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USC Class of — Regular Decision

Since this is the first year post covid shutdown - which dramatically changed their notification structure that they had in place for decades - we only have one year of history to go on versus years and years. Rejections came out around same time as acceptances, by region. This is totally new for them as acceptances always rolled out first with all rejections at the very end. They broke with tradition and ripped off the bandaid, sending them out together.

I would guess they would roll at noon PST again, but just a guess. Not sure of the order, but here is what they did last year:

International decisions started exactly at noon, with first post to cc at pm.

At pm the east coast was swept with both acceptances and rejections at the same time.

Midwest started rolling at pm from KY to CO

was first CA acceptance - but just a couple and a bit of a pause on west coast.

was first Texas acceptance, but TX rejections rolled about 15 minutes before that.

- pm CA and west coast rolled out. Took awhile.

They say they will email you when portal updates, but emails come after and besides, people aren’t waiting for an email - they are refreshing portal every nanosecond.



In , tuition for full-time students at University of Southern California was $60, a year.

Tuition increased 2 percent in , from $59, the prior year. On average, colleges raise tuition about 3 percent each year.

If these numbers feel scary, remember, the "sticker price" of tuition doesn't give you enough information to determine the actual cost. Many students pay far less than the total tuition after grants, scholarships, and tuition discounts kick in. Plus, student loans can make the amount you do have to pay for college more manageable.

Does USC Offer In-State and Out-of-State Tuition?

University of Southern California is a private, nonprofit institution, so it has the same tuition for residents of California as it does for residents from other states.

Public colleges and universities receive funding from the state government. These institutions offer reduced tuition for students who are residents of that state.

Attending a school where you qualify for in-state tuition can save significant money on the overall cost of college. Each state has different requirements to qualify as in-state resident. The most common requirement is that students must have lived in the state for a full year before starting school.

Explore other California colleges

USC International Student Tuition

USC has the same tuition for international students as for those from out of state.

International students are not eligible for federal financial aid, but may be eligible for school-specific aid and scholarships. International students with need may be eligible for the following types of financial support:

USC-specific scholarships

International students without financial need may be eligible for merit-based institutional scholarships and athletic awards.

USC Living Expenses and Other Costs

In addition to tuition, there are other costs associated with college, like room and board, facility fees, and books and supplies.

Room and Board at USC

Room and board at USC is $16, a year. This includes the cost of living in dorms or other campus housing, plus a meal plan that allows you to eat in the school dining facilities. Students who live off campus but still want to use the dining facility can pay for a meal plan. The cost of board-only is $10,

Board costs may vary depending on how many meals are included in the meal plan you choose.

Cost of Books at USC

The cost of books often surprises first-year college students. At USC, you can expect to pay about $1, a year for books and supplies. This does not count the initial cost of a computer or other technology. The actual cost of books depends on the courses you take and the materials required.

Yearly Fees

Most schools also have fees to help cover the cost of facilties, like the library, gym and computer labs. Full-time undergrads at USC pay $1, in fees each academic year.

There may also be optional fees associated with participating in certain activities, like joining a fraternity or sorority, or playing on an intramural sports team, may mean additional fees.

Transportation costs

The total cost of transportation in college can really vary. It depends on if you drive or fly to get to school, own a car, or if you prefer to walk or take public transportation to get around campus.

A school's location can impact transportation costs. The University of Southern California campus is in a urban setting in California, not far from Los Angeles. First-year students are allowed to park a car on campus.

For USC students, $ is good ballpark for transportation costs for on-campus students. $6, is a good estimate for transportation costs for students who live off campus.

Other College Costs

When creating a budget for college, don’t forget to leave some room in your budget for personal expenses, like entertainment, clothes, furnishings and toiletries.

Let’s look at the breakdown of all expenses, which can add up for both on-campus and off-campus students.

Total Cost of USC

Total Tuition and Expenses
Room and Board$16,
Board Only$6,
Books and Supplies$1,
Yearly Fees$1,
Other expenses$1,
Total Estimated Costs

The breakdowns above provide a good estimate of the total cost of attendance before financial aid and scholarships. Tuition and fees may vary depending on program, course level, location, and more.

USC’s tuition and fees change based on: Academic program for both full and part-time students Course load for part-time students

University of Southern California Financial Aid

The majority of University of Southern California undergrads use financial aid to help pay for school. In , 7, of the 19, undergrads enrolled received financial aid. USC meets percent of the demonstrated financial need for undergraduates.

The average financial aid package for a full-time, first-year student is around $58, a year. Around 33 percent of USC undergrads take out student loans to cover any remaining costs. USC graduates who have student loans graduate with an average of $26, of student loan debt.

The average debt for each loan type varies.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans$19,
State Loans$0
USC-Specific Loans$0
Private Loans$48,
Most Common Loans for USC Students
Federal Loans32%
Private loans5%

Most students take out institutional or government loans, because they tend to have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment options than private loans. Loans from the federal government can be subsidized or unsubsidized. Subsidized loans do not accrue interest during school, while unsubsidized loans begin accruing interest at the time the loan is issued. If students do no qualify for enough federal loans to cover the cost of tuition, some take out private loans. Parents can also take out ParentPLUS loans, which are government loans for parents who are helping their children pay for college.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) helps colleges determine how much financial need students and their familes have, so they can offer a financial aid package that meets, or come close to meeting, their need. For more information on USC financial aid, keep reading, or visit their financial aid website.

Scholarships at University of Southern California

Some students may receive grants and scholarships to help pay for college. Unlike loans, scholarships and grants do not have to be paid back.

In , USC awarded 6, need-based scholarships to students, giving away total of $,, to help students with financial need cover the cost of school. An additional $98,, in merit-based scholarship money was awarded to students without demonstrated financial need.

Net Cost of USC

The net price of college is the actual cost of attending a school for one year. Net cost is calculated by subtracting any scholarships, grants or other aid that does not need to be paid back from the total cost. Student loans are not part of the calculation, because they need to be repaid.

Now that we have a sense of the total estimated costs for USC students, we can subtract the average financial aid package to find the estimated net cost. Net cost can vary depending on a students’ need and the financial aid award received.

When considering whether a school fits your budget, it is important to consider the estimated net cost, not just the sticker price of tuition. Often, schools with the highest tuition also offer the most generous aid packages, so estimate your net cost before eliminating a school because it does fit your budget.

The average amount of financial aid received by a full-time first year student with demonstrated need at USC was $58, in By substracting the average financial aid package from the estimated costs, we get a number that may make the cost of USC seem more manageable.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students

What will attending USC really cost you? The answer depends on several factors.

As of , colleges are required to have a net price calculator on their website to help prospective students and their families get a better idea of the actual cost of attending that school, based on their financial situation. You can find the USC's net cost calculator on their website.

USC Tuition Payment Plans

Some students choose to use payment plans to make the cost of tuition fit more comfortably in their budget.

USC does not have guaranteed tuition.

USC offers an Installment Payment Plan, which allows students to pay tuition in a series of smaller chunks instead of one lump sum.

Does USC offer tuition waivers?

Schools sometimes offer tuition waivers to certain groups to cover some or all of the cost of tuition. Some schools offer them for employees and their family, underrepresented students, or military students. Even with a tuition waiver, other expenses and fees are the responsibility of the student

USC has some full or partial tuition waivers available for: Employees or Children of Employees

Check the financial aid website for more information on payment plans and tuition waivers.

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If you are considering submitting an applicationto USC, the deadline for Fall admissions is January 15 and the application fee is $ Application fees can add up, but some schools do have free applications and students with financial need may qualify for for fee waiver for their application.

Students who submit their applications for Fall should hear back from USC by April 1.

Considering Applying Early to USC?

University of Southern California does not offer early decision or early action..

Some students apply to college early because they believe it will help their chances. Early deadlines may increase the chance of being admitted, since applying early shows your are very interested in a school, and your application is being considered before all the regular decision applicants apply.

See a list of some selective colleges that admit significantly more applicants during early decision or early action than during regular admission.

Is USC Hard To Get Into?

Getting into USC is extremely difficult. USC evaluates applicants carefully based on multiple criteria to decide who to admit, and who to deny.

In , USC **accepted 16% of students, around 9, of the 59, students who applied.

Schools that are extremely difficult to get into, like USC, accept fewer than 30% of all applicants. At least 75% of admitted students have GPAs in the top 10% of their high school class and scored over on the SAT or over 29 on the ACT.

What Does USC Look For in an Applicant?

Colleges consider a range of factors when choosing who to admit for their next incoming class. Each college decides which factors are are most important in the admissions process. When creating your list of schools to apply to, you may want to consider your strengthsand any possible weaknesses in your application, and apply to colleges that put the most emphasis the areas where you shine.

Admissions Factors at USC

Admissions FactorLevel
Academic GPAVery Important
Alumni/ae RelationsConsidered
Character/Personal QualitiesImportant
Geographical ResidenceNot Considered
Class RankNot Considered
Work ExperienceConsidered
Extracurricular ActivitiesImportant
Level of Applicant's InterestNot Considered
Application EssayVery Important
First GenerationConsidered
InterviewNot Considered
Racial/Ethnic StatusConsidered
Recommendation(s)Very Important
Religious Affiliation/CommitmentNot Considered
Rigor of Secondary School RecordVery Important
State ResidencyNot Considered
Standardized Test ScoresVery Important
Volunteer WorkConsidered

USC Application Requirements

To apply, all applicants to USC must submit the following items. Double check with USC's admissions department to confirm all application materials and requirements.

AreaRequiredRecommendedRequired for someDetails (if any)
Written Essay or Personal Statement
Transcript of High School Record

What GPA Do I Need To Get Into USC?

Students admitted to USC have an average unweighted GPA of .

Unweighted GPAs range from to under

At University of Southern California, students GPAs fall in the following ranges
and %
and %
and %
and %
and %
and %
USC does look at standardized tests scores during the admissions process.

USC has a test optional admissions policy. Test optional schools allow students to choose if they want to submit ACT or SAT scores with their applications or not.

In , 69% of USC's first-year students submitted their SAT scores with their application. 41% of admitted applicants sent ACT scores.

What's a Good SAT Score for USC?

To be competitive with other USC applicants, you should strive to earn between and (or higher!) on the SAT. At USC 25% of admitted students scored higher than and 25% of scored lower than , but the majority of students scored somewhere in between these two numbers.

On the SAT Math Section, 25% of USC students scored or higher and 75% of students scored or higher. On the SAT Critical Reading section (formerly called the Verbal section), 25% of USC students scored or higher, and 75% scored a or higher.

Want to increase your SAT Score?

Preparing for the SAT can help raise your score, but it doesn't have to take up a lot of time.

Learn how to increase your SAT score points or more in just 10 minutes a day.

What's a Good ACT Score for USC?

To be most competitive at USC, you should strive to earn between 30 and 34 on the ACT.

An ACT score of 34 means you fall in the 75th percentile for USC's admitted students. One out of every four students scored above a 34, and three out of four students scored lower than 34 on the ACT.

A 30 on the ACT is the 25th percentile for USC students. Only one out of every four students scored below

Want To Bring Up Your ACT Score? Access ACT practice tests and study tips and see upcoming ACT test dates.

Transferring to University of Southern California

For transfer students wishing to start in the Fall, the deadline to apply is February 1. Applicants should hear back by May

Transfer students can enroll in USC during the following terms: Fall Term Spring Term

USC Admissions FAQs

Can I defer my acceptance to USC?

Yes, admitted students can defer their admission to USC.

Does USC accept transfer credits?

USC accepts eligible transfer credits from accredited institutions. USC accepts:

ACE recommendations for credit

Does USC accept Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credits?

USC accepts International Baccalaureate credits (IB) credits.

Do I have to submit test scores to USC?

No, USC is test optional, so it's up to you if you want to submit test scores or not. If your scores are higher than the school's average, you may want to send them. If your scores are average or below average, you may want not want to include them in your application..

Visit the College Confidential forums to join the conversation about USC

Explore other colleges in California or use the college admissions predictor to calculate your chances of getting into some of the top colleges and universities in the U.S.

my first day of college at USC

USC Class of — Regular Decision

Well, you are certainly well qualified. And I wish that was enough alone. But such is not the case these days. In the current environment, even 90% of all legacy applicants are unfortunately turned away. So it just needs some extra focus…

My main advice to future college applicants, and especially to those seeking USC, is to start the application process early and to ask the important questions now and up to the time that you actually submit the application. So it is good that you are doing so already. The time to gain some potential insights and to wok out your own unique and specific approach to applying is now and up to your submission date… and not thereafter.

And in terms of getting “Chanced” for USC, or for any elite college or university, it is virtually impossible for others to predict what may or may not occur in your specific case. With recent USC admit rates in the range of %, and with 4K+ applicants with unweighted GPAs and test scores in the 99th percentile among those not gaining admission each year, your success will instead likely depend on too many potential factors for anyone to correctly evaluate… making predicting admission nearly impossible. But this also shows that they admit many without perfect grades or test scores. They are after all seeking to craft a well-rounded and diverse freshman class comprised of those who actually have a strong affinity for or connection to USC. They do aim to admit those who they project will thrive well at USC and bring something unique to the campus environment.

It is not the case that USC is looking for a freshman class of circa 3K comprised necessarily of well-rounded students. They are instead looking to craft a well-rounded class comprised of unique individuals who might bring something interesting and specifically needed to campus. So use the admission process to demonstrate that. Let the readers understand what USC may be gaining by admitting you specifically.

Your individual admission decision will likely come down to a composite and holistic analysis of your stats coupled with writing ability / essays, ECs, potential leadership roles, potential other unique qualifiers (URM, First Gen, geography, demographics, etc.), your Why USC? explanation/reasoning, etc. And that “Why USC?” explanation is likely the most important single component of your application. You do need to provide a well-thought out and well-researched answer as to why attending USC is truly significant and important to you specifically. And moreover, USC does want to gain a sense as to what you will be uniquely contributing to the greater USC community if admitted.

Before applying, I suggest reading through the very helpful insider’s guide to USC admissions…

Both of my daughters gained admission to USC and attended. So if you have questions about the process or anything USC, feel free to ask. @CADREAMIN had even more children attend USC, so also an excellent resource in this process. She also has direct experience as I recall with CS.

Good Luck…

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College confidential usc

University of Southern California is a private, nonprofit school that was founded in It is extremely difficult to get into USC. The institution enrolls around 46, students a year, including 19, undergrads.

USC does not offer early action and does not offer early decision.

USC Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at USC is 16%. Last year, 59, students applied to USC and 9, were admitted.

USC Application Deadlines

USC's regular decision application deadline is January 1. All regular decision applicants will receive an admissions decision by April 1.

Early Admissions at USC

University of Southern California does not offer early decision. USC does not offer early action.

Admissions Facts
Academic CalendarSemester
Overall Acceptance Rate16%
Average GPA
Mean ACT score32

Visit the Admissions tab above to for more on how to apply to USC.

Financial Aid at USC

USC meets % of the demonstrated financial need for undergraduates. The average financial aid package for a full-time, first-year student is around $58, a year.

The FAFSA Opened on October 1st,

Some aid is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so fill out the FAFSA as soon as you can.. Visit the FAFSA website to apply for student aid. Remember, the first F in FAFSA stands for FREE! You should never have to pay to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), so don't give your money (or info!) to any website that claim you do..

Does USC Have Dorms?

USC offers housing for up to 7, students.

Most USC students live off campus.

CONQUEST!, Springfest, and and Songfest are the best-attended events on campus.

Click the Student Life tab above to learn more about the student body and campus life at USC.

GPA and Test Scores for USC

USC is considered extremely difficult to get into, but how hard a school is to get into depends on a lot, including your GPA, test scores, activities, recommendations and essays. The average high school GPA for a student at USC is / The mean ACT scores is

Is USC Test Optional?

USC is a test optional school. Test optional schools allow students to choose if they want to submit ACT or SAT scores with their applications or not.

Out of all applicants, 69% submitted the SAT. 41% submitted the ACT.

Want a higher SAT score? Even a little bit of test prep can really help improve your score.

Learn how to increase your SAT score points or more in just 10 minutes a day.

Want to Score 32 or Higher on the ACT?

Access ACT practice tests and study tips and see upcoming ACT test dates.

USC Waitlist

USC reports that no students were waitlisted or admitted off the waitlist in

Is USC a Good School?

Different people have different ideas about what makes a "good" school. Admissions difficulty and admitted student statistics can give you a sense of how competitive a school is, but they don't say much about the quality of the education or the student experience.

Retention, graduation rates, and job placement statistics can help you understand how satisfied students are with their school experience, and how effectively an institution prepares students for careers.

Retention and Graduation Rates at USC

Out of all the first-year, full-time undergrads who start at USC, around 91% return for their sophomore year. Out of the 3, students who started at USC as first-time freshman, 2, graduate within four years.

Around 92% of students who started at USC earn their Bachelor's degrees within six years. The average six-year graduation rate for U.S. colleges and universities is 61% for public schools, and 67% for private, non-profit schools.

Job Outcomes and Debt for USC Grads

Job placement rates after graduation, average starting salaries, and the debt students graduate with can all give important clues about the value of a degree from a specific school. The average student debt for graduates in the class of was around $26, per student, not including those with no debt. For context, compare this number with the average national debt, which is around $36, per borrower.

Based on this information, how does USC sound? Remember, a school that is perfect for one person may be a terrible fit for another! So ask yourself: Is USC a good school for you?

How Big is the Endowment for USC?

As of , the total market value of the school endowment was $5,,,

Applying to USC for Fall ?**

Click the heart icon at the top of this page to save USC to your own personal list of colleges.

Read on to find out more about the admissions requirements and deadlines, student life, academics, majors and more.

Still Researching Colleges?

See what others say about USC in the College Confidential forums and get personalized recommendations for colleges and universities that offer what you're looking for in a school.

Then use the college admissions predictor to calculate your chances of getting into some of the top colleges and universities in the U.S.

Where is USC?

USC is located in the urban setting of Los Angeles, California, less than an hour from Los Angeles.

If you want to see USC for yourself, plan a visit. The best way to reach campus is to take Harbor Freeway to Los Angeles, or book a flight to the nearest airport, Los Angeles International.

You can also take a virtual campus tour to get a sense of what USC and Los Angeles are like without leaving home.

Considering Colleges and Universities in California?

See a full list of colleges in California and save your favorites to your college list.

Exploring College Admissions Websites (ft. College Confidential)

USC Transfer

They obviously have random spots coming up as people change their plans. But odd since she applied so much later than people that haven’t got a housing offer. It’s always a dance…don’t secure outside housing and hope something opens at USC even when they are telling people it is full, and risk being stuck in a dump outside of campus because you wait too long, or go ahead and secure something like a Gateway.

You can call Gateway and ask about the lease. There really is no magic about on campus housing, it’s more of a security blanket for people, while convenient, it’s not always that fantastic and has it’s own issues. So if you can’t get out of your lease don’t worry, Gateway will feel like a big dorm without all the rules and restrictions. And they are using it like a dorm this year, utilizing rooms for “on campus” housing. You can still get a dining plan if off campus, and at Gateway you have a full kitchen, so it’s tradeoffs. And while the Village is pretty, it is not a social environment, it’s all closed door hallways, again, tradeoffs. Both good options with plus and minuses.



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