • You can Combine multiple files into PDF and split PDF into several files.
  • Convert multiple PDFs in batch simultaneously
start up

Part 2. How to Remove Hyperlink from PDF online

If you want to know how to remove links from PDF without going for the desktop version? Then want to let you know that there are many online PDF editing resources available, and they can let you work with your PDF like your word document. Some of the online tools to available are mentioned below, it includes their pros and cons. For using those programs just visit the below-mentioned links,

1. VeryPDF Tool

The best choice to remove the hyperlink from the PDF is by using the online tool namely, Verypdf tool. With this tool, you can create, share and annotate your PDF files easily. You have to register on the website using the email address and then start the removal of hyperlink process.


  • All the editing process can be performed using this online tool.
  • You have the share shot functionality to share the image in online.


  • There is no trial version available.
  • You have to log in regularly whenever you want to edit the PDF.


Rasteredge is quiet efficient and convenient to use. You can remove embedded links from PDF, add and insert the link to the PDF. You have the choice to move or resize the PDF online itself. Proper guidance was given on the website. Simultaneously, you can change the appearance of the PDF link in online itself.


  • Easy to upload your PDF for editing.
  • Free tools and subscription tools are available.


  • There is no available trial version.
  • Only a few tools are free to use.

3. SEDJA tool

Sedja is the online tool available to delete hyperlink in PDF, adding the text, link, and shapes according to the layout and format. You are free to annotate and sign the PDF document for security purpose. Your files will be removed from the cloud after 5 hours.


  • Multiple tools available for combining, alternating etc.
  • You can edit 3 tasks in an hour.


  • Payment required even for the trial version.
  • You have to login website whenever required.

Part 4. Comparison on 3 Ways to Remove Links from PDF File

Adobe Acrobat is the user preference, both the dynamic link and static link can be removed using this method. The mentioned technique is quite easy with Adobe. Many users have given the positive reviews and thus it scores well in the list of PDF editors. Try out the Adobe software for your immediate solution.
The links in a PDF file can be removed using the following methods. So, to learn how to remove web link from PDF follow the guide:

  • Step 1. Download the adobe acrobat from authorized website.
  • Step 2. Install the software and it takes only a few seconds.
  • Step 3. Open the PDF document and select the advanced menu present at the top of the window.
  • Step 4. You will get the drop-down list and select document processing.
  • Step 5. Choose Removing All Links portion from that.
remove links in pdf

Part 4. Comparison of 3 Ways to Create a Link to a PDF

PDFelement Pro

Try FreeTry Free

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Online tool
Description The PDFelement Pro is very professional software which can provide you with all editing tools. This tool provides you with a complete PDF solution and supports desktop, web even mobile phones. This online tool is available for all mobile and desktop users. No need to install the software.
Features This tool will help you to edit, protect, convert, and create your PDF. This tool is available to edit, create and combine the PDF. You can edit, convert, combine and split the PDF.
Compatibility There a trial version available so the user gets a better idea of the tool. Both Windows and MAC version is available. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC OS can help you to edit or export any kind of PDF from any resource. This is compatible with all the users.
Cost The price is about USD It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC OS can help you to edit or export any kind of PDF from any resource. This is exclusively free to use.
Service There is the number of offers available for this product. A complete user guide is provided with this tool. Even mobile apps are available. It uses cloud service and works with any browser. Doubts can be cleared using online chats. This works with the cloud service and your file will be deleted after few hours.
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  2. Install service now
  3. Meyer yamaha

How to Remove Hyperlink in PDF with Simple Steps

Do you have encountered the following situation while viewing or editing PDF files:

  • Add a wrong hyperlink while editing
  • The hyperlinks are not working while clicking on it

If you are suffering from these problems, you must try your best to find a solution to remove hyperlinks in PDF on the internet. However, there are lots of solutions which may confuse you.

Given that, this post comes in handy. On this page, we are going to share with you three effective methods to help delete links from your PDF file. Let's dive right into it!

Part 1. Remove Hyperlink from PDF on Mac using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat always comes into your mind first when it comes to editing PDF, like inserting or removing hyperlinks.

As one of the most popular PDF editing programs, this software can satisfy all your needs, including adding items, converting formats, managing files, and many more. And removing hyperlinks is just a piece of cake for it. If you don't know how to do the task, check the following detailed tutorial:

Step 1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat, then open your PDF file with it.

Step 2. Click "Tools" > "Edit" option in the top toolbar. After that, choose on "Link" > "Add or Edit" option in the new window.

Remove hyperlink from PDF with Adobe

Step 3. Choose the linked text and right-click on it, then click "Edit" > "Delete" in turn.

Step 4. At last, click "File" > "Save" to save the edited PDF document on your computer.

Part 2. Remove Hyperlink in PDF using EaseUS PDF Editor

Whether you want to add a hyperlink to PDF or remove it, you can always count on an excellent Windows PDF editor – EaseUS PDF Editor.

This program is one of the best Adobe Acrobat alternative software, but it is cheaper than Adobe. So if you have a low budget, this PDF editing program is your best choice.

With its help, you can edit the hyperlinks in your PDF document freely. Moreover, it allows you to add text, comments, pictures and shapes to enrich PDFs with simple clicks. Also, using it, you are able to manage your PDF pages, such as merge, crop, split, rotate a PDF, and so on.

Furthermore, if your PDF document contains some important data or information, you can password protect PDF files for unauthorized viewing and copying.

More stunning features:

  • Allow you to create a PDF to or from images, Word, Excel, etc.
  • Enable you to add or remove watermark from PDF file with ease
  • Support OCR feature to recognize text in your scanned PDFs
  • Convert PDF to other files without losing formatting

Now download this versatile PDF editing software to modify your PDF files.

Step by step tutorial to delete hyperlinks in PDF on Windows:

Step 1. Launch this PDF editing program, and click on the "Open Files" button to import your PDF document that contains hyperlinks.

Import PDF file

Step 2. In the top toolbar, click "Edit", then select on "Links" > "Insert Rectangle Link" button in the right sidebar.

Click on Edit

Step 3. Find the text attached with a hyperlink in your PDF file and left-click on it. Next, hit "Delete" on your keyboard to remove the link.

Remove hyperlink from pdf

Step 4. If you need to remove more than 1 link, just repeat step 4. When you finish with editing, click "File" > "Save" to save it on your Windows computer.

Save PDF

Part 3. Delete Hyperlink from PDF Online with Sejda

If you are someone who does not like to download and install any software, the online PDF editor is your best choice. And there are lots of online tools you can use, here we take Sejda as an example.

Sejda is a completely free online tool that lets you modify your PDF files flexibly. Speaking of hyperlinks, this program makes it easy to add or delete links to your file with 4 easy steps. What's more, it enables you to add text, form, annotations, shapes to your PDFs. Or you can use it to sign and white out your PDF document if needed.

Here's how to delete hyperlinks from PDF online for free:

Step 1. Go to Sejda's official website, and click on "Upload PDF File" to import the PDF document that you want to remove the link from.

Upload PDF file

Step 2. After uploading, choose the "Links" option in the top toolbar.

Step 3. Navigate your PDF document and find the hyperlinks that you want to delete. Next, left-click on it, and you will see the "Link properties" Window.

Open link window

Step 4. Click on "Delete link" at the bottom right, then the hyperlink on your PDF will be removed. Once done, click "Apply changes" > "Download" to save it on your computer.

delete hyperlinks from PDF online

Editor's Final Words

In this post, we have shown you three different methods to remove links in your PDF files. If you have the budget to pay, Adobe Acrobat is a nice option. If you don't want to download software, you can try an online tool, but your file may have a risk.

For those who have a low budget and want to protect their files, EaseUS PDF Editor is the right tool. It can meet all your editing needs without losing any information in your PDFs.

How to Edit Link in PDF Document Using Acrobat DC
(Last Updated On: March 7, )

Adding hyperlinks to PDF can direct visitors to a website instantly. They refer readers to more information outside PDF, which improves the reading experience. But you may find yourself needing to wipe off embedded hyperlinks in some scenarios. Your file has a clickable link to a destination where the content is obsolete. The PDF contains links to a site which no longer exists. Some web links in your PDF file are broken and do not work. If you haven&#;t thought up ways to delete PDF hyperlinks, I&#;d like to introduce two tools to help you get the job done. In this article, we will discuss how to remove hyperlinks from PDF with Adobe Acrobat and PDF Link Editor.

Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat is an industry-standard PDF tool that provides capabilities to edit PDF in an all-around way. This product makes it easy to create hyperlinks in PDF files. At the same time, erasing hyperlinks is also a simple process. Acrobat allows you to delete specific links and offers the batch action to get rid of all links as well.

How to remove hyperlink in PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

Remove certain hyperlinks.

  • Open the PDF with Acrobat.
  • Go to the right-hand pane and select &#;Edit PDF&#;.
  • Go to &#;Link&#;>&#;Add or Edit&#; on the &#;Edit PDF&#; toolbar.
  • The linked text will be outlined with a rectangle.
  • Right-click on the link rectangle and choose &#;Edit&#;>&#;Delete&#;.
  • Go to &#;File&#;>&#;Save&#; to save the changes.

Remove all hyperlinks in batch.

  • Open the PDF file in Acrobat.
  • Choose &#;Edit PDF&#; in the right sidebar.
  • Go to &#;Link&#;>&#;Remove&#;.
  • Click on the &#;Yes&#; button on the prompt dialog.

PDF Link Editor.

PDF Link Editor is a free piece of software designed to edit PDF hyperlinks in a smart way. Due to the built-in search capability, it automatically detects and shows all existing links once you add a PDF file. The links along with their anchors are displayed in a list for you to check each of them. You can preview the PDF in the right-side panel so there is no need to open the PDF in another program. PDF Link Editor is an easy-to-use tool, which any user can use without problems. Its features are as followed.

This is the download button for downloading PDF Link Editor.

  • Batch replace or add vast numbers of links with one click.
  • Clear or extract all hyperlinks in no time.
  • This program sports an intuitive graphical interface.
  • It is a compact tool that requires less than 30MB of disk space.
  • Work as a standalone application without any Adobe products or plugins installed.

How to remove all PDF hyperlinks with PDF Link Editor.

  • Add PDF to the program by clicking on &#;Add PDF&#;.
  • Press the &#;Clear Links&#; button to bring forth a pop-up window.
  • Choose a destination folder to produce a new PDF with no links.

Both Adobe Acrobat and PDF Link Editor are efficient tools to strip useless hyperlinks from a PDF document. Needless to say, only after subscribing Acrobat can you access the link editing feature. So, if your purpose is to eliminate hyperlinks altogether, PDF Link Editor is a much better choice since it&#;s totally free for use. Do you know any other handy tools to remove hyperlinks inside PDFs? If so, let me know.

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The DeftPDF Blog

In our previous article, we’ve discussed how great and how helpful hyperlinks can be to a writer. We also showed you how you could add a link that goes to another page within the same document. To every reader that sees resources and navigation as important, these links go a long way. However, there are still some readers that may find links as a hindrance to their activity. If this is so, removing links is the answer but can you remove all links in a file in one click?

links on your PDF

Review: What is a link?

In a gist, a hyperlink is a data or present within the contents of a document that is considered as a reference or navigation. It can be activated and be viewed by simply clicking or tapping on the word or button on the PDF. A hyperlink can redirect a reader to a new website, a document, or a specific page within the same document. This can also be placed on a text and can be called “hypertext.” A link on the other hand is simply the address of the resource a.k.a. the URL or HTML control which you put on your data so that the hyperlinks will be clickable. These two terms are interchangeable to a user as they both signify the reference.

Removing links and hyperlinks

Answering the question above, hyperlinks can automatically be removed with the print to PDF feature available on every computer. With this action, you will be able to flatten out the PDF into a non-active PDF file. How? Print to PDF’s main function is to create an electronic copy of your printed file. So, a link won’t be clickable on printed paper and therefore will also be an unclickable link on the screen. Basically, what you see on a print is what you get on your digital file.

Here’s how simple it is to print to PDF a file to remove all links:

Step one: Open the PDF file on any reader

Step two: Press print then change the printer into “Save as PDF” and change the location where you want the file to be saved.

Print to PDF

Step three: Click “print” to save the file. Check the file if all links were flattened out.

The problem with this technique is the fact that the links still look like they are clickable. They may still be in color blue and may also have an underline that usually represents being a link. This is a little tough especially if it’s your first time working with PDF files. To be able to properly remove it all would require proper tools and software which often cost you some extra dough to give up. Here at DeftPDF, we understand the value of every cent as we offer completely free online tools to help you manage every PDF. Following the guide here will help you remove your links and hyperlinks virtually without the worry of payment or limitations! Using our PDF editor online, here’s the step by step guide on how to remove links:

Step one: Go to and select EDIT on the menu

edit PDF tool

Step two: Upload your PDF file that has links. It will show you a preview of your PDF on-screen with an additional toolbar on top. Select the text editor from the toolbar and start highlighting the text.

text tool

Step three: At the bottom of the text, an additional toolbar will appear as you highlight the text. Change the font and color of these texts to match the whole content’s appearance.

change the text font and color of text on PDF

Step four: Once done, click “Apply changes” and download your work.

What is DeftPDF?

DeftPDF is an online PDF editor, converter, and translator that can be used online. It is the best way to remove links and hyperlinks on your PDF as it is a professional software that features all editing tools you may need including editing, annotation, adding form fields, converting, adding security, translating, splitting, combining, signing and even unlocking your PDF. DeftPDF is a useful FREE tool that gives any user easy solutions in managing PDF.

Why do some links still work in a desktop?

In some cases, links may still be “working” when opening it on the desktop in a reader like Adobe Acrobat. You may ask, why is this so if the links are already removed? This is due to the auto-link detection feature in some PDF readers and applications. When this application reads and encounters a URL text like or [email protected], these texts are converted. This feature can be removed or disabled with Print to PDF or can be disabled on the settings of your Adobe Acrobat reader. Here’s how:

Step one: Open the PDF file using the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Step two: Click Edit then select Preferences. Another window will appear to show you the settings of your Adobe Reader.

edit preferences on adobe reader

Step three: Select General on your left pane and untick the box that says “Create links from URLs.” By doing so, this will disable links on all PDFs that have their full URL address encoded.

disable links




Removing or Deleting Pages from a PDF Document (FREE)


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