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Reel world management produced this romantic drama television series based on the Virgin River novel by Robyn Carr. Netflix premiered its first season on December 6, 2019. After this, the second season of 10 episodes, released on November 27, 2020, and the third season in December 2020.

The basic plot of the series

The story revolves around the character Melinda Monroe. She accepted the offer of an Ad to work as a nurse in the remote Northern areas of California. There is a town named Virgin River, where she started offering her service. She took a fresh start with the hope that everything would great as she expected. But she didn't know that living in a small town has its consequences. The show seems to impress the audience with its romantic based stories. And it certainly makes that possible through its gorgeous merchandise and intriguing story. The audience admires the role of different characters in the show and showed interest in imitating their styles. So, if you are among them, then congrats, you are on the right site!

We have almost all the varieties of Virgin River Merchandise. From leather jackets to shearling jackets, from plaid jackets to quilted jackets, and trench coats to formal jackets. So, don't forget to check them out! Or let us highlight for you to let you feel the extra incentives you are getting when buying this Virgin River merchandise.

Melinda Monroe Brown Shearling Jacket: A perfect choice for your cold and chilly nights! 

Ricky Virgin River Plaid Jacket: Vibrant, comfy, and ideal for your casual meet-ups.

Virgin River Melinda Monroe Grey Quilted Jacket: Want to know how trendy products look like? Then witness this Virgin River Melinda Monroe Grey Quilted Jacket.

Virgin River Joey Barnes Trench Coat: An epitome choice of attire ready to cover you like a friend!

Virgin River Alexandra Breckenridge Red Jacket: For sharp and edgy personalities out there! 

Melinda Monroe Virgin River Leather Jacket: When made from genuine leather material, things have different mind appearances. 

Melinda Monroe Beige Trench Coat: Cozy, lightweight, and long enough to cover your length effectively. 

So, we hope you have chosen the choice of your heart! And now lets us answers some questions of yours from the show!

FAQ's From the Fans

Where is Virgin River filmed on Netflix?

Netflix filmed this in the Hollywood North in Vancouver, Canada. 

What happened to Mel's husband?

Mark died after a horrific car accident in a hospital when they were arguing in the car.

Is Jack really the father of Charmaine's baby?

Yes, Mark came to know when he received the letter from Charmaine that she is pregnant! It turns his world upside down when he read the news in the letter.

Why is it called the Virgin River?

From the sources, it has been found that the name Virgin has its inspiration from the Spanish Catholic Missionaries in honor of La Virgen of the Virgin Mary.

Why did Mel move to Virgin River?

She moved to Virgin River to leave behind the past stories as she blamed herself for her husband's death. But soon, she realized she has to heal herself before she makes this town her home.


Merch Faq

What canvases is this virgin-river merch available in?

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Crewneck Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Baseball T-Shirts, Stickers, Phone Cases, Laptop Cases, Kids T-Shirts, Kids Hoodie, Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Onesie, Mugs, Wall Art, Notebooks, Pillows, Totes, Tapestries, Pins, Magnets, Masks

What is the Return/Exchange policy?

We want you to love your order! If for any reason you don't, let us know and we’ll make things right. Learn More »

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Will There Be a ‘Virgin River’ Season 4 on Netflix?

There’s no shortage of exciting new shows to stream on Netflix this weekend. Tim Robertson’s critically-acclaimed sketch series I Think You Should Leave has returned for a second season of hilarious mayhem, Robia Rashid’s dramedy Atypical is back for its fourth and final season, and all ten episodes of Virgin River Season 3 are now available to devour!

The new season of the Alexandra Breckenridge-starring romantic drama has Mel Monroe and company dealing with death, a fire, custody arguments, breakups and a whole lot more. Fans who’ve already streamed the third season find themselves wondering about a potential fourth installment of the popular series. Has Virgin River been renewed for Season 4? Will there be a Virgin River Season 4 on Netflix? Great questions.

Here’s everything we know about a potential fourth season of this beloved Netflix drama.


*** UPDATE (9/20/21): Yes! Netflix renewed Virgin River for Seasons 4 and 5! ***

Nope. The series hasn’t officially been renewed, but that’s completely normal considering the new season only debuted on July 9, 2021.


Virgin River hasn’t officially been renewed for a fourth season, but we believe the series will be back. First, just like last season, What’s on Netflix discovered that Virgin River is listed on Production Weekly, a website that tracks and compiles up-to-date data on projects in various stages of development. Not only is the show listed as “Virgin River 04,” but What’s on Netflix reports that the series is set to begin filming its fourth season in late July.

To reiterate, a renewal hasn’t officially been confirmed, but based on the above reporting, the events of the Season 3 finale (c’mon, the series isn’t ending like that!), and the popularity of the series, we fully expect the show to be back for a fourth season.


We don’t have an official release date, but based on recent history, we have a pretty good idea of when the show might return.

  • Season 1 premiere date: December 6, 2019
  • Season 2 premiere date: November 27, 2020
  • Season 3 premiere date: July 9, 2021

Based on past release dates and the fact that the series will reportedly begin filming a fourth season in late July of 2021, we expect Virgin River Season 4 to premiere in late spring or early summer of 2022. We’ll update this story as new information becomes available.

Virgin River Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

Stream Virgin River on Netflix

VIRGIN RIVER Actors Real-Life Partners \u0026 Family Lives


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VIRGIN RIVER Actors Real-Life Partners \u0026 Family Lives


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