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St. George Donuts

“Where can I find donuts (specifically DONUTS) in St. George?” This is a TOUGH question currently because St. George donuts are hard to find. It’s easier when I can recommend many other sweet treats available in the area. Nonetheless, some people just want a donut when they’re escaping Northern Utah. So, here is the hobbled together list of where you can find fried dough in the red rocks.

Note: 4 shops are planned or under construction. @[email protected]@sugarstherestaurant and Dunkin are not yet listed. When open (Pinkbox currently only does pop‑up shops every other Saturday), I will include them. Or you can just brulee a donut over a fire to have a sweet treat in STG.

(Multiple locations) Yes, this is a grocery store. Lin’s currently is my go‑to for St. George donuts. The glazed croissants are wonderful but everything else is decent because they are frying daily. The soft croissant layers are protected by a crispy shell and a layer of glaze. It’s best to get there decently early before they run out of the croissants specifically.

Neto’s Bakery‑Panaderia

Neto’s fries up donuts every Tuesday and Thursday at their shop, a Hispanic panaderia. Perfect days to serve for the locals but not ideal for the weekenders. I have this on my list to visit next time. Overall, this is known as a good donut stop in the area. @Netosbakery is recommended by @thedivinedonutdiva

Neto’s Bakery-Panaderia

Tias ‑ Artisan Bakery & Restaurant

I’ve never caught donuts at Tia’s yet, BUT my trusted donut friend (@thedivinedonutdiva) recommends them. It’s advised to call and order ahead since they only make the donuts in small batches.

Tias – Artisan Bakery & Restaurant
Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant

I grabbed some glazed donuts from Muddy Bee’s and liked them well enough to return. The dough was a bit sweet for my liking even though it was only glazed and didn’t have addition frostings, fillings, or toppings. It’s hard to choose the donuts when they have fantastic (and huge) cinnamon rolls sitting nearby.

Rowley’s Red Barn ‑ Southern Utah

The donuts are seasonal and are packaged from their Santaquin headquarters. They generally only offer cinnamon and sugar apple cider donuts but have reportedly been experimenting with more flavors throughout the year. If you don’t find donuts in stock then you’ll likely be happy with another one of their delicious treats in the store.

Rowley’s Red Barn – Southern Utah
Fruit & Vegetable Store

Maverik Adventure’s First Stop

(Multiple locations) You can get donuts in all the Maverik stores around St. George. They serve Madbrook Donuts, an original Utah company from up north. They have standard donuts and some seasonal selections (I.e. s’mores) that will satisfy that sweet craving.

Maverik Adventure’s First Stop

Daylight Donuts Saint George

This franchise sells out early and often because options for donuts are limited. It’s the standard set of donuts you find at most Daylight locations ‑ a donut that does its job but not one you’re going to ever rave about.

Daylight Donuts Saint George

Morty’s Cafe: St. George

Morty’s has a gem of a side dish with their donut or “scone” fries. They’re dusted in powdered sugar and you get two dipping sauces ‑ honey butter or raspberry. It’s a good treat after getting a satisfying burger and shake.

Morty’s Cafe: St. George

Yes, they are known for pies but offer donuts if you go early. The dough was decent but it was laying in its own pool of glaze… I think the glaze consistency was too runny (initially I thought it was glazed while the donut was too hot). I’m willing to give them another shot and it’s a fun adventure up to Veyo.

I’m not joking. When all else fails, the donut balls from Del Taco hit the spot. They are fresher than you would imagine and coated with cinnamon and sugar.

They have filled donut balls on the menu that can satisfy an emergency craving for donuts.

@findyourfitbakery offers healthy donuts for those looking to have their donuts work for them. They are on pre‑order basis on her weekly menu. These are a delivery option!

They don’t fry their donuts fresh daily but they have a good process to get you donuts. If you’re stopping for groceries then it’s never a bad idea to grab a box.

Harmons does so many things well… except their donuts. Very average.


St. George News partners with local businesses for ’14 Days of Valentines giveaway,’ offering over $30K in prizes

Get ready for the biggest Valentine’s Day giveaway Southern Utah has ever seen.

“14 Days of Valentines” is sponsored by St. George News along with its parent company, Canyon Media, and features prizes from 14 local businesses. Starting Feb. 1 and running through Valentine’s Day, each day will bring a chance to win your share of over $30,000 in products and services, including spa treatments, an overnight getaway, a round of golf, jewelry and gift cards galore. There’s a little something for everyone. And unlike Canyon Media’s popular Christmas giveaway, “14 Days of Valentines” offers a progressive prize package where each winner will receive that day’s prize along with the prizes from all previous days. Also, participants are eligible to win up to two days of prizes.

“It’s important to recognize our loved ones, but sometimes we don’t know what to do for them,” said Colleen Rue, show coordinator for St. George News. “There are so many great companies here in our Southern Utah community that offer amazing gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.”

To play, follow St. George News on Instagram and Facebook. Keep an eye out for each day’s prize to be revealed in the story feed. All stories will link back to the post where participants can enter to win by commenting. Enter every day, and tag friends to increase your chances of winning.

Winners will be announced daily on social media as the prize package continues to grow. The grand prize winner on Feb. 14 will walk away with nearly $14,000 worth of products and services.

“It’s a huge prize package,” Rue said. “To give somebody the opportunity to win something like that can really brighten their day.”

Last year presented challenges for many businesses and individuals in the community, Rue said, and “14 Days of Valentines” provides local companies a welcome opportunity to showcase everything they have to offer, especially during this time of year.

St. George News and Canyon Media have partnered with 14 local businesses for the giveaway: Terrible’s, Perks!, Pinkbox Doughnuts, Yogurtland, Ruby’s Inn, Saranoni Luxury Blankets, Green Spring Golf Course, Dino Dash Car Wash, Melted Massage, Designer Furniture Gallery, CasaBlanca Resort & Casino, Spa Trouvé, Belle Medical and Seven Oaks Fine Jewelers.

Ben Lindquist, general manager of Canyon Media, said their business partners are one of the cornerstones of success, not only for the Valentine’s Day promotion but for Canyon Media in general.

“We’re always looking for ways to not only highlight the great business partners we have but also to make it fun for the community,” he said.

Many Southern Utahns have missed out on opportunities for travel, entertainment and fun as a result of the pandemic. With the “14 Days of Valentines” giveaway, Lindquist said he hopes to provide an escape from the daily grind and the hardships everyone in the community has endured over the past year.

“What we wanted to do is come up with a promotion that doesn’t take any money out of their pocket,” he said. “In fact, it puts money in their pocket and helps them have a great time, even if it’s for a night or a couple of days.”

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ALLERGY WARNING: We offer products that may contain or come into contact with nuts, dairy products, and other allergens!

doughnut of the month
doughnut of the month


Vampire Pooh®

Chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate icing with Halloween sprinkles, Oreo and vampire décor


Frankie Bar

Green frosted raised bar filled with white whip and topped with Frankenstein décor


Strawberry Mummy

Strawberry frosted raised bar topped with mummy décor


Vegan Pumpkin

Orange frosted vegan shell filled with chocolate vegan buttercream and topped with pumpkin décor


Creepy Crawler

Orange frosted raised ring topped with a glazed chocolate cake PEE WEEZ® and spider décor


The Vampire

Glazed raised ring with vampire teeth toy and vampire décor



White frosted raised ghost doughnut filled with chocolate whip and topped with ghost décor


Spider Ring

White frosted chocolate cake topped with a spider ring and web décor


Trick or Treat

Purple frosted vanilla cake topped with Halloween sprinkles



White frosted DoughCro® topped with eyeball décor


Halloween PEE WEEZ®

Glazed chocolate cake doughnut bites with Halloween sprinkles

holiday doughnuts

The Official Doughnut Partner of the Las Vegas Raiders


Raiders Football

Silver frosted raised football shell filled with Bavarian cream and topped with Raiders décor


50 Yard Line

Green frosted raised bar topped with nonpareils and 50 yard line décor


The Raider

Chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse, covered with silver icing, candy décor, a pirate patch and official Raiders flag


Raiders PEE WEEZ®

Glazed chocolate cake topped with black and silver sprinkles
*sold by the box only

OG classics doughnuts


Glazed raised ring

Triple OG

Chocolate frosted raised ring

Chocolate Rainbow Ring

Chocolate frosted raised ring topped with rainbow sprinkles

Pink Rainbow Ring

Pink frosted raised ring with sprinkles

Suga Daddy

Vanilla sugar raised ring

Brown Suga

Cinnamon sugar raised ring

Plain N’ Simple

Plain vanilla cake

Dark & Simple

Glazed chocolate cake

Maple Bar

Maple frosted raised bar

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate frosted raised bar

Ol’ Fashioned

Glazed cake Ol’ Fashioned doughnut

Maple Ol’ Fashioned

Maple frosted glazed Ol’ Fashioned

Feelin’ Toasty

Glazed raised ring rolled in toasted coconut

Good fellas doughnuts

Pink Lady

Glazed pink velvet cake

Lil Blue

Blueberry glazed cake

Coco Loco

Chocolate frosted chocolate cake topped with Coco Pebbles

Crumb Bum

Glazed vanilla cake rolled top & bottom in streusel, dusted in white sugar powder

The Loopy Captain

White frosted raised bar topped with half Fruit Loop and half Captain Crunch

Tutti Frutti

Yellow frosted glazed vanilla cake topped with Fruity Pebbles™

Hop in My Whip

White powdered raised shell filled with white whip

Raspberry Squeeze

Sugar rolled raised shell filled with housemade raspberry jam

Plain Ol’ Twist

Glazed raised twist

Suga Suga Twist

Sugar coated glazed raised twist

Buttermilk Bar

Glazed buttermilk cake bar

Purple Rain

Purple UBE cake glazed with UBE cake crumble

Fancy Pancy doughnuts

Pretty in Pink

Glazed pink velvet cake topped with buttercream frosting and pink velvet crumble


Chocolate frosted raised shell filled with cookies n cream whip topped with Oreos with white drizzle

Goin’ Bananas

Glazed raised shell with real mashed banana filling topped with white whip and chocolate drizzle

Gimme S’more

Chocolate frosted raised shell filled with marshmallow filling topped with graham cracker and toasted marshmallow

It’s Ya Birthday

White frosted raised shell filled with birthday cake filling topped with blonde Oreos and a party décor

Java Mama

Chocolate frosted raised shell filled with caffeinated mocha and topped with mocha whip and Nutella drizzle

Banana Puddin'

Glazed banana cake topped with whip, banana pudding, sprinkled graham cracker crumbs and a Nilla wafer

Love My PB&J

Glazed raised shell filled with housemade raspberry jelly topped with creamy peanut butter, crumble and a drop of jelly

Cherry Bomb

Glazed raised shell filled with housemade cherry filling topped streusel, white whip, and a cherry

The Big Samoan

Caramel frosted raised ring with a chocolate frosted bottom, topped with toasted coconut and chocolate and caramel drizzle

Vegas Cream

Chocolate frosted raised shell filled with a Bavarian custard and topped with Vegas letters

The Caramelo

White frosted raised shell filled with caramel cheesecake filling topped with a caramel chocolate drizzle

Da Apple Fritter

Glazed raised with apples and cinnamon

Cinna-Roll Out

Glazed raised cinnamon roll

Have a Snickers

Chocolate frosted raised bar dipped in peanuts and drizzled in caramel


Maple frosted raised bar with bacon

Golden Knight

Chocolate frosted raised ring topped with white chocolate chips and drizzled with peanut butter

John Lemon

Glazed raised shell filled with housemade lemon filling and topped with graham cracker crumble

The Blow Torch

Glazed raised shell filled with vanilla custard with a caramelized ultra-crispy sugar top

Holy Cannoli

Chocolate frosted raised doughnut topped with cannoli filling, chocolate chips & powdered sugar

Mama's Tres Leches

Glazed tres leches cake, topped with a tres leches whip rosette ands prinkled with cinnamon

Pinkidy Pink Cheesecake

Chocolate frosted raised shell filled with pink cheesecake and topped with a pink swirl

Smashin' Apple

White frosted shell with apple pie filling, topped with streusel whip and caramel drizzle

DoughCros doughnuts

Plain Face DoughCro®

Glazed half croissant half doughnut

Butter Face DoughCro®

Chocolate frosted DoughCro® topped with peanut butter swirl

Porky Face DoughCro®

Maple frosted half croissant half doughnut with bacon

Blue Face DoughCro®

Blueberry frosted glazed plain face DoughCro® topped with white whip

Showoff doughnuts


Vanilla cake with pink buttercream and pink frosting with candy décor


Chocolate cake topped with mint buttercream, mint icing and candy décor


White frosted pink velvet cake topped with unicorn décor


Glazed raised doughnut

Baby Got Razz

Raised sugar shell filled with house made raspberry cheesecake and topped with a dollop of raspberry cheesecake

Mr. Blueberry

White frosted raised shell filled with blueberry cheesecake, topped with crushed Golden Oreo®, white chocolate chips and blueberry glaze drizzle

Southern Belle

Raised ring cup rolled in streusel topped with peach filling and powdered sugar

Vegan doughnuts


Vegan cake doughnut with chocolate chips. Topped with chocolate glaze and vegan chocolate chips

Doctor’s Orders

Vegan cake doughnut with Granny Smith apples and cinnamon. Topped with a cinnamon sugar streusel

Pink Lemonade

Vegan lemon infused cake doughnut with raspberries. Topped with lemon glaze and lemon drizzle

Da Vegan “Cherry” Fritter

Vegan glazed raised with cherry cinnamon


Vegan carrot cake topped with vanilla vegan butter cream and orange frosting with candy décor

PeeWeez doughnuts


Glazed Raised


Blueberry Glazed Cake


Pink Velvet W/Pink Sprinkles


Glazed Plain DoughCro®

Epic Cheat Day Las Vegas - Pinkbox Doughnuts \u0026 Oysters


George doughnuts st pink box


CHANNEL UPDATE and LAS VEGAS Pinkbox Doughnuts Review - VLOG


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