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In the last months I was very depressed and it’s still didn’t become better. I love cosplay so much, that preferable I want to build something new every day. But unfortunately I have so much to do because of my studies and my part time job, that I almost have no time for my costumes. So two of my projects will be not finished in time and I have to wait for a later convention to wear them. At this time I’m working on my Druid Tier 8 costume and I’m glad to show you at least some progress:

This were my first steps for my skirt. I used some furniture leather for the most parts. It has a great wild look and it’s great to work with: I soildered and painted it with Copic markers to add all of these details of my referece.

You see, these combination is really awesome and this material is just perfect for the texture looking of Blizzard’s design.

So, this is the current status of my costume and I hope to find some time to keep on working soon. I have still one month and I’m sure, I will manage this, but I hate to do something else I want to!

I’m also working ony a new staff for these project, despite of I already have a fitting weapon (Intensity). So, here you see little making of “Ony” (I don’t like it’s real name!):

This time I used only expanding foam and greyboard for it’s base form and it was a lot of fun to carve it. After this I covered everthing with crepe tape, newspaper and paper maché and polished a long time to got a smooth surface. You see, I was to lazy to use a base of greyboard or something else for the horse, so I put a lot of paper maché on the part between head and horn. But this thing is really solid now and I cannot wait to see it done!

This is the reference I have and I have to say, that I chosed it because of it’s horns. All of my Druid Tier sets had horns, so T8 need some, too! I didn’t manage her form perfect, but despite of this I’m satiesfied with my work. It’s not so important for me, to make a costume like it’s reference. I just want some fun in building of it, so I don’t care about this. You see I also chanced the colors a bit, so it will fit to my robe better.

And as you can see my staff is still in progress. I have to finish it’s paint and to build it’s button. One month left, so I cannot wait to show you the finished costume soon!

Sours: https://www.kamuicosplay.com/2010/06/19/druid-tier-8-in-progress/

Druid Tier 8 – Conqueror’s Nightsong Garb, Regalia & Battlegear

Druid Tier 8 – Conqueror’s Nightsong Garb, Regalia & Battlegear

This is the 25 man version of the Druid Tier 8.  There are three sets, one for feral, one for balance and one for resto, although they look identical.  The pieces were bought with tokens that dropped off various bosses in Ulduar (see below).

The tokens drop off various bosses in Ulduar.  The tokens are for different sets depending on whether it is the token drop from 10M (for ilvl 219) or 25M (for ilvl 226).  You can also purchase the 10M version of the helm and chest for 770 Justice Points each from by Arcanist Firael (Alliance) and Magister Sarien (Horde) in Dalaran.

The tokens drop from:
Helm: Mimiron (10 man) & Thorim (25 man)
Shoulders: Thorim (10 man) & Yogg-Saron (25 man)
Chest: Yogg-Saron (10 man) & Hodir (25 man)
Gloves: Freya (10 man) & Mimiron (25 man)
Legs: Hodir (10 man) & Freya (25 man)

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Sours: http://www.wowtransmog.com/class-tier-gear/druid/druid-tier-8-conquerors-nightsong-garb-regalia-battlegear
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Tier 8 refers to a set of class gear that is acquired from the bosses of Ulduar. These sets are meant to be the second tier of raid gear for Wrath of the Lich King. Each set also has a 10-man and a 25-man version, Valorous and Conqueror respectively. Both 10-man and 25-man versions have different color schemes. Set bonuses are also shared among both sets.

Death Knight: Darkruned Plate (Tank), Darkruned Battlegear (DPS)
Druid: Nightsong Garb (Balance), Nightsong Battlegear (Feral), Nightsong Regalia (Restoration)
Hunter: Scourgestalker Battlegear
Mage: Kirin Tor Garb
Paladin: Aegis Regalia (Holy), Aegis Plate (Protection), Battlegear (Retribution)
Priest: Sanctification Regalia (Disc/Holy), Sanctification Garb (Shadow)
Rogue: Terrorblade Battlegear
Shaman: Worldbreaker Garb (Elemental), Worldbreaker Battlegear (Enhancement), Worldbreaker Regalia (Restoration)
Warlock: Deathbringer Garb
Warrior: Siegebreaker Battlegear (Arms/Fury), Siegebreaker Plate (Protection)

Tokens that drop from these bosses are one of the following:

  • Vanquisher: Rogue, Death Knight, Mage, Druid
  • Conqueror: Paladin, Priest, Warlock
  • Protector: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman

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Sours: https://wow.allakhazam.com/wiki/Tier_8_%28WoW%29
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Tier 8 druid


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