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At Who What Wear, our ultimate goal is to help you shop smarter—whether it's identifying the items you can get away with buying on a budget or the premium pieces that, although they come with higher price tags, we consider to be worth the investment. Fine jewellery always makes for a wise investment, particularly when it comes from one of the world's most iconic jewellers. 

Founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has become a bijoux institution whose popularity has seldom wavered. Why? The jeweller has been one of the most adaptable in the luxury market. 

It has called upon talented designers to help create and nurture its unique aesthetic while being unafraid to reflect different social and cultural trends—in its own Tiffany & Co. way, of course. Although the cult Return to Tiffany Heart Tag is one of the brand's most identifiable pieces, there's another sleek piece of Tiffany jewellery that's even more popular in fashion circles: the Tiffany T bangle. 

Having debuted in 2014, the Tiffany T collection was created by Francesca Amfitheatrof and served as her first collection as a design director for Tiffany & Co. Inspired by the women of New York and the bustling city itself, simplicity was integral to Amfitheatrof's vision. "I wanted to create a symbol for modern life and the relentless energy that flows through New York and drives art and culture around the world. This is just the beginning of what I want to accomplish," Amfitheatrof said at the time of the Tiffany T collection's launch. This "symbol of modern life" has been proven to have enduring appeal amongst sartorial types. 

The design features minimalist lines, hidden mechanisms, and the distinctive, bold shape of the letter "T" cleverly and subtly representing the Tiffany & Co. branding. The Tiffany T collection boasts everything from necklaces to rings, but the Tiffany T bangle is, without a doubt, the most in-demand piece. 

The uncomplicated aesthetic of the Tiffany T bangle makes it a hit with pared-back style enthusiasts, while the unmistakable "T" emblem serves as a status symbol for those who live for labels. This broad appeal has cemented the bangle as a timeless classic and has made it a piece that every jewellery aficionado wants to own.

Today, the Tiffany T bangle comes in rose, yellow, white gold, and sterling silver and in various thicknesses. Some of the pieces in the collection are also adorned with pavé-set diamonds. So whether you're looking to layer or would rather focus on one statement piece, there's a Tiffany T bangle to suit. Keep scrolling to shop the current Tiffany T bangle collection. 







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gokd wristlet


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